Production Schedule

Names: Amandip Singh and Shani Naik ver now Production: Solo – It’s Solo’

Day and Date
Monday 1st November Tuesday 2nd October

All sofa shots Shani and Sarina arguing, with an object being dropped Sarina walking over the Millennium Bridge

Shani’s house Shani’s house

People Required Props/Costumes and Equipment
Shani Shani and Sarina Camera, tripod, shirt and trousers Camera, tripod, necklace , shirt and trousers, sofa Camera, monopod, sophisticated clothing Camera, monopod Camera, tripod, shirt and trousers

Thursday 28st October Thursday 28st October

Millennium Bridge


Random people walking down Millennium Bridge Re-filming some nd Friday 6 October studio shots

Oxford Street Amandip’s house

Random people Shani

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