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Date: December 9, 2010 TO: Mr. Peter Ho, Chairman, President, Chief Executive Officer, Bank of Hawaii FAX number: (808) 521-7602 FROM: Nanci Meek Original Trustee and beneficiary Elvin R Meek 1996 Trust RE: Elvin R Meek 1996 Trust and Bank of Hawaii as co-trustee Pages: 7 (including this page) Hello Mr. Ho: I am attaching a letter written this date to Penelope Tong, VP with your legal division regarding the above entitled matter. I am also attaching a letter written this date to Judy Lee. Several attachments were sent along with the respective e mails and an attempt was made to e mail you directly. The e mail address I was provided by your office several months ago was If you would prefer I send any future correspondence to another e mail address, please advise. I would advise your contacting Penny Tong or Judy Lee to review the documents I attached to their e mails this morning. Considering the value of my father’s estate when he passed away in 2003 (estimated at $4.2 million, along with the liabilities created by the actions of the Bank of Hawaii, I respectfully wanted to bring all of what has happened to your attention. I look forward to speaking with you and resolving these issues. Thank you.

Nanci Meek Trustee of the original Elvin R Meek 1996 Trust Private Investigator (760) 413-5660 E mail: 3308 Ariba St.

Las Vegas, NV 89129