Classic Posters - Major Poster Artists of the Midwest

Classic Posters - Major Poster Artists of the Midwest by Michael Erlewine Here are some of the major cities in the region that have been very active in producing posters. The artists for each city are hyperlinked, so that you can check out their art. They are also listed in chronological order, from the date their work first appears in our database. In many cases, but not all by any means, their listing here may indicate that they live or have done a lot of posters for this locale or town. Chicago IL Daniel Clyne 1970 Kristen Thiele - Postergirl Press 1999 Ann Arbor MI Michael Erlewine 1966 Robin Sommers 1968 Rainbow Graphics 1969 Darlene 1969 Al Shamie (Bad Dog) 1970 Ozone (Chris Frayne) 1971 Amy Horowitz 1971 Stanley Livingston 1971 Greg Sobran 1972 Rainbow Productions 1973 Rainbow Publications 1973 Rainbow Press 1973 John Benson 1974 Mark Arminski 1987 Birmingham MI Gregg DeHike 1968 Detroit MI

Gary Grimshaw 1966 Carl Lundgren 1967 Jerry Younkins 1967 Frank Bach 1978 Kalamazoo MI Leni Sinclair 1969 Lansing MI<h/4> C. Thayer 1966 [b]Ypsilanti MI Mike Brady 1970 Cleveland OH Derek Hess 1993 Sean Carroll - Sandusky Bay Poster Works 2002 Columbus, OH Engine House 13 -- Mike Martin Jeff Wood

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