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Product data sheet

Issued: February 2009

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FLOC BLOCKS: Low cost, easy-to-use

flocculant blocks for waste water settling
Background Health and Safety/Environment
FLOC BLOCKS™ are solid blocks of slow CONSULT MSDS SHEET and assess safe
release flocculant which work by releasing use policy. Normal industrial clothing
into the water stream trace amounts of including gloves should be worn when
anionic polymer chain molecules which act handling. In case of eye contact, flush eye
to bind together stone, soil, clay and chalk thoroughly with clean water.
fines so that they will settle out rapidly Very low toxicity product. Biodegradable -
leaving clear water for disposal or re-use. WGK class 1. MSDS sheet on request.
Applications Use
Civil engineering waste water Prepare a secure dosing point, such as a
Shaft drainage mesh tray, under the water outfall (but not
submerged). Place block(s) under the
Tunnelling and piling
water flow into lagoon etc and observe
Quarrying results. A curdling effect should be noted.
Stone working Use one or more FLOC BLOCKS per
water stream. Where flow is intermittent, to
Packaging, form avoid wastage place product so as to be
FLOC BLOCK AN1™ for clays, soils wetted when flow is on but dry when flow
and minerals is off. Note that sufficient “dwell time” - i.e.
FLOC BLOCK CA1™ for organic and volume storage - must be provided to
other suspended solids allow the flocculated solids to settle.
CHALK BLOCK™ for chalky waste- Availability
Packaging, form
Case of 8 x 3 kg blocks

For further guidance, and specific recommendations

and costings for your project, kindly contact your
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