“Come Visit our Model Home and decide what changes you would like to make.

We are located in San Ramon.”

Shipping Container Homes

Our companies mission statement is to help answer any and all questions regarding Shipping containers in Costa Rica. We have established strong relations with other builders around the World who are using the shipping container as the main building block for construction. So if we cannot answer your question we will certainly find someone who can. We also have strong contacts at the three main Shipping Container areas in Costa Rica, Puerto Limon, Caldera, and San Jose.

Shipping Container Homes
Jimmy Lee Owner San Ramon , Costa Rica E-mail : admin@containerhomes.net T: (506) 8850 78 05

Please note that some of the photos in our brochure are not from our projects, but from other companies doing great work around the world.

Product 1 45 ft Home on Wheels For Sale $21. shelves. T. Single Unit. Insulation on all walls and the ceiling. Kitchen counter. 8.000 “No Building Permits Required” 1.Shipping Container Homes Our Three Products are: 1. Multiple Shipping Containers used to build Home. 5. All electricity outlets and lights. Ceiling fans. Shipping Container Home on wheels. Turn Key. Painted. 6. Used Shipping Containers 3. Shower and Bathroom . 7. 2. 2. sink and faucet. 20 ft Shipping Container (no wheels) $2700 3. 45 ft Aluminum Container with wheels $8000 Product 3 Multiple Shipping Container Home Contract our company to build you and your family a larger home using multiple units. Metal bars on all windows/doors. All bathroom fixtures. breakfast bar with two benches. Two Bedrooms. Product 2 “Build your own home” “We just supply the building Blocks” 1. V Room Kitchen 45Ft Home on wheels. 3. 4. 40 ft Shipping Container (no wheels) $3600 2.

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