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TRILOBITES FROM THE ORDOVICIAN AUCHENSOUL AND STINCHAR LIMESTONES OF THE GIRVAN DISTRICT, STRATHCLYDE, by RP. TRIPP ‘Anseaacr. Four aw bite faunas rom he Bae Group ofthe Girvan Dist are ecnde te ew pie the dered Remoplandes tects, Raymond bockichon and Hemrge nga. Ane spe ‘ame, leon kiran, propos fr Yem fom the Cons Fags Toe nig senting dts InstoccondstonotSepotion ihe Seach Limestone fauna at Miaunton Quart ira yooenmple othe shallow: ttterceni-rurd common. The ase enon blanc ceva ower shalantne Poranon specs ness jarrgler au oho ope Chana, The upperparts Llano om the tebe faunas ofthe Bart Group apt rom that attibable Co wamgresie Ture Auchensoul Limestone yields the earliest trilobite fauna in the Barr Group. “The lower/middle Stinchar Limestone faunas bridge the gap between the Confins Flags (Tripp 1962) and the platy upper Stinchar Limestone (Tripp 1967). Brockloch ‘Quarry exposes the youngest Stinchar Limestone. The trilobites ate mainly from the following localities. ‘Aucensoul Limestone, Auchensou! Bridge. Nat. Grd Ref. NX 261929 (Wiliams 1962, p11 1.255 fab; Tripp 1962, p. 39, Huateian Museum Collection Lowesimidle Stinchar Limestone, Water of Greg, eat Bar. a) East of Bare. Nat Grid Ref [NX 242341 (Willams 1962, p. 235 (). Hunteran Museum Colleton. () East of Bart. Na Grd Ret, NX 21980, LG. Edinburgh Colleton, Lowerimiddle Stinchar Limestone, Minuntion Quarry. Nat. Grid Ref. NX 220911; Text Massive Limestone (Willams 1962p. 259) Mrs, Rober Gray's and Mr. Johs Smith's collections Declefied Limestone uppermost beds, discovered by DJ. K-Inghamin 172 unterian Museu Cleon “Top Stinchar Limestone, Brockloch Quarry, 08 kilometre north of est of Brockloch Farmhouse Nat. Grid Ref, NX 256981 (Willams 1962,p. 13 p. 288 (68). Humterian Muscum Colleton, ‘The terminology is essentially that adopted in the Treatise on Invertebrate Paleonto- logy, Part O. Most rare taxa are illustrated, but not described. Specimens collected by the author have been purchased by the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow Universi with the assistance of a Treasury Grant-in-aid. Records of the numbers of trilobite parts summarized in the Table I have been deposited with the British Library, Boston Spa, Wetherby, Yorkshire, $23 7BQ, U.K. as Supplementary Publication No. SUP 14015 (4 pages). (as, N22, at 2 979 3 op ny + oe , om : 2 cok om ra 1 moe 2 . om 3 : 1 : om fon : > «oom 8 wm wer oe > > snosoun —stonoust oopresc “suey, sei su Gump someo, porn“ am wy ‘esse nosy sort anil amg at saoyoury UNS momen oumpads | ne {ibs sispar 2 stowed} 2 es suepa ‘suaupods o1-L1 "uous sep >:sebuad 01 s8%0 "toa st }e}pu a4 ous aeS og Jo pu “popiooy stad oF] TV “) sem Srsn0g 6) eg weNa EN suOPI 1) GUEND AEM a 2 a € 3 » a t : : : = 2 1 " 1 ” > 2 ay pment a ” ie ttdnpng 0 ylang ee fa i ‘daun nego yp mein)