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IRVING CITY COUNCIL, WORK SESSION AGENDA WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 12, 2011 11:00 AM. First Floor Gly Council Conference Room - Cv Center Complex 825 Wes ving Boulevard ving, Texas ‘This meeting can be adjourned and reconvened, I nscessay, within 24houre on the Tollewing day nthe Fret Flor Clty Counel Conference Room. DISCUSSION TO! Executlve Luncheon 1 Review of Regular Agenda 2 Budget Cost Containment Strategies 32010 Crime Reduction 4 Smith, Jackson, Boyer, Bovard Review of Entertainment Venue Expenditures EXECUTIVE SESSION 5 Legal Advice - Ex Parte City of ving and Entertainment Venue ‘Texas Open Meetings Act § 551.071 cERTIIENE ‘ery tat he toe tie of meting rs td nh bee! a ay alo he Cy of vg Ts, ee doyle 8 Spo eek b ak (Oty Sean) ‘cemnncanion anne toy dey te cl tg tn ky fb Cy Tea pence iy eee etna rennet om one a ma ms Nr apt i Besce ay eee 7 “This feel wheel cha aczetable and fandeap paving eParee Slstve nearing devess must be made 48 hour ror to he 2403 (100) 1 800.RELAY TX (6001 forassesares