Emergency Cart

Definition of an Emergency Cart An emergency cart or most commonly known as “crash cart” is a wheeled cabinet or chest of drawers which contains all of the equipment necessary for emergency resuscitation, from latex gloves to a defibrillator. Crash carts are conveniently positioned throughout hospitals and some other medical facilities so that they can be quickly accessed in an emergency. It includes medication as well as the equipment for defibrillation, intubation, intravenous medication, and passage of central lines. Purposes of Emergency Cart To ensure availability of all drugs, equipment, and supplies necessary to initiate advanced life-support measures. To have the emergency cart and Defibrillator constantly ready for use in case of life threatening condition such as cardiopulmonary arrest. Indications of Emergency Cart This emergency equipment is used only if the patient's heart or lungs stop working. The cart is brought to the patient's bedside when the patient'sheart or lungs are failing or have failed. Using the tools on a crash cart requires advanced medical skills and certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), a medical protocol which dictates which medical interventions should be used in an emergency, and when. Uses of Emergency Cart It is used in hospital emergency rooms for transportation and dispensing of emergency medication/equipment at site of medical/surgical emergency for life support protocols (ACLS/ALS) to potentially save someone's life.

Contents of Emergency Cart
 Top of trolley : 1. Defibrillator & cardiac monitor

4 & 5) 13. Pediatric & adult yankauer sucker 4. ECG electrode 8.2.Resuscitation mask (sizes: 0.2. Code blue attendance sheet  Back of cart : 1. Oxygen cylinder with:  Pressure reducing valve  Pressure gauge  Nipple adaptor  Cylinder key  Flow meter 5. ECG cable 6. Pediatric.3. Resuscitation bag with O2 tubing & reservoir (Infant. Sharps container 15. Pedi-paddles 4. Sphygmomanometer 9. Adult & pediatric algorhythms 2. Drip stand 14. Suction machine 3. Conducting Gel 5. Adult paddles 3. Adult) 12. Tape of securing EET 16. Cardiac board 3. Crash cart checklist 4. Resuscitation form .Razor  Side of cart : 1. Code blue performance quality sheet 7. ECG paper 7. Pediatric & adult stethoscope 11.1. Clock 10. Oxygen tubing connected to the flow meter 6. Portable suction machine 2.

3 ways stop-cocks 2.5.0. AMBU BAG 2. Sodium bicarbonate 7. Each size: Adult shiley blue box: #4. Oral airway (sizes:0. Lidocaine 6. Atropine 2. Each size: 6.5. #6. Scissors 10. Dextrose 50% 4. 3. 8. Minitrach 8.Vasopression 11.Inner Cannulas. Dopamine 400mg/250ml  Drawer 2 .Breathing and Airway 1. Alcohol swabs .1. 5.Tracheostomy tubes. Adrenaline 5.Medications : Drugs: 1. Each size: Adult shiley blue box: #4. Artery forceps 3. 2.3. Endotracheal tubes. Adenosine Amiodarone Epinephrine Flumazenil Ketamine Magnesium sulfate Naloxone Norepinephrine Normal saline solution 10. Pediatric & adult Magill's forceps 9. Pediatric & adult oxygen nasal canella 6. Drawer 1 .0. 7.0. 6. 4. ABG syringes 3. 8. #8 16. 7. 9.Nasogastric tube 13.2.Suction catheter 12. 9.Yankauer Suction Catheter 14. pediatric & adult ) 5. 7.IV Supplies 1.Tongue depressors 11. 8. #6. Verapamil Pre – mixed medications : 1. Oxygen non-breather mask (infant. #8  Drawer 3 . Calcium chloride 10% 3.0 12 4.4&5) 7.Lubricant 15.

BURETROL 12.V.10.BLOOD TUBING 13. 2.Syringes (sizes : 1.Transparent tape 11. It is also used in IV fluids for dehydration and in contact lens solutions. D5W 500cc/250cc (Dextrose in 50% water).Dressing (size: 10×10) 16.3 lumen central catheters 19.20 & 50ml) 12. Tourniquet 10. Blood tube (red. Angiocaths 5. surgery. blue & pink) 6.Sterile gauze (size: 10×10) 15.0 & 4. MACRODRIP 8. NORMAL SALINE 250cc 7.EXTENSION TUBING 11. 23G & 25G) 7. .It is used to supply water and calories to the body.Normal saline can be used to cleanse.Scalpel with blade 14. LACTATED RINGERS 1000cc .Betadine solution  Drawer 4 .5. HORIZON CASSETTES 10. NORMAL SALINE 1000cc 6.4.Chest tubes (sizes : 12.I. 21G & 25G) 9. or moisturize wounds. Dextrose is a natural sugar found in the body and serves as a major energy source.3. Solutions & Tubing 1. Butterflies (sizes: 21G. It is also used as a mixing solution (diluent) for other IV medications. 28 & 32fr) 20.4% PRE-MIXED 4.Skin disinfectant spray 17. MICRODRIP 9.Sutures (2. D5W 500cc WITH LIDOCAINE . Needle (sizes: 18G. or a burn injury. D5W 250cc 3. When used as an energy source.is often used for fluid resuscitation after a blood loss due to trauma. dextrose allows the body to preserve its muscle mass.0 silk & cutting needle) 18. 3. NORMAL SALINE SOLUTION 1000cc/250cc (NSS).Intraosseous needle 18G 13. irrigate.ARMBOARDS  Emergency Solutions / IVF 1. Cardiac needle 20G 8. 14. LACTATED RINGERS 1000cc 5. D5W 500cc 2.

The Emergency Cart Parts : .

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