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Product data sheet D

Issued: February 2009 o

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MX POLYMER for slurry tunnelling e
Thixotropic, biodegradable, safe, ultra high performancec polymer mud
for bentonite-free slurry tunnelling; particularly effectivel in granular
face. Ideal rheology for long drives and shallow cover. i
Background and use Ideal for sand, gravels,t cobbles
MX POLYMER meets the requirement for o
MX was first developed to provide a
e overcome the
clean, bentonite-free slurry forrapid, superior replacement to
efficient, safe slurry tunnelling in limitations of bentonitei slurry in mixed
challenging granular/sand/cobble face. face. t
MX POLYMER is effective in all ground
types and is highly recommended for Health and Safety .
granular face. Formulation for most MX POLYMER has been specifically
conditions would be 31.5 to to
5 kg/m3 water.
2.5 kg/m3 water. manufactured for safety in use, and is a
very low-hazard formulation requiring no
Specific benefits special labelling. CONSULT MSDS
Easy to mix and store - effective at SHEET and assess safe use policy before
less than 0.4% solution use. Normal industrial clothing including
100% biodegradable and non-toxic protective gloves and goggles should be
worn when handling. In case of eye
The No. 1 choice for sands/gravels/
contact, flush eye thoroughly with clean
Ideal for weak ground, shallow cover,
and environmental breakout risk Environmental protection and
Highly effective in fresh or salt water compliance
Excellent face stabilisation and MX POLYMER is very low toxicity product.
carrying capacity in sands and gravels Recommended to minimise environmental
risk in shallow cover and under water
Highly effective at low pumping rates
Easily strippable to allow local clear Readily biodegradable - WGK class 1.
water disposal MSDS sheet on request.
Excellent suspension properties
when static or moving Compatible with:
Excellent H & S profile compared SLOOP face sealing agent
with traditional bentonite TK60 lubricant and clay inhibitor
Shear thinning: Superb carrying Saline and fresh water
capacity - yet easy to pump
Packaging, form Worldwide
25 kg sacks; Granular powder, cream/

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