Ayona, Well Ayona, let us try to design a skeleton of a quality system from the points that you have

provided. Later on you can always refine them as per your requirement. I am not aware about the salary breakup of your organization. Per my suggestion in this type of work, the salary must be designed in fixed and variable portion. You can offer some points to every team member per month in the form of variable portion of salary i.e. Incentive. Say for example you have decided to offer 2000 points worth of Rs.1000/- per tech technician/month. Now formula is simple. Who is performing 100% will get full points. Now, based upon the criticality of the tasks or the functions you have to allocate the points. Do following:  Design a spreadsheet (later on you can develop a database, if required) and divide the tasks and then assign a code to each of them;  Provide deductible points for Non Compliance of that task;  Prepare proper Categories of Tasks;  CATEGORY – I o Productivity Factors (I am giving examples of Productivity Factors only - you need to follow the same for the rest)  Average Speed of Answer • Code = ASA • Deduction for Non Compliance = 400 points (You need to decide which should be reasonable limit)  Average Talk Time • Code = ATT • Deduction for Non Compliance = 200 points  Average Not Ready • Code = ANR • Deduction for Non Compliance = 250 points  Average On Hold • Code = AOH • Deduction for Non Compliance = 300 points o Quality Factors

stpwebhosting. Opening Statement  Closing Statement  Voice Modulation  First Call Closure  Any other essential points o Category to Be Designed. because it may be difficult for a HR person to justify the technical reason for NCs generated. Work on it and let me know how you are doing. Pankaj Trivedi Manager Operations http://www. involvement of Technical Lead must always be there. Need to develop appropriate category to accommodate Product Knowledge (You need to have testing system in place to evaluate one person’s Product Knowledge and rank it). Adaptability etc etc… This is a skeleton of deduction structure but you have to have evaluation system in place through which you can point out the person concerned and explain him why he has received certain deduction. Considering the technical aspects.com . Customer Focus.

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