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Profile of D. B. Corp. Ltd. History of Company Overview of Company Achievement of Company HR at Divya Bhaskar Ahmedabad What is Induction? Induction training at Divya Bhaskar Research Methodology Data Analysis Suggestions Conclusion Wibography Annexure


Profile of D. B. Corp. Ltd.

D B Corp Ltd. is engaged in printing and publication of Newspaper in three languages across 11 states, in Radio Business with "My FM" Radio station in 7 states and 17 cities along with strong web presence in India. Only media house to enjoy leadership at multiple states, in multiple languages.


Name Of Company: Type Founded Headquarter Key people Industry Employees Website

D. B. Corp. Ltd Public August 13th ’1958 Bhopal, India Ramesh Chandra Agarwal (Chairman) Media 604 ( In March 2010 at Ahmedabad Branch)

DAINIK BHASKAR Group is one of the fastest growing media groups in India today. Bhaskar group began its journey with a fourpage newspaper from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh in 1958 as family business by LATE SHREE DWARKA PRASAD AGARWAL father of the chairman of bhaskar group shree Ramesh chandra agarwal. Subsequently BHASKAR GROUP launched its editions in Gwalior in 1967, in indoor in1983, in Jabalpur in 1987.

In 90’s different editions started after RAMESH AGARWAL eldest son SUDHIR AGARWAL entered the family business and started taking interests in day-to-day operations. Further, it launched editions from Raipur in 1992 followed by Bilaspur in 1993. After achieving No. 1 status and strong leadership in 1995 in Madhya Pradesh, the group entered Rajasthan and launched its Jaipur edition in 1996, and sold 1.75 lacs copies on day one. Launching of Jaipur edition with a record sale of 1 lac plus copies on day one created history in the newspaper industry, which is now a case study in the top B – schools of India. In 1997, the group launched its Ajmer, Jodhpur and Bikaner editions followed by Udaipur in 1998 and Kota in 1999. At this point, Ramesh Agarwal’s youngest son PAVAN AGARWAL, after graduating from United States, plunged into the business and expanded the operations in the field of IT and cable television. Since 1996, father and sons began transforming the group into a customer centric organization. Keeping this in mind, Dainik Bhaskar launched its Chandigarh edition in mind 2000 adapting “Hinglish” language pattern in editorial contents. Today it is the No. 1 newspaper in Chandigarh, Panchkula & Mohali. In the same year, Bhaskar entered into Haryana and captured the spillover market by launching its editions in Panipat and Hissar followed by Faridabad edition. After capturing a strong market in different States of North and Middle India, the group entered the State of Gujarat – a non Hindi market, where local player were indomitable. Bhaskar group launched its Gujarati newspaper – “DIVYA BHASKAR” in Ahmedabad on 22nd June, 2003. 4.5 lacs copies of newspaper were sold on the very 1st day – which is also a case study at IIM, Ahmedabad In 2004 Divya Bhaskar launched its editions in Surat and Baroda and in 2005 Rajkot. In 2004, group took over another Gujarati newspaper ‘SAURASHTRA SAMACHAR’ in Bhavnagar. In just four years Divya bhaskar has become a widely read newspaper across the State. And is No. 1


newspaper in Ahmedabad. Baroda and Surat in terms of readership. It is a leading brand in news media in Ahmedabad today (AC Nielsen ORG Certified readership of 1.21 million). In September, 2004 the Group launched a monthly complete Hindi Magazine – ‘AHA! ZINDAGI’ for positive and good life. After setting many new trends in Hindi and Gujarati market. Bhaskar group in association with Zee launched its English newspaper DNA (DAILY NEWS & ANALYSIS) IN July, 2005 with a circulation of 3 lacs + copies with 5.95 lacs readers. Group also entered United States of Ahmedabad with a Gujarati Newspaper in New York City in 2005. It is a joint venture of Dainik Bhaskar and Cinemaya Media group. New York based public company.

Divya Bhaskar in circulated in following cities of United States of America: 8. Washington D.C 1. New York 2. New jersey 3. Connecticut 4. Pennsylvania 5. Illinois 6. Los Angeles 7. Maryland 9. Virginia 10. Georgia 11. Florida 12. Ohio 13. Michigan 14. Greater Toronto area


IT and family entertainment.Over a period. which are unparalleled in the world. Chairman Our Dreams The dream of Bhaskar Group – “To emerge as a powerful group in the international media scenario in the next 5-10 years”. the group has diversified its business into Textile. FMCG. Our efforts shall not be confined merely to newspapers. all our activities shall be influenced by these four values 6 . solvent extraction. Though our origin in India and we are rooted in India but our views and conduct are global. We shall move ahead with time and shall reach the heights untouched by others. Mission and Vision of Divya Bhaskar Ramesh Chandra Agarwal. We shall study the world media and will follow the policies. The foundation of our operations and strategy rests on the following :o Entrepreneurship o Ambition o Innovation o Professionalism In the future. We are confident that we shall be able to develop as a strong media group. job printing. Our motto 1.

our views may be diverse but we respect this diversity in viewpoint. We are an organization of the general public. We shall provide our consumers with what they need and all our efforts will be directed towards this 8. We are fully professional and committed to a goal. which provides maximum opportunities for people to LEARN 9. We believe in winning and working collectively. we shall continue to play a positive role in the society 7 . We honor those who are capable in materializing every ambition. In the nutshell. We admit that learning is the first key (MANTRA) to success. We shall always take care to excel in whatever we attempt and to strive to perform to the best of our potentialities. We will see to it that our performance should be extraordinary. effective and performed with complete dedication and single mindedness 5. We shall therefore create an environment. We shall make sure not to compromise with our values in the process of achieving our goal 3. the above values should be a part of all our future strategies 6. Regardless of the type of media we are in. We consider creativity and innovation to be our top priorities. so we give topmost priority to individual and his capacity to contribute 7. Every effort made by us shall be focused on progress and entrepreneurship 4. Moreover.2. our goal is above all this. We believe in performing something extraordinary and to be second to none.

Textiles .Structure of Bhaskar Group Bhaskar Group is a diversified business conglomerate with interests in Media & IT Power . Media 8 .FMCG. Amusement parks etc . Real Estate & SEZ . Agro processing .

Young Bhaskar 9 . Bal Bhaskar. Lakshya.Magazines Aha Zindagi.

Electronic Media 10 .

dynamism and ethics in millions of households across India and the corporate world alike. Textiles Bhaskar Industries Ltd the textiles arm of the group with manufacturing Facilities at Bhopal has a capacity of producing 17500 TPA of coarse count cotton yarn and 44 million meters per annum of denim fabric.G.). Power D B Power is setting up 1200 MW thermal power plant at Badadaraha dist.P. Raigarh (C.5 MW Wind power is operational near Ratlam (M.P.) respectively. FMCGIn Consumer products . Rajasthan and Delhi. Real Estate . Janjagir Champa (C.G. quality .). Singrauli (M. Multiple housing and hotel projects are on anvil in Madhya Pradesh . Information Technology Network for Information & Computer Technology ( NICT ) strives to bridge the digital divide with the deployment of Information Technology for the improvement of socioeconomic scenario of the society through its projects of Education .) Another Thermal Power Plant of 1200 MW capacity is proposed in dist. Rajasthan and Gujarat . The brand Bhaskar is today synonymous with success .P.This runs the event marketing busines Agro Processing The Solvent Division of Bhaskar Group a leading name in the field Edible Oils.P.P.G. E-Governance And information dissemination in Madhya Pradesh .). Raipur (C. and Chindwara (M.3 Million sq feet and 300 Thousand sq feet Mall in Gwalior .). Coal Mine Bhaskar Group has been allocated 100 Million Ton of Coal block Durgapur 11 / Saria at Dharmajaygarh . SEZ & Amusement park The group is developing Mall and Multiplex at Bhopal with a built up area of1. Sun City –famous amusement & Water Park in Gwalior (M. Bhaskar is marketing iodized salt by the brand name of Bhaskar Salt by the brand name of Bhaskar Salt and Aata in the name of Tanman. 11 .). through its various manufacturing units located in India and Sri Lanka has a total crushing capacity of 7000 TPD and refining capacity of 1000 TPD. Received in principal approval for two multi products SEZ and one IT / ITES specific SEZ at Indore (M.). Dist . 4.

Our business daily Business Bhaskar is present in 5 states with 7 editions and Our franchisee edition of DNA in English is present in 2 states with 2 editions. Our Gujarati Newspaper Divya Bhaskar is present in Gujarat and Maharashtra with 7 editions. Our Hindi daily Dainik Bhaskar is present in 9 states with 27 editions. Consistency & Growth 12 .Coverage of Bhaskar group 24% of Indian urban Population resides in D B Corp Market across 11 states with 48 editions and 128 district editions.

2010 in the category of "Marketing Solutions for Advertising Clients"  MY FM 94.ACHIEVEMENTS OF D B Corp. Ltd.  Dainik Bhaskar wins award at INMA Awards.3 receives 2010 INTERNATIONAL BROADCASTING EXCELLENCE AWARD  Bhaskar Group chairman gets the Saraswati Puraskar  Dainik Bhaskar won Bronze Award for Print Advertising Sales and Retention category at INMA (International Newsmedia Marketing Association) 13 .

 Dainik Bhaskar won Bronze Award for Public Relations and Community services category at INMA (International Newsmedia Marketing Association)  Dainik Bhaskar Won Media Abby's Bronze Award at Goafest.  Dainik Bhaskar won Platinum Award for public Service category at 39th Creativity  Dainik Bhaskar won Silver Award for Newsletter B2B category at 39th Creativity  Dainik Bhaskar won Gold Awards at the Global Youth Marketing Forum for Best Creative TV  Divya Bhaskar is PrintWeek India Newspaper Printer of 2009  Chairman received Rajeev Gandhi Award for lifetime achievement in journalism  Dainik Bhaskar Rajasthan entry identified as Orbit Breaking Innovation 14 .

 Divya Bhaskar wins IFRA 'Best in Print'  Dainik Bhaskar adjudged Consumer Superbrand (2009-10)  Girish Agarwal — Director DBCL adjudged Outstanding Entrepreneur APEA  WORLD LARGEST TEA PARTY : INDORE Guinness World Record  Marico Innovation India Award for Business Innovation 2007–08  Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2006  APMA Awards (Asian Publishing Management Awards) – Gold Award for Best Launch in Punjab  IFRA Asia's Annual Media Awards 2004 Best In info graphics – Newspaper (Gold Award) 15 .

HR at Divya Bhaskar Ahmedabad DIVYA BHASKAR project in Ahmedabad was completed in just 189 days. which is considered to be the fastest ever completion of newspaper project in India. Grade Structure In the organization the employees have been assigned grades as per their designation. Grade-wise distribution is mentioned below: 16 .76 lacs copies of DIVYA BHASKAR. the group successfully sold 4. The most important aspect of this project was that it took only 189 days to start full fledge operations (from purchasing of site to launching of first edition). And on the very first day of its launching. profile and seniority.

Executives / Sr. Reporters / Sp. Executives / Executive Executives Executive / Jr.Grade M0 Designation Executive director / Group heads(corporate)/ Presidents / Vice presidents/ Associate vice president / Group Chief Editors / Sr. News Editors/ Sr. Branch Controller / Chief Manager / Resident Editors / Executive Editors M3 M4 AGM / Chief Managers / Sr. Managers / Sr.GM / GMs / Editors M1 M2 General Managers / DGM / AGM’s / Dy. Correspondents M5 MT E1 E2 E3 ET S1/S2 O1/O2 Management Trainees Sr. Executives Executive Trainee Sr. Managers / Dy. supervisor / Staff / Assistants Operators (Skilled & Unskilled) 17 . Sp. Correspondents Asst. Editors State Heads /AVP / Chief general Managers / Sr. Manager/ News Editor Managers / Dy Manager / Asst.

Recruitment and Selection procedures The basic parameters for recruitment in Bhaskar Group include:  Uniform procedure of recruitments throughout the Group  Equal opportunity & fair treatment to all  In-house candidates to be considered first & given preference over outside candidates There are some of the guidelines.  Each department has a clear requirement of employees along with proposed Designations & Grades for each individual. which are observed while recruiting any new candidate at Divya Bhaskar Group. They are: Each unit/location has a manpower plan and the proposed Organization Structure at the beginning of the Financial Year.  The requirement is then submitted for approval from MD/Directors. 18 .

The Candidate is interviewed by HR manager. depending upon the need of the hour. HR department plans the Induction schedule for the candidates. On successful completion of probation. Each appointment is made keeping in mind the sanctioned limit of the Manpower budget. External Sources:  Advertisements  Walk-ins  Collages and educational institutes. He/She is required to complete all the joining formalities by filling up Joining and Personal History Forms and submitting all the necessary documents like experience certificates. Dept Head and Operational Head depending upon the position being filled.  Recruiting Agencies or consultants Candidates are short-listed/screened by using interview method. Birth proof. resident proof. The selected candidate reports to the HR Department on the day of joining. employee is confirmed. Bhaskar Group’s Probation policy is as mentioned below: Initial appointment is M4/M5/E & S grade would be made on probation. copies of Educational Qualifications. This is to observe the performance of the new employee before absorbing in the respective location/department. etc… After completion of all the joining formalities. Sources of Recruitment:Internal Sources: Promotions and transfers of those who are currently employed are made. Probation Probation is a period of training and testing a person who has stated a new job. After selecting the candidate an offer letter is issued. 19 .

If the performance of an employee. If any employee remains absent from his/her duty without intimation or sanction exceeding seven days. the Management at its sole discretion may terminate the employee from his/her services. all locations are required to take the opinion of corporate HR/State HR department. three types of paid leave are allowed to the employees: 1) Casual Leave 2) Medical Leave 3) Privileged Leave or Earned Leave All other forms of absence are treated as Leave without Pay. If in the extended probation period the performance does not shows significant improvement. In any of these situations. during the probation. Leave and Other Benefits Besides annual holidays declared by the Group. Assistance & Benefits Housing Assistance Eligibility: All M grades Employees are covered under this policy What does it Covers: This policy extends assistance for home search in the form of • Agent/Broker Contact 20 . the employment may be terminated without any notice. the period is extended for a period of 6 months. is not satisfactory or not up to the level of expectation.

If the employee changes residence due to compelling reasons beyond control within 3 months.• The company will also reimburse paid (one time in each location). the location head can evaluate and recommend the employee case for extension/enhancement of the assistance. The contact person is State/ Location head and the formalities are to the processed by Finance and Accounts. If the amount of deposit is more than 12 months of the rent. 21 of . In case of medical exigency this limit is raised to 3 moths of basic pay • Specific Advance The advance can be availed for the specific purposes which are listed below along with admissibility and deductible installments. The Process owner for Housing Assistance will be Corporate HR/ State HR or local HR/ Admin Salary Advance Advance implies amount taken against salary and does not invite the interest burden. the amount would be treated as loan and the notional interest on such a loan would be added to the CTC. Purpose Limit of Advance (Basic Maximum No. The amount will be to a maximum of 15 days to 1 month. What if the requires deposit is above the limit? In case the deposit is for more than two months. There are two types Salary advances in the organization: • Normal Advance Advance of up to 2 months salary (Basic only) is extended based on the employee’s personal requirement. on providing the necessary documents. the deposit/advance amount will not be extended again. In case of change of house in the same city or otherwise. depending on location. the extra amount is treated as advance which is recovered in 12 months period without interest.

000. Employees in M1/1 and above grade are entitled to two instruments and may take second instrument not costing more than 10. sister or 3 months children Marriage of any 2 months member/celebration within the family Others (Medical exigency) 3 months Installments 12 6 12 Loans The Various types of loans available are: • • • • 4 Wheeler/2 Wheeler Loan Furniture Loan Housing Loan Other Loans Cell Phone The company encourages the employees to own cell phones and has now stopped providing cell phone. The company will provide up to 1 month basic salary as an advance to buy an instrument deductible in 12 monthly equal installments. Gift on Marriage 22 .Salary) Marriage of self.

100 3. In case. which will process payments Medical Facilities The Company provides Mediclaim facility to all its M Grade & E Grade Employees whose CTC is above Rs.100 3. 3. 23 .100 Application for such a request has to be routed through the HOD/Unit Head to the local Accounts Department.The following amounts are permissible as a gift to employees for marriage within their immediate family Reason Marriage(Self) Marriage(Sister) Marriage(Son) Marriage(Daughter) Amount(INR) 2.100 5. Production Staff excluding staff not involved directly with production process. Accounts Staff. 2. if the employees are not married both the parents can be included in the policy. his/her spouse and up to 2 unmarried dependent children. All Marketing/Sales field force. any one member in the family is covered up to the insured amount for any illness leading to hospitalization. For Group/Personal Accident Insurance. 15000/-. In this policy. Mediclaim Policy covers the employee. following categories of employees are entitled: 1. whose nature involves touring for specific purposes. All SMD.

Under this scheme. from the employees. Procedure includes. printing units. termination or retirement. the insured employees are entitled to fixed compensation for disablement owing to accident during the course of employment. they are compensated. etc. photographers. field reporters. b. from the individual units i. who in course will forward the 24 . M Grade employees intending to leave required to submit their resignation to the concerned Head of the Department. This scheme is applicable to an employee from the date of his/her joining the Group. Employee Contingency Fund The main objective of ECF is to provide financial support to the family on the death of 'working employee' and to provide financial assistance in case of sustained or extended illness of the working employee or dependent member of his 'immediate family'. publication centers. Exit Policy Exit Policy of Bhaskar Group lays down certain guidelines in case of separation of employee on account of resignation. It comes from two sources: a. In the event of death due to an accident.e. Editorial Staff i.e.4.

Each employee intending to leave is required to give resignation with proper notice in advance. Local HR Department and Corporate HR. Exit Interview Forms are required to be filled in by the Authority conducting interview. Before leaving. In absence of such notice. employee is liable to pay in lieu of the notice period. the concerned HR Department issues the relieving letter and experience certificate to the outgoing employee. orientation or Indoctrination What is Induction Training? 25 . the employee is required to collect No Dues Certificate from all the Departments and submit it to the Finance & Accounts Department. Induction.letter along with his/her comment to the State Head. The Local HR Department on receipt of resignation is required to arrange Exit Interview by the Appropriate Authority. After this.

Objectives of Induction Training  Induction training helps minimize what might be called the reality shock some new employees undergo. 26 . as well as how the employee’s job contributes to the organization’s needs. founding fathers. Typically. This reality shock is caused by the incompatibility between what the employee except in their new jobs in the realities they are confronted with. a review of firm’s history.  Induction makes new hires become productive to the company quickly. objectives. operations and products or services.  The idea is to make the new employees feel "at home" in the new environment. induction training conveys General information about the daily work routine. of the organization’s policies. work rules and employee’s benefits.  Effective induction training reduces the anxiety of new employees by providing them information on the job environment and on Supervisor. The broad aim of the induction process is to provide information to new Members of your Faculty or Service to enable them to carry out their required Role and responsibilities to a high and consistent standard. and by encouraging them to ask questions. perhaps. in a brochure. and a detailed presentation. it is a welcoming process. polices and purposes of the organization. by introduces them to co-workers. by which a new employee is rehabilitated into his surroundings and introduced to the practiced.Induction training is a technique. In other words.

Fourth. personal policies. employee manuals. personal policy. company organization and operations. probationary periods. it is very important the supervisor or the immediate boss meet and welcome the employee to the organization. explanation of the function of the department. picture stories. house journals. pamphlets. and safety measures and regulations. Induction Procedure There is no model induction procedure. and job instruction to whom he should look for help when he has any problem. Fifth. Third. This should include a get acquainted talk. the departmental induction can be conducted. the employee's daily routine. and safety measures and regulations. Each industry develops its own procedure as per its needs. the employee's daily routine. the new person needs time and a place to report to work. Along with short guided tour around the plant. etc. The procedure should basically follow these steps: First. introduction to the department. company organization and operations.  Effectiveness of an induction training can have a lasting effect on absenteeism and turnover. flyers. comics and cartoons. employee hand book. Such items as vacations. medical absences. Second. verbal explanations are supplemented by a wide verity of printed material. 27 . The new employee supervisor is often given an induction check list. suggestion systems should be covered. Good induction training will create a favorable impression of the firm and its work which helps to form a good relationship. administrative work should be completed. Induction program usually cover things like employee compensation benefits.

Evaluation of Induction Programme 28 . informed of the location of the bathrooms. Its purpose is to find out whether the employee is reasonably well-satisfied with him. and time clock.Typical Techniques of Induction programme A typical induction programmme should consist primarily of three steps: A) General orientation by the staff of the personnel department: B) Specific orientation by the job supervisor. This type of induction is general. Induction is specific and requires skill on the part of the foreman. and C) Follow-up orientation by either the personnel department or the Supervisor. and told about the organization's specific practices and customs. lavatories. It is conducted either by a foreman or a specialist. canteens. The purpose of specific induction is to enable an employee to adjust himself to his work and environment. The employee is shown the department and his place of work. Through personal talk. At the second stage. but to administer small doses over a long period. induction should be conducted by the job supervisor. guidance and counseling. Follow-up induction takes place sometime within one week to six months from the time of the initial hiring orientation. The batter policy is not to give everything in one day. The first phase of the program should ordinarily be conducted by the personnel department. introduced to other employees. efforts are made to remove the difficulties experienced by the new comer. or his representative. for it gives the necessary general information about the history and operation of the firm -the purpose of which is to help an employee to build up some pride and interest in the organization.

29 .Generally. in order to enable the employee to gain some prospective about the work and the company. 3) Employee is overloaded with forms to be completed. Group discussion sessions can also be held with new employees who have settled comfortably in to their jobs. Some of them are as follows: 1) Supervisor who is entrusted with the job is not trained or is too busy. Whatever the approach. firms should realize that the new employee will receive an orientation that could help them improve their performance. In the alternative. 2) Employee is overwhelmed with too much information in short time. It is certainly in the best interest of the firm to have well planned and wellexecuted program Problems of Induction An induction program can go wrong for a number of reasons. the HR representative or the supervisor may conduct follow-up interviews to elicit the employee's opinion. The HR department should try to avoid such errors. firms with formal induction programmes ask employees to complete a questionnaire evaluating the program. It is desirable that the questionnaire is administer after some length of time. the feedback from the employees enables of firm to adopt its induction program to the specific suggestions of the new employees. In editions.

4) Employee is given only menial tasks that discourage job interest and company loyalty. 8) Employee is thrown in to action too soon. 7) Employee is forced to fill in the gaps between a board orientation by the HR Department and a narrow orientation at the departmental level. 5) Employee is asked to perform tasks were there are high chances of failure that could needlessly discourage the employee. 6) Employee is pushed in to the job with a sketchy orientation under the mistaken belief that 'trial by fire' is the best orientation. 9) Employee's mistakes can damage the company. This program designed to familiarize employees with the organization and its members and other work related facilities. 10) Employee may develop wrong perceptions because of short periods spent on each job. Induction Training in Divya Bhaskar HR Inducts employees in to Bhaskar on the day of joining through an internal induction program. 30 .

WHO is responsible for Induction?  The state unit corporate HR person will be responsible for induction process. the induction period and reason for any delays in any of the events in the chain. the actual joining date. practices and guidelines the organizational structure. 31 . shall be documented process points at HR and part of the annual performance criteria. Bhopal through the training and Development cell of the corporate HR Department.The formal induction program is conducted in the first week of every month and can range from one fourteen days depending on the job profile.  Unit Head and head of Department at each location and the person to whom the candidate is to finally report will be facilitator for the system. vision and core values of the company and on the company’s business. Employees are also oriented to the various policies. project and products. employees are given information on the history. Induction orientation will be completed within 15days of their joining the organization. the facilities available and the company’s expectations from individuals. As a process requirement. no employee above grade M3 shall join functional responsibilities without going through the induction. All M-Grade appointees would go through an induction orientation program at the corporate office. How is this monitored? The offer date. the joining date. For other grades. During induction.

For levels other then M Grade the induction and orientation schedule would be coordinated by the local HR and Administration. Induction Duration M1 and above: 7 days to 21 days M2/M4: 3 days to 7 days M4/M5: 1 day to 3days E/S Grades: According requirement of the profile but not exceeding 2 days.What is the schedule and period of Induction? The corporate HR department in Consultation with the department head will decide the schedule of induction orientation for employees in the M3 grade and above. Employee on joining the org will be given a welcome kit comprising. Org Diary First set of visiting cards HR Manual ID card Lather briefcase (M2 + and Unit Heads) Official Tie 32 .

the aim of this study was to study the induction training of employee at different grades.Research methodology Objective of the study: The Study has been conducted as a part of study programme. Average. finding the height of the induction training of employees. Study also aimed at arriving at a conclusion about which factor leads to dissatisfaction. RESEARCH INSTRUMENT: Questionnaire 5. SAMPLE SIZE: 20 6. SAMPLING TECHNIQUE: Convenient Sampling 7. RESEARCH METHOD: Personal Interview 3. Disagree. Poor.Likert scale Responses were collected on 5 point and 3 point scale rate basis (“Excellent. SCALING METHOD: Non parametric scale: . Besides. Good. 1. neutral”) 4. Very poor” And “Agree. RESEARCH DESIGN: Exploratory Research 2. Moreover. AREA OF RESEARCH: Divya Bhaskar 33 .

Secondly due to this to some extent people feared disclosing some information. Data Analysis Demographic profile of respondents 1] Grade: Out of total respondents. people in different grades were unenthusiastic to fill up the Questionnaire as they misunderstood the survey as the one being conducted by the organization. overall response to study was good. Because of time constraint sample size was restricted to 20. where as other 12 employees were from E Grade. Employees of all levels were interviewed for the purpose of this survey. like. 8 employees from M Grade. 16 employees were males and 4 were females. 34 . NUMBER OF OBSERVERS: One Limitation of study There were certain limitations of this study.8. Time constraint was major limitation in this study. However. 2] Gender Out of the total respondents.

35 .Initial Welcome How will you rate your initial welcome and introduction in to your new job? Feedback Excellent Quantify 5 Good 8 Average 7 Poor 0 Very Poor 0 Total 20 During survey it was found that 25% of the total respondent employees are highly satisfied with their initial welcome with the rate of ‘Excellent’. 40% of employees are rating their initial welcome with the rate of ‘Good’. 35% of the total employees were rating their initial welcome with the rate of ‘Average’.

36 . 30% respondents expressed their mere dissatisfaction by the rating of ‘Average’.50% respondent employees are rating their response as a ‘Good’.Response from HR department How will rate the response from HR department? Feedback Excellent Quantify 4 Good 10 Average 6 Poor 0 Very Poor 0 Total 20 20% of the total employees are highly satisfied from the response of HR department with the rate of ‘Excellent’.

employees in M Grade seemed more satisfied compared to employees in E Grade.In case of response from HR department. Days for Induction Training Out of 20 employees the day-wise distribution of induction Training Programme mentioned below: No. of employees Days of Induction Training 02 03 04 5 Days 4 Days 3 Days 37 .

07 04 EMBED Excel. Mode of Induction Training used in the organization Divya Bhaskar uses the following mode for induction training • Class room induction from senior staff • Online induction • Lecture given by hr department Information given in Induction Training How will you rate the information that you have been given in the induction training which has been job specific? Feedback Excellent Quantify 2 Good 15 Average 3 Poor 0 Very Poor 0 Total 20 38 .Chart.8 \s 2 Days 1 Day Total: 20 Employees Out of total number of employees almost 75% employees are satisfied with the induction training programme.

Chart. And 15% respondents were rating by ‘Average’. EMBED Excel.When asked about the Information given in Induction Training 10% respondents were rating as a ‘Excellent’.8 \s Overall Induction Training 39 . 75% employees preferred rating as a ‘Good’. They were somehow dissatisfied with the information given in the Induction Training.

How will you rate the overall induction training? Feedback Excellent Quantify 1 Good 17 Average 2 Poor 0 Very Poor 0 Total 20 When asked about Overall Induction Training to the respondents 5% employees were more satisfied than other employees.Chart. And 10% employees were somehow dissatisfied so they were reply with ‘Average’ EMBED Excel. 85% respondents were reply by ‘Good’.8 \s Excellent opportunity for newcomers 40 . They were rating their reply through ‘Excellent’.

Chart.8 \s 41 .Do you agree that induction training provides an excellent opportunity for? Newcomers to learn comprehensively about the organization? Feedback Quantify Agree 18 Disagree 2 Neutral 0 Total 20 When asked about the opportunity for newcomers to the employees in any organization 90% employees replied with positive answer and 10% employees replied with negative answer EMBED Excel.

I would like to suggest that every grade has distributed the perfect time period for the training.  The Induction Training should be fast and accurate for better result from employees.  During the Induction Training instead of only meeting with HOD’S. Diary.Suggestions  Overall Induction Training in Divya Bhaskar found at a good level  There is no perfect time period for the employee in the Induction training. Stationary should be given  There should be junior HR person to introduce new comer to all the department and staff.  A welcome kit with all relevant document. HR should also arrange a meeting with subordinates also. 42 .

Although not many companies have realized it's important yet. leave and all. very few have offered suggestions.  Even respondents were asked to make suggestion to improve the Induction Training. rules. working time. But on completion of this project I have come to a conclusion that the induction manual should be made and integral part of the organization's policy. Conclusion An induction Training is a very important part of an organization’s HR Management system. 43 . However most of the employees were content and happy with their Induction Training. An induction training of gives a snapshot of the company to the new joinee and help them to prepare and understand that profile and responsibilities. There should be given brochure of company’s policy..

It gave me an opportunity to implement my theoretical concept of HR to the actual organization. Websites 44 .The project overall has been a great running experience for me.

com"www.HYPERLINK " HYPERLINK " HYPERLINK "" HYPERLINK " HYPERLINK " 45 .com"""www.bhaskarnet.slideshare.

Annexure .I QUESTIONNAIRE FOR INDUCTION TRAINING SURVEY Grade :___________ DATE__________ DEPARTMENT: ___________________________ DESIGNATION: .___________________________ 1) How will you rate your initial welcome and introduction in to your new job? Excellent Very Poor 2) Good Average Poor How will rate the response from HR department? Good Average Poor Excellent Very Poor 3) Your induction program lasted for how many days? Days___________ 4) Was duration of the training sufficient? Agree Disagree Neutral 46 .

work rules and employee benefit? Yes No 8) Were you briefed about organization’s history? Yes No 9) Were you informed regarding organization’s values. ethics and principles? Agree Neutral 10) Were you informed about the organization structure of Divya Bhaskar? Agree Neutral 11) Were you informed regarding organization’s work culture? 47 Disagree Disagree .5) What mode of induction method is normally used in your organization? a) Class room induction from senior staff b) External consultants c) Online induction d) Lectures given by hr department e) others_______ 6) Did you receive any welcome kit? Yes No 7) Did you receive any brochure of organization’s policy.

please give your suggestions in providing better facilities during ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 48 .Agree Neutral Disagree 12) Did you get an opportunity to meet the relevant key people identified within your Organization? Agree Disagree Neutral 13) Did you feel that the role that you undertake within the organization was clearly explained to you during the induction training? Agree Neutral 14) How will you rate the information that you have been given in the induction training which has been job specific? Excellent Very Poor Good Average Poor Disagree 15) What are the facilities provided during Induction? LCD OHP Any other________ Books Audio 16) Are you satisfied with the facilities available? Yes No If no.

__________________________________________ ________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ __________________________ *********** ______________________Thank you__________________________ *********** Annexure – II How will you rate your initial welcome and introduction in to your new job? Feedback Quantify Excellent 5 Good 8 Average 7 Poor 0 Very Poor 0 Total 20 49 .17) How will you rate the overall induction training? Good Average Poor Excellent Very Poor 18) Is Your Feedback on Induction modules considered? Yes Not at all To some Extent 19) Do you agree that induction training provides an excellent opportunity for newcomers to learn comprehensively about the organization? Agree 20) Any Suggestion? Disagree Neutral Your valuable suggestions are important for us to improve the efficiency of Induction activity. Please suggest liberally.

How will rate the response from HR department? Feedback Quantify Excellent 4 Good 10 Average 6 Poor 0 Very Poor 0 Total 20 Your induction program lasted for how many days? Feedback Quantify 5 Days 2 4 Days 3 3 Days 4 2 Days 7 1 Day 4 Total 20 Was an induction program sufficient duration? Feedback Quantify Agree 15 Disagree 3 Neutral 2 Total 20 What mode of induction method is normally used in your organization? Feedback Class room induction by senior staff 7 External consultants Online induction Lectures given by hr departmen t 7 Others Total Quantify 0 6 0 20 Did you receive any welcome kit? Feedback Quantify yes 8 No 12 Total 20 Did you receive an y brochure of organization’s policy. work rules and employee benefit? Feedback Yes No Total 50 .

ethics and principles? Feedback Quantify Agree 16 Disagree 2 Neutral 2 Total 20 Were informed about the organization structure of Divya Bhaskar? Feedback Quantify Agree 18 Disagree 0 Neutral 2 Total 20 Were you informed regarding organization’s work culture? Feedback Quantify Agree 17 Disagree 2 Neutral 1 Total 20 Did you get an opportunity to meet the relevant key people identified within your Organization? Feedback Quantify Agree 18 Disagree 0 Neutral 2 Total 20 Did you feel that the role that you undertake within the organization was clearly explained to you during the induction training? Feedback Quantify Agree 16 Disagree 0 Neutral 4 Total 20 51 .Quantify 8 12 20 Were you briefed about organization’s history? Feedback Quantify Yes 16 No 4 Total 20 Were you informed regarding organization’s values.

How will you rate the information that you have been given in the induction training which has been job specific? Feedback Quantify Excellent 2 Good 15 Average 3 Poor 0 Very Poor 0 Total 20 What are the facilities provided during induction? Feedback Quantify LCD 8 OHP 5 Books 2 Manual 5 Audio 0 Total 20 Are you satisfied with the facilities available? Feedback Quantify Yes 16 No 4 Total 20 Was your feedback on induction modules considered? Feedback Quantify Yes 15 To some Extent 5 Not at all 0 Total 20 How will you rate the overall induction training? Feedback Quantify Excellent 1 Good 17 Average 2 Poor 0 Very Poor 0 Total 20 Do you agree that induction training provides an excellent opportunity for? Newcomers to learn comprehensively about the organization? Feedback Quantify Agree 18 Disagree 2 Neutral 0 Total 20 52 .

53 .

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