Directorate of Employment GNCT of Delhi 5- Shamnath Marg, Delhi110054 REGISTRATION DETAILS Reg. No.

: 2011100312 Registration Date : 2/1/2011 Name :Hitesh Kumar Father's Name :Lal Chand Mother's Name :Kamla Devi Date of Birth :2/10/1991 Gender :Male Rural/ Urban :Urban Marital Status :Unmarried Religion :Hindu Category :Scheduled Caste Correspondance Address :11857/8, Sat Nagar, Karol New Delhi Delhi 110005 I Delhi Delhi. PIN-110005 Contact No:9213666730 e-Mail ID User ID :2011100312 Password* :Hite2101991 Qualification Details Skill Details Experience Details Languages Known S.No. Language 1 Hindi 2 English

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