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Yoga Name B. V. Raman's B. V.

description of "Remarks" regarding
Yoga the Yoga

91. Vallaki Yoga Definition. — All the Remarks —This is the first of
planets must occupy the Sankhya Yogas Vallaki is
(same as Veena Any 7 signs. also known as Veena Yoga.

vallakI = Results. —The person All the seven planets should

will have a large be dispose d Of in any seven
 A kind of number of friends, signs. It will be seen, as would
lute (often be shown subsequently, that
mentioned fond of music and sometimes Sankhya Yogas
with the fine arts, actually coincide with Akriti
Vina) Yogas (already discussed
learned, happy A nd above). In such cases,
 name of a famous. Sankhya Yogas lose their
partic. individuality and they should
configuration not be considered at all.
of the stars
caused by
the position
of the planets There seems to be some
in seven justification in adopting this
houses course, because in almost
every horoscope since all the
 Boswellia seven planets will have to
Thurifera occupy any seven, or less than
seven Rasis, Sankhya Yoga
~~ Cologne must be pre sent in some form
Sanskrit Dictionary or the other.

Provided no other Nabhasa

Yoga is present, then alone
Sankhya Yogas have to be

Vallaki and the six other

Yogas to follow, belong to the
category of Sankhya Yogas

92. Damini Yoga Definition. — All the Remarks. —In ascribing

seven planets should results to these Yogas,
(same as Dama occupy any 6 signs. classical writers have differed
Yoga) from each other.

For instance, the effects given

dAma = Results. —The person above for Damini are based on
will be highly Varahamihira while Saravali
 wreath , charitable, always glorifies the Yoga
garland helping others and a considerably.
protector of cattle.
But all writers seem almost
agreed on A yoga.

Damini or Dama Yoga seems

to give a man intellect, fame
And wealth also. Of course,
the exact nature of effects
depends upon the general
disposition of the chart.

93. Pasa Yoga Definition.— The Remarks.—Saravali suggests

planets should that one born in Pasa Yoga
occupy any 5 signs. will suffer from
pAza = incarceration.

 A snare, trap, This state ment should not be

noose , tie, Results. —The person taken in its face value. Pasa
bond, cord, will acquire wealth Yoga in itself cannot make
chain, fetter through right means one a prisoner unless The re
are other combin A tions
 The noose as and he will always be indicating the same event.
attribute of surrounded by
Siva or friends, servants and The presence of Lagna, and
Yama relatives. the lord of Lagna in the 6th
and 8th in Pasa Drekkanas
 Anything would be a powerful
that binds or combination for
fetters the imprisonment.
soul i.e. the
outer world ,

 selvage ,
edge , border
(of anything

 A die , dice

94. Kedara Yoga Any 4 signs. Remarks. —A comparative

study of a large num ber of
horoscopes possessing Akriti
kedAra = Yogas leads me to the
/span> margin: 6; perception that these yogas
 A field or could furnish helpful hints for
meadow , Results. —The guessing one's profession
especially person will earn his which has Always been a hard
one under livelihood by nut to crack.
water Agriculture and be
highly helpful to Hala Yoga [above] makes one
 A basin for others. pursue agriculture. Simi larly
water round Kedara also is said to make
the root of a one an Agriculturist.
Saravali points out that one
 A bed in a having Kedara Yoga will have
garden or a bull intellect or poor
field comprehensive power

 plain, area

95. Sula Yoga any 3 signs, 2 cause poverty, render the

signs or 1 sign. person unfit for company by
z ula = (all graha his wrathsome conduct and
in 3 rashis) habits and make him
 trident of margin: 6;
Shiva margin: 6;
Sula makes one
devoid of wealth, As, however, no Yoga can
coura geous, cruel and exclusively manifest itself, the
96.Yuga Yoga possess marks of results due to it should not be
wounds received in applied in their entirety.
i>yuga = (all
graha in 2 rashis) may have sustained
injuries in fights yet, on
poor, ostracized account of the strength of
 A yoke , by society, heretical Lagna or the Moon he may be
team; a pair , and a drunkard.
couple , a man of sterling character.
margin: 6;
poor, dirty,
unnamed, ignorant Gola Yoga is indeed a rare
and indolent combination, as it requires the
97.Gola Yoga individual. presence of all the planets in
a single sign.
gola = (all graha
in 1 rashi)

 A ball ; a
circle ,
sphere; globe
(as the
globe or as
the globe of
the sun or of
the earth)

of all the
planets in
one sign

Asraya Yoga all the planets

exclusively occupy
AsrAya = to shed movable, fixed or
tears common signs
respectively, Rajju,
Musala and Nala
98. Rajju Yoga Yogas are caused.

rajju = One born in

Musala will be
 A rope , endowed with self-
cord , string , respect, wealth,
line famous and proud.

above three yogas
99. Musala Yoga constitute the
[fixed] Asraya group
being one of the
musala {muzala} = sub-divisions of
Nabhasa Yogas.
 A pestle; a
mace , club ; All the planets
the clapper must occupy
of a bell
movable signs,

100. Nala Yoga  or exclusively

[common] fixed signs

naLa=  or
 consisting or common signs
made of
reeds to give rise to
these three yogas.
 A hollow
stalk or tube

Here, no reference
is made to the
situation of Lagna or
the disposition of the
planets in the cardinal,
fixed or common
signs with reference
to the Lagna.

commentators are of
the opinion that in
order to cause
Asraya Yogas, all the
four movable, all the
four fixed and all the
four common signs
should be occupied.

But Garga refutes

this view and thereby
implies that the only
condition is that when
the movable—all or
any of the four—signs
are occupied, The
fixed and the
common signs
should be vacant for
causing Rajju Yoga.

Similarly with
regard to And Nala.

As Rajju has
reference to
movable signs, one
born under its
influence would
always be
wandering about in
quest of wealth And

when expected
to be fixed in

Whereas, planets
confined to common
signs are held to
make the person
depressed And

Dala yogas: Remarks.— Srik (also

known as Mala) and
DAla = Sarpa Yogas are the
two Dala Yogas
 A branch; mentioned by
unfolding Parashara.
dividing , The Kendras must be
splitting exclusively occupied
by benefics or
malefics. It must be
noted that so far as
101. Remarks: this yoga is
Srik Yoga concerned, the Moon
is completely left out
of account so that
(same as Mala
there remain only
three benefics and
three malefics.
102. margin: 6;
We have formulated
Definition.—If above in a fairly
all the benefics exhaustive manner all
occupy the Nabhasa Yogas
kendras, Srik menAre certain
Yoga is caused. factors to be
margin: 6;
By carefully
remembering the
If all the definition of Asraya
malefics occupy Yogas, Akirti Yogas,
kendras Sarpa Dala Yogas and
Yoga is Sankhya Yogas it
produced. would occur to any
student of Astrology
that sometimes

margin: 6;  A sraya Yogas

Results.—The identical with
Akriti Yogas;
person born in
Srik Yoga will  Sankhya Yogas
live in comfort, become
will possess identical with
conveyance and Akriti Yogas;
will have many  A sraya Yogas
enjoyments. coincide with
Sankhya Yogas
margin: 6; and

 Dala Yogas
Sarpa Yoga coincide with
renders one Sankhya Yogas.
miserable in
many ways, When such
cruel and stupid. identification of two
yogas belonging to two
different groups of the
Nabhasa Yogas
happens, one Of the
two will cease to
operate. Mihira answers
this point clearly and

It will be seen that

three Asraya Yogas

(Rajju, Musala and
Nala) are practically the
same as Yava, Sakata,

comes identical with

Rajju. Similarly if the
planets Occupy
Cancer and Capricorn
and the Lagna is
Cancer or Capricorn,
both Rajju and Sakata
Yogas merge
together. Nala and
Sakata coincide if we
switch on to Gemini
and Sagittarius
provided one of The
se two signs is raising.
Thus, if the ascendant
falls elsewhere then
both the yogas will be
present. Simi larly
examples for
coincidence of Asraya
or Dala Yogas with
other Akriti and
Sankhya Yogas can
be given.

span style="letter-
spacing: -.25pt">
These coincidences
do not include all
possible instances of
Asraya and Dala
Yogas in the Akriti
And Sankhya Yogas.
Therefore, in order to
show that Asraya and
Dala Yogas are also
Nabhasa Yogas,
Varahamihira has
treated of them

We have now to
consider another
point. When Sankhya
Yogas coincide with
Akriti Yogas, the
latter alone prevail.

span style="letter-
spacing: .15pt">When
Asraya Yogas
coincide with other
yogas (Akriti) the
former cease to

span style="letter-
spacing: .15pt">
When Dala Yogas
coincide with
Sankhya Yogas the
latter become defunct.

span style="letter-
if Asraya Yogas
coincide with
Sankhya, i.e., Kedara,
Sula and Yuga, the
former alone will

and finally if an
Asraya Yoga coin
cides with Gola Yoga,
the Asraya Yoga
becomes defunct.

Thus it will be seen

that the differences
between some of the
yogas are very thin
and call forth On the
part of the astrologer
keen perception and
Analytical power.

103. Duryoga Definition.—If the Remarks. —The 10th is the

lord of the 10th is pivot of the horoscope and its
dur {dus} = situated in he 6th, 8th lord should be strong if one's
or 12th, Duryoga is life is to be
 bad, caused.
difficult, span style="letter-spacing: -
wicked; .1pt"> When the 10th lord is in
great crime dushthamshas he will lose his
or his own bodily vitality and is therefore said to
wickedness exertion; he will be confer on the native just those
looked down by qualities which render him
others; highly selfish insignificant in the eyes of the
And always intent public.
upon deceiving others,
he will live in a foreign Harming others, selfishness
place. and gluttony are not qualities
conducive supposed not to
derive the benefits of his own
bodily exertions. Duryoga
seems to indicate that one would
earn his livelihood by manual

Of the three dushthamshas, the

12th seems to be the least
malefic so far as this Yoga is
concerned, because whilst
depriving one of the fruits of
his labours, it will at least give
him noble qualities and
therefore a certain amount of
respect in society.

104. Daridra /span> margin: 6; Remarks. —The yoga is a

Yoga simple one and is quite Yoga
Definition.— lord of is present.
the 11th in the 6th,
daridra (drA) 8th Or 12th will give When the Lagna is strong and
rise to Daridra Yoga. the 11th lord is in the 6th,
 roving , Daridra Yoga exists
strolling; nominally. Because, such a
Results. —The native disposition whilst rendering
poor , will contact huge the per son mean and inclined
needy , debts, will be very to pursue sinful activities, will
deprived of ; poor, will suffer from not make him very poor.
a beggar auditory troubles, will
be mean and will Criminal intentions are not the
commit sinful and sole monopoly of the poor.
criminal deeds. The rich are equally culpable
to such a tendency because the
richer a per son the more
avaricious he becomes to gain
his selfish ends. Generous
instincts and the tendency to
worship mammon are indeed
poles apart.

105. Harsha Yoga /span> margin: 6; Remarks.—These three yogas Definition.— Remarks.—
[L-6 in 6] furnish us with a clue as to The lord of If all the
Definition.—The how lords of dushthamshas by Lagna, three factors
harSa = lords of the 6th, 8th occupying dushthamshas can Jupiter or above
and 12th Occupying overcome the evil due to such Venus referred
 bristling , the 6th, 8th and 12th malefic Ownership. should viz.,
erection (esp. will give rise to occupy a kendras, the
of the hair in Harsha, Sarala and Even though the author of the quadrant. Yoga would
a thrill of Vimala Yogas above yogas has ascribed very be rendered
rapture or respectively. pleasant results to these three Results.— highly
delight) combinations, yet in actual The subject powerful
practice, quite the contrary will be with the
 joy , have been the results. endowed result all the
pleasure , Harsha makes one with long blessings of
happiness, fortunate, happy, Parashara and Lomasa do not life, wealth the Yoga
delight invincible, physically seem to favour the conception A nd will
strong, wealthy, that the sting arising result of political manifest.
famous and afraid of the lord occupying another favours.
sinful deeds. dushthamsha. The Yoga is
106.Sarala Yoga fairly
Sarala becomes On the other hand, the common but
[L-8 in 8]
long-lived, fearless, intensity will be hardly
learned, a terror to somewhamodi fied. This is noticed.
sarala = enemies, celebrated evident from the fact that
and prosperous. according to Parashara,
 running on,
straight (not Vimala renders when the 6th lord is in the 6th,
crooked the person frugal,
happy, independent  the native's relatives
and possessed of become enemies while he
ennobling qualities. would befriend Outsiders
107.Vimala Yoga
[L-12 in 12] A nd when the 6th lord is in the
8th or 12th,
 "the person becomes
 stainless , sickly,
spotless ,
clean ,  hates learned men,
bright , pure
 goes After others' women
~~ Cologne Digital and
Sanskrit Lexicon
 108. Sareera Soukhya
sarira {salila}=

 The heaving sea ,

flood , tide

109. Deha-pushti margin: 6; Remarks.—Leading a happy

Yoga life is different from having
Definition. —The amenities needed for it.
ascendant lord in a
deha m. n. (dih) to movable sign Lord of Lagna must be in a
plaster , mould , aspected by a benefic movable sign and some
fashion) The body; gives rise to this benefic must A spect him.
to support the Yoga.
body ,i.e. exist; Some people are indifferent to
form, shape, mass, margin: 6; bodily care and comforts,
bulk (as of a cloud) while there are others who, in
person, individual; Results. —The native spite of meager earnings, will
appearance, will be happy, will look after their body with the
manifestation; possess a well- utmost care.
having the developed body, will
appearance of become rich and will
enjoy life.
f. mound , bank ,
rampart ,
surrounding wall

puSTi (puSTi} f.
condition , fatness ,
plumpness ,
growth , increase ,
thriving ,
prosperity ,
wealth , opulence ,
comfort ;
breeding , rearing
(esp. of cattle;
development ,
fullness ,

110. Deha-kashta Remarks. —As the name

Yoga Definition.—The lord implies, Dehakashta Yoga
of Lagna must join a means difficulty for the body.
malefic Or occupy
deha (dih) = to the 8th house. Most of the manual workers
plaster , mould , belong to this category.
fashion) The body;
to support the The Yoga is said to become
body , i.e. exist; /span> margin: 6; defunct if a benefic aspects
form, shape, mass, the ascendant lord.
Results. —The
kaSTa (kaS) = subject will be devoid
bad ; ill , evil , of bodily comforts.
wrong ; painful ;
grievous , severe ,
difficult ,
troublesome; ah!
woe! alas!

111. Roga- Definition.—(a) If the Remarks.—The Yoga

grastha Yoga lord of Lagna comprehends two combina
occupies the tions, viz., (1) the ascendant
ascendant in lord being placed in or 12th;
roga (ruj) = conjunction with the and (2) the weak ascendant
breaking up of lord of the 6th, 8th lord Occupying precept that
strength , disease, Or 12th; or when the ascendant lord joins
infirmity, sickness a trine or a quadrant he
(b) if the weak lord acquires vitality.
grasta = of Lagna joins a trine
swallowed, eaten; Or a quadrant, When he is weak, by which
taken, seized ; Rogagrastha Yoga is term is implied that his
surrounded or caused. shadbala pinda (sum total of
absorbed ; strength) falls short of the
possessed (by a requisite quantity, the
demon); distinction attached to location
tormented ; Results.—The native in a kendra or thrikona is lost.
eclipsed; will possess a weak
inarticulately constitu tion and be It is found in actual practice
pronounced , sickly. that the lordship of the 12th is
slurred; inarticulate less malefic than that of the
pronunciation of 6th or 8th and hence when the
the vowels lords of the Lagna and 12th
join, the affliction expresses
itself more in the nature of
financial stress than in terms
of Dehakashta or Rogagrastha

One born under this

combination will not have a
healthy constitution. It will
lack the requisite power of
resistance so that the native
falls an easy prey to disease. a
large number of dry vargas or
divisions such as Rasi, Hora,

112 -- 113. ascendant lord Remarks. —Dry signs are

Krisanga Yogas should occupy a dry Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo,
sign or the sign Virgo and Sagittarius.
owned by a 'dry'
planet (112). Dry planets are the Sun,
Mars and Saturn.
/span> margin: 6;
Mercury may also be held to
and malefics be a dry planet for all practical
should join the Lagna purposes.
The same result can be judged
margin: 6; if the Lagna and the lord have
acquired a large number of dry
Results. —The vargas or divisions, such as
subject will have an Rashi, Hora, etc.
emaciated or lean
body and will suffer
from bodily pains.

114 to 116 Deha- Lord of Lagna and

sthoulya Yogas the planet, in whose
Navamsa the lord of
Lagna is placed,
should Occupy watery
signs (114).

Possessing a strong
body is different
from having an
unwieldy and

In the above three

combinations, by
dehasthoulya is meant
stoutness of the body
and has no reference
to a well-built or
strong physical

Watery signs are

Cancer, Aquarius,
Capricorn, Pisces,
Scorpio and Libra,

and the watery

planets are the
Moon and Venus.

Of course,
Mercury and Jupiter
are also water
resorters and a
predominance of the
water element in
regard to Lagna or
lagnadhipathi would
invariably make the
person corpulent.
117. Sada Definition. —he lord Remarks. —The combination
Sanchara Yoga of either Lagna or the referred to above is very
sign Occupied by common in the horoscopes of
Lagna lord must be in travelling agents, diplomats
a movable sign. and globe-trotters.

Results. —The native If both the Lagna and The

will almost always be Navamsha Lagna are in
a wanderer. movable signs, the subject
would hardly confine himself
to any particular loca lity. On
the contrary, he will always be
moving about.

118 to 122. Dhana Results. — In all the Remarks.—These ... five

Yogas cases [118-122], the Yogas caused by the
native will acquire disposition of certain planets
yogas of house-5 much wealth. in the 5th and 11th houses are
and house-11 really significant as they
indicate great riches.

It will be seen that all the five

combinations given... have
reference to the fortification of
the 5th and 11th houses.

—118. Dhana Definition. —If the

5th from the
Ascendant hap pens
to be a sign of Venus,
and if Venus and
Saturn Are situated in
the 5th and 11th
respectively, Dhana In
the first case, the
Lagna must invariably
be Capricorn or

 When Makara
is the Ascendant
Saturn will have
to be in Scorpio,
the . Lord Of
Lagna in the is
indeed a fine
Similarly when
Gemini is
Lagna, Saturn
will have to be
in Aries. This
cannot be as
powerful as in
the first
instance unless
Saturn gets

—119. Dhana Definition. — In 119 Lagna must fall either

Mercury should in Aquarius or in would be
occupy his own sign the same but the sources of
which Mars should be getting it would be different.
in the 11th

—120. Dhana Definition. —Saturn Combination 120 has

should occupy his reference to Virgo and Libra.
own sign which
should be the 5th  If Virgo is Lagna, then
from Lagna, and Mercury lord of the 10th
Mercury and Mars will be in the 11th.
should be posited in  If Libra is Lagna, then
the 11th the 9th lord will be in
the 11th.

Both the dispositions are

highly favourable though, in
the first instance, Mercury
being lord of Lagna also in
addition to the lordship of the
10th would certainly have
greater significance.

---121. Dhana margin: 6; Combination 121 is applicable Definition. If Jupiter

only to Aries — If the 5th could be in
and Jupiter and the from Lagna the 5th
Moon should be in the in which case the Sun as lord happens to identical
- of the 5th would be in the be a house of with his
nation itself comprehends two Jupiter with Own sign
powerful Raja Yogas, because Jupiter there (as required
firstly they are lords of a kendra in the 11th, combination
and thrikona respectively, Dhana Yoga 122) in
arises respect of
and secondly, Gajakesari Scorpio and
would be formed—all Leo,
occurring in the —122.
Dhana the Yoga
could be
expected to
be more
powerful in
respect of
when Mars
and the
occupy the
11th, they
do so As
lords of 1
and 9 and
hence of

123 to 128. Results. —In all the Remarks.— In the (below) six
(below) cases, the combinations, planets from the
Dhana Yogas subject Acquires Sun to Venus are to occupy
(Contd.) immense wealth. Lagna which should be the
own sign of the planet
Yogas from Lagna concerned and it should be
conjoined or aspected by certain
other planets as per details given
below :—

or Aspect of
Sun LeoMars, Jupiter
MoonCancerMars, Jupiter
Mars Aries and Scorpio
Moon, Venus, Saturn
Mercury Gemini and Virgo
Venus, Saturn
Jupiter Sagittarius and
PiscesMars, Mercury
Venus Taurus and Libra
Mercury, Saturn

It will be seen that except

Capricorn and Aquarius, the
rest of the signs have been taken
into account.

In all the above cases, the lord

of Lagna must be in his own
sign identical with Lagna and
aspected by or associated with
certain favourable lords.

—123. Definition.— If The

Sun is in Lagna
Dhana identical with Leo,

and aspected or
joined by Mars and

Dhana Yoga is formed

—124. If the Moon is in

Lagna identical with
Dhana Cancer

and aspected by
Jupiter and Mars,

Dhana Yoga is caused

—125. Mars should be in

Lagna identical with
Dhana Aries or Scorpio

and joined or aspected

by the Moon, Venus
And Saturn

—126. Mercury should be in

Lagna identical with
Dhana his Own sign

and joined or aspected

by Saturn and Venus

127. Jupiter should be in

Lagna identical with
Dhana his Own sign

and joined or aspected

by Mercury and Mars

128. Venus should be in

Lagna identical with
Dhana his own sign

and joined or aspected

by Saturn and Mercury

and the Sun is there.

margin: 6;

The Dhana Yoga in question may be caused by:

1. Jupiter and Mars being in Lagna.

2. mso-list: l0 level1 lfo1; tab-stops: 42.5pt; margin: 6;

Jupiter being in Sagittarius and Mars in Aquarius.


129. Definition. — Remarks. —A point of contact

Bahudravyarjana is established between the
Yoga Lord of the Lagna in Lagna, 2nd and 11th houses—
the 2nd, the lords of The se three
houses interchanging their
lord of the 2nd in the respective posiThe subject
11th ions.

and the lord of the Here again, the real value of

11th in Lagna the Yoga depends upon the
strength of the lords concerned
will give rise to this and how they Are disposed in
Yoga. regard to the general scheme
of The horoscope.

Results. —The
subject will earn lot of
money and will amass
a good fortune.

130 to 132. Swa- Definition.— Lord of Remarks.— Inherited wealth

veerya-ddhana Lagna, being the stron cannot last long nor is it made
Yogas gest planet, use of properly. Generally
such wealth is squandered
should occupy a away on pleasures and
** [BPL note kendra valueless purpose
amsha" = a graha in conjunction with /span> The person concerned
which occupies a Jupiter will have no experience as
favorable sign in how difficult it is to earn
13 out of 16 and the 2nd lord money by fair means, the
vargas.] should join other hand, wealth acquired
Vaiseshikamsa — through personal effort would
Self-earned money. 130. be rightly spent or at least not
wasted because of the
exertions put forth in making
vIrya - n, money.
manliness , valor , The lord of the sign in
strength , power , which /span> The above three
energy ; heroism , combinations are quite clear
heroic deed; manly the lord of the and need no clarification.
vigor , virility , Navamsa occupied by
semen virile; the Ascendant lord is, /span> According to 130, the
efficacy (of should be strong, ascendant lord must be the
medicine) ; strongest planet in the
splendor , luster; and join a quadrant or horoscope and he should be in
dignity , a trine from the 2nd a kendra in conjunction with
consequence; lord or should occupy Jupiter and 2nd lord in
his own or exaltation Vaiseshikamsa.
sign -131.

131 is somewhat confusing.

The 2nd lord should
occupy a quadrant or  Lord of Lagna is in
trine from the 1st lord some Navamsha.

or the 2nd lord being 

a benefic should be  Its lord must be
either in deep disposed in a kendra or
exaltation or in trikona from the 2nd
conjunction with an lord.
exalted planet—132.
Suppose Lagna is Kanya and
the lord is in Makara
Results.— The subject
will earn money by  Makara is Saturn and
his own efforts and suppose he occupies (in
exertions. Rashi) Mesha.

 Then the lord of this

sign, viz., Mars should
be in a kendra from
Venus, lord of the 2nd.

132 is quite simple.

133. Madhya Definition.—The 2nd Remarks.—Kala-bala or is one

Vayasi Dhana lord possessing Kala- Of the six sources of
Yoga bala must join the planetary strength
lords of Lagna and enumerated At length in my
the 11th in a quadrant Graha and Bhava Balas.
or a trine and be
aspected by benefics. Kalabala consists of various
sub-divisions based upon the
acquire money by lunar phases, weekday, time,
self- effort towards solstice and planetary fights.
the middle part of his
life. Generally speaking, planets
are said to acquire Kalabala
in their weekdays, months
and years. The Moon, Mars
and Saturn are powerful
during the night. The Sun,
Jupiter and Venus are
powerful during the day.
Mercury is always powerful.
Malefics and benefics are
powerful during the dark
half and bright half of the
lunar month respectively.

/span> In order to make one

get wealth in the middle part
of his life, lord of the 2nd
having acquired Kalabala
should be in a kendra or a
thrikona in conjunction with
the lords of Lagna and the

/span> A perusal of
astrological literature
bearing up ' 'Wealth' reveals
clearly that in order to
become rich, one should
have in his horoscope
combinations which
comprehend a point of
contact between lords of
Lagna, 2nd, 11th, 5th 9th.

Permutations and
combinations of these lords
give rise to a stupendous
number of Dhana Yogas

134. Anthya /span> Definition. — Remarks. —There are some

Vayasi Dhana The planets owning who eke out a miserable
Yoga the sign in which the existence almost throughout
lords of the 2nd and their lives but all Of a sudden,
1st together with a just at the fag end of their lives
natural benefic are fortune dawns on them. Such
Antya last in
placed, should be instances are not rare.
place , in time , or
in order; strongly disposed in
Lagna. combination requires that lords
of Lagna and the 2nd should be
following ; the in conjunction with a benefic and
acquire finance
ninth ; lowest in the lord of this sign should be
through various means
place or condition , strong and occupy Lagna. The
towards the last part
undermost , of his life. combination is not of frequent
inferior , belonging occurrence.
to the lowest caste ;
the twelfth sign of
the zodiac ; the last
member of a
series. One who

135. Balya Dhana Definition.— Three conditions have to

Yoga be fulfilled for its presence,
The l Ords of the 2nd viz.,
and 10th should be
(a) the 2nd and 10th lords should
be in conjunction;
in conjunction
(b) they must occupy a kendra from
in a kendra Lagna, and

aspected by the l Ord aspected by the planet who

of Navamsha owns the Navamsha in which
the lord of Lagna is located.
occupied by the
ascendant lord.

Results. — The
person acquires
immense riches in
the early part of life.

136 and 137. Definition:

mooladdhana- he lords of Lagna and
prapti Yogas the 2nd should join
the 3rd aspected by
** [BPL note benefics = 136.
amsha" = a graha
The lord of the 3rd
which occupies a
should be in the 2nd
favorable sign in
with Jupiter
13 out of 16
And aspected by or
conjoined with the
lord who should have
Vaiseshikamsa = 137.

Results. —The native

gets money through
brothers Remarks. —
Predicting the
source of income
astrologically is a
difficult job.

The above two

combina 2nd and 3rd

138. Matru- Definition.—If the Remarks.—The combination

mooladdhana lord of the 2nd joins may also be intersource.
Yoga the 4th lord or is
aspected by him the
above yoga will be

Results - One earns

money with the help
of one's mother.

Definition.— If the Remarks. —There are several

139. Putra- strong lord of the instances of persons living
mooladdhana 2nd is in con 5th lord from hand to mouth but
Yoga or Jupiter and if the becoming rich after The ir sons
lord Of Lagna is in come to age and assist them in
Vaiseshikamsa, the founding and developing some
** [BPL note
above yoga arises. business or otherwise extending
them financial facilities.
amsha" = a graha
which occupies a wealth through
his sons. The Lagna must be in
favorable sign in
Vaiseshikamsa and the strong
13 out of 16
2nd lord should be Associated
with the 5th lord.

140. Satru- should lord of the Remarks. —In all these

mooladdhana 6th or Mars and the Yogas, stress is evidently laid
Yoga powerful lord of on the strength of the 2nd lord
Lagna should be in and the powerful disposition
Vaiseshikamsa. of Lagnadhipathi in
Results. —The
native earns money give the results suggested in
through his enemies. the above Yoga, the 2nd
Aspected by one of them.
** [BPL note
= a graha which
occupies a favorable
sign in 13 out of 16

141. Kalatra- strong lord of the Remarks. —If the 2nd lord,
mooladdhana 2nd should the 7th whose inherent strength is of
Yoga lord And Venus and course assumed, is associated
the lord of Lagna
must be powerful. with the 7th lord

A nd Venus,

Results.— earn One would become rich on

money through wife. account of one's wife.

142. Amaranantha If a number of planets Remarks. —The 2nd should

Dhana Yoga Occupy the 2nd house be occupied by a number of
and the wealth-giving planets. Besides this wealth-
ones are strong o r
Occupy own or giving ones, viz., The 2nd lord
AmaraNAnta = and Jupiter should be strongly
exaltation signs, the
above Yoga is caused. dis command riches all through
 having death life.
as the limit ,
continuing till When a horoscope is
death , lasting Results. —The native inherently strong in respect of
for life will enjoy wealth any particular bhava, its
through Out life. results will manifest
permanently as different from
those given rise to by
Yogakarakas which generally
hold sway during the Dashas

143.Remarks: Definition.— l Ord of Remarks. —There are some

Ayatna-dhana- the Lagna and the who lead a miserable existence
labha Yoga 2nd must exchange in spite of their best attempts to
their places. enrich The mselves whilst there
are others who without strain ing
Ayatna (ena) = themselves much, earn
 Absence of Results. —
effort or We attribute chance but the
exertion; The person earns result of one's good previous
wealth without much Karma.
without effort. Parivarthana between the 1st
effort or and 2nd lords is a highly
exertion. desirable feature.