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Metronidazole Drug Study

Metronidazole Drug Study

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Published by: dwightcider on Jan 07, 2011
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DRUGS DATE ORDERED: 01/27/10 GENERIC NAME: Metronidazole BRAND NAME: Zalvos CLASSIFICATION: Amebicides and antiprotozoals DOSAGE: 500

mg IV q8H

INDICATION -Bacterial infections caused by anaerobis microorganisms

ACTION -A direct-acting trichomonacide and amebicide that works at both intestinal and extraintestinal sites. Its thought to enter the cells of microorganisms that contain nitroreductase. Unstable compounds are then formed that bind to DNA and inhibit synthesis causing cell death

NURSING CONSIDERATION Fever, flushing, -monitor liver function abdominal cramping or test results carefully in pain, nausea and elderly patients vomiting, constipation, -give oral form with dry mouth, metallic taste, meals darkened urine, -observe patient for edema especially if receiving corticosteroids; Flagyl IV RTU may cause sodium retention -record number and character of stools when drug is used to treat amebiasis.


PATIENT TEACHINGS -instruct patient to take oral form with food to minimize GI upset, but tell him to take extendedrelease tablets at least 1 hour before or after 2 hours after meals -inform patient of need for sexual partners to be treated simultaneously to avoid reinfection -tell patient to avoid alcohol or alcohol containing drugs during and for at least 3 days after treatment course -tell patient he may have experience a metallic taste and have dark or red brown urine

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