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NMHH Media Law 2011 Eng

NMHH Media Law 2011 Eng

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Published by Brendan Dunne
English language translation of 2011 Hungarian Media Law, not complete.
English language translation of 2011 Hungarian Media Law, not complete.

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Published by: Brendan Dunne on Jan 07, 2011
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(1) The general director shall direct the operations of the public service
broadcaster in accordance with this Act, other laws and regulations, the deed of
foundation of the Public Foundation and the public service broadcaster and the
resolutions of the Board of Trustees.
More particularly, he or she shall:

a) decide the programme schedule,

b) establish the Organisational and Operational Regulations,

c) ensure that the Public Service Code is respected,

d) draw up and submit to the Board of Trustees for approval the annual financial
management plan, and ensure that it is implemented,

e) drawn up the balance sheet and P&L statement, and submit both to the Board

of Trustees for approval,

f) in line with Article 90, Paragraph (1), points (p)-(q), put forward proposals for
the authorisation of contracts or needing prior approval,

g) exercise employer’s rights in relation to staff members of the public service
broadcaster, including the employment of the deputy general directors,

h) have any other proposals prepared as may be required by this Act, the deed of
foundation of the Public Foundation or a resolution of the Board of Trustees,

i) ensure – in collaboration with the Fund – that those engaged in or contributing
to the public service broadcaster’s activities receive regular further training in the media

j) have a seat on the Public Service Fiscal Council,

k) exercise all those rights - with the deviations outlined in this Act – that are
classified by the Act on Business Associations as a competence of the Board of Directors
of companies limited by shares.

(2) The general director of a public service broadcaster shall receive no
remuneration from the Public Service Public Foundation under any legal title, other than
the allowances outlined in his or her work contract.


The Supervisory Board of Public Service Broadcasters

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