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"hate" put aside "love" act toward

"know" examine "believe" fixate

"trumpet" horn "faith" bondedness, loyalty
"save" preserve, except "adulterous" unbonded
"lest" unless, to prevent "lost" wandered
"amen" definite "rent" tore
"reward" goal "baptize" dip
"spirit" wind, breath, ghost "fell", "fallen" descended
"blaspheme" speak against "suffer" endure
"swear" oath "nation" bloodline, lineage
"the", "a", "is" function as, function of "peace" completion
"good" order "testament" commitment
"evil" chaos "holy" allocation, designation
"earth" land, planet "brother" kinsman
"star" luminary "sister" kinswoman
"come" arrive, approach "friend" ally
"ladder" stairway "trembling" moving, motility
"clean", "pure" refined "glory" luminosity
"forgive" let off "heart" inner principality
"righteousness" on path "hear" listen
"wickedness" off path "see" look, view
"confess" attest "bless" bow the knee; kneel
"beg" request, inquire "blessed" bowed, knelt toward
"eye" view, perception "life", "soul" self
"serve" assist, attend "time", "ever" age
"fear", "revere" make first authority "lead" guide
"church" assembly "prophecy" words of
"worship" bow, prostrate toward "sword" weapon
"foolish" without regard, heedless "angel" emissary
"command" waypoint, direction "name" reputation, character
"perfect" without transgression "mystery" secret
"grace" benefaction "rest" cease
"truth" absolute, grasp "woe" lament
"son" continuer of the house "lie" inaccuracy, deviation
"father" support of the house "defile" merge