Capital: Tokyo Coordinates: 35° 40" North. 139° 45" East .

by the Philippine Sea .882 square miles) ( y Japan is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the north and east. is an arc ipelago (large group of islands) located east of t e Korean peninsula.y Japan. .8 square ilometers . an i land nati n in east Asia. It as an area of 77.

y .549.976 in July 2007.y Japan's population was estimated at 126.

meaning "standard Japanese". or ky ts go ( ?). There is a form of the language considered standard: hy jungo ( ?).y Japanese ( . "common language" . Nihongo) y Japanese is the de facto official language of Japan.

C inese.) Ainu Korean. ortuguese Englis Minority language(s) Main i igrant language(s) Main foreign language(s) Sign language(s) Japanese Sign Language . agalog.Official language(s) Main language(s) Regional language(s) japanese Japanese Ryukyuan (Okinawan et al.



y however. in actuality the season itself runs from the 31st of December through the 3rd of January.New Year' i Japan y The Japanese celebrate the New Year in a big way. y New Year's postcards usually purchased from the Japanese Postal Service known as nengajo .

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