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About TVS«.
3rd largest two wheeler manufacturer in India € Amongst the top 10 in world € Annual Turnover > 1 billion $ (2008-09) € Highly profitable, Socially responsible € Prestigious Deming Prize winners

TVS Mantra to stay ahead«.

Products which can provide ±
y High value for money y Environment friendly y High quality

Prosperity of employees, dealers & suppliers € Continuous Innovation € Customer Interaction € Quality in systems, processes & operations

Scooty Range«.

Domestic Range
y Scooty Streak y Scooty Pep+ y Scooty Teenz y Scooty Teenz Electric ± Go green ± It¶s your turn now


International Range
y Scooty Streak y Scooty Pep+

Major Competitors«.Kristal € Mahindra ± Rodeo € Mahindra ± Flyte € Mahindra ± Duro € .Dio € Bajaj . Honda ± Activa € Honda ± Pleasure € Honda .

TVS Scooty journey«. Chasing Dreams Being Independent More Options Being Trendy Having Fun Increased Power * Click on each box to link to a video .

TVS·s focus on selling Scooters to females«. Leader in the young women segment € Leveraged on the emotional quotient ± µChance to chase their dreams¶ € Targets the young single women and in keeping with the changing preferences € .

Marketing communication emphasis Scooty girl. her personality € Technology used to deliver greater value through new offerings € Latest advancements in the field of technology is the way € .TVS·s focus on selling Scooters to females«.

Objectives of Case«. Female Consumer Market Understanding Female Consumer Behavior Communication Strategy for TVS Scooty .

Female Consumer Overview«. could reach 18 trillion $ in next 5 years € Control 20 trillion $ in annual consumer spending € 10 . Largest market opportunity in the world € Dominant buying power € Drivers of world economy € Yearly earnings of 13 trillion $.

)«. Feel vastly underserved € Companies failed to explore this potential market segment € Marketing narratives promote female stereotypes € 11 .Female Consumer Overview(Contd.

.Understanding the Woman Consumer and her use of technology«.

Consumer Research Dealers Research Mechanics Research Internet Research .Research Methodology«.

Bellary Age Group : 17 to 52 years € Students. Working Prof. Hyderabad.Thane. Pune. Housewives € 14 . Bangalore. Basic questionnaire for consumer research € Total Respondents : 190 € Areas covered € y Mumbai.Female Consumer Research«.

47 17-20 21-25 25 & Above 15 .63 47.Female Consumer Research(Contd.)«. Age Wise Distribution(%) 12.89 39.

Female Consumer Research(Contd.95 Student Working Professional House wife 79.)«.58 18. Profession Wise Distribution 1.47 16 .

0 15. Source of Information about 2 wheelers 90.9 30.0 Print/TV Ad Relatives/Friends News 2 wheeler Dealers Website Other 17 .9 1.7 80.0 40.0 70.0 8.Female Consumer Research(Contd.0 83.1 0.0 37.0 60.0 20.)«.1 10.3 11.0 50.

0 40.3 Celebrations 3.0 39.0 20. Factors behind Purchase of 2 wheeler 80.)«.3 For transportation Independence Style Quotient Status Symbol 10.5 30.0 70.0 .Female Consumer Research(Contd.5 60.4 6.7 Promotions 18 0.0 18.0 6.0 50.0 69.

3 58.0 76.6 47.Female Consumer Research(Contd.0 20.0 60.9 37. Factors considered while buying 90.4 35.0 80.0 50.0 0.4 57.3 15.8 17.8 65.2 19 .9 57.0 10.4 52.4 13.)«.0 30.0 70.0 40.

32 20 .21 9.)«.Female Consumer Research(Contd. How comfortable Women are using technological products(%) 4.47 Comfortable Not Comfortable Others 86.

0 38.9 30.0 20.)«. Pay extra for technology(%) 60.0 54.0 10.0 6.2 50.0 40.Female Consumer Research(Contd.8 0.0 Yes No Others 21 .

Female Consumer Research(Contd. € Findings of Survey y Print/TV ad is the major source of information for y y y y women Positive Word of mouth from relatives/ friends is also considered sometimes Transportation & being independent are primary reasons behind purchase of 2 wheelers Price. weight are the factors considered while buying Promotional offers does not influence decision to a great extent 22 . comfort.)«. color. safety. mileage.

)«. € Findings of Survey y Though majority of women are OK with technology not many of them would like to pay extra for it y In cities. women prefer owning a 4 wheeler than a two wheeler y Too many models confuse the consumer y Frequent addition of features to existing models make customer feel his model outdated 23 .Female Consumer Research(Contd.

€ Dealers surveyed y Sai point Automobiles Pvt Ltd (Authorised y y y y dealer of Honda motors) Ashwini Motors ( Authorised dealer of TVS motors) Kalpana Motors Shree Automobiles Shweta Motors 24 .Dealer Research«.

€ General Questionnaire y Most selling 2 wheeler amongst women y Factors women look into while buying y 2 wheeler with most market awareness/recognition y Company with best after sales service y Availability of models & promotional schemes y Effect of advertising/ promotions on buying behavior y Customer complaints regarding 2 wheelers y Any design innovation required 25 .Dealer Research(Contd.)«.

skids easily and thus more risky to drive 26 . € Observations y 75% consumers have Honda Activa as first choice y TVS Scooty is No 2 selling two wheeler y Consumers give more emphasis on metal body & y y y y y weight Multipurpose use for all members of family Word of mouth is the biggest source of information Scooty more preferred by students Out of 99 colours. only 6-8 colours of scooty in demand creating inventory problem Scooty is light in weight.)«.Dealer Research(Contd.

Scooty requires early and more frequent servicing and repairs Scooty not suitable for double seat drive as light in weight Average life of Scooty is less than that of Activa . € € € € € µ99 colours¶ offering .accessories of a specific colour not readily available and difficult to stock After sales and maintenance service at authorized dealers not satisfactory As compared to Activa.Mechanics Research«.

€ € € € € Fibre body perceived as weak as compared to metal body Improper balance and skids easily Not suitable for long distance running Company should not go for digital control systems as maintenance is expensive Need of a broader.Mechanics Research(Contd. heavier and metal body model for better balancing and to make it for use by all .)«.

Internet Research«. What Women Want? Need to be fulfilled No complicated technology Utility Value for Money Not so time consuming .

Communication Strategy for TVS .

Currently incorporated innovations«.'Women on wheels ' program y Balancing wheels y Know your signs € Easy to buy (4 steps) . € First time riders y Easy to Ride y Scooty Institute .

Currently incorporated innovations«. € 99 colours ± customize your Scooty € In design y Trendy features y Mobile Charger y Hand bag hook y External fuel tank fill y Easy centre stand y Lockable glove box y Style ± Lamps y Light weight body y Glow around the hole .

Currently incorporated innovations«. y Tough Features y Litech Engine y Powerful headlamps y Anti ± skid tyres y Etra ± comfort seating y Hydraulic shock absorbers y Under ± seat storage (helmet) y Abs Panel .

Currently incorporated promotions«.com € µScooty Teen Diva¶ contest € Cool Wall Papers € Screen Savers € Tough and Trendy features € TVS Smiles Forever Program .scootygals.www. € Clear positioning and segmentation € Website .

Communication Strategy for TVS Scooty to be used«.what unique Scooty can offer € Value for money invested in innovation and added features . Objective € Brand awareness amongst teenagers € Clear value proposition .

caps.Communication Strategy for TVS Scooty to be used«. gloves. sun protection coats. € µDesign your own Scooty¶ contest € µBest innovative feature to be added to your Scooty¶ contest . Strategies € Merchandising (Seasonal) ± raincoats. glares. sweaters. etc.

€ µHelp develop your Scooty¶ y Suggestions y Improvements € Doubts handling before the purchase decision ± add to µEasy to buy¶ section € At the dealers¶ shops.Communication Strategy for TVS Scooty to be used«. keep suggestion boxes for improvements € Do you own one??¶ campaign .

your dreams contest¶ ± offering scholarships to girls € µThe Scooty Speed¶ ± racing contest € Some video games based on the Scooty model € µWhat is your star sign¶ ± design variety can be introduced € Competition like µRoadies¶ € µChase .Communication Strategy for TVS Scooty to be used«.

µScooty Teen Diva¶ € µµYour personal guide¶ to maintain Scooty € Blogs to express your feelings € Strong dealers interface for personal selling of Scooty € Street displays and road shows .Communication Strategy for TVS Scooty to be used«. € Improved visibility and relevance through the program.

€ Sponsoring sports and fashion shows € Case study competitions in colleges € Movies and serials with Scooty as backdrop € Ad slots in between prime time programs .Communication Strategy for TVS Scooty to be used«.

ipods. books. shopping bags.Innovations in design that can be made«. vegetables and fruits € Feature to help ride Scooty in high heels € Product for girls with a tom boy attitude . € Pet space € Open rack for ± bags.

€ Introduction of WEGO .The Great Move«. as this is a multi user friendly scooter with body balance technology .to beat Activa.

Road Ahead«. € Product specifically designed and promotion strategies devised to capture y Rural markets y Tier .II .

.TVS Scooty Layout«.

Thank You«. .

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