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Scientific Revolution Project

Scientific Revolution Project

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Published by: cullw1984 on Jan 07, 2011
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Scientific Revolution Project

What: You are going to write a report on a key contributor to the Scientific Revolution. A list will be passed out for you to select a person to research. Once you have made your selection, write your name next to the person, and make note of who your person is. You must research and write a report on the person that you have signed up for, or it will not be considered your project, and will not be graded. If you want to research someone that is not on the list, discuss it with the teacher first. How: You must use at least two sources for your information, and one of them must be printed material. This means that one must be a book, newspaper, magazine, etc. You must also properly cite your sources. Plagiarism will not be tolerated! Plagiarism is presenting someone else’’s ideas as your own without giving proper credit. This means cutting and pasting, or copying straight from a book. Facts are facts, and do not need to be cited, but analysis and presentation needs to be your original work. Any plagiarized works will receive a zero. What to focus on: When researching your person, look for these things: -A short bio of them (the years they lived, where they lived, their education, and a short overall history of their lives) -Their scientific accomplishments -How they contributed to the changing ideas of the Scientific Revolution (think about the changing ideas of the Renaissance, which are very similar changing ideas to the Scientific Revolution) -If your person has done more than just scientific feats, just focus on the science related ones Requirement: All of the following are necessary for the best grade possible -At least two full pages -12 point font -Double spaced -Times New Roman font -A cover page with your name, period, date, and name of your person (to allow two full pages of writing) -A works cited page

My person to research is: _____________________________________

World History, Social Studies, Grade 11 Prince George’’s County Public School


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