You receive a request to provide transportation in Almatyfor 8 people. They will need airport transfers as well as daily transportation for two weeks. The customer has requested a quote. Find a company and the rates.

Do they need drivers; separate vehicles; one vehicle for all; two vehicles between them all?

Your customer has just sent you a request for two simultaneous interpreters in Beijing. They will need equipment (1 booth, 2 transmitters and 30 headsets) as well. The meeting is being held at the Grand Hyatt Beijing. The customer has requested resumes of the selected interpreters before they are assigned. Find two resumes (or online profiles with experience) and a company that can provide the equipment. Print out the resumes.


Your client has sent you an email requesting the address and phone number to the VNIIA facility. What is it?

LOCATION: Moscow; a branch is located in Penza-19 Address: 22 Sushchevskaya ulitsa, Moscow, 101000 Telephone: (095) 978-78-03 Fax: (095) 978-09-03

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