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Grammar for Beginners Unit 7

Grammar for Beginners Unit 7

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Published by paskyp
for ESL students (beginner)
for ESL students (beginner)

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Published by: paskyp on Jan 10, 2011
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Beginner Step 1 Unit 7

Q: What are you doing? A: I’m exercising. Q: What are you doing? A: I’m studying. Q: What are you doing? A: We’re cooking.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING? (Present Continuous)

Q: What are Cem and Savas doing? A: We’re playing computer game. Q: What’s Robbie doing? A: He’s Watching TV. Q: What’s Martin doing? A: He’s eating.

Practice: Answer these questions
1. What is Don doing? 2. What’s Gulhanim doing? 3. What are Melody and Dianne doing? 4. What are they doing? 5. What is he doing? 6. What is she doing? 7. What’s the dog doing? 8. What are they doing? 9. What is Erdal doing? 10. What is Gretchen doing? Present Simple Eat Walk Read Present Continuous Eating Walking Reading Present Simple Watch Sleep Study Present Continuous Watching Sleeping Studying

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