The Outslders by S.E.Hlnton takes place durlng the 1950s ln Tulsa,
Oklahoma. Llfe for a teenager was much dlfferent 50 years ago than lt ls
today and many of those dlfferences are evldent ln the book. Do you
thlnk the story would be dlfferent lf the settlng had been 2011 lnstead of
the 50s? For example.

Why are lohnny and Fonyboy cut off from the rest of the group whlle at
the church ln Wlndrlxvllle? Why must Sodapop rely on a handwrltten note
to communlcate wlth Fonyboy? What does Dally do when he robs the
store after lohnny´s death?


Fretend that The Outslders took place ln the 21
century. Thls means
that, llke most teenagers, all of the characters ln the book would be
carrylng cell phones. And, llke more teenagers, they all have Facebook

Create a Facebook wall for lohnny, Fonyboy, or Dally. The status updates
and replles should accurately reflect the characters´ personalltles as well
as thelr relatlonshlps wlth each other. Your status updates should focus
on ma|or events ln the plot.

Your pro|ect must lnclude:
O At least four status updates from your character
O At least flfteen replles to your status updates
O #esponses that are relevant to the story and reveal characters´
personalltles and relatlonshlps

ot aII Is what It seems to be.
~Abner RadIey

Dlrectlons: #ead the quote above. Thlnk about how lts meanlng relates to
The Outslders by S.E. Hlnton and the ldea of a stereotype. Choose two
examples from the book where a character does not flt the typlcal
stereotype of how a greaser or Soc behaves. lnclude speclflc detalls that
proves thls person ls not all helshe seems to be.

¹¹You may choose to do two examples for the same character, or one
example each for two dlfferent characters.

Make sure your essay:
O Thoroughly explalns two examples where a character does not flt
the stereotype of a greaser or a Soc.
O States how the person ls not what helshe seems to be based on
hlslher actlons.
O &ses speclflc lnformatlon and detalls from the book
O ls organlzed and well wrltten

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