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my research on natural light deficiency epidemic
my research on natural light deficiency epidemic

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Published by: Sooryayogi Sunny on Jan 09, 2011
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Sooryayog and Natural Light Deficiency Syndrome.


Natural Light Deficiency Syndrome
What is NLDS? Ever since the beginning of the industrial and introduction of artificial lighting , man has been becoming increasingly indoor person . This has lead to decreased time spent in natural sunlight . Time spent in natural darkness has also increased . People wake up late in the morning and go to bed late in the night . Most of us have very little of our body part exposed to the Sun during the day time . Many cover their eyes with glasses . Skin is also covered with creams and sunscreen lotions for cosmetic reasons . Sunlight and Natural Darkness has a very crucial impact on the Human body and mind , and this change in our behaviour to natural light is causing Natural Light Deficiency Syndrome. How does sunlight effect the human body ? Vitamin D which is actually a hormone , is produced in the skin under UVB rays of the sun. This hormone plays an important part in the human physiology affecting thousands of genes . Its usually well known to be an important part of bone metabolism and is essential for proper bone growth and prevents osteomalacia and osteoporosis. The other more important role it plays is on the immune system , it acts as a brake on the immune system and prevents the immune system from attacking the own body . Thus its an important preventive factor for autoimmune diseases like arthritis , diabetes , multiple sclerosis , psoriasis etc. Its also plays a crucial role in preventing cancer in the human body . Studies have shown it reduces incidence of 18 different types of cancers . Vitamin D is also protective against various infectious diseases like Tuberculosis , E coli , cholera , anthrax , etc .

Recent studies have also shown vitamin D is preventive in heart attacks as well . UV light of the Sun is well known in lowering blood pressures as well . A single Sun bath of 30 minutes can lower BP by 30- 40 mm for three days. Vitamin D is also preventive in Parkinsonism , Alzhemeirs and multiple sclerosis , all these are diseases in which immune system is unable to maintain its normal protective functions .

Sunlight and depression is also closely linked , Vitamin D has been found to help people who are depressed as well . In cold countries there is a condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder , where long dark winters make people become very depressed and suicide rates go very high . Currently over half of the worlds population is vitamin d deficiency . In india studies have shown people to be vitamin D deficient in rural and urban populations rates are 70 – 80 percent . Its highest among healthcare workers . India is also the diabetic capital of the world . 60 percent of diabetics have vitamin D deficiency . Asthma has also been shown to be linked to vitamin D deficiency .

Flu epidemics are closely related to vitamin D levels.If the levels are low infection will spread widely and it will be severe. Vaccinations against infectious diseases have been shown to not work and infact cause more morbidity and mortality.But Sun is the Best anti infective in nature. In 1903 the Nobel Prize was given for treatment

of Tuberculosis through UV light. Sun light was mainstay for the people of tuberculosis till the advent of antibiotics. But with rising resistance of bacteria, fungi and viruses is causing failure of antibiotics. Thus now there is serious need to adopt Sooryayog that is sun loving on regular basis. The human body has many bacteria, fungi and viruses growing inside of our body and each human being has unique type of microorganisms. Giving antibiotics causes the natural flora in the body to die as well. This is the cause of problems in the digestive system like ulcerative colitis. Vitamin D can stem the ongoing swine flu epidemic , we don’t need harmful vaccines . Vitamin D has also been shown to lower caesarian rates by 300 percent , as it is preventive in preeclampsia and gestational diabetes . Best way to get vitamin D is sunbathing everyday 10 – 15 minutes and exposing atleast 25 percent of the body . Men should take of their shirt and sit in the sun or lie in the sun . Ladies if they wear sari can get abundant sunlight .

In India we have abundant sunshine and still there is very high vitamin D deficiency , so we should all make effort to bring ourselves and others in Sun and benefit from this energy Source and reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with lack of vitamin d .

Sunlight has a natural cholesterol lowering property as well . With sunshine and natural diets one can eliminate need of antihypertensive , cholesterol lowering drugs . People can get of insulin with sunlight blood sugar lowering properties.

Indirect effect of Light or the nonvisual functions of light . The suprachiasmatic nucleus or the SCN is the biological clock in our body . It in further sends signal to the hypothalamus , which further maintains all the biological functions in our body like respiration , heart rate , metabolism , hormonal control , emotions, eating etc . Hypothalamus is the master endocrine gland . It guides all the other endocrine glands in our body . To function in natural

rhythms we need to go daily and do sun gazing to ensure that the clock starts functioning properly and all body functions happen in correct order . When the Sun sets and its dark the pineal gland gets the signal to produce melatonin hormone , which is a very powerful antioxidant , sleep inducer , hypotensive and hypothermic agent . It also keeps the immune system running properly . People who are awake late in night , are deficient of this hormone. People should go to sleep by ten , to ensure a full night of melatonin in body . Its important to keep all lights off , so that melatonin is produced otherwise its production switches off.

A study increased breast cancer in women who work late at night ,

due to melatonin deficiency . Of late Nights are no longer nights , with cities being continously lit . Light pollution has been coined for this very phenomenon , and is the number one cause of insomnia .Increased childhood leukemia has also been associated with it . Artificial lighting causes increased stress , decreased attention spans , falling IQ levels , increased blood pressure , decreased sperm counts , loss of natural biological rhythms etc.

Kids who study in natural light have more attention span , are more peaceful , more joyful . Sperm count increases with natural light . Dental caries are also associated with lack of vitamin d in the body , so natural light reduces chances of caries.

Obesity has also been linked to hypothalamic dysfunction due to

absence of natural light . Eye problems are also associated to artificial light and lack of natural light exposure , eyes to function properly need natural light . They should be able to look at the sun freely without any pain at sunrise and sunset for atleast ten minutes . If one cant do so , one should train himself with Sooryayog to do so.

So NLDS is due to vitamin D deficiency , biological clock imbalance , hypothalamic dysfunction and melatonin deficiency . Diseases which come under it are Diabetes Hypertension Cancers Autoimmune disease like asthma , arthritis, psoriasis etc Coronary artery diseases Obesity Depression AIDS TB and other infections Mental Problems Bone problems Addictions infertility Symptoms like lack of sleep , increased lethargy , can also be due to it .

Sunlight is a very important nutrient to our body , and should be given utmost respect .

Light the Future Medicine
All matter is made of photons of light and human body is also made of light . Light photons are in constantly interacting with each other inside the body . We are light beings and we need to understand the spiritual sciences to understand fully about the light body. Saints and rishis spending long silent periods of meditation discovered what modern science is calling the Biophotons . This is what is responsible for life . We get our biophotons through food and Sun . The ultimate source of all biophotons is the Sun . By Sun gazing in the morning and evening , we can tap into the solar biophotons , which then go inside the entire body thru cellular connections and keep the body functioning properly. Human light body has seven chakras which are of seven colors VIBGYOR . We need all the seven colors which are present in the sun to function properly . Human body is manifested of these colors , hence we have color therapys . We can extract all these colors as we do Sooryayog and using our mental faculties guide the light to clear any imbalance of color in our body . This is the basis of energy healing. It can be used for any ailments . To practise one has to be a Regular Sooryayogi . After nine months of practise one can be ready for doing healings . In this time one has to learn to control his anger, lust , hatred , greed and other negative emotions and learn to be more compassionate and divine. In nine months of regular practice one becomes ready for transfer of higher more subtler cosmic energy from Sun to entire and bring changes into a divine human being . This is evolution which we all so desire , to change into a more blissful and more advanced human being . Its possible through Suns energy .

Pineal gland has special Peizoelectric crystals thru which energy can be increased , and this energy can be used to create new Light inside the body as well. It has been observed that people who sungaze the size of their pineal gland is bigger. In classical indian music one learns in training in particular frequencies , these are the frequencies which trigger crystals inside the body and then these crystals produce psychedelic compounds like DMT . These chemicals are responsible for change in our experience from a 3 d world to a multidimensional spiritual world .

DMT the spirit molecule by Dr Rick strassman is a seminal work on natural psychedelics present in the human body . Psychedelics are compounds which change our view of reality from 3 d to multidimensional . They are also called entheogens

which produce god states in individuals . They have been used in all cultures for healing and sacred rituals . In india cannabis is one such drug . Our body is capable of naturally producing a wide array of psychedelics including THC the main constituent of cannabis /bhang/charas. It can also make lsd a very well known psychedelic. Our body wants to realise these states hence nature has given biological pathways to trigger such transcendental experiences . Through Sooryayog such states are quickly attained .

Sooryayog is a sun loving process , thru which NLDS can be completely cured.

You must not entertain any doubt or hatred for SUN. Start the practice with abundant faith and love for the Primary Energy Source. This is not a ritual. We are not asking you to worship SUN the way you worship other deities. Through Sooryayog we are asking you to develop a Loving relationship with the SUN, a love that grows deeper and deeper as days pass. It creates such a longing in your mind, that even if you miss the SUN one day, you feel sad. When you get attached more and more, a time will come when SUN will automatically detach you for your own self development.

Treat SUN as your friend. Share your joys and sorrows with him. Talk to him just like you talk with your friend. Give him the prominent place in your heart and see how your life and personality changes. By the

practice of Sooryayog, you establish a link between yourself and the power that governs and gives life to the whole Universe, the Sun.. If you want to create a bond between you both, you have to look at him in all consciousness. If you do that, there will be a communication of vibrations between the Sun and you in which forms and colors, a whole new world will be born. And you will attract forces and intelligent beings who will come and dance and bathe in the beauty of the dialogue, the conversation taking place between you and the Sun. If you really want to obtain all the blessings from the Sun, you have to prepare yourself to get ready for that beautiful moment the day before. Try not to eat too much. Not to get to bed too late. Don’t do anything that might torment or worry you the next day. Try to settle things so as to be free, with a clear mind and peaceful heart. Then you can project yourself outwardly to the Sun. Then you can picture it as a wondrous world with the most perfect creatures, beings of light who live in sublime intelligence and in absolute love and purity. Think of a glorious world, a culture and a civilization that surpass all imagination. You must entertain only the best thoughts and feelings before falling asleep. In this way you clear the ground during the night and you can

arrive at the sunrise fully awake and in good form with the thought. The heaven are speaking to us. The angles are speaking to us. They are sending us messages. Thank you Lord for letting me here today to gain a little more health, little more wisdom and a little more love.. The very first thing we should tune to in the morning is the Sun. and in that way we will have a beneficial effect on our whole body. Imagine the next day you are going to find yourself in the presence of the finest and the most perfect servant of God, that you are going to drink to your fill of his light, his warmth and his life. Try to leave all your worries. We should use the receivers God gave us to communicate with the Sun and all those beings who are more advanced we are, to get in to their wavelength and enter into their Aura, into their happiness, light and peace. SUN GAZING

Safe time to begin is at sunrise or sunset . An hour after sunrise and half hour before sunset , when sun is not to bright . In the beginning one may experience difficulty but one has to continue till one gets adapted to the process . Its natural to be able to look at sun without any discomfort in early hours of the day . This shall correct many eye ailments.Note:- Beginners to gaze for 5-7 minutes. In
case the eyes water, please close your eyes. Then slowly increase your gazing time from 5 min, increasing every 3rd day 1 additional minute. Go

up to 25-30 minutes(it will take 2-3 months). If Sun is too bright and you find it difficult to gaze, bend your head and look through your eyebrows. Rub your forehead and place a silver coin to help in sungazing.

Sun symbol is a mudra in which the right male side and left feminine side are united into one , this allows for the free flow of energy and awakening of the higher energy centres through Sun power. Sooryayog has to be practised in this mudra. Right lil finger is always below in the intercoiling of fingers

Place hands in Sun symbol position, touching your body (just below the navel) 3. Stand/sit, facing Sun,(East in the morning, west in the evening) –

close your eyes. Think and Thank with gratitude your Mother, Father, Guru, God and all the masters’. Affirm like a child looking towards a mother, with no thoughts in the mind. Say: “ You are my 1st Guru, my nearest and dearest friend and well-wisher 4. Slowly open your eyes with a beautiful smile.Keep Smiling throughout the process. This helps the energy to flow easily 5. Feel the pranic breathing through your physical eyes and the coin in your 3rd eye position 6. Breath OUT all negativity and problems, not only physical imbalance but mental as well, like Kama, Khrodha, Lobha, Moha, Mada, Matsarya etc. Let it all go out through the solar Plexus.You may repeat this affirmation, in your mind, coordinating it with your breath: “Love in – Negativity Out”. SUN MEDITATION 1. SILENCE

(Duration Minimum 10 minutes)Close eyes and see the light in your 3rd eye. Enjoy and soak in this light. Breath In the love /light energy into your 3rd eye. Breath Out the love/light energy through 3rd eye. Affirmation: “Love/Light in love/light out through 3rd eye. 2. VISUALIZING PART OF MEDITATION (Minimum 7 minutes or more)Now direct that love energy into your heart. Feel your heart filling with curative energies. As the blood flows through the heart, each molecule, each cell in your blood is becoming energized and illumined. Move this energized blood to all parts of your body.Feel your organs and glands are becoming very strong and healthy now.

Soak in this glow of light and experience this within yourself. Experience the light everywhere:”The light is all around you. The light is in you. You are the light!” Now radiate this light all around you. Shower the light on all your relatives, friends, enemies, sick people, living and non-living entities. Then slowly expand the light to the whole universe and glow like the Sun. Repeat mentally 3 times this affirmation with conviction: “I am the luminous love light of the universe.” Hold this position for some time. Slowly come back to the present.

3. CLOSING PART Release the hand position and with eyes closed, bend down, touch Mother Earth with Palms and Forehead. Let the silver coin touch Mother Earth. Take a deep breath and let everything go. Surrender to the Mother Earth, Thanking Mother Earth with love.

Come back to sitting position. Rub your hands together to create heat in your palms, then cup your eyes with your palms. Feel the energy healing your eyes. Blink 6-7 times getting used to the light slowly open your eyes. Bring hands in folded prayer position. Thank the Sun for illuminating your inner light, with a beautiful smile. Great everyone around you with a loving smile.


Stand in a circle and Clap minimum 324 times for good health. Laugh Loudly, to remove all negativities within you and to free yourself from all; inner blocks. Finally end the session with a Love song in praise of SUN which is given below . Those who cannot sing the song, can sing another one or mentally express their gratitude to SUN and depart.

Akanda Jyothir Jalavo (2 times)Soorya… Man Mandir Me Akanda Jyothir JalavoDivya jyothir, Jnana jyothir Prema jyothir jalavo ( 2 times)Akanda Jyothir Jalavo Divya jyothir jalavoJnana jyothir jalavoPrema jyothir jalavoAkanda Jyothir Jalavo (2)Soorya… Man Mandir Me Akanda Jyothir Jalavo(3)Soorya jyothir jalavo JAI Soorya JAI SooryaJAI ATMA Soorya This ends the Sooryayog process , after this in the day time one can sunbathe for ten minutes to get Vitamin D . Sooryayog can be done even if there are clouds in the sky. Please avoid sunglasses and sunscreens they do more harm to the body . Follow natural diets , avoid processed foods , eat more raw food and fruits .

Further reading:

Vitamin D by Dr Hollick The healing Sun by Richard Hobday Sunlight can save ur life by Dr Zane R kime Light the future medicine by dr jacob leibermann Light is a living spirit by Omraan Mikhail Aivanhov www.sooryayog.com www.sunlightenment.com Dr Sunny Sandhu MBBS , AIIMS Sooryayog foundation . docsunsand@gmail.com +919811996670

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