‡ Hounded by powerful enemies. Rizal was forced to leave his country for the second time in February 1888. a practicing physician. He was 27 then. and a recognized man-of-letters. .

The Trip to Hong Kong February 3. Rizal left Manila for Hong Kong on board the Zafiro ‡ February 7. 1888 ± after a short stay of six months in his beloved Calamba. (3) he heard the city was dirty ‡ . (2) it was raining hard. 1888 ± their ship made a brief stop over at Amoy and for three reasons he did not get off (1) he was not feeling well.

‡ Hong Kong Amoy .


1888 ± Rizal arrived in Hong Kong.February 8. He was welcomed by Filipino residents. including: ‡ Jose Maria Basa ‡ Balbino Mauricio ‡ Manuel Yriarte (son of Francisco Yriarte. alcalde mayor of Laguna) .

‡ . who shadowed Rizal¶s movement in Hong Kong.‡ Victoria Hotel ± it is where Rizal resided during his stay in Hong Kong Jose Sainz de Varanda ± a Spaniard who was a former secretary of Governor General Terrero. It is believed that he was commissioned by the Spanish authorities to spy on Rizal.

Formerly they were rich mechanics. 1888. industrialists. and timid. and financiers. Chinese. ³Hong Kong is a small. Many Portugese. the majority of whom being those who had been exiled to the Marianas Islands in 1872. English. They are poor. and Jews live in it. Hindus.´ . but very clean city. There are some Filipinos. gentle.This is how Rizal described Hong Kong on his letter to Blumentritt dated February 16.

lecturer. Jose Rizal. secondary school principal in Litom ice.‡ Ferdinand Blumentritt ± was a teacher. . and author of articles and books on the Philippines and its ethnography. He is well-known in the Philippines for his close friendship with the country's national hero.

Jose Sainz de Veranda and some Portuguese. especially the botanical garden.‡ 8 February 1888 After 5 days trip. Rizal went around for observation. ‡ 22 February 1888 After staying in Hong Kong for almost two weeks. Rizal left Hongkong for Macao on board the Kiu Kiang. they lived in the house of Juan Lecaroz. Rizal arrived at Hong Kong. he left for Japan on board the Oceanic. ‡ In Macao. ‡ 19 February 1888 With Jose Maria Basa. . He boarded in the house of Jose Maria Basa.

he was surprised to see among the passengers a familiar figure ± Jose Sainz de Varand. boarded the ferry steamer Kiu-Kang for Macao.Visit to Macao February 18. And on that same ship. 1888 ± Rizal accompanied by Basa. .

botanical garden. During his two-day sojourn. casino. There are many junks. but few steamers. and bazaars. sampans. and gloomy. cathedral and churches. He also saw the famous Grotto of Camoens. low. He was rich and spent his days cultivating plants and flowers.´ Don Juan Francisco Lecaros ± a Filipino gentleman married to a Portugese lady. Portugal¶s national poet. Rizal visited the theatre. pagodas. It is in his home where Rizal and Basa stayed during their visit to Macao. It looks sad and is almost dead. .‡ Rizal describes Macao in his diary: ³The city of Macao is small. many of which came from the Philippines.


1888 ± Rizal and Basa returned to Hong Kong.‡ February 20.Kiang . again on board the ferry steamer Kiu .

. The richer the Chinese. In the Chinese dramatic art. with noisy audience and noisier music. and customs.Experiences in Hong Kong During his two-week visit in Hong Kong. The following are some of his diary entries regarding his experiences: ‡ Noisy celebration of the Chinese New Year which lasted from February 11th(Saturday) to 13th(Monday). Rizal himself fired many firecrackers at the window of his hotel. language. the more firecrackers he exploded. Rizal studied Chinese life. Continuous explosions of firecrackers. ‡ Boisterous Chinese theatre. drama.

It engaged actively in business. It owned more than 700 houses for rent and many shares in foreign banks.‡ The marathon lauriat party. ‡ The Dominican Order was the richest religious order in Hong Kong. According to him it is the longest meal in the world. . it had millions of dollars deposited in the banks which earned fabulous interests. wherein the guests were served numerous dishes.

that of the Protestants was the most beautiful because of its well-groomed plants and clean pathways. .‡ Of the Hong Kong cemeteries belonging to the Protestants. and Muslims. Catholics.

Departure from Hong Kong February 22. an American steamer. His destination was Japan .1888 ± Rizal left Hong Kong on board the Oceanic.

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