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Training is a very important aspect of HRD. The three main areas involved
arei.e., skills, knowledge and attitudes, but always with a definite purpose in
mind.“Training is being used as a tool, it is upgrading Human Resource
insomeorganization by design and in many others by default. It attemptsto improve
theperformance of employees onthe current job or prepare them for the future job.
Training and development being the most vital tools of HRD, generally
formsa major part of the present HRD.It is essential from top to bottom, each an
everyemployee is being trained in his cadre.In higher cadres training is a process
ofassisting managers to learn and improve their ability to perform managerial tasks
withemphasis on learning management from the organization point of view and not
fromthe individual view point of learning.
Training and development are the planned leaning experiences that
teachworkers how to perform their current as well as future jobs more
effectively.Trainingand Development practices are designed to improve
organizational performancethrough enhancing knowledge and skills of the
employees.It is essential that all theactivities relating to training should be in tune
with the specific needs of both theorganization and the employees.