GERUNDS USES +With some verbs: She denies taking drugs. . +With some expressions: It·s no use trying to persuade him.

. WITH THE VERB GO.GERUNDS AFTER PREPOSITIONS: +He·s good at singing. TO REFER TO CERTAIN ACTIVITIES: +Many old people go dancing at the weekend.

It·s no use. to be/get used to.GERUNDS VERBS and EXPRESSIONS Admit. enjoy. can·t help. suggest. miss. can·t stand. mind. It·s not worth. look forward to. detest. finish. avoid. practise. give up. There is no point in. imagine. resist.Have difficulty (in) . feel like. deny. consider.


INFINITIVES USES: +With some verbs: He wants to be captain of the football team. . +After adjectives: They arrived too late to see the film.

agree. would like . fail. hope. promise.used to. expect. seem. learn.INFINITIVES VERBS Afford. need. plan. care. pretend. manage. ask. want . beg. decide. refuse. appear. demand. offer.

. Remember to post the letter. or what has happened.Gerund or infinitive?   REMEMBER +-ING:Remember what one has done. I will always remember meeting you for the first time. REMEMBER +INF: Remember what one has to do.

TRY+INF: Make an effort.Gerund or infinitive?  TRY+-ING:Make an experiment. Please try to understand. I tried sending her flowers but it didn·t have any something to see what will happen. attempt to do something difficult.  .

Don·t forget to post the letter. FORGET+INF: Forget what one has to do. or what has happened.  . I will never forget seeing the Queen.Gerund or infinitive?  FORGET+-ING: Forget what one has done.

Gerund or infinitive?  STOP+-ING: Stop what one is doing or does. Every half hour I stop to smoke. STOP+INF: Make a pause or break in order to do something. I must stop biting my nails.  .

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