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Study detects Bangladesh’s mass arsenic poisoning source

Bangladesh is grappling with the largest mass arsenic poisoning. The scale of this
environment disaster is massive than anyone imagined before. When the health of the population
is at such peril, waiting for further surveys would be same as standing on the brink of an
‘avalanche peak’. Arsenic is a grave problem, made more perplexing by the fact that there is no
easy solution. Bangladesh may find it difficult in future to cope with the growing arsenic
problem due to reluctance of the concerned parties, and it might make the matter worse in the
future. Arsenic is now emerging as a great threat to the future generations of Bangladesh and in
the same time faltering the “inter-generational equity” and “sustainable development” principles.
So, it’s time to stop the ‘silent killer’ through co-ordinate strategies.


3rd Year

Dept. of Law

University of Dhaka