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Product data sheet EPB running plug forming (“RPF”)

Issued: Tuesday, 8 June 2010

EPB running plug forming (“RPF”) with:

TK60 Liquid; MX Liquid; DryAdd Liquid
Background Normal industrial clothing including protec-
The Morrison EPB running plug forming tive gloves and goggles must be worn
injection method (“RPF”) meets the re- when handling. No hazardous decomposi-
quirement for waterproof plug formation in tion products are produced. Traces of
wet pressured face and wet running spoil. product will be present, usually at less
Introduced at Fleetwood Tunnel (Amec/ than 0.1%, within exported muck.
Bechtel) in 1995 and widely applied since. Set-up
Dry and stiffen high slump muck One single injection point to the screw
in the screw for clean muck away housing, as far inbye as possible, will cre-
ate a satisfactory plug in most cases.
RPF originally provides an intensive tech-
A ring of injection points around the screw
nique to allow mining to progress rapidly
casing, or around the screw/bulkhead
and safely in wet running face.
penetration, are ideal.
However, RPF may also be deployed in a
low intensity format as a primary condition-
ing method for potentially messy arisings
such as chalk.
TK60 Liquid is the standard additive and
first choice, but variants are available to
cover all ground conditions and customer

Specific benefits
Curbs water inflow
Forms instant plug
A simple set-up would comprise:
Promotes dry mucking
1” injection point to screw casing with
Allows normal, usually rapid advance NRV and ball valve.
Encourages volumetric mucking I/2” hydraulic hose to pump (we rec-
(avoids over/under mining) ommend, supply and support the ARO
LM2203 range of stub pumps for this
RPF functions optimally in clean, wet or
A simple support bracket must be pro-
dry sands, gravels, cobbles, chalk. Re-
vided to hold the 25 kg drum of Morri-
quirement varies but generally settles
son product in use with stub pump in
down to 0.5 kg - 2 kg of the selected
place, plus spare drum.
product per m3 of soil.
Manual control by belt minder: air sup-
Health, safety and environmental ply to ARO pump.
protection and compliance

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