Chapter ¡

Azreen Saleh stepped out blindly from the matron¶s office. She approached
elderly Filipino man, Mr. Costa. Azreen tell him, that she will leave London to Malaysia.
After that, she went to her room and packing her textbooks and notes. Due to upcoming
examination, she took the stairs down. Suddenly, she heard voice from top of the
staircase. She knows that is not Filipino man because he already gone for breakfast but it
comes from Julian Ng. Azreen escape from Julian. After a while, she heard someone
called her name, it was Julian. Julian asking about the examination and hope Azreen will
be alright at Malaysia. Then, Azreen tell Julian about her sister, who is died yesterday.
Julian prodded after hearing the story and fell sorry about it. Julian wants to help Azreen
but Azreen said that he should return to deck. Julian said that he will visit her after
examination over.

Chapter 2

Azreen bought chicken pieces, yogurt and fruit salad as her lunch. She stared at
her food without much appetite. She glad that she can eat Malaysian food once she
reached home. While she eats, she remembers about her house. Her mind wandered off to
her sister, Madhuri who older four years than she. She had despised her sister because
nobody would notice her when Madhuri around. She hate when her friends and parent
compare her with Madhuri. But now, Madhuri already dead. All happy moments with her
sister become history,

Chapter 3

In tiny island at south of Langkawi Island, Puan Kamsiah bustled in from her
vegetable garden. She looks like uneasy. Her attitude was seeing by her daughter, Siti
who looked up her book. Puan Kamsiah said nothing when her daughter asking. Siti
know there is something important in her mother mind. Siti followed her mother when
she left the living room. Suddenly, Puan Kamsiah said that Normala spread nonsense. Siti
asking what Normala said to her. Puan Kamsiah said Madhuri that murdered. Siti said
that rumour should not be true. Puan Normala said that she see Madhuri¶s blood is white.
Puan Normala added that the village is being cursed. Datin Sharifah took Azreen from
the airport. Datin Sharifah¶s husband, Datuk Zulkifli felt sorry to Azreen and help to
carry her suitcase. They took Azreen to old creaky jetty jutting. Azreen got out from the
car. After across waters, she reached to a tiny island which is her homeland.

Chapter 4

Siti sat in living room, trying to restrain her little brother from scampering about.
At one corner, she saw Puan Normala was gathering a group a women to her side. Siti
picked up her ears to hear story about Madhuri. She remembers that Madhuri had given
her Quran lesson when she was six or seven but they were never close. For a moment, the
whispering from Puan Normala stopped. Siti see robust women, edgy-looking man and a
girl with twenty came up the steps. She knows who is that girl, that is Azreen Saleh,
Madhuri¶s younger sister. After Azreen disappear, Puan Normala said that she only give
trouble. Some of them added that she does not have any manner. Puan Normala said to
the group women that Azreen hate her sister. Datin Sharifah and Datuk Zulkifli help
Azreen to her room. Azreen ask to Datin Sharifah, how did Madhuri died. But Datin
Sharifah not tells it because that is time to tell it. After being forced by Azreen, Datin
Sharifah said that Madhuri had been murdered and put curse before her died. Azreen
stepped into a room which bedroom for her mother. Her mother sees Azreen as Madhuri.
It seems her mother still do not know what happen to Madhuri. Azreen want to take her
mother to burial ground. While going to burial ground, her father, Saleh Abdullah, forced
Azreen to take her mother to go home. Datin Sharifah took Azreen¶s mother to home.
After a while at burial ground, she see a young man who Mohd. Asraf. She remembers
how she met Mohd. Asraf. At night, while Azreen open the window, she sees a black hair
girl like Madhuri. Haji Ghani¶s first wife, Puan Fatihah invites her husband to sleep after
see that her husband still watching Madhuri photo. Puan Fatihah take Madhuri photo and
torn it.

Chapter ö

After back from market, Azreen see Mohd. Asraf standing outside of the mosque.
Mohd Asraf made his move toward her. He was asking about condition of Azreen¶s
mother. After that, Azreen ask Mohd. Asraf what happen to Madhuri, Mohd. Asraf said
that Madhuri was found at rubber estate and it seems like an accident. He added that Haji
Ghani and his people was arranged everything. Azreen want to know more but Mohd.
Asraf said that him need to prepare for the school. At home, she cooked porridge for her
mother after being asked by her mother. While Azreen brought a spoon to her mother¶s
lips, her mother grabbed Azreen¶s hand and said that Madhuri is in danger. Azreen ask
more about it but suddenly her mother fallen into a state of incoherence. After her mother
calmed down, her mother took a spoon and eats the porridge. While Encik Saleh
chopping the wood, he heard odd sound but nothing. Awang, the village bomoh was
almost died when a crazy woman attack him. During came to farm, Awang remember
about tragedy that happen a year ago. At school, Noor, Siti¶s friend tells Siti that her
mother see Awang went to rubber estate. Noor make conclusion that Awang was killed
Madhuri. Noor added that Madhuri¶s parent wanted her to marry with Haji Ghani, the
village headman than married with Mohd. Asraf. After lunch, Azreen sneaked out to go
the jungle, the place where Old Lady lives. She remembers how she met the Old Lady.
Many villagers afraid with her, they said that Old Lady is witch but for Azreen, she just
an old lady. The Old Lady seems happy when Azreen came to her house. Azreen asked
about Madhuri, she said that is not accident but murdered.

Chapter ó

Awang saw the Pontianak lady was died. Those make Awang more afraid because
he knows there is something evil during Madhuri died. The Old Lady tells Azreen, that
she saw Madhuri lying with her back to a tree. Old Lady thinks, it just an accident or
being attacked by wild animal but after she saw gash across her said, she know that it
murder. After that, she tells that Haji Ghani and his men know who killed Madhuri.
While Puan Fatihah sits inside Madhuri¶s room, she remembers how Haji Ghani met with
Madhuri. Azreen picked up a torn piece of photograph that she saw. That was Madhuri¶s
photo. She saw all photo inside the album is torn. Suddenly, her father stepped in the
room and forced her to out from the room to living room. At living room, her mother was
dreamed about the accident that took her leg. Azreen remember how she protects Mohd.
Asraf from being scolded by Encik Mohan, the owner the farm. After that, she saw an
accident that involving her parent. Doctor said her mother¶s legs cannot be used again.
Her father blame toward Azreen but her sister protect Azreen but her father does not
listening it. During walked home, they saw a woman who standing half-hidden behind
the signpost. After Azreen run from that woman, she saw Mohd. Asraf. He felt sorry
about what happen to her mother. During Mohd. Asraf and Madhuri talked, Azreen went
to Old Lady¶s house. In Old Lady¶s house, the Old Lady tell the story about her husband.
Her husband was killed by her because she cannot stand the abuse committed by her
husband. Puan Minah scolded Azreen¶s mother because Azreen attitude that cause her
daughter to a fever. At home, she saw Mohd. Asraf. helping her sister with a basketful of
vegetables. Azreen was following the foster programme. After the programme end,
Azreen back to home. Her father does not like when outsiders helping his family. After a
year, Azreen get scholarship. She had applied for course at London, England. She met
with Old Lady and tells her that she will go to London. The Old Lady shows a special
place that only Old Lady knows about it to Azreen.

Chapter 7

Mohd. Asraf help his grandmother to drink water. His grandmother fever worse
than before. His grandmother does not want to see a doctor. Mohd. Asraf went to buy
lunch. Haji Ghani walked up to Madhuri¶s tombstone. He remembers how he found the
dead body of his wife. He saw someone walking among the meranti trees, she look like
Madhuri. But Haji Ghani knows that is not Madhuri. At home, Azreen answered
telephone, it was from Datin Sharifah. Datin Sharifah saids that she wants to visit Azreen,
but Datuk Zulkifli has some business. So, she said that she will visit Azreen next week.
After that, her father scolds to her and tell that she forget to latch up the chicken coop.
Azreen protest but her father does not want to hear it. Azreen clear away the carcass of
chicken that it neck was being break by someone. The next morning, Mohd. Asraf met
with Azreen. Mohd. Asraf tell to Azreen that Puan Normala saw Awang burning some
odd things. It make Puan Normala¶s cat fell sick after near to it. When Azreen reached
home, she found an envelope inside the mailbox. It from her friend, Julian. After read the
letter from Julian, she read another letter that Julian post within it. It from Madhuri. Puan
Normala said the raining is the sign of curse. She said, she saw langsuir a graveyard. She
added that Puan Fatihah throw away all Madhuri personal belongings. During Azreen sat
on the large root of flame tree, Mohd. Asraf met her. Mohd. Asraf was fighting with Haji
Ghani because Haji Ghani insulted his wife and all women. After Mohd. Asraf back to
home, Azreen walked to home too. At her room, she was searching Madhuri¶s letter but it

Chapter 6

After raining for four day, her mother was passed away on the fifth day. She was
buried next to Madhuri. In Madhuri¶s room, Azreen remember how they struggle to make
basket that Azreen broke it. After leave the room, she saw someone at window. After
chase the woman until the veranda, Madhuri¶s room was burning. After extinguish fire,
she went to bed. Puan Fatihah met with woman who looks like Madhuri. She faint after
saw her. Mohd Asraf goes to the market to look for medicinal plants for his grandmother
but fails to find any because the rain drowns all Pak Huzaimi plants. In desperation, he
decides to go to the Old Lady¶s house for help. The Old Lady hesitates at first but after
much persuasion from Azreen and Mohd. Asraf, she finally agrees to go over to Mohd
Asraf¶s house to help his grandmother.

Chapter º

Siti keeps an eye on Mohd. Asraf¶s grandmother while he goes out to get her
medicine. Puan Kamsiah and Normala are curious at the Old Lady¶s presence at Mohd.
Asraf¶s house. The Old Lady tries to cure Mohd. Asraf¶s grandmother. Azreen is puzzled
to discover a university prospectus that reveals Mohd. Asraf¶s intention to pursue his
studies in Kuala Lumpur. When Azreen returns home, she sees the bomoh scampering
behind the bushes. As she confronts the bomoh, he informs her about the mob incident at
Mohd. Asraf¶s house. She immediately runs to Asraf¶s house. Normala blames Azreen
for bringing the Old Lady to Mohd. Asraf¶s house and causing heavy downpour to hit the
village. An argument starts and Azreen¶s father intervenes to stop the
commotion. Meanwhile, Mohd. Asraf¶s grandmother is beginning to recover and Mohd.
Asraf is extremely relieved. They thank the Old Lady for bravely coming over to cure
Nek and the rain finally stops.

Chapter ¡0

Azreen had good condition of dinner with her father. At almost midnight, a flurry
knocks on her door awake her. It came from Siti. Siti tell Azreen that Nek has passed
away an hour ago. Siti added that Mohd. Asraf believed that Old Lady poisoned Nek and
bring a few men for revenge. After that, Azreen went to Old Lady¶s house, she tried to
stop Mohd. Asraf but he does not hear it. Azreen took a spade and stabs Mohd. Asraf¶s
legs. As the result, the torch at his hand fell and rolled toward the wall of house and soon
the house was the fire. Azreen finds Nek, barely alive lying beside the stove and she
advises Azreen to learn to forgive before it is too late. Azreen¶s father saves her before
the whole house crumbles. Azreen feel upset. She beat Mohd. Asraf but him not fight
back. After Azreen done, she asking why he did this to Old Lady. Mohd. Asraf ask a
sorry for what happen. Mohd. Asraf fells Allah against he, then he said that lost Madhuri
and then his grandmother. Azreen puzzled when he said he lost Madhuri. He said
Madhuri is his lover but Haji Ghani stole her from him.

Mohd Asraf tell that him get offer of teaching course at Kuala Lumpur. As it
chance for him to leave, he also planned to bring Nek too because he know she would get
good medical care than village. He tell Madhuri about his plan, and he see that Madhuri
love him too. Madhuri said that she will ask permission to release him. Mohd Asraf
wants to leave immediately but Madhuri ask to give her another month. She wants to tell
her parent first then she wants to see Azreen for last time. She said that she already write
a letter to Azreen. But hope just is a hope. After an hour he leaves Madhuri at rubber
plantation, Mohd Asraf get news that Madhuri was died.

Azreen fell upset and shocked after hear that story, she run away from Mohd
Asraf. She ran without any destination until her reach at the tall cliff near the sea. She
tries to sleep as she wants to calm herself. After her angry gone, she walked back to home
but she at rubber estate. She does not where she headed. Suddenly she met Awang the

Azreen knew that Awang lied to her when he said that his just around at rubber
estate. Awang tell the Azreen about Madhuri¶s secret, that Madhuri is just foster daughter
of her family. Her father found the baby which is Madhuri when her mother left her at
paddy field. She did that for searching scraps. Her family agreed to take Madhuri as their
daughter. Her mother fell upset when her baby is gone but she knows that is only way for
Madhuri get better live. So, she not searches her baby. But after Madhuri died, she
appears again. She also who broke up the chicken neck and cause the burning Madhuri¶s
room. Awang said that he causes the bull run away and hit motorcycle of Azreen¶s
parent. Awang also confirms that he had seen Madhuri and Mohd Asraf together several
times in the rubber estate. The chapter ends with Haji Ghani, the headman thinking about
his young wife meeting her lover on that fateful day when she was killed.

Chapter ¡¡

Azreen delves on the bomoh¶s words that Madhuri was not her real sister. She
encounters a shadow of a woman from behind the wooden fence again that directs her to
a woodpile a few feet away behind her house. Azreen and her father walk towards the
woodpile and see a parang that Saleh used to chop wood. There is white and sticky stain
at the edge of the parang. Azreen immediately recalls Normala¶s words ³She had white
blood´ and she stares at her father in disbelief. She gently asks her father did he kill

Saleh remember how he found Madhuri. He not regrets to take her as foster
daughter as she becomes a good girl. Suddenly, he found Madhuri with other guy, which
is Mohd Asraf. He wants to kill Mohd Asraf. After hear that Madhuri loved Mohd Asraf,
he complete lost his mind and kill Madhuri.

Azreen does not believe and run away. Then, woman who look like Madhuri
come to get him. Saleh taught that was Madhuri, and she the woman drag on the parang on
the ground and walks slowly to his place. Saleh suffers a heart attack and dies. Meanwhile
in the village, a rumour spreads like a wildfire that a woman who looks suspiciously like
his dead daughter had been wandering about at the time of his death.

Chapter ¡2

Azreen visits her family¶s graves. She leaves a flower on each grave and leaves
quietly. She leaves a flower at the hillside where the Old Lady was buried, too. As
Azreen leaves, she sees a smiling figure which resembles Madhuri¶s smiles.

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