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Include diary/log y Should be sequential to the mark scheme

Definition (3)
Name and background of the company y Organisation chart were relevant y Who is the client and/or end user y Brief outline of the problem

Investigation (10)
y y y y y y y y

Current situation ² what happens NOW Plan and data collection Evidence of end user agreement to interview Include at least one of each type of stakeholder Plan of questions and possible follow up Transcript of interview Additional data collection Presentation of results

Analysis (12)
y y y y y y y y

Analysis of collected data Agreed by the client This is about the exisitng system and problems Requirements specification What the new system will do Agreed by client with consultation Comparison of three different methods of developing the solution Reasoned hardware and software requirements

Design (12)

Nature of solution (10)
Will depend on software used Based on;
x x x x Input Process Output Storage

Navigation Preparation of data

Design (12) cont.

Project Plan (2)
Gantt chart Tie in with activity log

Software development & testing (19)
A test plan based on the requirements, run tests and actions following any failures y Produce evidence of the technical aspects of the solution y Specific annotation of the HCI y Modular testing (outside of the plan)

Installation (5)
Training requirements/plan y Installation ² data files, hardware, software. y Method of changeover y Consultation an agreement from client

Documentation (10)

Depends on software
User guide Technical guide

y y y y y y y

Standalone Online help Covers ALL operations Troubleshooting Page numbers Index Table of contents

Evaluation (6)
Against requirements y End user comments y Addressing shortfalls (if any) y Possible extensions

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