NCM 105 Nursing Care Management (Nursing Leadership and Management) Credit Units: 8 units (Lecture) 8 units (RLE


Contact Hours: 144 lecture hours 408 RLE hours Instructor: Clement P. Maraon, RN/MN/MAN/DM-CAR I. Course Outline A. Leadership and Management Defined and Distinguished 1. Definition i. Leadership ii. Management 2. Leadership vs. Management 3. Power and Authority 4. Formal and Informal Leadership B. Leadership and Management Theories C. Leadership and Management Skills D. Roles of the Nurse Leader and Manager

II. Nursing Management Functions 1. Planning 1. Principles of planning 2. Characteristics of Planning 3. Planning Process 4. Types of Planning a. Strategies b. Tactical 5. Elements of Planning a. Organizational Vision, Mission, Philosophy, Goals and Objectives, Standards, Values b. Forecasting c. Budgeting y Types of Budget y Costing of Nursing Care d. Barriers in Planning B. Organizing 1. Organizational Theories and Principles 2. Organizational Structure a. Types b. Components c. Organizational Charts 3. Staffing a. Staffing Process y Principles, needs y Procedure, scheduling 4. Patient Classification System 5. Modalities of Care a. Case Method b. Primary Nursing c. Team Nursing d. Modular Nursing e. Functional Nursing f. Modified Method

etc. Source of job leads c. Performance Evaluation b. Motivation 4. Benchmaking e. ICN Code of Ethics for Nurses 3. Morality B.A. ICN. ADPCN. Professional And Personal Development A. Emerging opportunities Nursing Associations (ANSAP. Coordination 5. Other laws affecting Nursing Profession (Rooming In. Tracking job leads e. Resigning from a Nursing Position 6. Dressing for a successful interview f. Ethico-Moral Aspects of Nursing 1. Implication to Patient Care III. 10. Sexual Harassment. Communication 2.C. NLPGN. Delegation 3. Scientific Decision Making 6. 8. Code of Ethics for Nurses in the Philippines 2. Directing 1. Values in Nursing 4. Positive image of a Professional Nurse y Self-assessment y Self-awareness 2.) Fields of specialization Expanded roles of Nurses Personal and professional needs i. Quality Improvement a. Clean Air Act. Developing a Resume y Elements y Types y Writing a cover letter y Developing an electronic resume d. Continuing professional education (CPE) iii. Beginning a job search b. 9. 9173 or The Nursing Act of 2002 2. Legal Aspects 1. Standards in the Nursing Practice 3. Nursing Audit and Rounds c. Answering interview questions g. Dangerous Dr C. Career planning a. PNSA. Virtues in Nursing 5. MCNAP. Conflict Management D. Staff development ii. Controlling and Evaluation Mechanism 1. Local Government Code. PNA. Variance Report d. Nursing specialty . Accreditation/certification 2. Legal Responsibilities of Nurses 3. Senior Citizen Act. R. 7. Personal/Professional 1.

Legal responsibility E. Research I. Personal and professional development G. approaches. methodologies. Core Competency Areas / Key Areas of Responsibilities A. Leadership and community development y Review and application of concepts. medical tourism. evidence-based practice. Trends and Issues in Nursing y Issues and trends in Nursing Practice/Education (migration. Ethico-moral responsibility F. aging.IV. Management of resources and environment C. Safe and quality nursing care B. etc. complementary therapy. Health education D. and tools in community development discussed in NCM 100 V. Communication K. Records management J. Collaboration and teamwork Grading System y Prelim y Midterm y Pre-Final y Final Total Per Term Quiz Class Participation Attitude Major Exams - 20% 20% 20% 40% 100% 30% 20% 10% 40% 100% . Quality improvement H. strategies. population.) VI.

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