Puhlisb.cd 011 the first Angcstag of each Mmnslith.

The Citizens ol OnceFair Mo.rdhe..im arc Beset by Bands of Rovin.g Mercenaries and Sc:U_Swords.

The End of the World is Nigh!

The great Catastrophe: has laid ruin to our once magnificent port.

Are: we the first to suffer this Fate? What

hope is there: for the great cities of the West? Will Middenheim. Nuln. Maricnburg. or even splendid Altdorf

succumb to this Horror? What have the dread Fates in store for all Mankind?

Has Sigmar Deserted Us?

More details of the Caus rro phe inside.

2 Groats



!I@" pc hi _ihttrl!t! I hi .... J i111}D iJ&:!!!E

Burghers blame Agents of Chaos. The Old Town in


5S!!W' ttiiiO"tUIUl\i .... ih&il ]!J»i!!E'

The: proudest city of the Old World has been reduced to an infernal hell of smoldering craters and desolated buildings. The ancient architecture of our grandest mansions.

that oace played host to the greatest nobles of our time. is DOW inhabited by foul and putrid followers of Dark Cads. Where once stood

bustling markets and streets of commerce now reigns only banditry and murder. Th.c shadowso[

the deathly ruins hide only cutpurses and fell monstrosities,

But enough of me and my fate. Why baue you come here? A seeker of knowledge, are you? Ab, so you would like to know tbe tale of Mordheim, City of the Damned ...

After months oj deuelopment, Mordheim, City oj the Damned is here. TU01nas Pirinen explains just what the game is all about.

Who goes tberet Cover lip that lantern, it burts my eyes! Who 41'1·'1, YOLI ClSkJ I fear I know not. A long, long time ago I was known as a 'Games Developer' bur thaI wa long before my imprisonmeni: Now I

am but a nameless scribe, locked in this cold tomb, spending untold da:Jls in the darkness, writing down bizarre rule« and describing the diverse and foul inl:uibitants Of the Cursed City. Tbe moon, which never seems to change. is my only SOurce Of light. And the rats, which sometimes SUy})' too close, are m!)' only food.


From its bumble beginning in Wllire Dwarf, Mordhelm has grown into a full-blown skirmish game, detailing a period of rlme in the history of (be Empire when hundreds of small warband fought in me street and alleys of Mordhetm,

The concept of publishing rules in progress tn the pages of thi Illustrlou magazine was lrnmedtaret very popular, With countless warbands springing up in gaming clubs around the world. Many, many players wrore to me with their own ideas and suggestion, and many of the e ha e found their way into the manuscript. The most prorntnent contrlbutors are credited in the rulebook itself. Thanks to all of you out there - without your encouragement and help, this game would never have seen the light of day.

It was a dlfficulr task to import the atmosphere and evocative feel Intorhe rules and background text, but I hope that we


have done the idea justice. Of COurse chi task was not soleLy on the shoulders of the GW game5 designers and writers.

The Game Workshop artists, stalwardy led by JOb11 Blanche, created a equally unique atmosphere and style for the arrworkand layout of the Mordheim rulebook, The results are naming if not stunning, as I am sure you will agree. Every single page of the Mordheim book literally oozes with detail, depth and character, thanks to this brilliant artwork.


The Mordheim game derails eight unique and varied Warbaods fOr you to command. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, Its unique warriors and special equipment. All have their own motivation to be in the city, but many covet the wyrdstone - shards of strange rock that are careered amongst the ruins, whose allegedly magical properties have made it more precious than gold.

The proud Relklanders, [he mighty Mlddenheimers and the rich men of Marienburg have come to the dty to claim the wyrdstone on behalf of their own candidate for the lmperial throne, while rile Wit:cll Hunters of Slgrnar have come to the city to cleanse it from the filth of the heretics and Chaos worshippers and gain temporal power for their leader, the Grand Thecgenlst,

Skaven of Clan Eshin have come [0 gather the wyrdstone for their nefartous purposes; while the Cult of Possessed, follower of Chao , have claimed the city for their own and vie for toral domination of the citywith the devout isrerhood of igmar, the last light of sanity in [he city, Behind all this Loom the mysterious figure of the Shadowlord, Master of the Pit and Lord of the Possessed. There hould be plenty of choice amongst the warbands to suit everyone's taste.

In addition, these warbands may be bolstered by .I:Ilred Swords, ruthless mercenaries who will fight for anyone as long as they are paid well enough! Hired Swords include rile bulking Ogres killed Pit

Fighters, enigmatic Elf Rangers,

and even a Halfllng Cook!

rc~e ~ufe£

Mordheim has been designed as a skirmish system for WarbamOler. Its rules detail many aspects of gaming and individual interaction between model • char War hammer (a game designed to

represent battles between armies rather than mall bands of individual models) lacks. The rules for movement, shooting, and hand-mohand should still be familial'

enough for Warhammer players, even though there

is far more

detail and


There are rules for intercepted charges climbing, diving charges, new weapons, armor, and

equlprnent such as

crossbow pistols, bucklers,

duelling pistols, ropes and

grappling hooks, and many. many other

things. The book also include a ection of optional rules, which should serve as an inspiration co [hose who like to create their own rule and add-ens for games.

The Campaign section derails the procedure for exploring the ruins of Mordheim, gathering wyrdstooe and looking for rare items at the tradersand merchants. Ir gives details of serious injuries your warriors can suffer, plus advance and skills your Heroes can earn as they gain experience.

While the Campaign section of the Mordhelm rulebook details the cursed city and its surroundings in great detail, the game system itself i flexible enough to be imported into alma t any etting. Tho e who play Warhammer should find it relatively cas, to use the Mordheim system for staging

kirrnlsh games all over the Old World and beyond, 0 if you want [0 play skirmishes with Lizardmen or Wood. Elves MOI'(U1eim should have plenty to offer co you.

rc~e A)Q~efs

I( would be wrong not to mention the tremendous new models which grace

the pages of the Mordbeim rulebook From the Skaven by Aly Morrison to the Perry twin' Human Mercenaries, from Gary Morley' Slsters of Igrnar to Dave Andrew's Witch Hunters, the Mordhetm miniatures capture the feel and look of Mordheim perfectly. J n fact I firmly believe them to be amongst the very best model. ever sculpted for nay wargamet

These masterpieces serve another purpose as well - many a Mordheim Skaven or Vampire has found its way into the Warbammer armies of the Studio staff.

rc~e tuture

Forthcomlng Town Cryers will feature plenty of new material [or Mordhelm. 'l ithour going into [00 much detail, I can re eal that there will be tactic articles for all the warbands, new warbands, scenario. and equipment, as well as new

tortes from the twisting treets of MardbeJm. All in all, Mordheim is set to be one of (he most strongly supported games we have relea ed. In fact many player amongst you have already promised [0 contribute in this, and you \v111 see many articles written by people besides your humble scribe.

Go now. 771(1 light burls my eyes, and I bear my captors approaching. Blowout )'OUI' lantern quickly, lest they see you and bind you with chains as well, uiriting insane babble for all eternity. Believe me, you do not u/ant to share m)l grim fate. Can you bear their blood-curdling roar echoing tbrougb the catacombs?

"Wby lsn'! tbe next manuscript /in:isbed yet!!???" •


The fir t thing that trikes you about Mordheim, City of me Damned, before you've even opened the box, is the artwork on the lid. Just rake a moment to look at all the weird llrde details - like me warrior with a cat' head or the pig in a glass box, or the tarot

card ... Geoff Taylor has really outdone himself this time! But let's see what s inside.

One hundred and evenry-six pages, packed with rule , background, and more amazing artwork. Here's how it breaks down:

Rules: This bit covers all you need to know to playa game of Mordheim - Mo erneru, hooting, and Close Combat, plu L adership and Psychology, using dlfferenr weapon , armor and other equipment, and finally Magic (look out for some tasty spell I).

r Warbands.: How to go about hiring, arming and equipping your own band of cur-throat warriors. YOti can choose from Human Mercenaries, the Cult of the Possessed, Witch Hunters, tbe isters of Sigmar, Undead and Skaven, and each

warband has Heroes and Henchmen with their own special abilities and skills.

Campaigns: Tills part of the book details how to run a series of linked games, involving a number of player , in which your warbands will gain experience from fighting battle • eam income, recruit extra warriors and Learn new skills and

spells, There are nine challenging cenario in which to test your skill and the might of your warband, plus rule for Hired Swords and special characters who may fight on your side - for a price.

Matt icbolls and Nick Davis enjoy CI garne of Mordheim on Nick's newly buill mined butlding« ee page 20 to find out more about assemhling tile card terrain you gel 'in the box.


Optional Rules: These introduce some slightly morecomplex rules, which you can use to add an extra . level of detail into your games. There are different Critical Hit tables for different weapons, rules for mounted warriors, blackpowder weapons and plenty more,

Color Section: This bit contains useful advice on choostng, assembling, and painting

your warband, plus loads of ideas for converting your models. And of course there are dozens of gorgeous photographs of warbands battling through the ruins

of Mordheim.

The box contains enough sprues (0 build eight eough human Mercenaries (sculpted by Alan and Michael Perry) and ten vicious Skaven (sculpted by Aly Morrison). These are detailed, multipart plastic kits, giving you a huge variety of modeling options. and are just what you need [0 get you playing With two starting warbands, There is also a 'hairy bead' sprue, wbich contains (surprise, surprise) hairy, bearded heacL s , which can be used to replace the normal Mercenary heads [0 represent Middenheim Mercenaries (It's got warhammers and fur cloaks, (00), and finally an equipment sprue with loads of useful bits that your warband can actually purchase. when you play a campaign - rope, a lantern, extra weapons, and a spell book, to name just a few.

As you can see, Alan. and Michael ,·ealty have excelled themselves with their Mo,.dheirn plastics.

Alan and Michael:

We designed the Mercenaries to look like pirates and brigands. These men are hard bitten curthroats, unlike the proud regimental troops of the Empire armies. We also made a second sprue with wild, bearded heads, wolf-skin cloaks, and arms wielding warhammers, which are ideal to represent Mercenaries Irom Mlddenhelm (although tbey mix into ocher warbands just as well), Between the two sprues there are twelve different heads to choose from, and of course the Mercenary kits are fuHy compatible with the plastic

Soldiers of the Empire, so it is. easy to swap bits between the two kits.

The "hairy bead' sprue adds a whole new range of options to the Mercenary u/arband.


Aly: The plastic Skaven for the Mordhelm game are designed so they look like [hey belong to the sinister Clan Eshin, with cloaks and hoods and evil, razor-sharp blades. I've also included plenty of the weapons rhar you C(l.D purchase and equip your warband With, like throwing stars and fighting claws .. like the plastic humans, all the components on the Skaven sprue are interchangeable with the Warhammer Regiment of the same race, so you could make literally thousands of models without using the same combination of parts twice!

The Skav(m can be armed with a htlge variety of weapons and accessories (and are comple.rely interchangeable with the plastic Skauen. Clanrats Warhammer Regimelll).

1Citp ~uin$

The game is set amidst the devastated city of Mordheim, so there are some superb ruined buildings for your warbands (0 fight through. The buildings have full color card walls and floors, with plastic corner pieces, roofing, windows and doorways. a ladder and gargoyles! ALso hidden .among the card bits are useful Hidden markers and Wyrdsrone counters. Take a look at page 20 where Nick Davis describes how to get the most from your Mordheim buildings.


There is a getting started leaflet which gives you a basic run-through of the most fundamental rules. along with construction diagrams {or [he card buildings and plastic models that come in the box.

And fin.'1lly; of course. there are the essential dice and range rulers.

So that's what you get in the box. Now check Out the battle report later in this 'fawn Cryer [0 see how the game actually works!

A terrible place of nightmarish ruins, where death awaits in every shadow. Here hardhitten warriors stalk through the crumbling palaces and twisting streets. fighting and dying for the promise of riches and fame.

M0t'dheim is a tablerop skirmish game where the players control rival warbands, battling each other for supremacy in the dark and dangerous streets of the ruined city.

Everything you need to start your warband and fight battles in Mo('"dheim is in thi box. There ace two warbands and a whole host of card ruined buildings so that you can create the ruined streets of Mordhelnt. The comprehensive rulebook describes eight different warbands and a vast array of weapons and equipment. There are also rules for running ongoing MordheiIn campaign as well as including hired swords and special characters in your warband.

~h'4if46fe nott) fot $59.99 U.S. $85.00 CAN.

The: Merdheim boxed game contains; • 10 Skaven • City Ruins

• 8 Homan Mercenaries

• ]76 page Rulebol;lk

• 6 Dice

• 2 Range Rulers

to use, you wlll stand no chance against [he Skaven and the might of the flamed RaL After all, finding wyrdstone is what the Skaven do best.

So you have bought the game, read the rules and drooled over the stunning plastics in the box and now you can't wait to get started building up your Mordheim wQ'rband.

The fir t thing you will need to constder is which of the eight warhands Listed in [he game you would like to play, For me the choice was easy; over the past {WO years 1 have

been readily collecting and

building up a kaven army for Warhammer. and ] have grown somewhat attached to these vile, plague

infested rannen. The chance to expand the under-empire of rhe Skaveri into the streets of Mordbeim could nor be missed. [f, due to some pllrticWady unfortunate genetic defect, yOll don't fun<-1' It Skaven warband (who wouldn't, with their cute, curly ralls and sharp but appealing teeth), you might wanr [0 uy a different warband. The human models included with the game can be used to make either an eagle-eyed, profes tonal band of Reiklanders or a strongas-an-ox band of Middenheimers. If you are still not satisfied you also have [he choice of fanatical Witch Hunters, pious

I tel's of igmar, restless Undead, deformed Po sessed or me wealthy Martenburgers, Wbicbevel' warband you decide

Now that you have wisely chosen [0 figbr with a kaven warband, you need to assemble it, 1 hope the following advice wiU help you in your efforts.


Before you start to as eruble Y ur warriors, you need to plan out your warband on paper. 'I'hi applle to all warbands, not just Skaven. 1 is important becau e you need to know what weapons and equipment are [0 be shown on the models. Ir will also allow you to develop an effective, cohesive force. If youassemble)'our models first and men tryto work out your warband to fit those models, 'you can be. ure you will not have the funds to buy the equipment you have stuck on your warriors. And it is almo t certain you will have assembled models with weapons and equipment tOtally unsuitable for your tactical preferences. This will re ulr in time-consuming alterations. that could so easily have been avoided If you had

nly pur a lirtle bit of planning into me warband before plcklng lip your modeling knife and glue.


r have found there are three points you need to consider when planuing the type of warband you would like;

The tactic you intend to employ.

The models and 'bits' you have 'available.

How you wish your warband to develop in the furore.


As the main thrust of this arricle is bow to model your warband, I will Leave advice on tactics for your warband to others. I do, however, have a couple of observations to make. Firstly, 500 Gold Crowns is never enough to buy all that you would like .• econdly, equipment is vet"}' expensive (especially so for kaven warbands as they pay premium cates f t those rare bur powerful weapons when fir [starting out).

Z;~e A')Q~ef6

One of the best things about choosing a kaven warband is the range of models you have at your disposal, ot only do you have [hose wonderful new plastic kaven that come with the game. you also have the plastic Warhammer Clanrat Regimenr boxed set - the designers have cleverly made both these totally tnrerchangeable with each other. And of course you also have a huge range of new and old metal miniatures from the Warhammer leaven range to draw from.

The new plastics are bristling with weapons and equipmenr ideal for u e by your heroes. As an established kaven player I bad a few unused sprues of kaven from the Clanrar Regiment boxed er, so I decided [0 use the new Mordhelm plastics for my Heroes and use the Skaven Clanrars for my Henchmen. Thjs had rhe added beneflt ofcontrasung those warriors in charge (the Heroes) with those fOUowing orders (the Henchmen), and left me a few extra models for when my warband develops and changes with newly acquired skills and weapons and, The Horned One forbid. deaths.

Example: After much saving and searching you finally manage to equip your Warlock with a brace of warplock pistols - now ap v erful rat indeed. The pistols are lovingly modeled on to yow- Warlock. But then disaster - your \Varlock gets himself kiJled! Do you, in a fit of despair and anger, rip off those warplock ptsrols you worked so hard to get? No! You put asrde your loved, bur unfortunately deceased, fat ina Suitably reverennal place and assemble and paint a new one. Nowyou must once more save and search. bur this time you have your model ready for resurrection when you finally roll that elustve 11.

As 1 mentioned earlier, having ne Or twO Clanrat prues will come in very u eful for assembling your Verminkrn, It means you wiIJ be able to equip your warband with extra spears and swords . im ply by using the Clanrat arms! However, sooner or Later, as your warband grows and acquires more equipment, you will probably want co use different weapons. Two thar I think players are most likely ro need are clubs and some extra


o here are a few ideas as IO what

you can do about ir, ..

Slings: The new Skaven

prue in the Mordheim game includes a sling.

This means you can field

two slingers in your starr-up warband, If you want more slinger then finding mates [hat have unused Lings is one rolutlon. Lf your friends also have good taste and are collecting Skaven warbands themselves, then

a simple option is [0 use a metal

kavenslave with ling as a Verminkin (or

jlJSI buy more M01-dheim Shaven! - Fat Bloke). Although the model are a slightly

different size, this is fine as the Skaven are notoriously varied in physique. and Verminkin are DO different.

ClUbs: The easiest thing to do if you want clubs for your Verminkln is simply to clip the blade

off one of (he spears on the

sprue, leaving the wooden haft and the

piky bit on the end (save the blade in your bits box for

fu rure usel). If yOl.! want to try a bit of


'.. .1

modeling. you can cut the dub

from tile Mercenary sprue that you also get in the box. and glue it to one of the empty Skaven hands. And of course you could easily buy one of [be kavenslave models armed with clubs. You could even kill rwo birds with one stone and use [ill! Skavenslave With ling AND club!

Remember - all the

flgures available for

Warhammer give you loads

of extra options for

assembling your warband.

Wfanning a~ea~

So you've worked out your tactics and have looked at the models you have available. The final thing to consider before you draw up your warband is how

you expect particular model to develop. A little planning for me future GOuld save you a lot of work. For example, in my warbaad I wouLd like my Leader to be equipped with weeping blades.

~ ~
~en(~men --'j
~~ J.,~>!-1"trl< -..""
.~ d
.,.~"""" N4Mli '~?fr-
"""- •
........... a.. ,
> \~~~
,_..., ..,.,..,.""
....... ,"'""'1'IJ.'l ~
~-~,....,..- - -
Ir.TI\I\. 1 11~1,J_5 toOOOOtlOOOOOOOO -.-
... "" __ ....... '""'"""'" \~~
","'.."..s \""" - - -J
OOOODOO- ..... ·~
Ir.\ sl. \ I s ] ,J_4_l'J!., OODOOOO
~~ H~~~to(JDOODOO(JOOOOD"""- \
\ SP<d;\. IU~
i'( ~,-"", --t
~'Illo\ltl I,.nr --1
~~I I I ~,!!~ ODDOOiJDOOOOaao-- =
\ ...... lOllU>
eo ..... "'"
""" ... \l'\'I't j
1n1 \ \ \ UJ. OOOtlOOOOOOOOOO -- ~
<ou~ \-"""
~IID- tyrL
'Ef,±fr~m 00000000000000"- _<

,_. ........-V"..w'llll~ ... ."..-..!-;,ty 16

nfortunately, at 75 gold crown. the e are far roo expensive [0 buy at the start, but by waiting and buying them in the trading phase of the game, 1 get them at the. knockdown price of 45 gold crowns. In anticipation of buying these weeping blades (wluch come as a pair of poisoned swords) I will Start by equipping him with tWO swords at 20 gold crowns. Now all I have to do, when he is fortunate enough to find me blades, is [0 paint some suitable Looking venom onto his swords. In bad equipped him with, say, throwing stars and spear, I would have had [0 assemble a completely new model ro represent him when be acquired hi weeping blades.

At this point 1 hould rnenrion the 'bits sprue'. This is a collection of JUSl about all the necessary pieces of equipmenr your warband witl need. It has ropes, books hand crossbows. pistols and throwing knives, all ready just to stick on a model and paint, Just make sure you leave a suitable place to attach the Item.

Having taken all the above into consideratlon, my Starting warband is shown below.


One of the be t things about the multi-part plastic kits r:hat are now being produced, is that they allow you to assemble your figures in a multitude of dramatic. poses, r was very pleased with the final look of Cuurhroaro my Assassin Adept; he really looks like he knows how to use those swords. As I wanted my leader to stand out from the. other warriors in my warband, [ decided he alone would have a cloak.

Quick Tip: CLoaks and tails do not aJways mix. Make sure when you attach me rail you ilia leave room for the cloak, It ~ al 0 a good idea nor to attach the cloak until the model is painred. it makes the painting a Jot easier.

I chose the body and legs with me robes to be my Warlock, as (0 me this looked the most 'wizard-like'. By raising his left arm I have left room to attach a warplock pistol to hls belt when funds and fortune allow.

For my Verminkin r have mosdy used parts from the kaven Clanrat boxed et, althougb 1 have attached the slings from [he new Mordheim Skaven sprue and used dubs from some spare Skavenslaves,


How I paint Skaven can be found in an earlier edition of White Dwarf (#230) so I ball not repeat it here .. The model for my Mordbeim warband were painted in JU t the same way, except the color scheme has been slightly changed. 1'0 represent Skaven from Clan Bshin J have chosen a black and brown color cheme, The only exception is the Warlock:

Magikrumi. He was painted in a cUrty crlm 'on and brown cheme, to differentiate him from the oilier, non-magic using members of the warband.

One of the advantages of painting a warband with only a few flgures is the time you can spend on each one. ) suggest painting rhe models one at a time, as opposed to groups of<!" 5 a yeu would in a Warhamrner army. It i also worrhwhlle pending a little more time tban you would normally on getting your figures just dghr, Each figure must stand alone.

1110se little blotches and splashes can't be hidden in the massed ranks of a regiment.

The final con ideration is me base. Don't make the mtstake of painting your bases in the traditional green, Warhammer style. (I made this mistake with my Necromunda gang and it looked terrible among tthe Necromunda terrain). Mordhclm IS set in the ruins of a city destroyed by an apocalyptic event

and the bases

should reflect tills . .ss the warbands will be fightlng in the ruined streets of Mordheim I suggest bases painted

[Q look like rubble or the broken flagstones

of the Street. This was the effect l have used on my models and i vel)' easy to achieve. The paving stones are simply thick card cur to the desired shape and size and then glued onto

the base, For the rubble 1

just put some PYA glue onto the desired areas of the base and dipped the model into a mixture of flne sand and coarse grit. Once dry, I first painted tbe base with a thin wasb of a Chaos Black/Be tial Brown mix. Then picked out the stones in Codex Grey. highlighted by drybrushing with Elf grey.

Exactly how yOI1 decide to model

the bases of your warband will

depend a great deal on the type of terrain you wiU be fighting over and the color of your gaming board. But a has been mentioned many time , good bases can do wonders to your figure' appearances, so don't ignore them.

ow my warband is complete, it is time to enter the perilou streets of Mordbeim and find that wyrdstone, Other warbands don't stand a chance. Remember - finding wyrdstone is what the Skaven do be t, The wyrdsrone j. mine, do you hear?!



A1Q~~eim ~{r(~ite(ture

~p ~icf ~at1i6

Mordheim - a once proud city, now oothing bU1: rutns and rubble. 10 the first of our features on Mordheil:n architecture, we take a look at the first sight greeting a newcomer to the City of the Damned - the Mordheim City Ruins within the boxed game itself ...

Nick: \Veil, J have finally managed to get my hands on the fantastic Mordhelm City Ruin buildings along with the Mordhcim building sprues. Let's see what I can do with them.

0' as you may know I spend a lot t)f my spare time building wargaming scenery for my Lizardmen army (WD#232) and WH·tOK ruined eulemeru (W:O#23-.) bartlefields. 'rhi~ I:. all made out of cardboard. bits of polystyrene. plasrlc Gothic Ruins, garden wire, and stick-y tape, all held together by a large amount ofPVAglud Now r hnve the chance ro build some precut bulkllngs that come with their own supports in the form of me Mordheim building Spl-UCS. This should be ftln_._

Now the baste Mordhejm ruins, once built. Look great by themselves. bur if you JUSt add a few little [ouches you can make them hard wearing. durable andthat Itnle bit mort: of an extra special terr-ain ptece. The first thing I will be doing with m} bullding • as with all m~' scenery is basing them, This will help protect them from me knocks and unfortunate crunches thai befall all wargamlng scenery. Plus, I have taken a few little:

Ideas from my Ruined article (WD#23-J) - I will be adding extra pieces of rubble and paving slabs [0 the bases, so check out the hints and tips scattered around thls article,

A word of advice dlOugb before yuu go ahead and glue

your butldtags together - lest fit them Ilrsu You may find that you need to do some extra trimming h .. rre and there, with a modeling knife or sclssors, to ensure a snug lit with the plastic building components,

The quickest and easiest way to paint (1/1 tbe


on the Mordbeim ,building sprues is to spray the whole

sprue :::;'~~~~~:;~~;:~~;;:;~;r


and then paint

tbe pieces tvbtlst stit! f)1I the sprue.

Before )'011 glue the pieces onto tbe card buildi1Igs.Jus' toucb u/J tbe areas of chipped paint thai are caused by CUlling the pieces off the Sprt4e.

Well r have a lot to do, so here goes ..

Sprue fu66fe

Here's a quick tl~} straight from Design Mum:lger Alan Merrell, 1101 glory·hoggil/g elf! Mod(.'/uwker Mt~rk jones as u-e said in lID #234 (sorry Alan. be didn 'r fell us, bonesit). If:yoll. clip up fbep/(.I.stic frame pieces, if makes great rllbble. ltJU can also keep Oil]'

interesting bits qf ptasttc [rame 10 make broken I

support beams.

111"",,<,, -'I spare WI (011)11. roo/u/c RUlli rulJ/)le plv(;u /11.< 111 1'~rfi'{;I!J' wl/b Ib~ i\l",,1b~im spme mllbll!-


Tbe palJing slabs are made out of pieces of thin cardboard from cereal packels, CHI into 2x2cm squares.

These squares trere tben cut up and rearranged /(J gille a broken look.

~ui~ing anCf basing a .K)~~~eim ruin

Put together your ca/od bUildings by following the ins/ructions in the Gett ing Started leaflet. If you u/ant yow' buildings to last longer, I suggesl')'ou glue the plastic pieces /0 tbe card buildings - J used PYA glue for this. J also added abase for additional stability and because 1 wanted to adc/ some extra rubble to tbe model This is ioba! I did.

1- l'lrs/ ell1 your base ('I size. }10m w{m' about 0 1 w.,2 em ffflS"aroun« Ibo b"lIdlfl8 itSl>lf lu hillil "m/rel 1/ jimil kIJocks.

For tbc base J "sed Ibick cardboard. wiled arthoard, but ctlrrllgofed cordb6i1rilwllJ do jusf fine 1 tben. gll",d SQ/II{! pOllif'8 $lao.' I() fbI! front, r cooered tbe base ",lib coarse lexWr(JI1 llailll, and wbil$1 11m pll/r'l IlII1S Uldt I "ddt,,1 som ~ sprn« mh/,Ie 01,,1 small pi/X(J$ of granol, no "(II glu" Ib<:' bulld/llg to tbe /xl.e yet

2 1>1lI111 or sprr£1' Ib,' bus« blm;k, 1brm once Ihls Is tby, attacb Ib<J building IQ tb« base lIsfflg f'v..1 ~/t", '<lIso altrH:/;et/ Ibe cbillflw)' i,teee. to gtoe the butldtng a bade 11'<111.

lim IIUI)' fllld tbill YOII baue some small gO/l.< bIJIWL'<J1! chI!' bottom of 1/)" /JIIlfdlll,!l and the base. { filled (II tbese gaps usitb

Ii ..... texturea paint, Imd wbufl 1/;1.< II.'O,f 01'1' I !Vlfltled II Mnck {IS 1I'<,li

:!' 1r-'b~ll I be bluw /Jtl rrll IS dry, yOI' I call $101'1 paitU/J'8 your base. The first elJlur 'Used ,NiS Codf!1lr GI'''.1'. lI'hlcb 1 dr"b,.usbctl ooer II>" sprue rubble alia ptll'il'S stat»:

PRill/illS tip: '"" quick "lid r"Q~r w~t III fl.lid pdhU ttl II rdr!>'ClI, , .. ·.:d.I.~rtJll'rlW III.HJ af ,jUt' base it 10 dFlfbrllsh 11 f'irsl. Ht!1lha ptllfJl. O/J )'tJltr brush tlfullbfJJl Wlpt· mosl uJ U q8 0"'0 II It#lt.f! nx-'" T1glJ#y "n(,'{h utFl"T IPC' an,," l'fJl( u'unt Iu (l;Jd ca/f.r 'tI_ ,JIV ;,nlld "'111 ""iici!I.

C'.fUllol· nUtm t1w ruuwl ,l"-'Jail. 1III •• iiii~~~~~:I~m!~~';l~

ItWlIj'J8 bInd' -I,. 11m n:'tjt'$~.-.:t In

/llt",,"t· <{KUiJ".~

4 Vow (lnrbrlJsiJ tbe cnttr« 6"lie II'J/IJ r;"t,kebiw Leatber Go ,we" (be "rig.>:; (J! tbe POl'I"8 ,,'abs, tbe sprue ruhbll! and II{I the sides (1/ tb« /}u;tdlng, Pm,', wDrr), 1<10 "m'" abolll kcerllng rbis neat ~Uld lid)'_ MordbiNm /1"0.' bit b1' " big rvck ~'(J u ts go '"& to be ti /I rile hll duSI)'

5 TtJ )lnls" ojfJonr base; gll/e it a film! t/r.l'bmsb of DuM,,(, flro,,'" \gain 80 lJIJ(!r tb» I!dgl<S Ilj tbe palrlllg slabs, tb« sprue rlll>b1l.r muJ up tbe <Ide s ojllUl Imlldillg.

F_tt'(.rlhmt. IIUII bal~ t"OIIIj'Jlt!wd Jtour base Ihw /wildillg Is ret .. l\~ S"" &'1:1 p/rr:," SutrU' gmJ/t'sI

1U!;_bt: Ib add ilftlll$b'ttg tmlli:b to )'QIII' ruins, 1''''"1 the Prlg!!S and folds II/thl! <(If'd in 81'lCI' <!I' 11gb/ lmm'". Tbls b('lps 10 lid)' lip 100 pim;a ll:tui gtl'cs It a marc wild lIJIj/l'(JrtJrtCt~


Brave and disciplined, the soldiers of Reikland are are weD versed in the arts of war. Alessio Cauatore discusses how to assemble a warband of these loyal toarriors and the tactics he uses in the ruins of Mordheim.

It's bard ro be a Human warrior in the Wachammer World. You will have to face

opponents that are physically superior like Beastmen, and supernatural creatures

like the ndead, which

attack your mind wtth horrifying visions of death. And


that' when you're lucky and don't run into something that is both powerful and scary, like the Possessed. Expertenced Heroes may become a challenge for such monstrous foes, but at the start you will have to rely on your equlpmenr IO save the day.

Mercenaries have rhe widest and best selection of weapons, especially missile weapons. Thi , in my opinion, is the answer, hit them from afar, before tbey can get [heir hands (claws, pincers, tentacle, whatever ... ) on you.

When preparing a starting warband for a campaign, it is alway best to begin by buytng all the Heroes you can.

Heroes are vital in a campaign, because they directly in11uence the number of dice you roll for exploration; therefore the more Heroes you have, the more wyrdstone and treasure you wiU find. They are aJ 0 u eful in locating rare items and spe ial characters, they get a better selection of equipment and definitely make better u e of their experience, developing new skills as well as improving their statistics. On top of aU dns, there is one more point that makes them better than Henchmen in a campalgn: they are much more resilient. The poinris, you see, that a Henchmen who is 'taken-out' will be permanently out of the campaign on a result of a 1 or 2, while a Hero wW die only if you roll a 1 00 the rust dice of your D66. So a Hero has double a Henchman s chance of survival ...

A Relklander warband is the be r choice if you wane to take advantage of the Mercenaries' great choice of long-ranged weapons. Your Marksmen's BS of is quite impressive and will allow you to ou -shoor any other starting warband, so buy all me Marksmen you can afford! 1 normally ann them with a mixture of crossbows and longbows. If you have a good line of sight (from an elevated position is best), deploy your crossbows there and don't move.rhem roo much. Longbow-armed models have the advantage of being able to move and hoot, a I normally deploy them on ground level, where the can move freely and get into better positions, reacrtng to the enemy's movement.

Wirb a bit of luck your Marksmen will soon get to impro e their BS to 5, and that wW make a big cUfference! For the same rea ons, employing an Ell Ranger is normally a good idea, because be will contribute to your hall of arrows and will also help you greatly in the

exploration phase. Lreally think thls pointy-eared fellow is the most useful hired sword around.

Anyway, having some shooting makes for a better game, in which tactics and movement are cri tical. If there is no shooting then many scenario simply will end up with big combats in the center of the battlefield.

With Relklanders, my favorite technique is to plit my


warband inro two groups. The first consi ts of all the Marksmen 1 can afford. Led by my Captain. They will deploy in elevated positions and stay at the back, rnovtng as litde a possible and making good use of their mis He weapons and their high Ballistic Skill.

nder their covering fire. the econd group will advance.

This group will be made of my nand-to-hand special! L'I, Like my Champions, Youngbloods, and Swordsmen - I Will call them the 'fighters'. I normally u e them to fulfill the victory conditions if the scenario involves earchlng Or capturing an area. In a Skirmish or in an other scenario where victory is achieved by routing the enemy, I don't pu h the fighter too far away [rom my Marksmen, In thjs way the figbrers will engage the enemy under the covering fire of the Mark men and they can also u e [he

amazing Leadership of their Captain. With Relklanders the Captain' - influence extends to 12" around him -double the normal range!

If rhe enemy is clever, his warriors will be advanctng towards rny warband staying hidden and using every inch of cover they C,;iJ1 find, until they are in charge di lance. And if my

Marksmen are charged, I'm in trouble. They are not tOO go d at close quarters!

Here I have [WO alternative tactics. The first one is to keep my fighters in front of my Marksmen, crying to flush the enemy out of cover, forcing them to come our to engage me, and as a result expose tbem elves to my missile fire.



~(tinting ~~Ut m~~ef$

Here are a few hints and tips that should help you to put together and paint your Motdheim models. Of course, this isn't an exhaustive list and we'll be bringing you even more painting ideas in corning issues.

~reparing t~ paint

To start with you'U need to glue your models together. Before you can assemble them, you'll have to remove the plasric models from their frames 'with a modeling knife or pair of clippers. Metal and plastic minlatures may have mould lines which you should genLly remove with a modeling knife or file. It's worth raking a btr of rime preparing your miniarures as the end result will always look better if you do.

C~f un~erccat

Before you start palming you must give your model an undercoat, This is II thin coat of paint onto which you can easily apply your colors. If you wanr your models to have lots of bright color it' best to use II white undercoat and if you want to LIse darker tones then use II black undercoat. The quickest lind simplest war to undercoat a model is to use spraypaim.

Tblt ~l'a"'m on tbe nghl was ,mdcrc<Jt1let1 blf1<:/J [lrsl, tben D(4rk Cf)lO',.~ U>CTI! palmed (In {(Ip. the Mt'h:~II"r')' (It) the left Wr;T.s undercoated white. whfr;/) SIr/IS the brighter. more lustrous cok»: scheme.

~~ete to $ta\'t

Mordheim warbands are made up of W'..u-riOTS who !lock to the cif}' in search of wealth and glory, '0 your rag tag band of warriors are unlikely 10 be wearing uniforms. The models in your warband don't all have to be pain red in exactly me same


way. so you can vary the color scheme on each model. For Instance you can paint your first model wtth red trousers, the second with a red tunic, [he third a red hac, ere . Next paint a blue tunic on the firSt followed by blue trousers on lhe second. and .0 00. Thi means that all your models will appear [0 be from the same warband bur their clothe will look Jess like a uniform. A great example of this is me Reikland warband shown on die right. What looks to be a farrJy random color scheme is Simply three colors painted 00 different areas of each model.

C-cp Cip: C~ini~ttm tqe p(tint

.if you use paint slraight from tbe pot, it may obscure some of the detail OTI tbe model, so it's a good idea to thin down your paint with a Itttle water first If the first coat doesn 't Caller the model completely, tuaitfor it to dry and then paint on a second coat.

Some garners like en thin down their pairu with a matcbing color ink, sue" as Red Ink for Blood Red, as this makes the original color brighter.


Many painters like [0 add extra depth to a painred model by adding a bit of shading. One way to dorhts is to paint the area. you've chosen a dark color, such as Vomit Brown. then paint H lighter rone of that

color by mixing in some Skull White. Milk!: sure you lea ve th e original darker color showing in the recesses of the IT\Ode~ as the shading, Another way to add shading is to wash over the color you've chosen with a suitable colored ink. such as Chestnut Ink over Vermin Fur or Flesh Ink over Bronzed Fle: s b. The ink I10w ioro the recesses of the miniature providing the shading.


As well as shading the recesses, you can highlight the raised areas of the model to bring OUI even mort: detail, Simply mix a lighter tone of the color you want to highlight and apply ir to the ralsed areas of detail on the model. Another way ro bighljgh; is LO drybrush the lighter color 0010 the model. This technique is described opposite.

~(Wing t~e l}etAif

The final areas of the model to paint are the weapons, belts, armor plates, and CAva equipment uch as lanterns and rope. It's usually easier to paint belts and straps a dark color Like Bestial Brown or Chaos Black. Alrernative.ly you could paint them a contrasting color. Merallics such as Mirhril Silver and Boltgun Metal look best when painted over a black undercoat. Metal objects call be made to appear rusty by giving them a wash of Brown Ink. Highlight Bol tgun Metal with Chainrnail or Mililril Silver to create keen nI.Z.Of edges to axes and blades.

Tbls!,,~ cJo(lk was painted witb SlIllkebiff! LWlIblfr and shaded wllb Ch/!s/IIIu fllk. (be sba"~d [ur crook u/as' Iberr dryb~'lsbetl ,dlb Vomit Brrmrn


A quick way to paint textures and raised detail such as fur. beards, and hair is to drybrusb Il1e1£1. Pick a lighter. shade of the base color and wipe awa)' most of the pam! on tbe brush onto a tissue. Then Iight!)1 brush over the area you want to highlight. The color in the bru ..... h will come off D~UO the raised detaiL. TJJis leaves tbe darker COlOl' in tbe recesses; providing shading. The more you drybnlsb over the model, the lighter the model will look. You can also pa1nl armor, weapons, clotQ.faces. and hands in tbls way.

?dirt ~ni grime

Ba~~s in Mordheim are normally fought in diery, burned om build.in~ and muddy streets, so most warriors are usually covered In 3 layer of grime and din. Thi means you don't ~ctuaUy need to be [00 near when painting your models - a hrrle roughnes helps! Use: Vermin Fur or Bestial Brown [0 apply streaks and splashes of mud co the boots and feer of your troops.

BldllJlIl1 Me/al WQS painted fJlJeI' Cbatl.f Black If> "wk;<! /he metalwork 0.11 tbes» .~',(WC/l 'SIrJ.fuJ out, 7'he /e~lb Oil/be Ibl'OwllJg :;/(11' I,l"(freplck"d 011/ wllb Cbal"",,,lf ami II ""lSi} pI Bro",,' {nk W,/5 "sed to mak e 11m mel(lllbQk n'llll)' "".\'/),.

I'l";QP'"Cip: 8m¢Qt~ inf t»(t6~e$

Inks can sometimes dry in a blotchy way, but if you add a drop of dish uiasbing liquid to your il1k before painting it on, it wllf flow mucb better:


If you paint your warband's bases ~III the same way, it helps to make them look more coherent on [be battleground. The simplest way to finish abase is to paint it a suitable color, such as Vermin Fur, Shadow Grey, or Chaos Black Bases also look more impressive if they have some surface texture. Gluing sand to the top of a base is a quick and easy-way co do this but for Mordheim, cobblestones, and flagstones would look even more effective. For example, small blobs of modeling putty pressed 00[0 rhe base make great stonework. If you are. Ieellng adventurous you could u e textured plasticard (available from model shops) or even wallpaper mat has a suitable raised pattern on it., Paint nnd drybrush me texture to really finish the bases off. "\'(fhy not add extra detail to the base such as grass, gravel, rats, skulls, erc.t

!L~o06ing pour (o(¢rs

If you Jook through the different warbaads hown in TO~'n Cryer, you'lI soon have lors of ideas for diffb:en( color schemes. Feel free to mix and march any of the ideas you see, Remember; because you have only a lew models to palru, you can really go to rown on the detail! Experiment, rake some chances and most Importantly; have funJ


WelL, when it came [Q choosing how LO spend my 5()O goldcrowns, I was mainly influenced by one Importanr f-actor - the models available ...

Normally you prepare your warband and then build the models, bur io this case I had to adapt my warband [0 the models that the 'Eavy Metal learn had painted at the time, Pirsr, I picked my live rteroes Aic.ssio Cav.tore and then I started to look for Marksmen.

Shooting reaUy is the greatest strength. of Reiklanders and J think It's better to build on your strengths than try to compensate for your weakne ses. Therefore 1 made sure that every model with BS4 had a. missile weapon, anti I went over the top on my Captain, whose equlpmenr reached an impressive total co t of 120 crowns! The problem \VlIS that the model was obviously wearing ilea"y armor and

that's really expensive. Having a helmet is grear [Q avoid being stunned and taken OUl while you lie On the floor, while duelling pi'smlsare simply awesome (better [0 buy them now when me warband is starting out, 0 rbar 1 don't have [0 roll to find them at the trading post).

The plan for the fight is simple; stay back, flnd 11 good sniping position for my Marksmen and advance ju l enough to flush those rats Out of cover And into the open, where 1 can (hopefully) shoot them to bus ... may Igmar be with mel

Rtikl .. d ... C.puin u.,bg,

~ __ ~~~~ __ ~~w~~*~~~~ __ ~~~ __ ~~a-'


Having just IinJ bed the design work on my Last Mordheim figure. a Beastman, [ was asked by Paul Sawyer if I would Iike to fight a Mordheim 'Skirmi h' scenario for a barde report In White Dwarf J would be using the Skaven, Alessio Caval re the Reiklanders, and we would be fighting over the superb tudlo Mordhc:im terrain. WeU, who could refuse an offer like that - time ro put down my

Mark Bedford sculpdng tools and pick up a Mordheim

warband roster ami pen.

I have played a few games of Mordhclm before, while the game was going through the rigors of playtesting, and I have recently pur together a Skaven warband of my own, 'The Black Shields', for [he Studio Mordheim campaign.

The fi.rsr thing I did was [0 get together the. Studio'S Mordheim Skaven figures and try to come lip wrlh a strategy ro fight against Alessio~ Reildanders. The superbly painted Studio models included the plastic Skaven that you get in the game, sculpted by AIy Morrison, and the faruasric metal

kaven, by Colin Dixon. In [be end J went for a mix of metal and plastic models. You could quite easily make an entire warbanu from just the plastic Skaven, bur the mend figures were fur roo tempting.

Having em our my Eshin pies, rhey returned wtth information on the enemy. Reiklanders are disciplined and

brave and are all greatly skilled at hooting. This is rellecred in the special rule of resting on their Captain's Leadership within 12" rather than 6", and having +1 to their standard BS. Wilh thi. in mind r went for quantity not quality. J needed a warband with more troop than the Reiklanders so they could soak up missile Ike before taking a Rnut test, using Skaven speed to gee into combat quickly. If thls worked, I could hopefully f ret: Alessio's warband to rake a Rout test early on in the game.

My warband included an As assin Adepr with fighting claws, who could mix it up with the best of the Reiklandcrs. ext. two Black Skaven armed with flails (if these gu~ got into combat it would be messy!),

then a couple of ight RUnnCI!i and seven Verminkin armed with various weapon .

I would use the Verminkin as a bodyguard for my Adepl and to rake the bruru of the enemy fire, and use the high movement rate of the Skaven to close the gap. There would be no polnr trying to outshnot the Reiklander warband - J wouldn't stand a chance. So that was my plan and I intended [0 stick to it ...


~1'!!!!!!!!!!!!l!!'1l111'1l1lI11mml[lil!!!lliIiim''I!II!'TTI-~ !!~:!!i'l!I!mliDll'lIIlD""'" ,"JIJUIt"""m"m\IJIfiI(jW.m'fIlI"TT- rliiiifilfflRn"pAIIIIIY'ifi1 FttrrTi (li·j,"Oj""j,,; IF!i iil~rrFIaEf'""'..-:-· 11'.!!Zll'l'ZIlI'IIE~

'hiMmnnw~ nt4 .'.".,iRin.ihMiaIF ~ ~ ~

, ~~~'lIlffL(I!1'.U'D'"'t'IlJJ:r.!I'''''',~,'r' •• • _ ... ~ _

- --:_


NM![ Lulbar fOUD')IE!'Ii, st;;DllI l~lC!llu:s. l'C

""" Mercenarv Captain Heavy armllf, !lword.

t~~~~i' ~~~ helmet, brac.e of

4_H141J ! I 'ti1J8j,-d_u_el_lIn-=cg-,-p_r~t_Q_II __ --L- ---I

.... - • .cIOOOOO'".LJOI"..;or~JQI:lOOODDOI:lOO A



UI.. "'UI~'R'B""tm[tz .... \1i1IIRI.~ LvmmTTT;m\\,~ ill"l'- n •• ,t§S"""" II F Ii "'illOqrJ"t'_~~ I.

_.dijffij"ij'jiii,.M]\I«lllldJdRIlWJMHm""",di., "U,) .. j dr ._._" "_._. _ .. __ .. . ~ _ ~


City of Nightmares

"".0: SlnIG/l "'"_

f- ...... ..:::.;:-,;8:::Iac~k::;:$b:-·-ve-n-----jFlalt !lght armor

rnr:Jr~~t~~ ~ ~,


~--ODOOODQOOODDODDODODODOOOOOODOD 000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000

:-:nJiTliTI " nrmTJ ..... oI.llilPiII'WIIlUlJ,'!!J' '1!I!JIlRD" ·:iJdll.O' ;;;. :;:;;;. oo;t. w

p 'h'd'lLI'mlNJjM'iltdPmnlll"~.~

• 'fl_,,.l, OI'Ii7It",jj,i;' ""iiIjHzurlu;nr.m.c~ . rlU1lllliil!illl, <t'4!.W:!!!..:

City of Nightmares



City of Nightmares

A Muk,m'D tlk<s "'.Ct i. the rui ...

Captain Luther Looked our across the ruins, trying to earch a glimpse of the • kaven scum. Ordering his men to move forward deeper into the ruins, he signalled the Marksmen [0 rake up positions with good lines of Sight. Lurbor himself led hls econd 1.0 command, Hans Krieg, and the newest of his recruits. Franz, toward the nearest of the derelict houses,

With none of the R,eikLanders able to see the Skaven, they were unable [0 fire upon them and their first turn ended rather quickly.

U log every nook and cranny for cover, the rest of the Back

tabbas and Night Runner Nikkit, led by Black Skaven kritt, made their way towardsthe Reiklanders in me middle.

Black Skaven. Skratch Silently ran headlong towards the ene.my, hidden from view by the largest of the rui ns. The massive kaven had set his eyes on the bowman hiding behind a ruined gate, licking [he spikes of his wicked flail, the kaven made certain that any wounds he caused would become infected.

I<.,J acd Klo.s mcv f""".,.d. ... bile • M .. k;saun <0 ...... heir ...... <0.

Meanwhlle on the left, the Slttas, eager to get into range with their slings, headed towards the Reiklanders who held positions in the temple ruins above.

The Sltt. sling.", .~ ...... hrough cover,

Pollowlng the chittering commands of [he

Master Assassin K1awful, the Skaven prepared to close in on the man-things as qutckly a." possible. The sooner the kaven reached the humans, the better. Reiklanders were. rightfully feared for the accuracy and deadliness of their Marksmen.

Klawful himself advanced, protected by 1:\"'0 of his Verminkln, who he bad prornlsed ro cut eo shreds if they tried ro dodge any arrows. The Skaven leader lind his bodyguards ran towards the bridge which connected the ruined building with a tall, blasted tower.

K1'Il'(,,1 .od bis healS",.d ttccp .hrough the derelie! building.


Deatb 10 the trespasser 111!1 MImOlt/ml /tn· 'lflll1[J1JJ:j'jJ!$ tMnumUl!JJ1h'H/OlJI11fl:W!WJU Tfintl41l1itftllft!tiilpllJn:lljplll!JJJkJlJN!'II@1UWlim'11I!1AIII'tmJjlU/JlJlLlmIiiWIiJllm'IOW')lItl!!!n(f;

Seeing that he was outnumbered, tumor told his men !O seek cover and get ready to greet the Skavenwith a hail of arrows andcrossbow bolts.

Captain Luther himself, followed by the Champion Hans and Youngblood Franz, rook cover in a mined town house. Reading the anxiety and fear in the youngsrer's eyes, Lurhor decided [0 gtve the boy a bit of encouragemenr. "Watch me and learn," said Lnrhor; grinning aI the cref)lbliog youngster, 'ful(] if you are hard pressed, just throw them a bit ofcheese - they'll forget all about you in an lnstantl" Grjpping his spear Ughtly, the Youngblood Smiled weakly and nodded.

The. Marksmen took up positions in cover, taking h~gher ground where possible to get a clear line of slghr [0 the enemy wlththeir bows and crossbows. At the end of the tum the Reikbnders were taexcellem posltlons [0 snipe at the advancmg Skaven. Now if remained to be seen if rhar would be enough to stopthem.

One of the Marksmen drew a bead [0 a Skaven, and Bred at the distant Night Runner, Skarpur. The, bolt hit its target, but u had lost most of its force, and only knocked down the Skaveri.

The Marksman standing near the carousel of skeletal horses whispered a prayer to S!gmar, and took alm at one of [he Skaven shielding Klawful. FIls aim was U'Uc. and [he pitifully shrieldng Sk;aven feU, skewered by an arrow through its thigh .. Scornfully Kla.wfuI trampled and kicked the fallen

Skaven, disgusted tb,a[ it had only stopped one ", ~ arrow before going down. ~

At the beginning of [he turn, a slightly embarrassed Skarpur ,'clambered [0 his feet, and climbed

. up the makeshift: ladder to gain a better vantage paine

Skratch, continuing his relentless

advance. dashed behind a corner of the building. Soon the massfve Skaven would be in position 1,0 arrack the hated man-things.

The great mass of Vermi nkin, led by Black Skaven Skritt, scuttled forward in the ccnter, taking shelter ip [he shattered ruin in the middle of the table.

KJawfuJ and his remaining Verminkfn jumped down a level in the ruined building, and headed rewards Captain Lurhor and his two men. K1avilful felt confident, In the hidden arena of me Clan Eshin in Cathay he had defeated six armed slaves In one combat. With ilghting claws on he knew he had no equal.

Meanwhile on the Skaven left, rhe wily stingers of [be Slims henchman grou p ducked Into the cover of a rui ned building, and advanced sreaithjly towards the bowmen sheltering in the ruins above. One of the Slitns slfngers sent I:WO stones towards the bowman hiding behind the 'statue, but the shots clattered against the gruesome sculpture and bounced off hRrmlt:ssly. The other slinger moved closer to the' humans, in hope of geutog within shorr range for hi;:; weapon (slings can shoot twice per turn i[within 9").


ll, 5 'IHL,,-4UW.j!-I,c (i1Ilnnrrm;;rrc: _ ®VRI!JIi7I3\\1~ ,"L'ioU. I' b' "'5"1.,_,-",1 "'i)' ,.\L~tptrqrr) 'ItJ~_~~ ~ 11li:'i-b:polh.tllf

There is 110 salvation

The Marksman huddling behind me statue took. a deep breath and almecJ towards the ratmen. His aim was true, but the arrow only grazed the shoulder of a Skaven slinger. The oilier Marksnlen fared no berrer, and actually failed to hir a. single Skaven! Alesslo shook his head in disbelief: his muchvaunted Marksmen. the pride of Iteikland, had let him down. Now the Skaven were getting dangerously close.

Captain Luthor, followed by Hans and Franz, hurried up a ladder to stop the advance of K1awful. "Now i OUf chance, bOl'," said Luther [0 the Youngblood and pointed ar Klawfut, 'See mat rat prancing around with iron claws? ( bet he's the leader. lfwe take him out, the rest WIU fun!"

After assessing the battlefield Situation, Karl ran toward his Captaln's position while ordering Klaus to go and back up me ~blfksman on the fur Side of the temple.

Luther drew hls exquisite duelling pistol, and rook aim at the Verminkin shielding Klawful, but despite hls skill with the weapon and the gun's excellent construction. the shot missed, and the lead bullet whizzed past the kaven,

Pnllll readies Iiimsclf fOlr ,he eecoming Sluvcn .. "tIL

:.~:rtLr.1 ~_]i]! lu.."".ru'II!" in! I' IIIMh) I"n.!!!jlb :;rjJJjj!!',,·!tjUjlTITllIWl ;:rrrmm1l!ll1!ll1 .. ' Wl!l Y'" 1111 , !·,tt' ·ft ,u'" .... ,' ~ .. " uW/!ihIi!!! Q!lIliil!!w".,};jliijjj;jj;m"

City of Nightmares

Bounding forward with Incredlble speed, K1awfuJ the Assassin closed in on the hapless Youngblood Franz, eager to cut: the human to shreds. kritt and Nikkit ran toward [he Relklander Captain and his companions, ready to attack next turn,

Meanwhile, below, Blac.k kaven Skrirt ran up the ladder, ready to smash the life from the Merc.enary Captain with his fearsome flail. Behind him the Venninkin fanned 0".1[, taking cover where they could. heading towards the scattered Reiklander Marksmen all around the [able,

Once in range, [he Uta sllngers let -fly with their slingshots, and one of the missiles hit a bowman hiding behind the statue. He went down screaming, his ribs cracked by the srone,

In the middle of the bridge, the Youngblood and Assassin mel. Easily avoiding the clumsy thrust of Franz's spear, Klawful ju mped lugh into the air and descended with a ball of blows, h is fighting claws glinting in the darkness. "You are mine-mlnel" skittered the Assa s In. The Youngblood stood his ground on the bridge for a moment, and then, with dozens of curs criss-crossing his chest, he fell down to the street below; flailing his arms miserably. Kl.a:wfuJ turned his glance towards rhe remaJning man-things, and took up a fighting stance,

Shouting a warnlng, Champion Hans, his halberd raised high, charged the Black Skaven who was about to attack lIle Reiklander Captain from behind.

Fearing that the approaching Skaven would overrun the Reiklander po leion .. s, Youngblood Klaus moved to lend support to the Marksmen, bard-pressed as they were by the Skaven sllngers. The Champion Kad ran into the melee raging around the building where his Captain was.

All me Marksmen of the warband shot at the fast-closing kaven, bUI nor a Ingle arrow hit. Lurhor mmtered~ something about cutrlng the wages of hi5 men if [heir accuracy did not improve. Dctermmed to show

his incompereru men how it hould be done, Luther drew his duelling pistol, and took careful aim at me approaching Klawful..;

Fire: [rom above

N~ht Runner Nikkit raced ahead of the Verminkin,

and drawing his sword he prepared to take on the sword-armed Champion Klaus, who had interposed himself between his leader and rhe approaching Skaven.

Nigh t Runner Skarpur did not fare as weU. Trying [0 impress his fellow Skaven he ju mped down !i;om the bridge, only to stu mble and fall, managing to stun himself, much to the amusement of his fellow Skaven.

In the hand-co-hand combat phase, Hans backed at the fallen Skrtu with his halberd, taking the Skaven out of the game (a warrior attacking an opponent who is knocked down only needs to wound his opponent in order to take him out).

The Reiklander Captain's lend hot struck borne with avage force and Klawful was duly pitched from the bridge into the streets below. (At this point Alessio had rolled 6 to hit and G [0 wound, wJ]icrh meant he had caused a critical hit. A further roll of 6 meant he had caused 2 Wounds with no armor saves allowed)

In the hand-to-band combat phase, Champion Hans, brought his halberd down on [he Black Skaven. Skritt tried to dodge, but the heavy blade struck hlm on me chest, stunntng him.

Groaning, the Black kaven Skritt started to recover his senses, and rolled over, bUE the Champion Hans 'I\~dS polsed above him, ready to take him out with hi halberd.

Seeing the Assassin shot down, and his mind filled with visions of taking over the warband, one of the Verminkin of the Curtas charged Captain Luther.

Skrarch saw his chance and with a bounding leap he charged the Marksman huddling behind the ruined gateway. Now was time to exact vengeance for aU those arrows the man had shot toward him.

AIl ... hooting (low. the Sk, ve o [eader. Lnrhoe fadI<S himsdI for comb ...

Meanwhile Luthor parried the clumsy blow of the: Vermlnktn, and attacked, duelling p,i.stol blazing. It was to no avail however, as Luther completely missed his opponent.

The combat between kratch and the Marksman did not last as long. The Skaven's whirling flail drew a blurred arc in the. air, and before the hapless Marksman had a chance [0 react, it hit him full in the face. The Relklander went down. his face covered lo blood, with the Black Skaven standing triumphantly OVer him, pinning his weapon in the air.

City of Nightmares

The Champion Hans, having finished the Black kaven kritt, fearlessly jumped from the bridge to help hls struggling companion Kad.

Klaus moved back towards the dosing Skaven, but despite his eagerness he was not do e enough [0 attack.

The Marksmen let loose once again. The first bowman managed to hit one of the Slim I but falled 10 wound. However his companion hot dead the Slack kaven Skrarch who had taken down a Cros 'bowman in [he previous tum.

Screaming the baulecry Of Retkland, Hans made: a successful diving charge (Alessio made hi Initiative test, and gained + 1 Strength and +"[ to bit for this turn). The pole of his halberd struck hard as he descended, and the Raven wa knocked down. Klaus and the Verrninkin were more equally matched. Both of them managed to bit their opponent, only [Q have their blow. parried.

On the bridge the Verminkin and Captain

Luthor continued their struggle, Despite the best efforts of both warriors, neither side managed to even hit their opponent. Sweating. each warrior sought [0 find an opening in the defense of hi opponent, and they circled each other warily.

in the big melee under the bridge where Luther and the Verminkin fought, things were going the way of the Reiklanders for the moment - the fight was now between Han , Klaus, and Night Runner Nikkir, But the sword-armed Vt:rmin were do ing in fast.

ODe of the S1j", ding=< m(lvC$ through the building;' ruins C'O get in clese enough [0 usc: his WC.o1PQ:Qj

Kious ro~ics I"mod( to £.~e I Sk .... en warrior ;0 vicious door ccmba •.

All over the battlefield, the last of the Verminkin raced La join [be melee. One of the Vermin kin drew his curved blade and crashed through a rotten windtrwlrarne (-Q charge Hans Krieg, who was desperately fencUng off another Skaven.

The Slitas slingers, now in ideal range for their weapons, senr four stones at the bowman standing by the skeletal carousel. One of them rut the poor man full in the face and took him out of the game.

In the barrie berweenGhampion Han and we ight Runner, and Verminkin, Hans was truck by a sword and knocked down. leaving Karl to face we Skaven alone. His sword trokc gutted the Night Runner Nikkir, takfng out the Skaven, but things were looking bad for me Reiklanders.


Darkness descends

Ale sio began his sixth turn by t:aking his Root rest, which he proceeded La fall ...

eelng that hi warband had taken quite a pounding, and that there were still plenty of Skaven left. Luther recalled the words of his old fencing instructor. "Dlscretion i . the better parr of valor." \':Tith these words of wisdom in his rnlnd, Luther bellowed "Retreat!" at the top of hls lungs. Dragging tbelt wounded with them, the Relklnnders fled, Leaving this section of Mordheim for me victorious Skaven to plunder. The skirmish was over.

_ ...

~ . ~.

~ .

" . ..

. "
" ....
""~ .... ' .'


City of the D~cd


" . , "' .......... _ ..





/ .. ~

. ,



Fear oat. for the Sisters of Sigma! survive. At this very moment our High Matriarch. Bertha Besrraulrung is organizing our Sisters so th.3ol they may cleanse our beloved city of the foul Iollowers of dark gods.


Lord Smythe is looking to employ a HaWing Cook for appct izers during his joutney thmugh the. wastes of Mordheim, Culinary trials will be held at the Headless Hog tavern on Bac.kertag.

Madam Archeossi Reader of the mystica.l Tarot. Speaker with the dead, Meet me wheD Morrslieb is full. at the SigD of the Fish.


Captain Kurt Whitcbeard of the Mddcnneim warband the White Wolves offers you the chan C e to own a uni q ue collection of tomes. manuscripts and books.

Come visit our stall at Griffon Gate.


One Eyed Teddy M'gTu!:. expit fighter. looking for work. Highly experienced. Own weapons. Anything, considered. Contact me behind the Red Wolf tavern.

,,*"!W'-"'ilildllil1llt •• 'ill""hm,,1


~eeded to record the heroic (eats of Baron Hal Kreiglitz, on his imminent arrival in Mordheim,

The ability to use a

sword and pen an advantage.

Sylvanian Merchant requires !:JoWn [or family bereavement. Must be durable and nude of the Iinest rosewood.

Contact Boris Badenov at the Inn of the Red Moon.

'BLACK ARROW' Marksman of the highest quality.

"One shot - ODe kill' Lodged at the Red Wolf tavern,


JohaoD's Emporium has the [allowing goods for s a Ic or trade.

luge iron kettle. big sword. Dwu( blunderbuss. glass eye, pike, rusty axe. cod, pick, anvil. jewelled dagger, lucky charm, bucket. and spade.

Why not can in a1 yc aide gate keeper's cottage.

f"""',t§'liFiijtillnliiUlPiJlij, ii'Jn!I!!!!!E


MaDdred the J ester, !O yea.rs experience. Expert Juggler, Trickster, Joke Teller, and Tracker. Registered at the

F ools Guild.


The Inn of the Red Moon requires an inflatable Pig's Bladder for recreational sport.

'The Heralds of Fre.e: Trade'

warband from the fair city state of Marienburg, arc currently seeking new Henchmen.

Good rates of pay.

T rials to be held at the Lord Forte Royal Tavern on Bezahltsg,


Your pitiful lives are at an cod. Mordheim is but the:

Iirst to suffer at our wilL Soon more of -your so called Great Cities o( the West shall fall The weak Princes of your pitiful Empire arc DO match against the awesome power of our Lords.

ii'!!,¥ill,_,Ut, 1"'''liP< piJli ,", .¥iii


Eric Lclerve. Killed by a Huge Rock [rom the heavens,

Kurt Wilht:im. loy,! Iriend and henchman, Will be greatly

missed by the lads of the White Wolves warband.

Arturo Martini. W:lSIl't afraid of hcigbts. Should have been.

Margcritte Mareeussis of the Sistuhood_ Split in two by 3 Dwarf Axe.

Ludwig von Hausen, formally of 'The Arisee', Died from blood poisoning.

Eva Liebermann. Kilkd by falling ma,sonry.

o nidclltilied Skaven corpse found by Luther's Looters in the ruias,

COU!If Gruber wdcoml;.s his Dew henchman. KU1t Willlcim to

his retinue.

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