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I '1' . . "", ""1 '. ~ ~.'...' I •


1~·i."ni.!iI"u~nL~· L- 'j·D·-n-"D"-'=L M··-·- '-A"--CO--'-- ·RE-·O!·C'D M·.··.· -~·T-·'H' 'iEi"'R"S--'

~.nl~:JJ, .. ~~ ~., I, .', '_,- .~~ ~' _,_. _,' 1,_'"'' ~ .'.~ ,·_,·___:,n __:, ,~_:' .' "I

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Forgot~tfm Books' t.ak,es 'the' up'pernN,st Claire to preserve t'h',e wordinrJ' and' fmtl:[I'eS fro.m' tbe origi.'ruJ'i haole However, t'i'l'.fs book' bas been sconned and re/orma'Ued fro'rr~ the' ,ortg/:rloJ~, and as ,'Such we' tantHn guarantf!e' that it is free' /,roffl errors Of ,con t,ain'$ :theJ,'un ,con t,ent of the

. .- " - ~. - [~'r : .~ j'


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1ir iiim

11 fl.-

IT'- -"h-'-e,':' Tarot

, ,... -' . -', . -.:. ," ,,_.


~ '.

Samuel Liddell MacGregor Math.lersu.

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t'h" '0' "U'SC' tnds 01'" b ooks o "n- tine fo "r

. .. . . : I:", I . . , . .' ' "... [ ~'.' . l ". J': ' . ." ."", . I:. ' , I j' • I .. ' I !:. '-: '.:. ' .. .' .""J : I:', I .. ' ,I • , : r. j .. :' r J'" -. .. . : I:", I ...

'~ '~ .. .. - .. . .~. ~. ~ .. '_ . . . .. :.' '_ . . .' '~ ~'.. .. ~ ~ ~ '~ ~. ~ '.. ,.' .. ~


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J' t ,I '"t . us:~' Vlsr-:

Ii t't b k"

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A·b- --O~' lilt' ,tL. a [8:'0- '-O~' k

M·,".iW, .Illl~ .,". __ .1'1

"Thls is a shortt: essay om th e Ta rot, by ill proml n emit OCCIU It ist of t[h1 e 19th Ce ntu ry" M[athelrs ,t:i lso WlrOft,e The' Kal bba la h U nvs i I[e,d. iii

("Q.. ,.-- ,,,, - Ii -'- ' .. " -.'- _A *,., ,.,jI.,-, - -' .. '. '~ .J10 l e J rom ,sacr-eU=I~eXl;S., com l

Abo. • ~ ~t- ... to. .. A' ~.[h .- .. ~'O'l!l,: '~Ii lie •. '. u'" _,_or'

I"Sa [mil] e I[ Udd e II (0 r' l.ldde I) II M a cG re',g:o rill' M atf'ire rs, born as Sa m ue I Udd e III (j an u a ry 8, or 11,~, 1854 ,_ N[,ove m be r S or 20 i 191,8) r 'W'3 S on e of the most infl uentl a [I figures tn modern Oceu It I sm. IIHJ,e i s prim a r~'IY' known as one, of the feu no e rs uf the He rmstic Ord[e:r of the 'G 01 den Da'wn, a cererno nli'a[t magic orde r whose ,offs hoots, stl II extst todav,

samuel tlddell was born ,on January 8 or Januarv 1ll, :il.854- in H a cknev, La ndon, E n1JJgII allni d. His fath er, W'iill la m M[. M[ath ers I died 'W'hii:[I:e Sa m I~ e I[ Lll dde II wals, sti 1[1 a boy., [~[k$, m at-he r, wh ose m a ide n na me 'wa s COlli ins", die d hl lSgS. He atte no ed [Bedford Gra nil m a If School, su bseq uentl[y worlki ng in Bou Ii'II'iI e m outh, DIQ rset, as ,a

I k 1)." f t L dJ '~":-,III.·--: :-, ::'(',~' r'Tr- Id,~ eath 1'--: f h iic.

cJ~r~~, oerore m,Q'vlnlg .e tone on Illet oW,lng_ rne ream o~ ,!.IS


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vii:i T

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· .. , ...• ~ ;35,

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.~ 1

Its OIOCU I~: S'ilm'ificalnce~ Use 'i In Fortu In e-'Tellillilngl'~ a md Method O'f Pllay" Etc

I-T' . '- 0 ente r, wiii~:h ill1l tin e II i m its ef th is. sh 0 rt treatl S@,[Wlif}onany'

... ~U~S!~Il~i~~~O ~h~~i:l~to;~~~:~r~dlS!:~~~e;IV ;~~~: t~:

exam i rrI ~ ng bri[efh( into wh at relates to thei r most a rile ie nt form, the Tarot, or Taroechl Cards, and to gJiving, as dearly and conlcii's,ell''V' as possjble, mstructlons whlkh willi: enlj3[lbl[9' Imy readers to uti I lse th e m fo r' fo rtu n e- tell I i ngi 'fDO wh leh they a re fa r better adalpted I' from the greater n[~ m be ran d va rli ely' or thei r

comblnatlo if1(., than the oi'iir~lit1'''''r:'' cares. I 5:·h'[:;'][111 :;'][115:·[0···· ente r

.... ....,. .. U.IIII!;! .~ ~ IS.I" .... [~IIlI.. v. Y II III!;;!. Y ...... Ii.!!~. . ... Q. Q.. .. Ii;; .[~ _

somewhat into th e'iir CH)C:U It ·a nd Qa[iba II lstl ca I sign iiffli'cat~ ens,

The' term [1~'raroil:.'I;11! .0 r' "Tasocch i IlI'I is a IPP I led to a pack of 78 cal rd 5, CO nslstl ng of fou r s ui'fIts of 14 ca rd s each [th e:re be i ng on e m[o:re court card ~:h,an in the ordlnarv packs=the Cavalier, Knngihitj or Horseman], and 2.2. svrnbollcal picture-cards all1lswer~ng for tru mps, These II atte rare n urn bered hom] '1 to 2: 1 Inc II'lJj sive, the, 22 no card bel ng ma rked le ro, o. The de:sii'gns ()ff th€ s€ t rtl!.!l rnps are extre melv ,s:ii n gu la r" a mong th[e'm be ing sue h re p rese ntanon s as IDe.ath.j. the Deiv'j I, the, La st J u dgment, &c ..

The, '~de,a thldlt ca rds we r,e' fi rst I!! i nvented ~ to a m use Cha riles V~ [of F ra nee :i15 Inow eXlpl oded; and lt is w'o rthv ojf' note ~In th i 5 CO nn actio n thl at thai r su PIPo',sijititii:ous !I!'~ nveritor" 'w'a s J is cq uss Giri ngo rllin eu Iri· a ill Ast rologe r a Ii'ii d [Q.a ba llst, Fu rth e rmo re, ca rds '~i.fer'e kn own p rior to this lPe riiiod a Imp rIlg tt:h e I ndl'ila n s ,a nd the Chtnese .. Etteilla, indi[e;edj gives in one of his tracts on the, Tarot a

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representatl on of the miysUca I a rra ngelm'elnt of these ca rds 'Ii riJ the Te[mplle of Ptsh at Mle'm,pihi$!, and ~e further savs:

"Upon a ta:b~e or altar, at. the' hleigl~t of the breast of the Egypt~a n M,a,gu:s (,0 r HI ~ e ropha nt], w',e're on one' side a book or assemblage of ca rds or plates of go Id {tlh e Ta rot], a nd on th e

ot -h~ r ~ V:~I~'~ etc !I!' 'l.~ ~ so, id, I~,a',' ls 'fr 1- "1"~ e- r d,', , Ii"I ~r~ d, ~ - in; 0'. :n be: P,

__ '1;;_ Q _!!;!.;I!I;;I '1;;'1;;, _ _ __ __'I;; __ ;;I _ u! ,~_ _ ___I_Q'I;,'I;;_ U!:'"' y __

Christian [the dlscple of Ellii'phas IL~vi}1 ln his "Hlstolre de II~ M,ag:'f1e"'~ 'to whflc,h II shall have occasion to, refer later. The gr~,at exponents of the Tarot, Court de GebellJ:iinj Levi, and Ette~lllla .. h[aiV',e' aillwav.s a sslgned to the rs rut a Qaba I isti,oo~,£,gYlpt:i,a n origin, an d th ls II have fou nd conflrm ed in Imy own research es into th IS su bjie.c'it, w hiith halve exte ndsd Dove Ir' s,eV',en~ I yealrs..

W· , IbJ ueh £1;'1:' 'W"" "'['I-I-I'I:"h- - ·1 re ·1 n- h is rem '::J; rks 0" n th - Q G" 0 'n era 1- ib1I '['I sto nJ.' I'"'I;f~

"",,, III :01[1,....:1',-'-' J 't-I ..:t. '~ la, r.;.;:;.,'- I ~, II:i ,-' 'I;:i' 1I:i' C, flI,',-,:', l' 'u-

PI~r:-llli1lo:~C~~r-d' ,e' ~·a·· ~,.-~. ~P"fh~ most ancient ,"'~-a, 'r~ls, whi,~"h have , ... 't')i,m~

__ Qy __ I_,~ , __ Q .;Io~, i;! __ y~, 'I;; , __ .;10_' Q_I_I 'I;; __ , a,..,, __ iU ' __ ,1 __ .... n ' ,r;;:' 1,..,1i,,;'_,_[_r;;::

down to. us a re of th e 'W':alIrOit 's cha racter, These a re th e feu r ca rd s of the Muse,e' Correr at Venice; the s~'v',e'nte,en pieces of the' Paris Cabi net {e rron eOILi s Iy ofte n called the Gi rii'ng',o nn eu r, or (:ha!J[rh~'s, V II card s of 1392)1 five Ve netia n T arots of the flfteent h ce ntu rv, i riJ the opi In ion of so me not of an ea rilli er date tJh a In 14,2.5; a nd th e serl es of CBI rd s be longl ng to' a Mine htate set, I fi11 the, possessio n of: the Co UI ~irt,e'ss Au Ire Hal 'Vislconti Gon zalga at M i la n, W he n C~ cogna ra wrote,"

w., A. Cha tto in hls "Hlsto .. rv ,0,' f P'1,~::~no'~!(":~r,~~:,!! sa "-~S',', that card .. s

- - - - ----- --)j~1 -- - ---~ - __ i;!,._ - Y ,. - - -Q,,/---,r;;., II,...Q_Ii.!! .... ,1 .... -"1- ~- -Q -- -----;;1

were "I'[I:"N'i-i£!!n"tadl ln ,('j[..·ln'':I; ,~,I:' Ci"::!ir"llv ':IIi!'" A·D·· "ill 12t'f1, "I'[n- the relen of

"'" . "'" ,I[ II""",, -",",' , ". J [I. .U UJ ' .. :""~,- 'liII,,j ,M,.. '., .IlL· -,U, . I I,I[ [I",", .. "", '!'.i> . ·11

Seu n-H o. for t ~ e am usement of his n urn ercus CiQ ncubl in es,

- - - - - - - - - , - - - - - - - -- - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- -- - - - - - -

.1 IF. Valllant, in ili'j~e:s R,omes'1' hii'stoire' vraie des, vraies Bo:~e[mien$,~,lil Paris .. l8,S,tj. says, that the, Chlnese have a drawing dii\dd eo i nte com pa 111m ents ,0 r serl 1315',1 based on com b in atiio[11I s of

Copy rig hted m ateri al


.~ .9.

th e nu m her 7. ~, 111'lllt so closely resern bles the Ta !foit .• th at the fou r suits, [of the latter occupv tts flrst four columns: of the twenty~· one atouts feu rteen o (leu PY tl~ e tift h co hJ m n, and the seven oth er atouts th e shu h col u rnn ru Thls sl xth (;01 M rn n of seven ato uts ls that of the six: days [of the we[ek of creation. NlOWi' according to the Chinese. this representation belongs to the' first ages of Un e ~r em p ~ re, to th e d rY'~ ng up o·f the wate rs of the de[~ uge by lAO;: it mav be concl ud ~d.!' the refore I' that iit is. allni a riigii In a I., or a co PV of the Ta rot, an d, un d er a nv circu m S,t~1 ~ ces, th at the ]Ialtt.[~r ~s of an or~gii In ante rior to M oses, that it belongs to the begl nn in,g of ou r t lm e f. to the epoch of d1le p reps rat ~on of the ze d lac, and censequ e mrtly that it mu st own 6600 yea rs of exlste nee .. [111

B ut, notwlt hstan ding the appa rent ,a udac ity of th is lSItil:e r statement, it must be evident on reflection that the Tarot, co ns,isti ng, as iiit d oes, [of the, ten n umbers ()T' tlh e. deed mid II seal e co tlllrrtj~'r~ch a ng:e d wtth tt'~ e tetra d, a no of a hi eroglvph lc a II ph a bet of twe nty',·two mys,tiic .sym bols, m ust be re legated to fa r ea rl ier period ~ n the h lstorv of th e world t~ ttl n that USILI a Ily ass igr~ ed to th e ~ ntrod uctlo n of ca rds into Europe; a In d 'we may ta ke the fa ct of th e ra rot be i ~ g th e orlgi n of' thl e mod e rln ca rd as bel ng now pretty' we III establ ish ed by ge ne ra II conse nsus of 0 p ~n ion.

It was; court de Gl~[lblel[jn w·nlo.i· in h~·s. IIIM[o~de Prlmlttf" (Par:iis 1.7,8:1) I' wrote: iil'We re ''!lIte 'fda hea r that there exists iin 0 u r day Wark off th e And ent Egypti a ns, one OcT' the~ r boo ks. wh h:h ha d esea ped the fila m es wh i ch d eva LJI red their .S uperb Iii bra riss, and w hiith (~O ~ ta i ns th eiii:r p u re;st d cctrin e on most ~'rr~e resti ng subjects, everyone would doubtless be anxleus to acquire the kn o·wl'ed,g:[e· of so va 1 ua bile a nd ext raord i narry a work .. We re '!!lite to add that 1I:1~ lis. book. is wid e Ily spread 11: h rough a I a rge part [of Europe, a no th at for ssvera 1 cent IUilr~,es. it has belen a ccessl bl e to

il Tlh~.s. is pa rth~' ta ke Iil by' Va iililant fro m Cou rt de G~lbe'lii In 's ~IIIM.onde' Pri rn ilur" VQI ... 8~. p, ;387',

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everyone, would not iitt: be still more surprislng? And would not that S'U rprlse be, at its, height we re it asserted th at peo p Ie have never suspected th,at lt wa s EgyiP[t'f1a n, th at th ey possess iitt: in such a man n err that they ca n ha li"d Iy be sadid to possess iit, at a WI, that noon e h a s eve r attem pted to d eeip he r a $,1 ng:lle leaf, ,a no. that th e outco m e of a rsco no iit[e' wiisdl om iis, rsga rded a s ,a m ass of extra va,g:a nt designs wh ich m een noth i ng in 'the[ms.ellcv'[e's? Wou Id n ot people th in k that 0 ne was, t ryi ng to a rn use on ese Ilf w~th,. and to ph~nl upon the credulity of one's he,arers"?

iiYet tin is is, a t Ii"U e fact. Th is Eg,vptia n book, the sole li"e m a i ns of thel r superb I i bra rl es, exists ito 0 ur day; it ts eve n so com m en that no sava nt has, de,s:i\g;n sd to t rou b Ie hii Imsedrf a bout it, no on e before mvself In avl ng suspected its iiUII ustrlo us '0 r'iigi n, Th i s book is corn posed of seve Ii"i;ty'~seve Ii"il leave S 0 r i IIIUI st rati Q ns, or rath er of 5eiv,enty~e ight, d ivi d ed ~ nto fiiv'[e' ell a ScSes.l, wh tcb ,ea c h present olb] ects as va rlous as it'hle:1y a r-e a m usl ng a nd ~n strucrlve. lin 0 IfiI e word, th ls boo k is th e P,A:CK, 0 F TAROT CA.R DS" !I!'

Let us now examine the word TAROT, or' 'TAR.O .. and discover .. ilf we ca n,. iiits true derivatio t11 and mea n i ng. COIU rt de G e be lln states that there are th ree words of Ori e nta I orl gi n p rese rved in t ~ e Ii'"iIOmle nell atu li"e [of d11[e' Pa elk. The se arli"e TARO! MIAT! an d 1t",AG,A 1Dc" faro .. he savs, ts pure IEgyptian;: from TAR" P'ath .. and IR,o.~, ROS .. or ROG~, Rova 11~~th e Roy,a I Path of Lilre. MIAT is a [Ii" Ii en ta I, a no me a ns OV~JPowe red, mu rde red, crack- bra i n ed: w hiU e IPAGcA"D1, h e adds, iis, also Orierrtal, form PAGi, chi,~;f.!' or- master, and G,A,D,1' [ForitlUln~", Va i laillf1lt sa v,s; l~r~le great d iv ~In ity Ashta roth, As.'·taro[th1 is, no othe r tha n th e I ndo-Ta rta r 'rallrli -ta ra, the Tarot, the Zoa ~ a c, III Mly der~·\ratiit~n of the' word, wh ich ~ have ne.'ve r fou nd given by' a ny' author, is fro m the, a ncle nt hdie roglvph i ca I Egypt lan word 111'ta ru" .. to, reqlu i re a n an swer, or to co nsu It; ergo ~ tha[t 'wh kin is con s ulted, or from 'wh lc han a nswe r- is requ ired. Th is, appea rs to me to he th e coo rreet orlgl n of tin e word, win i le the S€HX) nd t is a[ Ii"ii Egypt~arn hii'ero[glyphic ftnal, which is ,added to denote the

Copy rig hted m ateri al



fern ~n i ne gen der, Th e following are i nte restl n~' rnetath eses of tJh e lette rs of TA[RO: 1'0 RA (H ebrew} .=: L3IW; T ROA ~ Helblf"·ew:) :=:

Giate; ROTA {taiti n) == wh ee I.;: ORA,! [Lat lrt] .::: it spea ks, a rgues, or ent reats~: TAO R (Egy pti,a:liiI) :=; l'a u r" the 'God dess of D-a rkn ass:

A'fO R .( IE'~" "" ~ tt L "~ .\ At h ~"~ ~ h ~ [E' ~""" ~ tl ~ "~ V ~ "~ "" ~ A M ~ L""~ ~ II ~ "" t ~ '1[1 ~ " :.: . r .• : ,gyp Ilan~ ~:"IO[r.~. II:~ ~Ie' ,gyp 1],anenIl.!lIS" " ~~~r. .. lUlim eye .. s

me that there is a Z,end word "tarlsk", meaning "to require an answer",

There are l[ta[I~.an, Sp<M'i:sh.~. and Gierman Tarot packs, and since the time of I~'tt' e "1·11[·':Il l!"'r,e"ln'C"~h' .':11 lso " hut the '1:':0 latt e r are not en, ·w· .. · .. e '·11

I~IIII.. II L II 1;;;, . u II y "" ;, .. ' ,I~IIII. JL l[;Il'~ .. Il0l1. L .. I,i" "" .

adialpted for occult study Qwiltil,g to' ~t1Ie'illal'i's attempted "correcttons" of th e svm 001 ism, lhe I[ta II la n a re dec ld eo [I y th e best for d lvl nt3lti 0 nan d pra ctlcsl cccu It pu rposes, a nd I sin a II" th endolre, use r hem a s the ba s ls ef th e present treatise. U nfortu IlE:!lte[I'Y' the Did -fssh lo Iili ed si Ii"ilg[1 e-headed ca rds are obsolete now I' a In d the on Ily' ones Im,ade dl:re d 0 ub~ e~headled, wh i ch c iro~ rnsta nee al[1 ters th e sym be llsrn ii In a 'few i nsta nces, I s ha[1 [I, therefore, whe reve r necessa rY'1 d es,cribe th e om ittsd portio n of the d eslgn, en cl osi ng it 'with i n bra ckets to rna r!k the sa me,

As, [Ii befo re 0 bssrve dol th e rs rot pa elk. consists of sevslnty-e ight ca rds--111I a me Iy i feu r .5 IU its of feu rteen ca rds each; and twe ntvtwo symbol ic n umbered trurn ps, Th e feu r su its are _.



I Engnsh.

I Answe ring to


.' ..• :1 ......


Scept res, or

C'"I u, .

. ·".U~S·



Cha I[ lees, or


c up' c;,i["

'.' I.lI:i.;j


M O:n"Ii:!:!J,''U'

." r;::;:; '1:!


11: . . ~

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E:"":~:,T-' S',',- -I'it-- ['~~O·'- nsists [of A"_",c"'-e' ~ neuce. '1",~I-~e:o [(;;[0'-1 IT" ~l-e" ~ $:- i::~ S--:e.,:':e' 1""'1, Q!(IIIUI,_ C ~~.;;I!IS ,_ ~ ~ _, _Uii:j 111111r'l;;1 r ~rl [I~V, ,_IX, ,_"'111,1;1'

E liglht~ [N i ne 'r[en~: Fa nti [0 r' Va let ~ K n a ve; Cava 1111o[ ~ K n'ii,ght or HQ rsema liil; Da m a or R@ine' :iiii: 'QU8'@n; R,@, iiii Kiing.

The Ki ngs, ii n each i nsta nC[E:1',I' 'wea r a Cia p-of-ma iinite na Ii"ilOE:1' be neath the [crow:~; the Que'e:~ s wea Ii"' th,e c rown [0 ~ Ilv. lhe QI~ een of Pentacles a In d the' K rllalve 'Of Sceptres a re t:~ e on Iy -0 nes represented in p rofill,e" I n the su it 0'1' Sceptres th e [«,j ng bears is wa In d a kin to that re prese nted on the, sm a II ea rds ef the su it .. wlh i le tin e othe r th rlE! e ho nou rs bea r a bludgeo n s,ii m i la r to that wh I eh is. ,5 ho'wn for the a ce. I[ n the, su it of CI~ ps, th at [Q:rn ~y W hii'ch is Ih~11 d by 'it-1m e Qu e€! n is covered, th UIS shaw iing the' essentl Blilly' fe m ~ nine properties of th is SoU it" wh I Ie the see ptre he Id b)" th e Ki ng of the precedi ng s ur'iit sh oW':S its m ore m ascu lii'n e c:~ a racter,

If we exa mine th e s ma II ca Ira s ca refu IIV 'w,e sha 1[1 be- struck a on ce bv tin e co m pa rative sl m i lailr~tties of palit[e-rrll of the See ptres ,Ia nd the, Sword.si w[~ lch a re on 1'1 d lstl ngu ish eo from each oth er by the former' bein,g straight and the Ilatt:e'r being clUllrv,ed. W'e shall also notice tha t th [lli, [lDo- -~::"',S··· have oe i"'1-,,-llia··-rit- te '~" of their [0···· :.-.:1""'1

... ~ 101,i, (. .~ ~ ~.. u ~I!;: _ 'l;;U('I;; IIIII!;iIV. [1'"'" ...... ~ I_~ ~IS . II, I,i,~ ~I!;:~~ .. WII'I;!'

wh I eh d istl ng'~ ish th elm fro m the rest: of the, su n, The, IID,euc.e of~ See ptres fo rims a cross. 'w'iith two roses sin d two I i II iies ii n t ~ e opposlte Slim gl es.,;: t~ e cross between tb e Ros[el of Sha ron ailn d th e Lilly of the Vii3III'E:1'Y. The- ID@Ulce of C aps shows, a tesselated paiv'[e'mle nit 0 r cloth wh e reo n the' cu ps sta nd: betw[e1e nl them is a spe des. of Cad u ceu SI whose serpents, a Ir'€ Ir'€ P Ilaced by Llonh,ead ed fo 1m is tiro ns, wh lch recallU the' Ch n u ph is Se rpe nt of th e Gnostics; and certain farnjllar forms of the E:le:mentall Spirits; practica II oceu ltists 'wi II know to, w halt I a III udle. The De uce of

S ..;I f -.(: ''1.1' - ,., - I - - -

worus rorms a species ot vesica P:iISCIS enclosing a mystic rose

of th e prl rna ry col ou rs, 'ilihe ID~ uce o;f P-ent,a d€! s is bou n d to-g:et he r by Ell cant in uo us' ba nd ins Uich iii m dl:fn n err a s to f[o:rlm a

Copy rig hted m ateri al


.~ '1

The' fou r A.(ie·s sta nd <0 ut by th e m se lives, 'from th e rest of the pac k, each fo rm i ng~. as ~t we re, the, Key of its respective su n. 'The' A,c@ of Sceptres rsca 11;5 tlhe ell u b of H@rclUl[1 es: i'~: ii s su rrou nded by' eight d eta cb ed II eaves, wh cse sha pe rec.alill s that of the Hebrew L~tt~ r Yod, .0 r' l, a In dis c rown ed w~th th e Symbol of the Tria d re p rese ntad by the tlh r~e IloIPIJ)[ed b r;aln chss; it ts the SYlmiboll1 [of ,A:llml~ghil:y Strength withii:lni the cube of the U niverse .. which latter is shown by' tin e [e·ig ht :lleaves.~ for e ~glht ~s the 'fi rst cu Ibica I number, The, Ace of [Cup·.s ls of Egyptii'an [orii'.gin~ whlch ean be m or[e' easi Ily seen ii n the Spa n iish Ta rot. Th e fig M re, like an i nverted M on its frio nt.~. is a III that re m a ins, of tnle Eg,y ptla n tw~ n Se rpe nts wlh i ch orlgi nal [Iy d ecorated lt, It: re presents the Wat.ers of C realth)n .~ n the fi rst chdlptrer ,of G en esl s. It ~ s t[h e Sy:m bo II C[T' the PO'w~ r' wh ich rece lves a nd mod ifies, The Ace of Sw,o rds is, a Sword ,SllJI rmou nted by a Cr[QW rIl, from w hieh de pe nd on eithe r .si d e an ,0 II uve and a palll m bra n eh .. svrn bo I k. of me r,cy an d seve r·uty.; a 11"0 un d it a H~\ .s ~x He brew' Ycds, reca I ~ i ng th e Six days of the M csa ic Creatlo n. It ls th e S'Ylm boll of that: Justl ce wh i ch m a i ntain s nne WOlrlld in order, the equillbriurn o'f Mle-r,cy and Severity, 'The A,ee of Pe ntacl es Ire prese rtts E:t,e'rna I .Synthe·s ~s... th e great 'who Ie of th e Viis i bile II n lverse i' the, R[e'a I ~.saltl 0 n o·~' COlli nte rba la nee d power'.

The .2.2 tru rnps are itt:he hi eroglvp hlc s·yml bolls of the occu Ilt mea nrng;s of the .2:2 I ette rs of the He b rErw a ~ pha bet. Th ey are numbered from 0 to' 21 inelusive. (See Talolle) ..


IIII Bagatto Ls B ateleu r

~'11i1I A'" '6-" A' D'

\, If'~ .~: :. ,~ .. ~ - 'i





The .J uggl erA le ph '" [or- IMdlgii:cii'an

Copy rig hted m ateri al

a g,


H iigh B~1th '"


- --------}

or Felm,a lie


G• 1-




Lillimpera'~ trice

L1i 111m peratrice

Thi@ Empress.


Li1llmpera-m tore

Thi@ Emp,erDr

[) '3 -IIQ't ~

a ,,,," -~'II",


II Papa


H lero ph a nit or Pope


~-I _-:,


6< I [Gill Amanti

7. III earn)

~ ~A: - .rn 0': :'U reux Il." _ ': _11_"_-,,,_' !;;,c,_,"",

The Chariot

\tau. I v
Zain, I Z
Cheth. C,
'letih" I T
lKaph. K
~al[m,ed. L
Me'I'in;, I Ml
Nlun. N
Sa- S
~' .. - - -"
I, . e- .-:: _ ~.
A' 0
" 8. La G i ustlzla

~:':'!i 11'1111 st -I' oi"':Q. bDI JI "-'I.::iI,- !L~

1,0" Rota lDii' Fort1lLllna

1.1" La Fo-rza

1.2.. II pie nd uto

13,. I II Mione

~ D r:!1;Ci;lI'idu ~I~ 1'i"~ljll.· ..

1 hi@ H a nged MI,an

1.5" II [) lavolo


te n la bille

T~e [)ev~11

L@ M,a lson- Thi@

[) lieu lJ,ghtn i ngstruck Tower

1.7.. I Lie, Stelille

Thle Star


18" I La tUln a

The Mloon


I Tz I

1.9" I II sole

'-1-1)..0 Coon !III'¢ .,JiU"_1

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L~ Jugement The,


0,. [Ill M atto Lie, ro U (:IMA'f)

The, FooIII ish s:~ ~ n. Man

'The, Tau.

IJiln! hie rse



21. [II Mondo Le' Monde,

Copy rig hted m ateri al


I 'W'"I ~I-II I!"i O'W' d B;[, cribe -::11 rBf~11 111- ~-'Y th 0. iI:"tfl!'Ti"ll b i!"ii -1'['1 iI:' m of each .... f th BiI:' B

,"_" 1111",:""" ~ ... ~... ,\;0' 0 ... ' !;,iI,II',' ,- ' .... ' ~'fllill -"u,~' II '"II ~a'", [Ii..!' ~, ... ~, ... '

h [~I-~o[~'II-- nh '''',13 I II~,[~,- ~~:, ~ Jr;;;T g"YI!'""~ ~~'I;.o _~ r\r;,"/;I,

1.. Th€ J ugg:ll€ r 0 r Mlalg ilc ila In" B,e;uore a ta ble covered 'with t ~ e alPP I lan ces o,t' his, arrt sta ndis, th e 'ngu re [of a J ugg Ie r, om e ba nO. upraised holding a 'wand (in some packs, a (::UP}I t~~ other polnting downwards, He w[e[ars a cap of maintenance llke that of

h kl h "'..!I b '" f ct.' I d IL..·

tr ,e "lnlgSj 'W iose Wlluenml rorms a sort 0.11 aurea e- rnun I~IS

hlead" H lis- body' and arms form the sh a pe [of the, Hebrew letter

AI ~ ~ h t ~ - - h' ~ h '* h" ~ ~ ~ - dl ~ ~ ~ - ~ ~ - ~ ~ -- d ~ lUI ~ ~ - ~ ~ b -I' ~ ~ ~ 'W' .'·Il~ epn, 0 'W' Ie, I I( IS Cia F correspon s. f.II e ,syml'o uses II ~.'

,2-", rbe IHiG~ P-r)ie,':",S','t--e":'c'IS','" or 11:"':'[rnl-m'II.;']llle: P,",0~:~:[rn,_ ,A,'-", ~--[O': m an ... rO,':':-,-I1'e'~, '::-'it:~ ~

_. ,~~ I!;; III ~I;I; II1I ~ . I .. .. . . s -r-. ~ .. r r r;;; ~ !;I . . !!..I' P I!;: ~ . w .. . ~_. '1;.0 ~ .. W I II . Y W ~ [~IIII !;I

Ihligh m ltre or tl a Ira (heir head e ncl rc led by' a v,e'i I)" a stol€:1 (0 r a 50 la r crossl u po n herr b rea st, and th e scok of science open in Il.. er [I.-. ":Ii n d '5' II.-. e re IP' re S e' nts 'S'"'" le nee "W: ',:, lsd .n m' - n r u,."'n n'w' le dlae

~ "II. -.' II ~ [:".. ,.11 -, '-.: I ' - ".J -' IL~ .. \.r. .. -.. \or. - _I .': . .' ~ _ [(I. j I ,~' yJ (iX. [u ," . .'.' .. _.J:. D: - .•

4, The[ E,lmpe ror, He is, (: row ~ eo (a n d II e,a n'liit1,e:: ,ag,aii:ln st a t h ron-e" his Il~gs. form t31 cross, and besld e him, be neath hls left ha nd I' is a shie Idl b lazcn ad w:ji~:hl an eag lie). II n h ~s right ha nd he, bea rs is see ptre si m ill ar ito that of the Em press," IHIlii's. body a no a rrn s fo rm a tria ngll e~ of wh lch h ls head is the a pex~ so tin at th e wh 0 Ie ngu re represents a t ria ngle a hove a (:nJ:SS,. H e represents Rea II isatlcn.

Copy rig hted m ateri al


.~ 11

5 .. Thl e Hi elro,p ha l!'lIt 0 r' Pope, He· ls crowned with the pa pal tia ra, and seated between It he tw,o pl II.a rs of IIHI,e'rm es a nd of Solo m on! 'W'ith his right hand hie makes the sign of esorerlsm ... and 'W'i'~:h his le·n he lea ns u pen a staff su FmlOU nted by ,a t ru pi e cross .. (: Befon~' h lm kneel tw',o mlii In lsters.] IH,e' ii s the sylm boll' of M@trcy and B:enetiite nee,

6.. The L,ove rs, This ilis, US uladl.lly' d escrl bed a s relPres,ent~n g M.a n between Viiice a nd Vii'lrtlUlej wh ill:e a wii'lfiiged ge nii us th reate ns Vlce 'W'ith his da rt, But I a m rat he r i nell i ned tlo th e opl n ion thl!3lt it re p rese nts th e 'Ua balllUist~calll Ml icroproscp UIS· betwee n B in a han d M a II k uth (se e my If(a b bal a h U nve ~ ~ed), wh i Ie the fiigu r,e' albo'V'e sh crws th e II nflu en ee deseen d in g from KeU'l e r, It ls usua IlI'Y' considered to m'EN3n Proof or Trial: [but I arn :iindined to suggest ·W",~·~ IlDlt'p' 0' smon .~;t' lts S'c:Jinlfc·~t--'~n

: : rse _I,:~ , ••• ~. I!'~ ~ QI~, ns : ,I,r;i:' _II,: JI'QI.h_.;·~,.

7.. Th e Cha riot, Th i s hi a most com p Ilkated ,[3 nd i rnpo rtaJ:~t svrn bol, wh ich has; bee n restored by' IE:! i P has LeviL lit re p rese nts a Go mi q uero r crnwne d a n d bea rii:n.g: a see ptre, rid ~ng in a c ublca I cha riot, .SIll! rmou nted b~l fo Uir col UI m ns a ri! d a ca nopy'~ and dra wn by tW'IO horses, on e of wh i eh looks stra ijght fo rWEI rd, wh i le the oth er turn s h i s h eald ''It,Qwa rd s In i m, (Two win ee lis a r',e· sh own ~n the eo m p Ilete :S~ ngle-hea ded figure,) It re p rese Inits Tr:iiu m ph, and Viic:to ry of J usti ce and J udgrnent,

.8,. 111 ustice, A 'worn (I n crown e.o a ndl seated on ·21 th ro ne fbetw~@ n two colum ns], h old ~'ng in h err rig ht h<MlI dan U plrig ht sword, a nd ~ n her left the seal es. Sh e sy m bo l]'jis es Eq~ ~ II i b r'~u man d J ustice.

'SL Th e IlHle rm lt . An old a nd bea rded man wra pped in a m a ntl e, and w iith h ~s head covered with a cowl, beailrii ng in his rig ht han d *IITe' 1,:- ntern of ;,- :,-:",-:'11'11+ '1-"j,-,n,-'jC" ·:~'·Il..tlle'· in hi', II eft her- h-,14'. his '1;- ,-:-i,-" I~IIII , ~anern o~ Oc.c~ "" sc~e~ ~ce.~. Willi .. ~~ ~ ~ ~~S e~. ~e ~ JJLuS . ~~.s ma.gJ:~

'~J.j''3; n' d' h o::!I; 'If-= h id .... a n i:.._£11 n',c, ath h "I"" ":1 ..... '::II it.. IIJd] a "I ir" IP rud Bin 1l""£11

·M-~·a. I. I a. rlh· _ l,.IlIWi u.~. 1~,tI~~r~. ~ '" [~'gt;\,[IJ (Tl1'W1 ,Iii -. -~. I ~ 1I.r.~.

Copy rig hted m ateri al



10., The W[h ee I cf Fortu ne, A 'whe'e][ [of $eve n spokes [th e two mldllv[e'S o'f' th e d ou b Ile-he',a d ed ca rds rna ke it e ig ht s pokes, wh ~c.h ls lncorrectl r[e'vollving I~~between tW'{j uprights], On the ascending side 1,5 a iiil an i mal aseen d I ngi ,;3 no on the d escen d ilmlg side is a sort of m on key de see ndii'ng:;: both forms aJH~ b ou no to th e w heel, Above iit ~ s the form of a rll a nge I (0 r- a ,sph i nx" '~n somel ho[1 ding a sW'O rd ii n one Ihan d a nd a crown in tin e other, '11n i s v@ry corn p I[i ~ catad syrnbo,1 ls much d~'5,figu:~ed~ and has been 'we[1.! re$t[o~ed bV Levu ,;, It sym bo I ises Fortu n e, good or bad,

11. Stren,gtt:h or [r'[ortitude,. A woman crowned wii'il::~ [crOWII1 and C~IP of Imal'iililt[enanc€',1 who calml[ly, and WiitholLllt effort, doses t~e ja Ws. of al fu rio UIS, I[~ on, S:~ e re prese nts Sue ngth,

1.2" The Ha nged Man, Th is, extra 0 rd ~ nary svm bol ts atmost uln i ntel IIIgi b I[~ ln the dou b 11E:1'~h eaded ca rds, Pro perlv ,. it ~e:pres,ents ,a man hlU n g h ead down wa rds fro m a so rt cf gi b bet by 0 ne foot ~ hiis ha no s a re bcu no be hii:nd his; ba ek in su ch a ma n Ifii e r th ailt h ~S body forms a tria ngll e with the po in t d OWlij = wa rds], a nd h is ][egs a cross albol'V'[e' it. {Two sacks 0 r we ig~ts ail~e attached to hls armptts.l He symbolises Saerffice.

13,. [) eath, A skeleto n a rrned \r·iiith ,8 Scythe, (:wh erewlth he m o'ws down heads 'iin a meadow like grass], H,e signifies Transformatlon j or t:hail~ge,.

1.4, Te m peran ce An ,a nge I[ with th e sign of the Su n '0 n heir brow Po UI rli'n,g I iq IU i d fro m one, vessel into a noth er, She re presents Cornbinati on.

1.5" Th e liDevi ~ tu ,A In orne d a nd w ~ nged demon with e agle's d 3'WS ~s.t,a nd ~'ng [0. n an a Ita r to, wh ~c h two[ ,5 rna lie r de\·dil s are bo ~ n d by a coll a r a Ii1ld cord). In his '1[@1Ft Ih a nd h e bea rs a fla m ~~ h~,ad e d see ptre, H e ~ s th e i m age of Fate or Faltall itY,I' @:,ood [0 r e\"iil.,

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1(5,. The lightning-struclk Tower" A To'w'er whose Upper part :iis I ~lk:e a crown, st ru ck by a :lrii,ghltn i rig-flash ,i' (lwo, men 'falill head liang fro m it" .a ne of 'who m is iiin such a n a'tt:[m~:ude as to 'form a ~eb rEnAl' letter Ayl n.l Spa rks a n d de brls a re fa 111m ng, It :S how,s Ru I nl, Di;slru pt iion.

17. Th e Sta r, ,A, nllJl d e fe m a I e figl~ re pou rs water IU po ril the ea rth 'fro m twO' va ses In the' he,ave ns ,a bove heir sh I nes the e.lal~ ng Star of' the Magii (surrounded by seven others), trees and plants g:row ben e!3lth heir magic :iinrl uen c)e {!311ii1 d on 0 Ii"Ile th e butterffil'y' of Ps,yche allghts], She ls the star ow' Hope.

"lD rhe 1M: - - -- f(LL. - ---- - -- - hlr ,'-- - ,-- 'the' IL-.e' ~,- -e' -- - dr - -- - - f .-.I - - - - "I;h ~ ,-, _: I !!JOin., lJIle m 0"0 n s'~ ~ In lug: In ~ ~ _ 111,9JV Ii1IS,~~ rops, '0 ~ 'iuew

fa lling, a wo'llf a nd a dog howl i ng at the' Mloo liil, a nd halted at the foot of two towers, a pat h wh!le h loses iitse.llf in the h 0 rlzon (3 n d is sp rln kled with d ro ps of blood, a C:1f~lyffii,s ~ e rn b lematlc of the sign Ca nee r, rul ed O'IJ'ler by the M co n, (:raw lis, thl rcug h Wtalt,er ~ n th e foregro un d towa rd s the I a nd). It svm 001 lses Twi light,

D ti ..iI r::'

, zece p Ion" a nu erro r.

1.9. 'The, Su n, Th e S-u mI se nd'iing: down his ralys IU P,Q n two eh lid Ire Uli .. 'W'ho suggest the' s ig[11I Ge'mli n i. (Beh i nd th ern ls a Ilow '~lIra II.) It sign lifie:s; e:ailrth Ily H a pp Ii ness

20, 1\h e Last J udgrn e nt, An Ang,e,1 In the heave ns bll owl ng ,a tru mpet, to 'wh leh a sta In da rd w iith a cross thereon is attac he d. The' Qtead rise frorn the i r to m bs. It s'~gn if es Re ne'wa I~ Resu lr,

0.. The Foo I ish M a [n., A m !3ilrll wIrth a foal IS c-a p, d ressad 1m Ike ,a jester, w'ith a stlc k dlim d OiU nd lie eve u' h ls shou Ide r, Befo re him :iis th e b u1tte[rffily' of pls a s ~ Ire II u ri ng him ,Q;mJ (wh i ~e, 'Ii lilt $IQ:m e packs a tiii,ge r, in oth e rs, a dog, attacks, h ~ m fro m beh ~ no l" lilt sign i'uij es Folll'V', E'xpi,at iion.

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,2.:1" Ihe un ive rse, W ~th i ~ a 'ffilo'w[e1ry' wreath ls ,a ferna lie ngu re II1IU de save 'for a I ighit: sea rt, She rep rese nts N atu n:' a n d th e Dlvl 1m e Pr,es[en (,e therel n. In ea ch lh a nd she- s hou ld bea r a wa nd. ,At th e ~ ~ ... ~ ~ ~ ~ I ~ ~ ~ f the ~ ~ rd ~.~ ~ th ~ f ~ ... ~ ~ Ih ~ .~ .. b ; ~ ~ ~;. ~ ~ ,~ I ~ ~ * th ~ ~OIUJIr angies [o~ ne car are ne rour c ,erU_,I[C arurnars 0'1i' , .. ne

Ap,oca Ilyps€" Abov@, the [Ea gil e a nd th e Man,;' below, tin e l.lo Iiii a nd the S.U II" It represents Co m ptetton, Re'wa rd.

Thu s the, who lie serl es [of the twe nty',·two t rumps w;~ III give <l con nected se nte nice- wh ich is ca pa b lie of bel ng re ad th u.S:>-~ Th e 1--1 u man W'iill (1,) e ~ II ig:hlten ed b:y Sd'en ce (2) and m an if.ested bY'

Action {3) should fiind its Re,al'iisatiion (4.) iin deeds of M,er\C:y' and Be neflcen ce (,5}. The, W~ $IEI [) lsposltion (6) o,f th is w'M ~ give him Vktory' {'7][ through Eqll!!J ii II i b rii UJl m {8] and P rudence {9 ),' over th e ftucruattons of F[ortunel (:LO). Fortitude' {11), sanct~'mi'ed by Sa erlflee of Self {12) II w'illUI trlu m ph over IDeath ltsel f {13)1 a nd thus a W~,se Combination (1,4) w:ii.111 enable hlii'lm to defy Fate (is},, In each IM~'s.f'ortune, (116:) he w'ilill see the Star of Hope (17) shine th rough it'he twil lght of [)e-cepil!:~oltli (18); and u Iiti mate IH,appii'ness ~19) wm be the Result (20}" FolllV ~OL, [on the other hand, '~J'lilll ori ns a bout an eV1l11 R,e.wElrd (21) .

To prepare the pack for Fortl~ne.-teillingi' w-rite at the top of each

....Ii lt b ....Ii" if tl h ""t "","

cal r'u I :$, 1111 U m .. er a IiiIU ;50[1 gn I "lea :[10 n 'W en I[ liil 1:5 pro per J}D;Srll.~IO Ii"i< ..

an d at the botto m lts m ea Inl~'ng wh en reve rsed, To fa ci lltate th iSI an d to. assist i n n~adii ng them [II here a p pe ndl a liiist crfr th e ca rds with th e mea n i ngs, wh i ch, I th i n k,I' wiU I be, feu nd to' a n.swe r' a III praetica II pu rposes R:, mea ns Reve rsed ,;,

Copy rig hted m ateri al


.~ is

M··~···I·'E.~·A.-·N··:·II"N::· GI·,··S········ 0···· ·· ••• F:' T.·_lH:~ 'jI' CA, .··.·_'R.·D.·· ·S.· •.

, , .. , - " .... "'.~ - _. .

2.. Th e H ig:lh IP rli@;st'8'S;S.==SdeIilIC@.. Wii'sdomlr Kn owledge, Ed ~lcatio n; R .• [(:'0 nee lt, Illgrn ora nee, un s kJllfu I ness, S upe rfiidall K r1IQwl ed ge .•

3.. Th e Em press.v-Acti en, IP I a n, ill ndle rtaki ng M QiV'[e[mlent in ,j) matter", lnltlatlve; R. [ilnaction .. FIIiUter'iing: 6I1wary' of power, Want of Co n ce ntratlon Va ci ~ latlon,

5 .. The HI~'erophant [or P'ope. M[e[rcv~ B[enericence K~ndness~ Good ness; R" Ove r-kl mi d ness, w'ea kness Fool lsh exerc ~s!e of g:el1[elro·~siity ,.

6 .. Thle Lovers.,··,W·ise Dlsposltions, IProo,f, Trlals Surmounted; R.

Ul'" ... L" PII" ,,- ~ " ; I' .. ,," ... lL. - ." " .. t '" - the te st

IiliWlise .. ' anSi r·al.ure Wllllen pu I~;Q ·ee.s ,

8 .. Themlis.~ [Oli" Justtce. IEquilibrium., aalance, Justtce: R;. 1B~g:otry,. 'Wijjj nt of Ba [I a nee, Ab use of J ustice, Over-severity, [I n eq ua I ity, Bi,j)$,.

9.. 'The He rm it .--P ru den ce, Ca ~ltio liil, De·1 i be rati on:' ROve rP rud en ce, TI me reus n ess, Fea r· ..

Copy rig hted m ateri al


10., Th e Whe~e[1 of [Fa rtu ne. --G ood F[o rtu ne~ Su ccess, U nex pected l;1lj ck; R.. [I :1iI-[~',o rtu ne, Fa u IILI re i U nexpected [11[1- Lu ck,

1:1.. Stre ngth, o r F'O rtltu de. +Powe r, M[ lght, Force, Strengt h .. Fortiittudi@,;' R" Abuse of P'ow€r, Overbearingness, W'antt of F ' '[~rt- tt -~ - :d[ <

~ O~_, u_e,

1.2., The [Hi,anged M~n,,~~Self~$acrii"fice~ Scacrifjoel~ Devtotiion" B'OlUllt1!d~:

R.. Se[l~ij sh ness, UIi1i boun d~, Pa rtl a [I sa cIII~fi ce,

13.. De ath ;,--Dealt[h,j' cha ngej Tra nsform at len, Alte ratl 0 n for t ~ e

W, --'0: Ir;::O:B!"~' 'O:,a.:"!I'''I:h J~ II ,I """, CI ;::O"C:~ 'Iri;CI:d:-[ Pa rtia -I cha n i!J'iCi; ,A-' [-I,!IoB! r'"3i't'I'IO: n fo r' th iCi;

" '.:)":;,1' 11\. - ..::::: a It, I "ui.::l,ll ~,J!.- al,Ii""-~' a It, a ,I ~ al C,c', - IL~ 'Ci -" OWl, - c'


14, Te m pera nee, =Com b~ n ation, (on'Form arlo n,. U nllti ng; [R." [[ 1[1 ~

advised co rnbi natl 0 nS,1' [Dii su nion, Clalsh i n:g ~ nte rests, &r.:.

1- '6--: Th"[' I ~L~" ht ,'" ',',., st "", k" T" ,-,::,:,", ~'·'R-' II' ~D",' r: I mti _-:_" '0""":·:,-' -' -th . ,', .. ::-:,

I ,~'" e Igr~d'llllti"g ,s_rue _- _ owelr"J,!Illlnt ,1,s,rup_Ilon~~ve.r _ row/

LO~:S~\5-'- [B':~ln-"kr-'IIII[P-li"'''''V'· D'_ These "lili1 a m ncr-co' ['0-' r less partial decree.

t. ,. .W .... WI 1!.\r.'1',. r\ •... ,~\.. 1111 _ ... w..... ,,,.,_,,w -._I!...o."'·'·"

17,. 'The Sta r-, .. --~ ope, Ex pectatio n, B right p rom lses: R, Hopes not fu:ilffiilled, Ex:p€,ctatioli"ilS- disappointed or fu[I'n~,e-d iin a minor degree"

18" The M oo nl.,~··Tw'i I lght, [Dece-pt~ on, Error; R, F I uctu atlon, :5[1 ight

D tl T "fl[" M'" t k

['\11 .. , I": I [,- "l'u" " . ,,_._ '," .[','J:"

ecepi ,10111S1 rrn mg "JS(;I,es.

19,. Th e Su n,. --H a pp i ness, Conte nt, Joy,;: ft Th ese tn a rn i no:r degree,.

Copy rig hted m ateri al


20. T~ e b~ st 11 [ID! dgm e nt, ~~ Re news I, Res u[lt, Deterrn i natl on of a Matte r'; 1Ft" Post pcnerne nt of Re,s'tJl [I t" D[etay ~ Matte r re-opened later,

22. Kii!iil g of SCieptres.,-,·,M a n lii'vi ng iiin t he [CiO[~ ntry, Cou ntrv Gie ntleman, Knowll edge, IE:d ucatlon: Ri A n atu ralll:llly' good but seve rE rna n, Cou nse I, Advjice~ De][i bsratton ru

23. QUI€N=ln of See ptres, ~~ WOml(31 n I[ il'Vi IiTi g i Ii'1i the co u Ii'1itnl~, Lady' of tne Maner, Lo~v'[e' of Meney, cA,varice,. usurv: R" A B[ood ,Ei '~liirtuous 'W'olma n, but strict a no economical, Obsta des, R:e,s'iista nee, Opposition,

2,4,. Knight of Sceptres.s-Deperture, Sepaeation, Disunion; R. Ru ptu re, Disco rd /' Q,u a rrel,

26" Ten [of S(eptres,,~~Confh::lenc~e',I' securltv, IHlonouf, Go[od Faith;

R··• Trea che 11'\1 'S'IUI b,,,"[Ci'.4'U D'D '0: 'u p 1·1;i'" ~t'IJ D' ':I; 11"

.'.. . ~'~lkr.r~~dl tl .... U~~III, b,~,' . :, - ' .. 'lr. I! !i1,., , gUIJ.

27' fI;.I["lill'lie O'~[' 'S' ceptres . Order D··"IIc-.r'"I'lnl"lnc 'G- ood i'i. rranaement

····1,··. I·~ IJII·.- ··11: ·"'''_'ri-':!.I.I, [I!...,- r,'--.:' [I.,: . .' j ,:. ~J"",ri-':'" ,I!..',~ .. ,liJ· .... _ ,MIIJ '1IIIiIlIII,~\.;., JI [..,.1, . I

Dlsposltion; R. Obstacles, Crosses .. Del[av~ Displeasure,

"'i '8·, ~ iaht n,'" S·· es 'P' tres ~~ I [lin dersta nd ·1·11i"i a :0' ··.[-b'. :1I:'[o:r~}":li'oIt/I["'" Ii"i 'D' [·1 Io"'£I![-r-+ ·1·1 .... n ,. 'R',·

if. '. E~, ." IU II '" """. . - 0;:;.3. !UI . Ii:i .:J."!I:iI ILl I[ 11~1' . . . .::l! Ii:i .... a IL v I[ I[;!' . II 0;:; bl!U ,1 . ,.

Qua rre 1:5 .. lntestine d lsputes, Dlscord,

Copy rig hted m ateri al

2 g,. Seve n of See ptres, «Su ccess, Gia ~n,~ Adv:armi'ta:g'e", lP'rofit..:

Victory'~' R. II nJd eels lo rIl, Do'u btl' H esltati 0 n, tim ba rrassrnent, An:xi[e,ty,.

31.. IF ive of ,Sc.'~[p,jt'r'e:s",~~G 001 d, O[PU 1'~1n ce, Gaii n,1' H eritage, R ~che;s..:

FO<ftu ne, M 0 nev; R, lega I pro'ceedii:ng:s~ J udgm e ~t~ IL~ VII f L~wve:r f Tribu nal,

3' ""), [~'~ 'U'll~ of :5", ... .0 nt' r es ,,--:S,:,a~'[((":"le~t'V - ,UI n ·1"O~,li[I- l"i.'Cif'[o~' ctatl 0- n~l ~ Cone 0- r . ri

' .. ".. IIIW! II w II ~'-r. r-o". I. ".'_!II .... IW. ,I!. :r',III' .. ' .... 1111,~J lM...1i!iil. . ,W .. ', '. I "!W! . '~'" '. U I

H' , " ,,-~, 'p" " '" ',', ;",,", :s- ,,,',' - ' llUl' " ", ,,", -", A...i ,;10 -

a r m ony, [\. -ros pe r IIIJ.'Y f ", uccsss, iii a p pll n essf-uva In Il:age.

33,. Three of Sceptres, ==,E nter prise, U nd e rta k ii rTi g, Commerce, Tr;ad e1 N egotiatiion; H., IlHlop,e~ De slre, Atte m pt, Wih; h"

:34, Oe'lJI ce [of' Scspt res.,··,R it he s, Fortu rile, a pu Ie nee, M a,e:nii:f~cenee, Grandeur: ft Surprise, Aston ish ment, Eventj IE::x.tlrao[rd~- 1il1ary Occ u rren ce,

31:',_"'[i""'O of ~S'" ce otres -'--[~"Irt, II,.. - CJ':;,rn- tmencement. Be alnn lng - ,Q'-,:'[r-"I,o;,'r1lll'ill_

;,;.r,. ,M 1;., """, ,-", '''""''' Ii"" ,- ..., ..... ~'" 111", """-,_II,, ,.'1;.", , , ,1' ,,', o~ ",,111,,:1' " ,0 III ..

SOU res: R. Pe rsecutio n, Pu rSI~ lts Vo i[1 e nee, 'Vexati<O:riIl, C ru elty f Tyranny_

:3 6" IKJ ng [of Cu ps .. ~--.A fa j r MI,a n, [G:ood ness, Kind n ess, Ube r'aillity I G'E:1'n eros iity',; [Ft, .A [M an of ,good 1P0.,s'iitt:~oltll'1' but sh ifty in hli's D\~a [I i ngs o istr ust, 0.0 lJI bt, Su s pici on.

,37,. Q'~een of Cups.,--A 'fair Womlan~ Success, IlHlalp[pine'ss .. Adva rrtag',e'; P leasu re: ft A 'W'o,m a n ilm good positl on, but iilnte rom edd ling, a In d to be d i strusted; .s uccs SS1' b Mit w'iith 50 m e atte nda rnt trou bl e.

Copy rig hted m ateri al


38,. Kn lght of Cu ps, ~~Alrrhl.a t Ap P roa ch, Adva nee: Ft Du pi k.'iitY'1 Abuse of COlnfidlenclell, Fralud~ Cunnii'ng.

3.9. [Knave of Cu ps",--A fadi r 'lout h, Confl d en ce, IPnJ biity', 0 lscretion, I ntegritv; R, A Hattere f' .. [lDeception,; Arti'fij ce.

40, lien of Cups,--The Town 'when~~'in orne resldes, [lHionour, CQ mi sld e ratlo n, Est@'@lm" ViirltlUJI e, G [100 rY,1' [1R@putatii on; iIR,,, Com bat, Strif,e',I' Op.po:s~tiiionJ o~'n'e re nees, 0 lspute,

41. Nj'iirile o,'f Cups, .. ·,-Vi(;.tory'" Ad'valrilta,gI9'1, SUIC(;ieSSI, Triumph, Dlfflculties surmounted: R. Fau[lts .. [E:rr,ors',i' Mllistakes .. lmperfec-

42. Eight of (ups.=o=A. f.ailr Girt [Friiendishipl' Attaehment, Tenderness: IR G~-a'~'ttc- 1F~'~~tlni:J' J- ~,-" P[I~'~'s'~ ~r-~

~ ~II;;;~;I'-',I' _I:" '-,_ ,JII;;;l[~.y, _, r;;::QI;!i, It ~:r;:;iti' ,_ 0;,),'''1, _- _'r;;:-QIU_ '1;;,

,Ii,?' S~-,e- 'I ~',~-n of -Ce- 'U ps ~~,~I,d,:oi'i ""i S~- ~ I!'!I'~'~I m ... ""' t -R:""f'I,~c~"I"O'1!'!I p~.: rOI]' 'e~ ct: R- Plan

".:;;Ii, -.:_- '11";;::;' _ 1i,.,iI_ '~- cc ;;Io"~_~~jI .~ ,.:;;;I!II! ~, __ l_, _II;:;!I!I ~(1 _:.:;;; _ .;::;' ~ ~,_ ,~-.!II!~, _ 1_ ~" _-,'I;.,.~, _ ,_", __ '1;1] _~

44.. Six of Cu P$",··Thel Past, passed bv, Fad ed, Valltil i shed." Di,S81[ppe8Iredi; Ft lin e Futu re, t halt wh h:h ~:S to 'CO m e, Sh 0 rtlv, Soon,

45. F~ve of Cups. == U n lo Ifi" jl M In ctton, M a rriage, I n he rita nee; R,,,

A'il'rI'\t''liIII. Re'~'t~-illirn Nl~'W',s"-, S-,~ ~r-p. 'il'iii~I~" Fa '1;0:',,",,: nr .... ';~I~~~I~:.,

- - - - - ~ Q -I - - .... I!.l! - - -j! - - 'I;; ~ ~ I .. u ~ _ . - - ~ ";:,1 - ~ ~;;IlI;; f"' - V JI'I;;'" "'.;;10_

46,. [F,o u r of Cups, ~~ Ellf1I nlu i, [) lsp ~e'a S iUllre1 Oi scontent, ID ~ssalt~,sfac:~, tiiion; Ft [N ew ,AJe)q] ua~ nta Iili ce Go IiliD'ec:tl~ re, Sign .. li?r,es1entii ment,

4 J. Three ow' C urps,.--SuClc1e'ss .. Trl u mph .. Vlictory'.. F,avou ra bile i S$U e:

R,. E,x:pedii'tion of business, IQui,c:kll1less, Celerity, Vi,gilallli'1lce.

Copy rig hted m ateri al


48,. Deuce of Cu ps, ~~ Love /' Atta ch m e nt, IF,'ri[endsh ~ p / Si n cerltv / AUectiion; R., Crossed d esl res ... .a bstades, 0 p pos iti[o n, Hi nd Vl(MlI ce"

50" K~ng: 0" swords .. ==,A" Lenhfye r, a Man crf La w ~ ~'orw'elr,~, Comllm,a nd ~ Sill periorltv, Aut hority,;: lit A, WkkE:1d M a n1, Ch agri li"il, W orrv, G ri'E:1l Fe<:! r, IlDih$:tl~ rba ncs .

.s L Qu ee n of Sword s .-,·,W idowh ood, toss, P rrrV',atii'on~ Abs[elil1 ce, Sepa ration; Ilit A B,a d W'[o m a n, lll-te m pe re dan d b ligoted~, R ~cmle:s am d Discord Albu n da nee together with Wo:nry' ... Joy 'w'ith G rii:ef'.

S 2.. Kn ig hit of S-wordis.,==A So[1 d ler a ma In W hO:~H~:!' p rofession IS arms :5- kilfulness. [C:~If')~cH,~:, Ad.d.' ress. P_-'r_'i"N,_"m_--_I,-_p,_,':t-,-_I_lt_i:U_,-_[d,',,_,_'~ __ ::,: R_:_:,._, A

______ ~,I J __ "", r;;:~;1!~ _Q!:'"'Q y~ r;;::;;lI .... ,I.... '1;;:,

con ceited fa 0 1/ I[n,ge rtu ousn ess .. 5i m pi lcltv,

53" Knave of $:w,a rd s, --/1\ S[p[Y'J' Overl 010 king, A1uthoriity; [~t That wh i eh is. unforesee fi'll, Vig ~[I a In ce, Su p port,

54" Ten [of Sw',an-js,;--'fe,ars; A.ffl[~ction, Gr~e.fi Sorrow: R" P'[ass,ing Su CC'~Hli\-S, 1M om enta ry Adv,a ntalge .

.55,. Niine nf S:w'Ords..'~~.An Ec:desiiasUc, a Priest, Conscience. Pr[Q.'· ~ii'hj. G~io'-.o-:.d. F'"iit--h Int--~G:r~'r,c::~ R., W'~,~,,,,, [d' tstrusr. ,e"-I-IS- plclon F~:jil:r

__ . U-~'fl -- Q- ,I '1;;1;1; __ l~y~ _" .;I''I;; __ ",I~_ IJ~I ~u .... _. __ ~ _ 'l;;Q_ ~

Do I!Jllbit~ Sh a dy d~ a Ira cter,

56" Eig:~'1t of' ,S.w'[Qrds.'~-Sic.kness ... Calumnv, Cr:iiitt:jc,ismlJ' Blame; [ft Treachery in the Past, Event1' ,Accident!, IRemalrkalb[le Iinddeli"'lit.

il::"7' 'S'avan" , ..... f S"w''''o''rde IlJlo·-ni!:!i. [("'iI"i;li"i'f-"I'ld' enc .a ID'''£IIC·lro. A'i'i"'am' pt "W'- '_-'·I,;:,'h-' ,',

1;:)::.1l .:. ~'."~ y :., .":', .. [", .:i..'_ImIi:l .. :rJo11I::i', b,11Lr. I I .!Ii:-i "~~ -. ~~J IIi::i~J -.lli..lb~ II . ~, ." r.3i ~J

R.. Wiiis[e' Advlce,I' Good Counsel, 'Wlsdoml,~, Pr~Jdernce,1 [CirculImsp,ec= tlon.

Copy rig hted m ateri al


.~ 21

58,. S'iix of Sword:s .. ~~E:nvoy, Messenger, Voyage,!' "Flfave:ll; R.. Dec Iia ration t ILo've p roplo'$ed, IReve lati 0 n, Su rp rise,

59. Five of S'W'ords.'·' .. IMolt~rning!, Sadness, A.fflktii'c;n; Itt. Losses Trouble (same signtflcation, wlhethe'r reversed of not.l

61. Th ree of Swords,;,--·A N ill n, Sepa ration, R,e mova l, IRILI pt ure, Q,uanrel;: R.. EtrO(r Confusion, M~.s:rlUle!, lDii·s,or'dler.

6:'1 'D"" " ",' .. of 'S::· .. ··· ."," , .. f.-· -_·F····,·· "d'· 'h' "- ·V·····-··-I,,·· IF~""'''' '. ':- '(."1 i'- . ".' 'R',:

L... -' euce a ,.worus. nen. s: lip, . a our" Ilrlmnes:s1,QlJra,g.e".

Falls:!? Frjiie~ds" Treachery, tles.

63, .Ace of swords .. -Triurnph, Fecund!lty', IFertill~tY.I· PrOIs.~H'!~rUy·; R, E:mba rrassrn e nt, Fool ish a no H ope less Love, Olbstac:ile, H i ndrance,

64·. K.ing of Pentacles--A dark Man, Vktoryj' Bravery, Courage, .s uccess; R,. An old 4!i1 riI d 'i~(;'iiou s MI,a", !31 IlDaJ:~ gerou s 1M ,a n, Dou bt, Fea r, Pe rml;. Daln ger,

65, Qtu~e naif IIP·elntaclle's .• -_·A da rlk W oma n, a gem e r01iWI s 'W'o ma n, Li be ra II itt}!', G reatness of Sou I, Gie ne rositv; IR. Ce rta i n Ev'iiI1' a .s··.··~u-.s. pte .• Jous W""":,,,',,'Q,. rna .. m, '~I W,....lma·n tustlv :r,~:Oi,ard,I~,dl with susclcton

. Il"" ... ~ " " Q! - -a Q " " v."" .. - J U ;;!'l~" Y . 1;;::(;:;11 ,,"- '1;;. - " ".. Ut . . " ,,1

Dou btl M ~ strust,

6tL IKnig:&llt of Pentaeles.v-A useful M.an, 'rr~stwortl~yj Wii:sdoml, Eco noml'!! 0 rde r" Reg ull ation: R.. A brave Mia n, but out of E:m.p·loYlment .. ldle, lInempllov,ed, NegU'gent;

67, Kn.ave of Pentacles--A dark Youth, EconolmYI' Order, Rulle, M a In agsment: R. Prod iigall iity, P refusi 0 n, W'a sta, D iss ii palti D n.

Copy rig hted m ateri al



[68" T[e'n of P[elntalc les,--H OdU SE'j! Dwe II~t~,gJ H ,a biitt:a'tiion~ Fa m[i IV; R, G,a rn Ibl i ng, D iss ~ patl 0 rt, Robbery i Loss,

'7, '[ii'\ E.'I'[olh··t of 'P'£!I'Ii1' t 'r.:; cles --A···· 'd-":II rk ~G··-'·. r-I B: '[c,":!j uit' -'\1 C' ':':3 nd """ U[ Ii" 'C' 'Ih ~ et"I'I""Y:

. lUI,. . e ,- v .... [ l-I[;l "",II ... "". ~~ ....... . " . "'I[;l, . ':!',~' ' '(oIiI [I .... . ,I[ I "'.' ,"" ... - Il.,., I

7:1.. SeiV"en of P[9ntaJCil es. -- M(j Ii"'Iley I lFi ns nee" Tr[9'3 su re, G,a i n, Pn)fit~:

R. [)1i:su.Jllribance,i' Worry;. Anxletv, IMel,ancho[lly.

7'2" S'~x of Pentaeles.v-Presents, Giftsj Gr.aU~i'c8[tion~ It Ambition, Desire, Pa ssl 0 n, Aii m I Longl ng.

73.. FiiV'!@, of Pe ntacl es, == tover 0 r M lstress, L.ov'E:1',~, S'weetltll ess,

A·'··."[['~I'-;;.:··["',t-.I·"',-n P~:·u.-r'[i:"j.·,·_, and C·.-',h··,~,t'"'."li',~, L'. oi'"j;'U.:;/"j;,:_·,·~' R- Dlssraceful L' ['-'\.1'-;; '11ml rpru-

. _I![ !I~I.". _.11;.,;1 .1 . _,!;; I;I,.U _ .. 1;I~11),.;;::;: Il..lIVII:; .. ,..'~b. g!l,;..~. :., ,!;,;IIV!;;, ... ,.,!I Ii;:!

denee, Liiicense .. Plrofliga[cy;

74, F au Ii"' of P[entalcil e$,,-~ PII essu re, G,a iety'~ E:n jovment, Satlsfa cUD n: R. 0 bsta des, Hi no ra nces.

7'S,. T,~ ree of Pe nta cl es;,~-N ob i l:iity', E lev~Eni 0 n, [IDii:gn ity,~, Ra n l< .. Pow',e'r; R,,, Ch i Id ren, SiO ns, Da ughte rs, Yout ~ s, Calm m e:1i1i ce m ent.

76,. De[1!.!I ce of P'e:1'nit','H:I@'s,.=,=E:m[oawrassmlentl 'Wo nry, D rffiiclll.!l ~'UE:1S; 1Ft, letter, 1M ii's.s'ilv"e, E:IPi;sUe[I' 1M e,ss,a,g:[e'.,

77. ,Ace of Pe nta cles, -- P'erfect Contentment, Fe lid ty, Prosperltv, Trfu rn ph; R. III u rse o:fJ~ Gioll d, 1M onev, Gia ~ n, HI e I p i Profit, IfU ch es.

The 'Fa III Oi~l!t~ ng ,a ddiiiti 0 nalll rema rks Im,ay be se rvlcea b lie to, the to the i nexperi ~[11i cad Ca rte ma ncer, They a re eh ii€!,fly ta ken from EU:eilla,

Copy rig hted m ateri al


2.4. Kn ~g hit of See ptres, --'n, i s ca rd ls not to bel read ~sii'ln,glv; it meal ns the, Depa rtu re of the, ca rd 'w'nlii'clh fo llows it, R. Ag',a i UlJ .. notice the card 'which follows it; if a Womlan, Quali'lre~ wlth a 'W'oro,a n: if MoneY' .. then Loss of [M oney, &c.

25, Knave c,f sceotres--a, Not! ce betwe en w halt cal rd s the IN ews fa 11s..~ wh ic h 'W~ [II show win e nee iit co m es, .a nd of what natu re lt ls,

34,. [Deuce of Sceptres .. --IR,,;, Ilf the cards 'fEIIIUI ~9 R.,j 34 R'1I y'Ol~ wii'lll be' su rp rised b~l ,a cha nge. II'u 47, 49 R.!, 34 R", it wiiill be iI1 a ppy; b~t

il-JI.:.. ~ ~ - - ~ -~ ~ ,~, if th - - -, f-IIII It::JlI 4' 0 [) ~,1I [)

I~llill e reve rse I, ,ey, a ,;j"'it,,' -',;;:1 n. ~"'t" n,

"Ji>o, Th - 1:l'-~iC-:~it-" of ,(,,'---,C"C, '=-f(~t-:- shows the arrival -.-:f- the -':-Fla,-II --:~t-[h' ;;I<Q, ,"e (i'I."n"EIII , 0_ ..... ,ups'. 1111,S s, JJW:S ~, "e EL "Iva 0', I~" ,iI; C,EL ,~ Willie,

fo Illows. iit~, as. ,3811 54-., th e a rriva II of afffil ii ct ion 0 r grl €lf; 38~ 39", the vh;,it 0" a ta,ii'r young: man1 etc,

ii~' s--" ", ~', '!~ '[-'1·····' IE'··III'-""", ,;Iol!.." ard "'[I!...~·'h, follow thus i,i'j;

''''''.:;Ji.~even O!I '_,ups.~-~xp_allns UI!e car _ w~~~.c: 0 __ o,w:s~ . __ US'.i' "'it'~~

30j 33., 'lIm e ldea of attem pti ng scm e u n'1J(:~ e rta k ~ng. '1i~ i s w'i II II aga ~ n be m odiiined by the fo Illowi ng Cal rd s.

44' :S,-, ',-, -, f r: I 1--- ell,;, ~'---"tll;.. - 1- that ,,' 'h: . -, t :,' :': ,~, ed ~,'~- '"t . c_- -c_jlt, [I,..-~--'. - I X 'Q. '-rU IPS ,-.-,~ ~ IIOWS, e I I; II er . ~ 118 . W. lSI . p,lIe'C,e. 'E!'S, II . 1:5, pal:SI~" I ~ a S

d [-I d lf 'R h t l . to h

", - " [: \. ' I . . . .' - ", .. -. '[ . -. 1·- .' ....' i : .. ' . : .: .': .... _. '. -: :'.," - .. ' -'. [' '.' ' I! .' ': J .' .-.' .: ~. • I ,'. : .

occurre a rea. '11 or [II . '!' W a. IS go~ng 0 nappsn.

46-. Four' of' Cups.s-The 'folllo:w'ing cards might show' 'what the

dl~,~p. ueascre .... r anxietv 'wa··· ~ ,a', 'b· .... ut: the erecedtnz card s, wh~n"',~, _~. _'I;; .;!!It r;;;: v_ Q _"e __ .. _"1 _. __ ~ "_ VU'I;,1 . - _~ ..... I;;: ... 'U - - -,r;;., .. _"":;1., _." -'1;;- _11;.01;;:

it onglnated.

51. Qlueen of Swolrds.--This irs not necessarllv to be taken by its,eU;: 'ilt: m a'lii' s,ig:nii'fy t hlalt th e pe rso n S:Y'[m boll ii se d bv th e card S nea r it has j UISt lost, or is [I i ke Iy soon tn lose .. wife 0 r hu sba nd. In some 'iinstan cas ii t m a'~l m,e re Iy sl gn ify thalt if tw'o people ,1:1 ra -.c.~ :- rrled t [L.. ..- -CI,--: ~-:'ill III ·d~ ",~, ,-:-' -'1- ,C ~ ,~' + ;_,~ -, ,- ..,_, efor ... r hc,. e othe -~ If-. -I -It- 1-- -','~' maL _elUj I ~e one w _ ,Je some dflile ueore I~_e O~'. _E!r,~, uU . ni(h

neeessa ri Iy that t h€! eve Ii"ilt w'i IIII 00 eeu If' lrn m edi at€! Iy.

Copy rig hted m ateri al



Et:: 1iL11-I;n"~'e~' [nf ;;:"'w'"":o~{r~d'" e ==,D The card fo Illo~'"w":il'n'Di' 'w·".':',1111 shew 'W"":'he"O~fm~ e, [0"' 'iI'

:J ;;;,'. I'\L" ',,' ..... 11 ,i;}. ' , , ,,",,, n. , ,,,' " ..... ,.'~ 11.. ~ '.".','. ~ ~b .'" ,'"' iii ..... ' '. .c. ~ C.'.' " '" ,Ii

wh at to, d ist rul.!l st &e-

" , .' ',."" ','." . '.' "I' .'.'.' '""

5 6' 'E"I Drlk·t 0" f 'S'w" 0" rd Ir' 'R" ·S·· h O'W"C '1'1!" a ':II cherv 0" I!'" D' Ci celt ~'I'[n ,·t" he 'If'i;":!i ct"

, .. :'" , ;o,H ",.,:: "':" :,.,::, '" ;;j",~~ '''," '", ,....,. ',::d' ,II """U[:'" I",," ',: .' 'II ",_,' .... ' ."' ." ,,.. 'r-:t;l;." ....

an d w:ii III be e":x[p[1 a i ne d by' th e ne~ gh bou rl ng cards, .

.s 7,. Seven of Sword s "~,·R. The' ca rds W ~ ~ ch co m[e' Ii"Ilext. wi II show wh eth er It willi be good to fol [I C'W' th e advice given ,0 r not, ,A,lso[,; the pre cad i ng ca rd s wi ~ I sh ow' from wh 0 m I' a nd why', the' a dvl ee comes.

r&D,. Fou r OF swo rd s, ~~ R., 'The ea rds ne a r w ill II s:~ ow wherher it is nlea[lth 0[11 rn on flty th at req u ~ ~E:'i'S ca re,

[61. Th ree [of ,Swo[lId s, --H,; May sh OIW ,s'~ m lilly that someth i ng is Ilost,!' or m isla i d for a time.

[~2·"·" De uee of :S····w·:'·o~··:r"d"··,[:'"--,R···." [Ilf ,1i"l01f1"lf'lilj'[m"e',e~',d"' bv the other ... ards 'm"" o:];'V'

Y 1'P. "_. _ I!i.r W. '... . .. _~'IJ .,~ I!.rI!J. j .' II . . . . __ ' l' . '_' . l!i., "Ii.... ~y . -~ '. . l.II 7'

si m p IV rne a ril that the frle nds a re not of rn uch IIJ se to. th e ii In q u iire:r 'lin t ~ e matter U[~ d err consl d eranon

10.5,. [Que[e n of P'e ntades .. ~·~R., (11f' th ~$ card d oes not s igm !'f\, ,a ny part lc uhu perso n]. Ilf 6.5 R"I 31 R,",~ It iis ~ ot sadie that the re will be a Law.suit. [Ilf 31, R..~ 6S R., lf you galii'n your- case Y[OIU: 'Ii\l'on[!"~: be much th e h etter for "I'jt"

.• , !.I.J, I , _ ," . lL. .I:iw.. ,I!J. . !.I.l~'

67,. [Knave of ~'enta<cl[e',s,. -·-Ft 'CD nsu lit th e fa IlllowI ng ca rds to see '~n wlh at fhl e pe rse n ~ s prod lga I," If 67 ROIl' 57 R.., it mlay s ~ m p Ily mea n that the, p erson ~',s too fond ef g~'v ~ng ,a dvlce, i nt[e![rmJie dd lies 'l[QO

m ~ 1[F'Ii:.. 'W' '['I'" h PI"'Ii.... £I; I!'" n Ci PI P ~I Ci i ir" bu sln as ir"

Y "'" III.' 16 1 \oiI'U II,." II ..... ' ..... " •• i· [ ..... ;;j IJ ,iii ' ... ·,iii"

Copy rig hted m ateri al


.~ is

71. Seve In ow' Penta d es, ~~ R. The next ca rd 'wi II show the rea SOIni of tJhe anxii'ety, and $0 on.

whom th e person loves,

The' Cou rt-Ca rd s, a nd €tSJ:H~C iis [11'1' th@ lKi ngs al r1i d QU€H~n s, Iml,ay be taken to' re p rese nt pe rsons: in th is case the~ raid d lnon a I m ea !nii ng' s hi ould not be read. The S'i'-J'O rd s represent V'e ry dark. neo no Ie ~ P[Erntad es, thos[e· not so d a rlk: ~ C u os rath er fa i r neonl e·

f"" ~ ~ ~. ~ ~ . ~. ~~. ~ . ~ ~, ~ .. ~ ~ ~ ~. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~. ~ .... J' ~~. [i"" ~, . ~. ~ .. ~. . 1;11. . I"" ~ ~ I"" . ~ ,

'Wia no S 0 r Sceptres, those m ~ ch fa ~ rer, and S,O on, [M alniY Wa no s together m ight s,i,gniiJv fsastlng, milt ny Cu ps love rna kiing~ Sw[o rd s q UBI rrell i ns an d trou b I[e, Col n S· or Pe nta c I[es m one'y.

'W'nle re the m ode cd reading th e ca rds req u i res U~ at the person co nsu Itii ng sh D ul[di be re presented, he s ~ ou ld take one of the Kii'n.gs to represent himself, 'EH:~cordih~,g to hts complexion. I[f.a I[ady co nsu Its. the ca rds, let h er take .a nE:1' of the Qu€,en s: if she be rather fair .. the 'Q,ueen [of CUlPS; if she be verY' faliiir, 'UM3 Queen [of 'W'a no s or Sceptres, [Ilf ilthe in q uii:r.elr be quite a youth ,0 r a boy i let h 11m take o ne of th e K:1fii ights; if a very yo Ullfii,g gl rl, let her ta k.e the Kin 3'V'[e /' et(;.. Elte i 1[1 a' S IPI,a n W!3IS, tc ta ke 'tt,'w'o of t[h e [K.evs 'for .s ~gn lfteators, that a nswe ring to th e Pope 'for a 1m3 1i11.. th at a rils.'W'er~ ng to d118 H ig[n Pri ests ss for a 'worn an; but I do Ii'"iIOt: th ~n k this 1.5 :50 weill, The worst c,f Ett[e,illal["s system is. that he sc co m plete Iy d estrovs the' rnean i ngs of it he Keys illili h is atte m pte d re·a rra ngelm ent of th eml1 als to Irna Ike them p racti ca Ily useless for h lgh er (lCCU It P UI rposes ..

Copy rig hted m ateri al



Wh ~t,[~iV~ r m od ~ o[f' [19" ':-'j no ut I!--.~ ad .0,' " eted lt ls n ~c-~'s~-a', "no; tha "t--

~ ~ - ~ Q [~!i;; ~ 'I;; ~ ~ - _ .... - - r;;; - - - - -- y - - -I;) U - !iJ!'I;; Q~ [!l"" ~!I;;: ~~ - [~ ~ ~ - ~ r;;:;: - ~ ... -_. l~ ~ -- -

the person lnqulrlng should carsfullv shuffle 'the cards, with two objects in vi[e[w; firstly, that of turning some of t~'M~ cards upside do'wn; secondly, that of thoroughlv altering: lmleir position and seq uen'Ciel ~In the, pack, The.'~l sin ou ~d then be, cut. Du ri ng th e sh ~:fnling: ,slim d c uttl InIB th e i nql~ ~ rer sho u Id th ink ea rnestlv om' th e matter co ncern i Ii'1I g wh ich he ~s a nxlo us for inform atlo n; fer -I -1['1' I [m,s,.;": he doe 'C', th ;,5',' tbe C':-,8',' rd ,5',' --:i [II -Ica- re:[I:, ,C [-~e' :~d[ .;:ot!i rreenv ~ Th ls

1U11L1!;:~ ~~I!;: u ..... SI:111 [~III__ ~r _ WI ~ Ii'_~ _ V r _'!;!! __ ......... ~ ~ d:~[~ y. ~ ~~~~

sh uffl iln,g: a no cuttl ng shoul d b~ th rice repeated, The' backs of th e ca rd s shou [I d be rewa rds the pe rson sh uffl lng"

FI [IRST M[ FfH[O Q., --The fu I ~ pack [of s[e.'V'[entv'·;ell,ght ea rds h a'\I'1 ~ g bee n f rst duly sh uffled and cut, de a I the top rea rd [O:~ a pa rt of the ta b h~' win i ch we wi 1[1 ca II B ~ the second ca rd .0 liil a noth sr pl a cs - ,- '-lh'~ h - -- ~ "--;[1[1' ~ ~II .",. ·('fl~h· ~.~ ~ - - -"Ill ,l'"~. --~~. the ~ ~ -~ ~ -~~, ~ -~ ~ ~ -~~--~ -~+, ~,,~ W .IC~ ~ we WI ' eEL t"\,,: ... es;e WL Ilorrn I!.€ (OmlmenCem'elni!., 011

two hEN3 ps, A, and B'1' ilnto wh ilc~ th e who[r e pack :ils 'to be, d aal t",) The n d ea ~ the th i rd and tou r~:h cal rd s on B j a nd t he fifth on cA"~: the' ,s'~:dh a In d seve nth on B i- a nd the eight ml on ,A; '~:hjle' n iJ nth ,8 nd tenth on B I a no t ~ e € I[€v~ nth 0 Ii"il A.. CO'Iili'tt:i nlllJl e th is, 0 peration of dieal[l,ii:ng: two cards on 80.1, and 0 rile on ,A~ t~ [II vou co m e to th e end of th e pa elk. A. wi II th en co nslst of 'tt,w@ntY'~5 be cal rd 5, a no B of ~i"ty~two"

N O"W' ta ks up the [8; he Iil P o,f ftiift:y'-two card s. [le',a I the to p ca rd o Ii"ii a fresh pl ace w ~ ich w[e' W'I [I] ca II Di, a nd the se co no ca rd [0 n11

Copy rig hted m ateri al


.~ 21

another p lace c. (r~ ii s w'i IIII fo rim th e beJl!;'iltli n i nJl!;' of two fresh hea ps, C and [).) Th e t"ll d·ea I the th i rd a nd fo u rth card 5, on ID 1 and the ·f.'I·l'r~·h on Ie;:': i't:Il;.]le~-' .s-·' rx th and seve n tho, [0- Il"!II ID- and the elshth on r

[~IIII _ . 1111 ~,. III _ -1 [~II'I _ _ .. ,.., _ . ~ III _ _ ,;;I .... Y . I . . _ III . _ I ~ I[ [I _ _ .. _ Q' . [~ .. _ . '1;...,

and so on as before through these tif~.y-tw·-o cards .. Ilnere will ~ ~- - - b ~ th ~~ ~ h ~ ~ -~ ~ A- "")6~ ~ ~ rds 'C- ~ I ~ ~ rds ~ ~ d' [D-' -3--1E: now II; ,.Tee ~ ~[e'a p.s; ,',.. :~ L, - - ca r~5i - _ ~. ,iL: eEl F 5.~. a n~ ~ ~ -:;)


Iktl [U.~.I

Agai n take U [f) the hea p ID of 3S ca rds .. aJ.1fii d dea ~ th e. to p ca rd on a fresh S[pot F~ and 't~e second card [on another place E {so' <lIS, to make two fresh hea ps E an d F). N o'W d e~I[1 th e th i rd and fou rth ca rds on F and th e fifth [O:1iiI [~, a nd so 0[1111 as before, th roug hi these 35 cards ..

There wm n ow be, feu r hea ps ,EI ltogethe r, ,A, ~ 26 ca rds, C~ 11 cards, E. ~ :11 .• and F :~: 24L [Put F aside altogether, as these cards a r'e n ot to be, u sled in t[h e rea ding, a iI1 dare Su pposed to have no bea r~ ng on the q uestlo n" 'r~ e re w il[1 [I now rema i n AI -(:J a no E.",

Ta k Ci Ii. ~ II'ii d· ~ rra nee 'ij-h 0 ., C. i'""~ rds f '.JI.r'\Ci I1II pwa rds from r 'I:O:~'ij- to I aTI'ij-

. !WII. :}...,.i IMJ 1IrI1111 .. _ trI·. Y. b[~1 !.I.J. I~I .,u ili- ..... I ~~ • ,yl .... ..,.1 '1.11 .aru .:IIA. a.: ~ ,II~::" ,b,llll!.l.J IW. ,-:III!.I.1

(be i ng ca refu [I not to alter the .0 rd er], so th at th ey are in the fo rm [of !31 h orseshoe, t he top cs rd being at the I[olwest right-h and co r~ e r, a no the 26th at the Ilowest Ilefi:-har~ d corne r. Head thel r meal nii ngs fro m right to. lsft as befo re exp[[adined. 'W hen th is. is do ril e so as to make, ." Con ne eted ,ra nswer, ta Ike the, 1st aim d .2.6th and read thei r eo Ii1I1 b hili ed mea In i ng, t rtu~ n that of th e 2 no and 2,5t[h.~ and so ,0 rll ti ~ I you come 'to the lasr palibr 1 wh h:~h w i[1 [I be the 13th an d 14ttt:h. IP l1.rt A als.idel and ta ke Can d read it i n exactlv the same w,ay, then E [last.

Th is, ls a 'V'e'ry a ncle nt mod e of read i ng the Talrot" :i9111"i1 d w i[1 [I be ~'~ - ~ . .J -~. I' ~ [b'll ~

rouno reuao e.

Copy rig hted m ateri al



the saml€' as before. Place th e ,S igltli ifi cato n" 0 n the table fa ce Ulpw,a rds, lea v~ ng p I,enty of roo m fo r' the, se Ilected ca rds on th e Ileft -h a nd sl de, of it. Now go C3 refu [Ill' jt~ roug h the, pack, ta kl ~ g the to p <Cia rd fl rst, th en the, seventh ca rd from it; an d so <0 n th rough the pack, re-com m en ci ng if n ecessa ry" untl II you have drawn 21 ca rds by ta kii'ln,g eve ry !H~:fV'@ nth. ,Arr,t!) ng€l' these 21 ca rds 'lin th ree rows o'f seve n ea c f'n f fro m rig f'nt to left" on th e left-ba nO. side of the S:iign lfleator, '~:hlUl s:

I, I 61 S I I 3 21 I :1. S ign ifleator , I
,: ~ 4~ -, ,/ I""c,r.
14 I 13, 12 .. I :11j I lO .. '9 I ;8 H I
-',i' .- ,:;
21,,~, I 20 1'9 I '18 I 1.7~ 16~, I 15 ll~ I
", "I -"I' ' .. ,~. II Re,ad tlh e m ee ~ ~ ng of ealclh row from rtght to, IIe1utJ begin nl ng wii:th the .sign iimi cater; then co m bl ne t he 1st an d 2 l.stl, th e 2nd a nd 20th ... a nd so en, as in the, prevlous met hod,

THIIR.ID MIEI1Hllon.--Thii's, mode of la'Y'in,g out the cards is, rather mo re com p 11'f1cated th a In th e precedm g,. W'it hd raw th e S ig ndi~~ cator, a In d s hunll a, a nd cut as [before. Th en d et311 th elm as i Ii'1I th is diagra tn, face U pw',a rds:

:2 ,5
2: ,5
;2 ,5
1 4
:2 5
o 3,
:1 5
9 i
:1 s
8 1 3, 3: s 3, :2 :Ii


6 6 ~

6 ;5 "

s 2. 2: :2 2, 2. 2: :2
o 9 3 '1 6, 5 4 3
, ,
'0 6 inl s 5 5 ,5
3 2. '9< 8 7 lei, 4, II

4 1. 4, 1,

1 o

Copy rig hted m ateri al


1. '1'

4 6

S 5


1. s

1 4

1. 3

1. 2

The' ca rds wJi IIII tin us 'form a tri a ngl e w~thdi n a species of a rch: and tlh e S.lgln1·lJf~'cat[o v' C[T th e I inl quire r- ~.5 to be' p laced iii:rn the ce rntre [of th e tria ngl ~ fa C@ IlJIp'wa rds .. '111m e top ca rd is to be d ~alll t -0 n n u m her if the seco nd ca rd 0 n n u m ber .2., the, twelfth ca rd oln n u m b er 12,. a Ii"iJd so -0 n IU p to Inl um her 66'1 when t he rema ~ In i ng' 11 ca rd s a re to be' put aside and not used ~n the reading,

Then 1 to :11 and 34 'to 44, ~ln ell usl V'e' wiii:111 show the pa st: 23 to ,3:3 and .56 to 616 in d uslve 'wi II show the p rese rn'1t; and 12 tn 22 and

45' to ~~ inelusive W" '1'1'111-1 c,'jj."o·w· ' ·t·jj.,,£j; f-]IIII''''ur'CI

..... :1 [;Ji';:J.!, I":'" - r.:Ji '¥'~ '".: . .j~ll .. :1., ,", -~'Il~ u 11...· [~'.

Now read them silmp~v in order from 1 to 414 'for-llh~ past, from 23 to [66 fur the present, ,a nd rro m :1.2 to' 56 to r- th e ~~ tu re ..

Then corn b ~ ne the S ~gn lficator with [e-'V'[ery two cards, th ~·Sl··-S. 3.4- 1.; .s. .33 2.; S.. 34· 3,; a nd S,Q' ,0 n .~ [Pi to S. 44 11,; fo r the pa st. The n -iI-'~ ·IL •.... 'S' _ 5···C:_ .2··"J:· :S::- 5:'7': 2'~· .' .. ' d·' ".:':: ."" .t ... ", th e nreserrt.Andth .... takr

[~a.lli.e", .. !IJ! '~I"'" ~, an . so on II or .. e p.resen[!.. MnU .,. en [~a .. e

.s. 4-512.; S., 416 :1.3~; up to S .. oS 5 2.2.~. for th e futu Ire ..

Agali n v:alry' th e com bln ation s by tallk~ n,g: $,. 44 1.;; .5. 4.3 2; up to, :$" 'J!4 11 '1 t:- -- th - -- - st S' C:_~. "]'3' IE. CIE. '24· -- ---- * - S' E~. 3"3' ,if; - --- *h -~ . .!L"I' '11'011' Ille [p[(Js; -< .• !f,;i!IO ,L.:; .;ii. u.;ii ,,; up '~Q -, .~,IO _I: s II ow I!.: __ J;'

- \ - n- ... ·"t·, .-. - d '5' 11:'5' '11 ''''Jo •. S 5:4· 1~' 111'1"'" 'S···: ·4"5: ''''i!''!I, fo . 'f.jj." 'f~1 1'''[' '.

p rese Ii"illl., a In t . -- [",;;Ii, Jb . .tl:..1· .• , '--·~'I!l.!Ijp [1..0.' .'. ,.t. L-~ 0 r U II i@ U ~.U re.

Copy rig hted m ateri al



F~n,allyj' combine them al[1 together, thus~~6!6 :1; 65 2,; 64 3,~ and S,D on up to' 34 33;: pla cing th e min ,a ,si ng:!e packet on e on the oth e:r as, y,Q lUI do so; and 'when th is ~s' 'firm i:sh eo i' dea II the wh ole 106 ca rds iin one large circle, placing the ,Siig[nifi.c:ator as a starting-pomt, .. '[h ~.~ 3~ c' ";'[1[1 k ~ th ~ "';'.c ct'- ~ ~ .c.;l ~.~ d c.i:, th c I ~ sr c ~ rd ~.c ~ tth c c sld ~ wen ': ,:,;Ii WlI: , ne me nrs earn !3!J1ni_ !I;;lD_€' ras calli' on euner sjue

of the' Siglfii ii'mita[to Ii"'. Mow gather 'trh@ rn IU p thil!Jl:S, in palii'rs fa r the Ila:st i1'~'~ ,;011; n'li' S: C c'. '3-' 3": l' 3- '4 2" '~n d s n '0 n 1'1' f'!i ii-'n t'-h e' I['a'~~' C'9 rei c -'h; Jo" Il.. .I'I;;~IYIII.~,r;iJ" '1;,iU~·.' -J'~ ~,~, ~llll!. ',,''''' [!III LlItoi" 11;,:"" ure .:.;;'~,[,;'".~',~.!' W~JI~!111

wii [II bE:1' a si ng~ e on e. Dra'w itt,wo other fres lhi ca rd s at ra no om from the 11 ca rds wh lch h a\~~ not been use d tn the :re,adiin ~ a rrd ~[I ace them face u pw:a rds on e on elt he r side to form a su rprlse, R.ead these th ree from right 'to [I eft a s con d usl 0 n,

Ti!..'" ,....!i" th ·....!i["f·f·" ['1"" t ", t b t ti ill ," f-' ilit

rus rnoce [IS. ra. ner 0[1 '11CIlJI 'IL aJ. .nrst, .. ut pracncs 'WI gJIV'[8' ·13(1 11.:y',

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[T'" ',H ES E Ta rot Ca rds m,ay be used Iii k€! th€! ord in a ry' pale ks for aa me s a:' S", ':~",e-:II,III ,a: ',5',' f(!if dT,:rn;oo;'~:io"n ~ Ei" "ndl i+ m av b ~ a s '-:~'II to ,r;.,- ~ ~ :;;1f- w -- ~....,. ~- JI L ~ I!;,HL, ~ ~ 1_ ~ ~_ I ~ ~ ~ ~ y _ 'I;;: ~:;;1 W'l!;; ~ ~ I"'....,.

.r _ give the, general rules and mode of play,. 'llh~ Garili1'~ of

Ta rot m,ay b€! p~,ay@ d by' eiit her t.WO 00 r t hre@ person s, The fu II pee k of '7'8 ca rds hi, ,S ~ unl ed ~~U''n d CiU t in thle ordii r-n a ry man ner, The dea ler dea rs th elm Ol~'t Ii n tin ree ha no s by flve C~ rds at a ti m e, and p,1 aces, tlhl e re m ain i[n g 'thire,e' ca rds at his c'wn rjght- haln d sid e" There 'wi II tlh us be th ree Ih a In ds ow' 25 cards e a ch, and th ree cairo s besides. The pl,ayers sort their hands, and the dealer discards tjh e three, m est usel ess cards in hls own h a In d :EM' d excha nges dl1 e m for the bsfore-mentlened t hlree ca rds, The dea lis tallk,sn Ii n rotatlon by' ea ch pi aye r, The, met hod o'~" dea II ~'ng' is the sa m e, '!jlllhetih€Ml' two or ,tthr~€' p'II;i:ry',elrs participate, three hands. baing dea It out in eec h i nsta rM:~e',~, b Ult if on IV two p-Iaye rs (~O ntend wiiith ea ch other t~ e th i r'd h a rrd is u nto ~ ch ed by elthe r pa rty .

The, points constitutl ng the ga mea re 10o.~ w hdich mlal¥ be, rn arked on a cribbage board, on paper, or by' an o,rd~nailry' bezlquemarker.

fh~ 2'""" trumn - are not all ofthe ,-,"-[--,,1'-: ',-,-11---:· ~ ~ ~'e' .,L .. ~ ump.s ar, ~ ~U a ~ Oll~ ~e sa mle' va ue,.

21, 2,O~ 1,9, l.Bf 17', are celled the Five 'Gireaib~'[r Trumps, 1 .. 2~ 31, 41, 5, a re' ca ~ led the' Fii\'tE!' l.esse r Tru ml ps,

'W hloeve Ii' In a 51 th r'ee of the' G re'ate r 10 r th r~,e o~ the tesse r Tru m ps 1tJ11 hii's, hand, scores 5 points for the same: 1.0 points lif he, has

Copy rig hted m ateri al



f011Lll r; .a nd '1.5 poi nts ~f he have a II f~ve," I'f the pi aye r has. any te riJ tru m ps ~ In h ~s ha nd the"y' w:ii III score 1,0 :poli nts, any 'thihrt,e'e n tru m ps ]. 5 points. lit does n at matter U 1(3'lreate U' ,0 r Lesse r Tr\~ rnps, w ~ ~ ch haV'e been a I ready scored l' fa rrn pal rt of Sl~ c hi te n or t:~ ~ rte en: a 1[1: SIOO res a Ire in depen dent 'of other GO mbl nati 0'115,. FlU rth e rrnore, 'for SI[I1I'Y' ca rds to be sco red th ey must be sh ()'wn to the' adversarv at the nme of scorl Ing; th'iis ru le lh o,lds good ina II cases. 'ililn e non-dee ler see res an d lea ds first. If th r@,~' play, th e pll~~ry'ler on thle dealler'!'s left hand begins,

Seveltil ca rd s beailr the d isf ngl~ lsh i ng tiflle of rs rot Trumps; th ey are:

f~l:- ,U[nl-~ -cr~:-~ "J'i'I ~ the [M:" at, -:- :'-I~ ~ -,';,-II"ch [M,"-' '-crt -0'" the P'~l~~lr'!

,II Ie ,_ ",verse, ",iI." '!'_ ,e ,,8 <I Of !fOO 115_ _ 8 nI,~, ,_ ~ '!. I II , _ '!;!g"",,,!I;.lI~

J uggl e Ii"', 0 r M agi cla n, 1~: th@ liKi ng of See ptres: the' Kiii:1i1i g of Cu ps: the K lng lor' Swords; an d tlh e [KJ ng 0" Pe ntad es,

If tlh e pi aye r has ,a ny two of these Ta rot Tru m P,S, h e can ask his

o[nn M n e nt ifl '111 r '.3 th lrd if i't'h' 0 la- tte r .r'H::::II n Il"I ot r 0 p Ily b" y s bIO"W' "[1 nD a

~;~[~Ijll." ~l Y ~J • ..11._;. ,l~, ,[...,.1 ,::._, !.I.1'-r.1, [ ..... !iA"li'li·:] [..,.1.,',": _ . .',": ··11· r ·-·,· .. e ::._.

third Tarot Trump, the former can score 5 points: but if he has the th i rd iit m ust be ,give n up to the asker, 'who the n does In ot score but :tr.'"I-ve- of' him - som re .... ard of em- - a-Ill value 'In- e xc ha n ae j(;'o- 'Ir

.... ri.,~, ,I ... ',~' .. ". _' :c; _, . :~, " 'Ii ;,;i;~', II ' .. : ,-"y, I.. ." _ ;,;i;,', I: : _,U, ':', " '. ':;';';" . _I __ lb' • !F'.' ,Ii

eve ry th re,e' Ta rot Tru m ps actu a Ily he Id iin the' hand! t~ e ho ld e:1I ma rks 1.S iP'O'! nts,

Seq uen ces OIT' tru m ps ,0 r' of cal rd s of the, sa m e S,UI it 'C~OU nt; for @very feu rica rd s i n seq uen ee, .5- po ii nts; for eV,@-r"Y seven ca rds, 10 poi nts, fo r tier. ca rds, lS pOli nts, All ca rds fo rim i ~ g t hes,e SIC~O res must It-.e'_ shown 'tIQ' th' ,0, adve rsarv,

Jil!. u. .. .. 1111 !.I.J. !iA ~ ~ 1[11

OJ The F'~)o Iii s h M a n, is, the lowest ca rd ~ n the, pa ck ~ In [pI ~nlii n g th e hlalnd;: ca n ta ke no card of any su lt, a no m a'y' be p:llay,ed to a ca rd of any su it. [F"D r instan ce, '~f th e adverse ry :Ileac s a [K,i ng, ,8 ndl yio U Iharvle' on IV the QIIl.!I een of t Ihait su lt rem adin i ng ii Inl yo lUI r In and, but hldr\l'le' a lso the O~, you ce n play tlh i s tnstead ot the Que'ern,I' ,a nO.

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th us save ~ e r from bel ng taken '" A Kii ng cut cou nts .s. polnts to 'W'hos[o·eve r cuts iiit [I n ea ch su it K~ ng is, h ig he~stJ th e n come aue'e.:~ i' [K:n lght, Kn ave, Te n\, N i ne, etc .. i, dow n 11::,0 Ace, wh lch is lowest, and can onllV take ths 0,,, ·The· Trumps reckon from .21, w'hiith I.S h ighe.st.~. to 1" w hich ls [Io,w·,est. You m u st '~"o[llow su ut: if YDU callfii; if 1i"i10'~~ 'lOIUl m a'~l t n.iI Imp. E.a ch trick sh ou ld be kept se pa1rat[e' to r ccu nt~ ng i;lFb:!~'rw'a rds, Of co urse 1 t he pri ~ dlpa I ce re of the p lay@r sin ou Id be d i rected towa rd s savl ng h is. own i m 1"0 rta nt ca rds, and ta Iki ng th ose o't' the adversa rv, The 1P1,~ye r 'who tEl kes a trick lead s n ext, 'When all [I th e ha n dis p,1 ay'ed out .. th e tricks 0 Iii] either 5,i de ,3 ne' [CiO'~ nted as 'fc)ll[ows,::·,·,

FOlr eV@IIi"V trick in 'which there Ls a] Talli"at Trump. S points {the' (] C,O unts to its ortgl na II possessor t' w'h~'11 e th e Paga d, :1.,1' cou nts to th e pi zry'@r who takes. it]. [Fa r eve ry trl ck wiii~:h a

aUE:1'e,~~, 4 pol nits; with a Knd\ghit'.. 3; pol rnts; 'wit lhi a Knave, 2 pol rnts; fo revery oth er tri ck, 1 point.

,At the [end of each ha no th e pol nits made by each p Ilayer are add eO. u p sepa rate Ily'~ then th e Ile;ss[er is ta ksn fro m the ,g:re ate r, and only the excess polrrts of the more fortunate plaver are scored '" Th e sa me Ii s done in each hi a 1111 d, it3i1111 d th e p IIay1er wlh o, in Un is waN,i' flrst reach es 100 points (,0 rover i n th e fin a I hand) wii'n s the game,

FOlr my' reader's conve ndl@ nee I appen d a ta b I@ of it'~ e poi nts 'W'hiith ca n be scored :::

.scored 'in IHland,.

FOlr ,any 3 of the Greater Trumps held 'iin hand! I;: - -- - - - - - 4- f- ,10[~ - ~ - - - - *' - - - T- - - - -- - - - - h - I d '"-- h - - - _,.!,I rOlr ,any __ ~ OL l~ 1.11 e y re'a l~er _ rUilm ps _ j;'_ II lilt _ ~,a nil;.:!

For ,alii S of the [Gl-eater' Trumps held in hand FOlr a ny 3, of th e teSS[9'r rru rn ps held in ha nd

pglnts~ ,-S

:~lO :~lS


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Fo,r a nv 4 of the' l.essa r Trl~ n11 ps he Id ~ n h~1 ri! d [Fr or alill S of th e Lasser Trum ps held 'iin ha no [~'or a ny 1.0 Tru m ps he Id in nl8iln d

[Fo,r a n,y 1.3 Tru rn ps he Id in hldill1l d

[Fo r a n,y .2. T a rot-Tru m IPS ca III ed u na nS'we red IFo r iillny ,3 Ta rot -Tru Imps, actu ally hel d ~ n ha nd [IF or eve ry seq ue nee of 4. ,ea rd s

[Fo r eve ry Se'q lUie nee of 7 Ca rd s

I~"Q r eve ry Se,q ue nee of 10 Ca rds

Scored in PI ay

[Fo r a [K,i ng, cut

[Fror each 'i'r'iic'k (}oli1itainiing; a Tarot Trump The each Trick conta i ridi:~ g a Que'e:~

[Fa rea ch Itiicl 'CiO ~ta i n'ii nlg a KlmI i ght

Fa rea ch Trick 'CiO ~ta i nl ng a KlmI ~lV',e

[Fr'o r eve ry Trick. of two pla i Wil Ca rds


= 10 -,15

~,10 ='15 ='S -,1.5 =,5 ='10 ~: 1.5-

IPoiints, =,5






[Ilf th re e p l:alye rs 'CO nten d" 'Of cou rse th e lnlii'rd p:llay,er w'ii III form a riJ add itl ona I fa etor ihml the, ga me. Th e ni, w he n th e th Iree co m pa re thel r va rlous scores in the, sa rn e ha no i ,0 nl[1 V hew ho has [most: shou Illd score, a nd then on 1'1 the a rnou nt bV wh kh hie e:xcee ds tt h ~ "~I ~" "~ "~ ~" 'h ~ ~ ~ "~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ nd Th ~ ~ th ~ "~ "~I ~ " " ~ "" ~ d ~ "~ ~ t ~ ~ ~ "~~ ~ t 'I:~ re praver 'WIQ cernes secono. . ~ re 0'1 ,I er payers' 0' no SI(I(H'e a


Copy rig hted m ateri al



.1-3 ;~:: :;:j:~~:~~::!: a~:::~;~:;~~:~:~::~~~::t~~:2

tJ~ at th[e' Of'dii!iil a ry' 5.2. ca rd pa ck 'ljllla s su s ceptmbll e [of some pecul ia r n u merlca I sign'flfka"Uo ns, e.g.:

52 Ca rd s in th e pack, suggest 52 we elks ~n t~ e yea r,

13 Card sin each Sl~ lt, suggest 13 luna r months in th e 'y',~'a r, 13 'W'€'elks in th e CI u a rte r.

4 S uiits in the, pac k, suggest 4 season s in th e Yle[d r,

12 Pli et UI:r~ Ca rds in th e pack, suggest 12 month s Ii In th e '~f'~a r, 12 signs oif th e Zodiac.

The -P' ios 0['[1 the olaln cards of the to I-II-[-r t-[ -[i'te-

,, __ Iir __ !:'"'';' ,_I'! ,_![Io;;: 1_, __ ,"" __ ,, .... ~, y.;. ","", ,,_'I;; _" I!.!I ,;..UI[~;!I

The' p il ps 01111 the 12. II? ilctlu re Ca rds

Twelve p~ etu re CaJilid s rec kon ed as :10 ea ch The[ n um be r of cards in each su it

- 2- "10""

_I~~ .... r

,=12 = 12,0 =13,

But ccncea le d be hihn d th ei r a IP[lla rentl V alrib[itralrr'V' a In d biza r:re destgns, the Ta rot: Ca rds con ta ina f,a r more (~O m pliicdlted sy:st,e[ml of recondite :s.-ym bo Iii sm. We wi n d th e n urn her te n mu ltl pl i eo by tJhe :m'ystical number four" and comblneo wiith ,a pr~'[m'iitive hie roglvp ~ ~ c a I p habet of twenty- two, Iletters.

Copy rig hted m ateri al



Elm phas Levi ,says, irii h is III Hlstolre de [I a 1M agi e II:: "The a bso I ute hlij'erolg:lyph lea I scle nice had for lts ba s is, a n a I p:h a bet of wh lc h a 1[1 the, gods were letters, adlll th e lette rs id ea s, allUlI th e .0 eas Ii"iIU rnbers, ,a nd a II th e n u m hers perfect slgn s,

iCi'fh- - "I i!O' h "I£!! rAiO -I[up to.. lea [-I ~ ~I n[L.. ~ bet of W' - h lch M' 10' e eoe 1m" ad c th - B ,O'I!"'a at

,;:i! ~ 'VbrH .... 01 a ~I~c IU~ - 'v',', .._" 1,_I;jI~;;,' aU 11,5' ~, 115' b,11 "U'i:I-

sec ret o,f his Ca ba la, ,8 ndl wh i ch he, retook fro m the Eg,vIP,tia ns,~: for I' ,;3 coco rd'iing: to th e Sep her Y~tz i ra hI' lt ca m e. fro m Ab ra halm,~: th is, ,a I p hal bet,~, 'Ij/ile ,sal\,~, is thle fa me lUIS, B ook of Thoth~ su sp'eeted by COlli rt de Gebel into be p rese lived to the present ti me u nd e:1J the fo rm of that pecu [I ~ a r pack Oir- ca rds, 'wh ich is ca 1[1 ed the' rs rot, . '. The te n n u meers and twentv-two I ette rs a re 'what are called iin the Ca ba la the th irtty'-two, pat hs of sci en ce, and t he:ii:r ph i losop hiitall descrl ption is, th e S,U bject of th at pri m itihJ',e' ,a nd reve red work know Ii"il GIS th e Se ph er Yetzl rQ]'Il~ I' wh ieh iis still to be fOI~ n d 'Ii ~ the' {)O l.I[ect~'on of Pi storl UIS, ,a nd otrhle rs. llh e AI pha bet OF Thoth ls th e orig in a I of 0 UI r Ta ret, on Iy 'ii mI a n a ltered form, Th e Ta rot 'wh lc h w,e' have is of .J ewi s h orlgi rIl, and th e tvpes of th e figures cannot be' traced hack further thaln the reii'gllm ow' Charlie's VI.,'I[I

The Sepher 'y,etzirah referred to tn the above quotation has been r'EH:,ent'l[y translated by my friend Dr, Wynn W'eS'~:cott:, who 'lis, a sk.ill fu [I and e ru d lte 'Q,a ba llstlca I stu dent" ,50 t hat it ca n now be read ii n E ngl iish" I[t certa in I'y' ,giV€S1' i rn miy' op i n iion, th e 'Q,a ba I[ iist lea [I Key olf~ th e Ta rot: and sh ows at '0 ~ eel [by Ie-v;~d.e nt a nldl[1 ogy, t ~ e an eli ent 3 nd rel ig i011Lll S, ,0 r'iigi n of' lts blaa rre svm boilli S rn. I[t COIl1l S ists of th i rtv-t h re,e' short: section s (the th i rtv-th i rd bei ng me re'lv IIEC.ap'utt:ulllaltory} d'ilvided into five chapters, :and elueldated by th i:rty'-twQ O<CiC:U It P a ralg raphs ca [I [I ed th e iii P'at hs Ii " II n fact, it :m a'y' be ca 11[1 ed a treatise on the ten and th e 't;w',e'nty-twQ,. Th e numbers from orne to ten are s,aii'd to svrnbollse the SpiJr~t, Aiiir .. Water,~ F~ re, IH eig&1ltf Depth, E,astj Wes.t:j No rth, So uth, Th e twe:nlty=two I[@ttelr:s alre diviided into three Mot'irner lLett'@~sl' A,~ MI' SIIH, rete rri ng to .Ai r, Wat,e'r.I' and Fi re: seven dou ble lette rs, a, G,

Copy rig hted m ateri al


D,~, K..r p ~ R~ TH f refe rring to the seven pia nets, etc.; a no twelve simple letters, [H[J VJ t; CH, TJ' [1[/, Lit NJ S~ 0, Tzi, CL ref[e1rrirl,g 'to t~·'ke· twe live s,ig n s of the, Zed lac, etc,

Ch rlstia n, th e d ~s,d p I[e of Levi,i' '~inl his, rece nt w()lrk 0 ill M aglc, has m a de t h€ explanatlon of the twe li"ilty-two h ii@rog:[lyphics of the Ta rot to rm pa rt o,r the '~n itiialto ry cere mo rues of th e Egvpt~,a n mvsteri es of Crata IR~ poa,

The symbols of three of tithe twenty-two Trumps of the Terot 'IAte'f'e tin u s resto red by' t liphas !Levi.

7," The' [Chi arlot .,··,A, cu bi ca I ch a riot w iith fou r co I[u m:1i'1I s, su r-' m ou ntedi by an azu re a no sta r-decked eel nopiy'e W'ut:h il~ the eha dot a Ii"ild b etwe en t h€ fo U!I r 'COIILlI[m ns sta nds a Co nq ueror crowned 'with a, dn:J[e,t,t from whk:~ rise and shine three pentagra rn s of gol d . .0 n ~ Ii s C,I[.!I ~ Ira ss a re t hree right ami g[1 es; and on his, she u[1 ders the LJ ri m and Th u m rnl [m s,yml bol ised by the tw'o crescents ef the' [M loon tn i ncrea se ttl in d decrease, In h ls h and is a see ptre su rrno UI nted by a globe, a sq uare, a no a tri a ngle, H :iis attitude ii's proud and tranquil, To the, Chariot is attached a dOI~ ble sp hlii'n.x,~, or rath e r two[ sph i nxes .1[0'11 ned togeth e r; one of tJhI e m tur ns lts h eald /' ,a nd th ey bot hi [rook in th e same d i rectio n," The, sp n[ii'n~x~ wh lch tllj rns its h ead towa rds the oth er ls bl aek and me Ii'1I a d ng, th e ot he r is wh it€ an d ca 1m. 01111 t ~ e sq ilJIlaJ[re 'wh lch fo rms the '~ro·nt of the, Cha rlot wle[ see the I ~ d ian I inga m su rm ou nted by the flyii'ng' g:llobe of the [lEgypt~,a ns,

1 ('!II Th e W hee I orr [F n rtu n e A ·w· 'hie a ~I of s eve jI'l sp 0 kes the

IV. . ~ II. ',':,'. ~ II -.. . ·:IIJ . [iJll . J ",llll - .--R ..... : ... I!w. Iii../- ", I, I.w·[ l~ ~ Ji. ',I' ,.rr\ .. - ~.~J I!-II'II._

cosmogonical 'whee[1 of Ez!ekiel, w~th a dog-headed figure asce ndii:ng on '0 ne sl de, (A nlilj bls, the, EgY1Pti,a n IMI[e'rcu ry~[; a nd a

do rno n d-[a see n ...:i['['1 [111 a ..... 11'11 th £II nth e r ('iIo'~,o ~:CIIV otla [111 e- ··~·'~I-I d-la"I'ltv'

[r;:;' : [Ul [ ~,;), . "",\JI . [ ,10; [u. I[ II 11.. ·li!;:; [ .... - [.,. . UII'E:i [;~r [""~, .CI . [ . ~ il [. ""' . - 'I,

T·-'-' [I.-. 'n'" the ·f' ,- rm er of ,~.LL.,,~,- bea [-~~ e-; cad -l'-[·-;'- -,-: the latte -~, ,~ ypl:[lo~ ~1,1' ,I [I .. o~ m.r o~ [~.liIIe:se ~. .Qrs :a ca~uceu:s,~, .. _. e;;h II a

t ld t b th f b d t th h -II A· b th u

- - _. - • . . - . - , .. - 'I· _... ',. .... - - [ . . . -- - . - - ... , . .. ,-. - .. .. _... ..... ,- '- - - , . ~,

Ir[1 t [en. -,j -.0. - I[g: U res al[r€i -- .0 U[1'1i -0. - .. e W 'e!'e '" ,., ov~ [. em I[S ,a

Copy rig hted m ateri al



sp hii'nx at th e ba I a nce-po i nt of th e wh ee t n,oldl'ii mi gad IfEIW n sw',ord bet'weern its lion's ,c;I,a'w',s,

1.2.. The [)evil.,···Tihroned on a cuibe above the UnliV81rse is a goathead ed, satvr-ll ke figt~ rei bea rji:ng: 10 r11 its b row the pe nita gra m ..

,..,!j , it..." b I' ,j,' L'" h W"· il-. hand

apex u pwa rn, SOl as to rna ~e lit a svrn co or -II g t. """.",' It ~II on e na no

'ut: po i nts u pwa rd s to' the svm bo I ,of the' M con in I nc rease, 'with the ot her dlownwa rds tn t hat of th e Moo n ilni d ec rease, th u s sy:mbol[isirn,g the eternal e'Qulij'[librium, !J,f' Mercv and Justice; the ftrst two f nge rs and ttth um b of lea eh ha no are extended ~IS. 'il n g~ vii ng 'the sign of ben edliitti,o Ii'"Ii.. 0 Iii! e 431 rm is 'fe IiI1 i n lin a, the ot her maseu line, flh e torch of i nte 1[1 lgen ee ts p laced betwe elm lts horns", as. 1I:h e Mlag ka II Liig:ht a~ 1I:h e U In ive rsa ~ E:q ul I[i brlu m. The, cad ucs us which holds the place of the generative organs s,ig~~'~i'es. the etE:'! rn ity' of I if,e,~: tin e be-lly is, CO''i/€ red wiit h scales to represent Watle'r~: the' ,c~i rc I[e above it is tb e atm os ph ere; t[h e W~ ngs are t ~ e em ble m of the Vo lati le: a nd it'~ e defo rmed a no go at-li Ike feet rest upon the ea rth"

Space does not al[[llow' me to enter' further into the subject on wh i ch, i nd eed, $Ie.'ve ra I vo I u mes mig ht be' 'w'ritten 'w'it hout exha UlSil:-'li ng it, 1 ca n Din Iv hope. th aJlt: th IS sho rt t reanse wii'lll suff ce to. ghle' mly lli"@,aders some idea of th e recnn d ite mea nii:ng of th e Tarot: Cards, and how to emplov them lin, dlvtnatton,

Copy rig hted m ateri al

'fill e Pi'ctoriall K,ey to th e "Ira rot:

Ta I es of the Enchailnted II,s la III ds of the ,Ada ntic

Till e [Lost Continent

My 'Trip, to M,Bll's,

'l,~rww ,forgottenbook:s..,org' or WIAtW'.amOloo+com

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