Criação de Usuário Solution Manager


Refine operating procedure for creating new of Partner and Business AssociationProfile

user in Solution

Manager (SOLMAN), creation

1)Creation of User 2) Profile Association 3) Creating User Business Partner

Access Solution Manager with a user ID that has permission on thetransaction "SU01". If you do not have access.Acessar o Solution Manager com um usuário ID que tenha permissão na transação “su01”.
Caso não possua acesso.

1) Creation of User TCode “su01” .

Fill in the "User" with the user to be created. See example below:

Then click the button tionate.
Address Tab: • • • • •

and the screen is shown below. Basically fillthe fields below men-

Last Name; Fisrt Name; Language; E-mail: Comunication Type (choose

INT e-mail)

User to Brazil.Address Tab: In the field "Initial Password". always set the language "EN". Repeat the password to start in the "Repeat Password Fixed Values Tab: In the field "Language Log". This field is used to tell the system what language the user will start when logging without the need to inform the language on the login screen. set the user's language. set a password to start the new User. .

3) Creating User Business Partner All users who are created in SOLMAN should also be createdthrough the Business Partner of the transaction: dswp . informe cada role em cada uma das linhas. enter each role in each of the lines.2) Profile Function Tab: Tell the functions (roles) for each specific user type. na coluna “Função”. To associate a profile in the "Feature" column.Para associar um perfil.

select a especific solution Please.Below. select “Processing” option .

the system will . select "Create Business Partner" Select the option to define the beginning date search. After to ckick on the button . Then select the optionthat is on the screen .Within this option. return to the previous screen.

After selecting the environment.For this example.Then select the environment "SM2". we will be using the development .click Expand the selection as screen below. . environment.

Below the message that your user has been created. click on button. . click on button. If is ok.After to locate the users that youn needs. Confirm or not you activity.

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