Aloe Vera – The Amazing Herb


loe, a popular houseplant, has a long history as a multi-purpose traditional remedy. Commonly known as Aloe vera, the plant can be snapped off and , placed on cuts and burns for immediate relief. Aloe vera is a clump forming succulent whose fleshy gray gray-green leaves are arranged in a vase shaped rosette atop a very short stem. It belongs to the family Liliacae and is m mainly cultivated for its thick fleshy leaves from which the yellow resinous latex or yellow sap or anthraquinones (the bitter yellow liquid between the leaf rind and gel) exudes and can be used as a laxative or purgative. If it is not processed properly it turns out to be poi poisonous. There are about 250 species in Aloe vera 50 and these species belong to the succulent family like any other lilies or onions onions. In India, it is grown commercially for its high demand in cosmetic industry as cosmetics well as in Indian system of medicines. The succulent leaves are the economic part of this plant. Aloe is known by several names in India such as Ghrit Kumari, Kunvar and Indian aloe. Its multifarious uses as medicinal plants, vegetables and s ultifarious pickles, etc. has inspired growers for commercial cultivation in many parts of the country. The gel produced from its mature leaves is used in cosmetic industry for preparation of shampoo, face creams and moisturising agents. Aloe vera is mentioned both in the Bible and by the ancient Egyptians. Aloe Bible Egyptians barbadensis is native to warm, dry regions, especially Southern Europe, Asia and Africa. Habitats described include the area surrounding the Mediterranean Sea in areas Europe, some parts of the southwestern United States, Southern Australia, and the eastern and southern parts of Africa. Aloe genus comprises about 200 species, indigenous to East and South Africa. In India the plant is mainly found in Rajasthan and other dry belts. It also grows in coasts of Mumbai, Gujarat and South India.

World cultivation
Aloe is grown largely in South Texas, USA, Mexico, India, South America, Central America, Australia and Africa.

If farmers are interested in growing Aloe plants they have to take care of many things related to the environment. They are cultivated in tropical or . It minimizes frostbite damage. due to its positive effects on the skin. Aloe protects from lung cancer. Aloe vera plant sap is a thick. 4. 7. and 11 of the 14 "secondary" amino acids. 4. The human body requires 22 amino acids for good health . Hence it . It screens out radiation. Aloe gel soothes burns. 6. 6. Aloe Vera has Vitamins A. Aloe chinensis. 5. B2. 3. This gel has lot of medicinal use lots and this is the gel which is used in various ailments and ointments. Aloe variegata. There are around 250 species of this plant in the world. C and E. When we are talking about aloe plants they are mostly found in the regions of Africa but can be traced all over the world according to climatic conditions. Aloe plants such as Aloe vera barbadensis are known for their medicinal use. Some of the older Aloe plant even bloom. 3.Common Varieties and Uses Common Varieties Aloe barbadensis m miller. sub tropical regions where weather condition is not chilling. They are used in various beauty preparations to give the skin a beautiful look. it is believed to help in sustaining youth. 7. 1. rashes and cuts. B12. Following are the Followin important factors that make its cultivation lucrative: Medicinal uses of Aloe v vera Aloe vera contains over 20 minerals. Aloe saponaria. and the weather condition. Aloe forex. producing a tall stock covered by bright color petals making it a beautiful flower flower.eight of which are called "essential" because the body cannot fabricate them. Aloe Vera contains all of these eight essential amino acids. It eases intestinal problems. 2. various kinds of ailments and ointments are available for burns. mucilaginous gel. B6. B1. Aloe wor plants are basically tropical succulent plants. In India. It also reduces blood sugar in diabetic diabe patients 1. 2. all of which are essential to the human body. Aloe Vera Plant Aloe vera does not need any introduction as it is highly popular and widely used t in the market. Uses Aloe vera helps heal wounds. Aloe lalifolia and Curacao aloe. 5.

therefore we need to supplement them regularly through our diets. Anti-fungal/anti-bacterial supplement: In 2004. Daily dose of vitamins Aloe Vera Gel includes vitamins A. The plant is clearly the herbalists method to control the deadly called ghee kunvar or ghee kumaari kumaari. B12. Body-building blocks: Amino acids are our body's building blocks. Health benefits of Aloe v vera Aloes have been used worldwide for more than 3. The test results showed that aloe extract aloe inhibited the growth of the streptococcus and shigella bacteria. aloe extract has proven to decrease blood glucose levels. We all know that adding foods to our diets . Aids in healthy digestion: A healthy digestive tract ensures ealthy that nutrients from the foods we eat are absorbed into the blood stream. with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals is recommended for overall health. B6. Research claims that aloe can prevent or at least slow down the development of diabetes. magnesium. Diabetes prevention: After research. iron. aloe has been proven to prevent human conditions like rheumatic fever. uice pure aloe gel regularly may improve bowel regularity and . Daily dose of minerals Some of the minerals found in aloe vera juice inerals: include calcium. Medications given to diabetics also contain significant amounts of aloe. chromium. sodium. itamins: itamins C and E. locks: Drinking Aloe juice on a regular basis allows you to help maintain your uice health by replenishing your body naturally with these essential amino acids.500 years but it has gained popularity in recent times due to its medicinal and beauty enhancing properties. stream Aloe juice has natural. It is amazing how natural s remedies. and zinc. . biologists tested the effects acterial of aloe vera on certain bacteria. copper. It is mainly taken in the s form of gel or juice. Drinking Aloe gel is a natural and healthful way to replenish the el body's supply. magnesium manganese. B1. detoxifying abilities Drinking Aloe juice made from uice abilities. seem to have so many health benefits. like aloe. folic acid and niacin. . The human body simply cannot store some of these vitamins. B2. meningitis and diarrhea. potassium. In effect. pneumonia.

Aloe is pretty bitter. The use of the plant can be noticed in a number of lifestyle and living trends. Since the immune system works around the clock protecting the body. make sure to use Aloe vera. Immune support and function: Aloe juice provides natural support for the immune system. the use of Aloe vera on a regular basis will surely prove to be useful. Wound treatment: Given its bacteria-killing effects. on a regular basis. Because aloe is safe to be taken internally. aloe vera. Dental health and hygiene: Aloe juice is extremely beneficial for the mouth and gums. gives the body a continual arsenal from which to draw. it can be used to treat injuries that occur on soft tissue. aloe vera can be used to disinfect wounds. It can protect your open wounds from certain microorganisms that can cause infections. . while at the same time decrease unfriendly bacteria and yeast. Instead of waiting for the condition to subside. preventing the focused heating of a sensitive surface such as skin. Hair grower substitute: Hair loss is an unflattering condition that is usually attached with aging. you can ingest oral aloe or aloe extract to speed up the healing process. To enjoy good healthy conditions. such as mouth ulcers. Sunscreen: Aloe sap is slightly viscous. For better nutrition. It has also been used effectively to treat bleeding gums and to soothe pain and discomfort after oral surgery or extensive dental treatment. People go through expensive treatments like hair grafting or attaching toupees to their scalps. and with regular use. health and skin. make-up or even weight loss. Regulates weight and energy levels: Aloe gel naturally. either internally or externally. Its base can scatter rays of sunlight. with its natural immune enhancers. Aloe juice from the pure aloe gel ensures a greater feeling of well-being. Heartburn prevention: Heartburn may not be life threatening but it can certainly cause discomfort. despite being composed of a good percentage of water. so it should be taken with water. Even a tiny bottle of hair grower is pricey.increase protein absorption. given the amount of the solution. fever blisters and other lesions. Taken regularly. allows the body to cleanse the digestive system. canker sores. like personal care. allowing energy levels to increase and helping to maintain a healthy body weight. high energy level and a youthful skin. face care.

requiring no special care and only the occasional watering. The slightly sticky gel inside each leaf soothes the skin and. according to the National Institutes of Health. They do best in bright sunlight and donot tolerate temperatures below 45 degrees. It is a popular remedy for sunburn and skin rashes. studies have shown aloe vera can help promote healing of the skin. in most parts of the country aloe vera is raised as a houseplant. For this reason.Processing of Aloe vera Aloe Vera Processing Plant includes: Preliminary washing Leaf cutting (manually) Final wash Pulp extraction Homogenizing (Juice Making) Filtration under vacuum Pasteurization (Flash heating & chilling) Storage Cultivation of Aloe plants Aloe vera plants are easy to raise. .

Current market scenario and export potential The current global turnover of raw aloe leaves amount up to 70-80 million US dollars. Step 4 Water sparingly. For processed derivatives and value added products. Cape Colone. USA supplies the major bulk of aloe in world market having a share of 60-65%. If the leaves of aloe vera turn yellow or droop you may be giving the plant too much water. which is expected to grow at the rate of 35% in the next five years. known as pups. current global trade is estimated at around 1 billion and 25 billions US dollars respectively. only when the leaves begin to look less full. Aloe beverages are also very popular in Korea. American consumers are most familiar with aloe’s use in skin-care products and there have been dramatic increases in aloe vera sales in the United States. Spain and in several African nations. Korea is currently the largest international market place for aloe. Step 2 Plant your aloe in a pot with good drainage. These pups can be easily transplanted. is shipped to the United States and Europe. Transplant the pups to other pots. Step 5 Separate all the new pups from around the parent plants once a year. Singapore and Malaysia. South or west-facing windows are best. Italy. Switzerland. In India. The use of aloe in cosmetic products is growing at a modest rate in the Scandinavian countries. China and India combined together have a market share of only 10%. In summer. Do not allow the pots to sit in water. As a beverage. Aloe vera plants multiply by sending up multiple small shoots. The Government target of medicinal plant export is to the tune of Rs 10000 crore by the end of 2010. aloe drinks have long been a staple drink in American health food stores and with direct marketing companies. aloe juice produced at the farms in Vidharbha region are marketed to Mumbai and Bangalore. etc. with Japan running a close second. Both of these countries have a long and respected tradition of herbal medicine. Bonaire. West Indies. market for skin and hair products containing aloe is increasing. Step 3 Set your aloe vera in a sunny window. whereas Latin American countries supply 20-25% and Australia. in an all-purpose potting soil or a soil made especially for cactus. . In Australia. you can set the pots on a deck or balcony in full sun. Aloe produced in Zanzibar.Step 1 Obtain a young aloe vera plant from a store or from a friend.

com Note: The author may have used various references in the preparation of this article. etc. the blooming stage of Indian herbal industry and export potential. So to fulfill the requirement of medicinal plants.D Research Scholar PG and Research Department of Commerce Sri S. industrialization. deforestation. The main reasons of low production are increasing population. For further details please contact him/her. S. Keeping in view. Disclaimer: Articles & information in the e-zine Science Tech Entrepreneur contain views expressed by individual authors or are taken from various sources Science Tech Entrepreneur does not own any responsibility for their authenticity. plant based drugs were used in small quantity and the production was in abundance. it becomes necessary to cultivate these plants. . In the ancient times.Ramasamy Naidu Memorial College Sattur – 626203 Virudhunagar District Tamil Nadu.Conclusion Thanks to nature for the Aloe vera plant for its characteristic goodness that it bestows on humanity for medicinal and health benefits. But today the demand is very high whereas production is very low. E-mail: jeyakumaruma@yahoo. commercial cultivation of Aloe vera can be very rewarding for Indian farmers. Jeyakumar Ph. urbanization. According to World Health Organization (WHO) today as many as 80% of the world population depends upon traditional medicine.

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