PRESS NOTE General public and trade bodies are hereby informed that the Bhatinda Om & Oil Exchange

Ltd., Bhatinda having its office at Gali No. 6, Broker’s Park, 1st Floor, 1815, New Basti, Bhatinda – 151001was given recognition by the Government of India vide Notification S.O.320(E) dated 5th March,2007 in exercise of powers conferred under Section 6 of the Forward Contracts (Regulation) Act,1952(74 of 1952). The said recognition was given for a period of 3 years for the period from 1 st April,2007 to 31st March,2010 for conducting futures trading in Gur. Recognition to Bhatinda Om & Oil Exchange Ltd., Bhatinda lapsed on 31st March, 2010. Bhatinda Om & Oil Exchange is, therefore, no longer an association recognized for forward trading in Gur.

_______________________ Dated the 13th May,2010 Forward Markets Commission ‘ Everest’, 3rd Floor, 100,Marine Drive, Mumbai- 400002

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