How to Become a Hindu, Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names

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How to Become a (Better) Hindu

Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names

Hindudharmanusarena Namasvikarah

A Collection of Hindu Names

or individuals seeking to choose a Hindu name, we have humbly assembled here a list of names primarily from the South Indian Saivite tradition, favoring shorter names which would be most easily pronounced in the West. Other very good sources are 1) The Penguin Book of Hindu Names, by Maneka Gandhi, and 2) Pick a Pretty Indian Name for Your Baby, by Meenal Pandya and Rashmee Pandya-Bhanot. Each book contains thousands of names from many of Hinduism's rich traditions. There are also several wonderful websites (listed on p. 428) with extensive lists of Hindu names. As there is variety in traditions, there is variety in the pronunciation and spelling of names. For example, Siva in the North of India may become Sivan in the South. For this purpose, we have listed a number of alternatives when multiple spellings and pronunciations exist. Names marked with an (M) are masculine, and those marked with an (F) are feminine. Names marked (M-F) are suitable for both genders.


How to Become a Hindu, Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names

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If you are adopting or converting to Hinduism, we suggest that you select a first name and a last name, and proceed with confidence. The diacritical marks have been removed for web presentation purposes so confirm the proper pronunciation with Hindus in the community you are joining. Begin using your new name. Later it can be made legal.

Abhisheka (M): inauguration; sacred oblation Acharya (M): teacher, scholar Adhyaksha (M): the great presider; Ganesha Adi (M): Primal Source; a name of Siva Aditi (F): freedom; security; Earth Aditya (M): name of seven Dieties of the heavenly sphere; a constallation; the seventh lunar mansion; the plant Calotropis Gigantea Adiyan, Adiyen (M): devotee, servant, slave Agama (M-F): coming forth; arrival; birth; knowledge; wisdom Agastya (M): thrower of mountains; one who humbles even the mountain; name of a rishi; Siva Agni (M): fire; gold; God of fire Agnikumar (M): son of Agni; a name of Murugan Agranya (M): first born; Ganesha Aja (M-F): unborn; Ganesha Ajita (F): invincible; irresistible; Siva and Vishnu Alahan (M): beautiful one; Murugan Amala (M-F): spotless; pure; shining; Lakshmi and Narayana; plant Hibiscus Cannabinus and tree Emblica Officianalis Amara (M): immortal; a God; the Rudraksha tree Amba (F): mother; a good woman; DurgA


How to Become a Hindu, Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names

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Ambara (M): circumference; sky; saffron; a kind of perfume Ambika (F): mother; sensitive; compassionate; loving; Parvati Ambikanatha (M): Ambika's lord; Siva Ambu (M): water Ambuja (M): produced in water; lotus; conch; the moon Amiya (F): full of tenderness; nectar Amrita (M-F): undying; immortal; imperishable; heaven; first kala of the moon; beautiful; beloved; divine nectar Anadi (M): eternal; immortal; Siva Anamaya (M-F): the savior of all ills; Murugan Anand, Ananda, Anandan (M): happiness; joy; blissful one; Siva and Gauri Anandapriya (M): dear one who gives joy Anandi (F): bestower of pleasure; Gauri Anant, Ananta (M): unending, eternal; the Earth; Parvati Anantamurti (M): of endless forms; Murugan Anantashakti (M-F): the potent lord; Murugan Anekatman (M): the plurality of souls; Siva Anil Kumar (M): son of the wind; Hanuman Anishvara (M): having no superior; Siva and Murugan Anjali (F): prayerful Appar (M): father; a famous Saivite saint Aran (M): forest dweller; Siva Arati (F): offering of fire; worship Arul (M): grace Arumuga, Arumugam (M): six-faced one; Murugan


How to Become a Hindu, Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names

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Arun (M), Aruna (F): red; passionate; life-giving; dawn; Surya Asha (F): hope; space; a quarter of the heavens Ashok, Ashoka (M): without sorrow Ashrita (F): the refuge; Ganesha Ashtamurti (M): lord of eight forms; Siva Asita (F): at rest; tranquil; at peace; Parvati Atmabhuvi (M-F): the unborn Self; Murugan Avyakta (M-F): the unmanifest; Siva

Babhravi (F): fire-clad; victorious; omnipresent; descendent of sage Babhru; Durga Badarayani (F): new; young; pure; perfume Bageshri (F): prosperity; beauty; a raga Bahubhuja (F): many-armed; Durga Bahudama (F): strong; powerful; a mother of Skanda's retinue Bahugandha (F): strong-scented, very fragrant; jasmine; sandalwood; musk Bahulika (F): manifold, magnified, multiplied, multifaceted personality, the Pleiades Bahumati (F): extremely knowledgeable; a scholar Bahupushpa (F): decorated with flowers; respected, venerated Bakavati (F): having the qualities of a heron: attentive, patient, watchful, cautious Bakul (F): a flower Bakula (M), Bakuli (F): a kind of tree; the fragrant flower of Mimusops Elengi Bala (M-F), Balan (M): young boy or girl; newly risen; simple; pure; jasmine Balaganapati (M): infant Ganesha


splendor Baruna. Durga Basanti (F): of the spring. gentle. grain. sacrifice. a daughter Banashri (F): beauty of the forest Bandhupriya (F): dear to friends and relations Bandhura (F): rounded. fortunate. fire. the Earth Balakunda (F): young flower. beautiful. Arabian jasmine. time Beman (M): detached Beni (M): plait of hair Beniprasada (M): flowers sacred enough for offering Bhadra (M-F): fair. lovely. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 5 of 82 Balaja (M-F): born of power. happy. Baruni (F): wife of lord of the Sea. the yellow color associated with spring Basantika (F): spring Batika (F): flower Beanta (M): without end.himalayanacademy. prosperous. charming Banita (F): woman Banshi (M): a flute. sweet-voiced. wave. water. auspicious. an apsara Bela (F): jasmine.How to Become a Hindu. melodious Barhayita (F): as beautiful as the eye on a peacock feather Barhisha (F): kusha grass. strong. Siva Bhadrarupa (F): of beautiful form Bhadrashashti (F): form of Durga Bhadrasoma (F): as noble and beautiful as the moon http://www. light. jasmine Balasarasvati (F): Goddess of knowledge Balavati (F): eternal Bekuri (F): playing a musical instrument.html 5/6/2010 . ether.

venerable Bhagavati (F): God and nature conjoined. glorious. an attendant of Skanda Bhagavat (M-F): possessing fortune. Murugan Bhakti (F): devotion. sun. friend Bharatha (M): world protector Bharati (F): descendant of Bharata. Bhaktar (M): devotee Bhaktavatsala (M-F): lover of devotees. enlightening Bhandila (F): fortune Bhanuja (F): daughter of the sun. radiant. the Yamuna river Bhanupriya (F): beloved of the sun Bhanushri (F): glorious as the sun Bharanda (M): one who fulfills. the Creator Bhakta. happy. master. piety Bhalla (M-F): auspicious. divine.himalayanacademy. articulate. sacred.How to Become a Hindu. passionate Bhanavi (F): descendant of the sun. Arabian jasmine BhadrikA (F). lord Bharanyu (M): protector. homage. master. auspicious Bhagada (F): bestower of wealth and happiness. meritorious.html 5/6/2010 . virtuous Bharga (M-F): the effulgent one. virtuous. fire. shining like the sun. Bhadrika (M): noble. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 6 of 82 Bhadravalli (F): beautiful Siva Bharita (M-F): green Bhashat (M): the heart http://www. Siva Bhallaka (M): a bear Bhalli (F): arrow Bhamini (F): shining. beautiful. glorious.

new. illuminating. virtuous wife Bhavarupa (M-F): handsome or beautiful Bhavayana (M). source. GaMga Bhavesha (M): Siva. the first syllable of a mantra. the mystical root letter of a mantra Bijakshara (F): the seed alphabet.himalayanacademy. Siva Bija (F): germ. Bhatti (M): noble lord. lord of wordly existence Bhavyakirti (F): of great fame. king Bhattini (F): noble lady. compassionate Bhavanatha (M): lord of creation Bhavani (F): noble.How to Become a Hindu. profound. bright. a name of Siva Bhati (F): lovely. Bhattara. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 7 of 82 Bhasmapriya (M): a friend of the holy ash. Parvati Bhavanikanta (M): Bhavani's husband Bhavanti (F): charming. beautiful. omnipotent Bijamati (F): a mind good at comprehending causes Bijanjali (F): a handful of seeds. liked by all. the ashes of Siva Bhavada (M-F): giving life. Bhavayani (F): coming from Siva. luminous. life-giving Bijapushpa (F): a flower. maruvaka Bijli (F): lightning. perceptible. a famous poet Bhava (M-F). enlightening Bijya (F): born of good parents http://www. cause of existence Bhavaja (F): born of the heart. beautiful. Siva Bhavabhuti (M-F): prosperity. prince. Bhavan (M): existence itself. Aum. wise Bhima (M-F): of awesome strength. element.html 5/6/2010 . the atomic alphabet. splendour Bhatta.

How to Become a Hindu, Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names

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Bina (F): intelligence; lute, harmonious, melodious Boddhri (M): a seer, one who knows, a preceptor Bodha (M), Bodhana (M-F), Bodhi (F): knowledge, awakening; sermon; perception; Brihaspati Bodhendra (M): lord of intelligence; Brahmani (F): Brahma's beloved Buddhi (F): intellect; Ganesha's consort Buddhipriya (M-F): lover of intelligence; Ganesha

Ceyon (M): ancient Tamil name of Lord Murugan Chachari (M): moving quickly, restless Chaha (M): desire, desired, charming, loving Chaidya (M): intelligent; an administrator Chaitra (M): absorbed in pleasure; as pleasant as the spring Chaitraratha (M): chariot of intelligence; Surya Chaitrasakha (M): friend of the spring; one who incites love Chakora (M): shining; content Chakrin (M): Krishna and Siva Chakroddhata (M): the Supreme Chaksana (M): soothing to the eyes; appearance Chaksas (M): look, sight; radiance; teacher Chaksu (M): eye; Sun God, Surya Chaksusa (M): preceptor, seer


How to Become a Hindu, Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names

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Chala (M): ever-moving; Supreme Being Chalaka (M): directing, driving; Supreme Soul Chalameshvara (M): Siva Chaman (M): garden Chamar (M): a rod with a large tuft of hair used for fanning Chamaraja (M): leader of an army Chamasa (M): cup; vessel used for drinking soma at sacrifices Chamikara (M): gold, golden color; the thorn apple Champa (M): soothing Champaka (M): Champaka tree Chamundi (F): Durga as one of the seven mothers who destroyed the demons Chanda and Munda Chandana (M): sandalwood Chandanin (M): anointed with sandalwood; Siva Chandansu (M): hot-rayed, the sun Chandesvara (M): attendant of Siva Chandi (F): silver; fair, precious; cooling Chandipati (M): lord of Chandi; Siva Chandodeva (M): lord of the hymns Chandra (F), Chandran (M): shining, radiant; the moon Chandrabhala (M): bearing the moon on his forehead; Siva Chandradeva (M): the moon personified as Deity Chandrakin (M): wearer of the moon; the peacock, with moon-like eyes on its tail Chandrakumar (M): youthful moon; Murugan Chandramani (M): moonstone


How to Become a Hindu, Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names

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Chandramohan (M): as attractive as the moon Chandranatha (M): lord of the moon; Siva Chandrapada (M): the feet of the moon; moonbeam Chandraraja (M): born of the moon; the planet Mercury Chandravarna (M): the moon's radiance; Murugan Chandresa (M): lord of the moon; Siva Chandrika (F): moonlight Chandrila (M): possessing the moon; Siva Charuvikrama (M): handsome hero; Siva Chatresa (M): lord of the umbrella; Siva Chaturbahu (M): Vishnu and Siva Chaturveda (M): the four Vedas; the widsom of dharma, artha, kama and moksha Chayana (M): moon Chechanna (M): vivacious Chedi (M): intelligent; pleasant, likeable Chedipati (M): king of the Chedis; master of bliss; honorific of Shishupala Chediraja (M): king of Chedi Chekitana (M): intelligent; Siva Chetana, Chetan (M): conscious; animated; distinguished, elegant; sentient, mind; soul Chetas (M): intelligence, consciousness; splendor; soul; heart; mind Chetrama (M): pervading conciousness Chidambaram (M): hall of consciousness, Siva's shrine Chinmaya (M): full of consciousness; the supreme spirit Chitra (F): beautiful, wonderful; a picture; striking; excellent


How to Become a Hindu, Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names

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Chitrajyoti (F): wonderfully glorious; shining brilliantly Chitralata (F): wonderful vine Chitralekha (F): beautiful outline; a picture Chitrali (F): a wonderful lady Chitramayi (F): full of wonders; like a beautiful picture Chitrangada (F): with wonderful limbs; with bejewelled arms Chitrangi (F): of charming body Chitrapushpi (F): variegated blossom; Hibiscus Chitrarati (F): grantor of excellent gifts Chitrashri (F): with divine beauty Chitrini (F): having marks of excellence; ornamented; talented Chitta (F): thoughtful, intelligent; spiritual Chudakarna (M): shaven head; mendicant Chudala (F): having a lock of hair on the crown; a saintly queen Chudamani, Chudika, Chudikadevi (F): most excellent, best; jewel Chuhal (F): joyous Chula (M): man; nucleus of a comet Chulika (F): an introduction Chulin (M): rishi; crowned; a crest Chulitaka (F): a poet Chuni (F): a small ruby; precious Chuninda (M): chosen as the best Chushini (F): female attendant of Durga Chutaka (F): a mango tree Chutalatika (F): woman of the mango tree


blessing. golden ornament.himalayanacademy. daughter of a perfect being. jasmine flower Dalapati (M): army commander Damini (F): lightning. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 12 of 82 D Dadhichi (M): a sage Dahanapriya (F): beloved of fire. Siva Daksheyu (F): striving for perfection. mild. Durga Dakshen. beauty Danadada (F): giving generously. Darshani (F): holy sight. Lord Murugan Danta (F): tamed. servant of God Dasrasu (F): mother of the ashvins Dattadevi (F): Goddess of gifts. Ganesha Dakshayani (F): gold. mother of Chandragupta II 5/6/2010 . an apsara Danti (F): patience. Dakshesh (M): clever.How to Become a Hindu. Dasan (M): devotee. perfect Dalaja (F): produced from petals. honey Dalakosa (F): treasure of petals. an apsara or gandharva Danda (M): staff Dandapani (M): carrier of a staff. self-restraint Danvir (M): generous Darpan (M): a mirror Darshan (M). wife of Agni Daksha (M-F): the skillful one. Dasa. Durga Darshatashri (F): of obvious beauty Das.

the mother of Gautama Buddha's cousin Devadhani (F): Indra's divine city Devadutta (M): God-given Devagarbha (F): the womb of the Gods. a river of ancient India Devagiri (F): divine knowledge.How to Become a Siva Dayavati (F): full of mercy Dayita (F): worthy of compassion. the three-headed Divinity of BrahmA-Vishnu-Siva Daya (F): compassion. sympathy Dayal (M): compassionate Dayamay (M): compassionate God Dayananda (M): joy of compassion Dayandhi (M): very compassionate Dayanvita (F): surrounded by mercy.himalayanacademy. cherished Dehini (F): of the body. bearer of the body. a ragini Devago (F): divine protectress. a musical raga Desna (F): gift. offering Deva (M): a divine being or light. angel Devabrata (M): brother of Gods Devadasa (M): devotee of God Devadatta (F): given by the Gods. a native. Shakti Devahuti (F): invocation of the Gods Devajami (F): sister of the Gods http://www. merciful Dayashankar (M): source of compassion.html 5/6/2010 . beloved. corporeal. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 13 of 82 Dattatreya (M): Given by Atri. the Earth Desapali (F): protected by the country. belonging to the country.

the double jasmine Devalekha (F): a divine venerated Devamatra (F): equivalent to a God. belonging to the Gods. cloves Devala (F): attached to the Gods. glorious.How to Become a Hindu.himalayanacademy. lord of devas http://www. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 14 of 82 Devajaya (F): wife of the Gods Devajyoti (M-F): God's light Devak (M). a raga Devakulya (F): divine pitcher. a mother in Skanda's retinue Devamayi (F): divine illusion Devamitra (F): friend of the Gods Devamshu (M): part of God Devanadi (F): river of the Gods Devananda (M-F): God's joy Devanangana (F): divine woman Devanatha (M): king. Devaki (F): divine. the holy Ganga Devakusuma (F): divine flower. music personified Devalata (F): divine vine. pious Devakanchana (F): divine gold Devakanya (F): celestial maiden Devakiri (F): tongue of the Gods Devakri (F): myth. a celestial beauty Devam (M): God. virtuous. Siva Devamala (F): divine garland Devamani (F): jewel of the Gods Devamata (F): mother of the Gods Devamati (F): godly minded.html 5/6/2010 . with a divine outline.

a name of Parvati Devika (F): minor Deity.html 5/6/2010 . Durga Devi (F): angel.How to Become a Hindu. an idol Devapriya (M): loved by the Gods Devaradhana (F): worship of the Gods Devaraja (M): Indra. Deven (M): chief of the Gods. Murugan Devasmita (F): with a divine smile Devavanchana (F): with divine speech Devavani (F): divine voice Devavarnini (F): describer of the Gods Devavati (F): owned by the Gods Devaviti (F): enjoyment for the Gods Devayani (F): chariot of the Gods. God-like Devikadevi (F): invested with divine qualities http://www. Indra Devesi (F): a chief of the Goddesses. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 15 of 82 Devanga (M): with God's limbs Devansha (M): part of God Devapratima (F): image of the Gods. invested with divine power Devayosa (F): the wife of a God Devayu (M): with divine life Devendra.himalayanacademy. Murugan's consort Devasenapati (M): commander of the devonic king of devas Devaranjan (M): loved by the devas Devarati (F): delight of the Gods Devarupa (F): divine form Devasena (F): with an army of Gods.

Dhanesh. Dhanraj (M): king of wealth Dhanavanta. Surya Dhamavat (M): owner of a house. a messenger of the asuras.How to Become a Hindu. Dhanavat (M): containing wealth. splendour. Kubera Dhanin (M): wealthy. a Yayati king and son of Durdhama Dhanapala (M): guardian of wealth. Surya Dhamanidhi (M): treasure of splendour. the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. winning Dhanaka (M): avarice. Dhaman (M): ray.himalayanacademy. Kubera Dhanaraja. coriander. Siva Dhanusha (M): the bow.html 5/6/2010 . the sea Dhanavardhana (M): increasing wealth Dhanayush (M): with a rich life. a king Dhanapati (M): lord of wealth. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 16 of 82 Dharabhuja (M): earth enjoyer. majesty. a rishi http://www. an attendant of Skanda Dhanurvedin (M): knower of the bow. a rishi Dhamadhipa (M): lord of Rays. versed in archery. a farmer. powerful. an ancestor of Sakyamuni Dhanurdhara. strength. Kubera Dhansukha (M): wealthy Dhanu (M): the Dhaneshvara (M): lord of wealth. the zodiac sign of Sagittarius Dhanuraja (M): king of archers. a son of Pururavas Dhanesha. a king Dhama. Dhanurgraha (M): bearer of a bow. Surya Dhamakesin (M): ray-haired. Kubera Dhanajita (M): wealth. place of pilgrimage. strong Dhanadhipa (M): lord of wealth. Siva Dhanurvaktra (M): bow-mouthed. house.

King Yudhishthira Dharmandhu (M): well of dharma. Dharmaprakasha (M): light of dharma. Siva Dharanija (M): born of the Earth Dharen (M): one who supports Dharendra (M): king of the Earth. a king of Kashi Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 17 of 82 Dhanushaksha (M): bow-eyed. virtuous. venerated http://www. duty. upright. virtuous. the physician of the Gods. right Dharmachandra (M): moon of dharma. virtue. deeply religious. good. a follower of Skanda Dharmadasa (M): one who serves religion Dharmadeva (M): lord of dharma Dharmagopa (M): protector of dharma Dharmagosha (M): voice of dharma Dharmamitra (M): nectar of dharma. keeping. a sage Dhanva (M): with a bow. Siva Dharmada (M): bestower of dharma. religious. venerated Dharmachara. holding. venerated Dharmanitya (M): constant in dharma Dharmapala (M): guardian of dharma Dharmaprabhasa. religious. friend of dharma Dharmanandana (M): son of dharma. founder of ayurveda.html 5/6/2010 . observance. resembling. religion. bestowing wealth Dharamvira (M): protector of religion Dharana (M): bearing. a river Dhanya (F): virtuous. the Himalayas Dharma (M): path of life. Dharmacharin (M): observing dharma.How to Become a Hindu. father of Dhanvantari Dhanvanta (M): wealthy Dhanvantari (M): moving in a curve. virtuous.

com/resources/books/hbh/hbh_ch-8-names. one who guards. Siva Dharmavarna (M): colored in dharma. a son of Ashoka Dharmayu (M): one who lives for dharma. defender of religion Dharmavivardhana (M): promoter of dharma. a Puru king Dharmayupa (M): a pillar of dharma Dharmendra.How to Become a Hindu. protects and practices dharma deeply Dharmasthavira (M): stable in dharma Dharmasuta (M): son of dharma Dharmasyas (M): glory of dharma Dharmavahana (M): vehicle of dharma.himalayanacademy. a Brahmin devotee of Surya Dharmasakha (M): friend of dharma Dharmasarathi (M): charioteer of dharma. virtuous. righteous Dharmottara (M): entirely devoted to dharma Dharsanatman (M): with a fierce nature.html 5/6/2010 . Dharmasavarni (M): resembling dharma Dharmashoka (M): Ashoka the dutiful. Dharmesha. Dharmeshvara (M): lord of dharma Dharmendu (M): light of dharma Dharmishta (M): staying in dharma. Emperor Ashoka Dharmasila (M): follower of dharma Dharmasindhu (M): ocean of dharma Dharmasingha (M): lion of dharma. Siva http://www. virtuous Dharmavira (M): champion of dharma. Siva Dharmavardhana (M): increasing dharma. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 18 of 82 Dharmaputra (M): son of dharma Dharmaranya (M): grove of dharma.

washed. accepts and protects. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 19 of 82 Dharuna (M): bearing. Siva and Skanda Digangana (F): quarter of the sky identified as a young maiden Digisha (M): lord of direction Dikkanya (F): quarter of the sky. pure. Brihaspati Didyotisu (F): wishing to shine Digambara. Siva Dhira. swift. beautiful Dhavalachandra (M-F): white moon Dhavalapaksha (M): white winged. grey. Sanatkumara. creator. one of the twelve adityas Dhataki (M): resembling the creator.How to Become a Hindu. clean Dhavlesh (M): lord of white. name of a rishi Dhavak (M): runner. founder. Digvasas.html 5/6/2010 . Brahma Dhata (M): establisher. Dheera (M-F). Dikshitar (M): initiated. inspiration. founder. Digvastra (M): sky clad. risen as a star. supporter. holding. supporting. consecrated Dilipa (M): one who gives. Dhiren (F): courageous. religious reflection Didivi (F): shining. bright. identified as a young maiden Diksha (F): initiation. a celebrated princess of Kashmir Didhiti (F): firm.himalayanacademy. consecration. devotion. flowing Dhavala (M-F): dazzling white. creator. purified. dedication Dikshita. the light half of the mouth Dhavita (M-F): whitish. son of Brahma Dhaumya (M): smokey. a son of Vitihotra Dhatri (M): establisher. quick. supporter Dhatriputra (M): Dhatri's son. a righteous king http://www. handsome. Ganesha Dhyana (M): meditation Didda (F): eyeball.

the sun. manifested. the sun Dinapati (M): day lord. a lamp. shining Dipsikha (F): the flame of a lamp http://www. flaming. waved before the Deity during ritual worship Dipavali (F): row of lights Dipavati (F): containing lights. attentive Dipakshi (F): bright-eyed Dipali (F): a row of lights Dipana (F): illuminating. inflaming.himalayanacademy. illuminated. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 20 of 82 Dimbesvari (F): Goddess of creation. saffron Dipakalika (F): flame of a lamp Dipakarni (M): with shining ears. that which kindles Dipanjali (F): a lamp for excited Dipra (F): radiant. lamp. Deepa (F): illuminating. fire plant Dipin (M): illuminating. impassioning. light. sun Dipa. an aditya Dinakaratmaja (F): daughter of Dinakara.html 5/6/2010 . lantern Dipaka (M): illuminating. the sun Dinaraja (M): day king.How to Become a Hindu. Durga Dinabandhu (M): friend of the poor. Dinesh (M): day lord. the river Yamuna Dinamani (M): day jewel. the sun Dinesha. exciting Dipita (M): inflamed. light. kindling. moolight. light of the lamp Dipika (F): a small lamp. the sun Dinaratna (M): day jewel. Supreme Spirit Dinakara (M): that which causes the day. a mythical river Dipen (M): lord of the lamp.

illuminating Ditimat (M): possessed with a glow. light. appointed. assigned. celestial Divoja (M): descended from heaven Divolka (F): fallen from the sky. auspicious juncture Diti (F): glow. light. beautiful. good fortune. direction. irradiating. tall. an apsara Divyayamuna (F): the divine Yamuna river Dodahi (F): flute Dodiya (F): royal family http://www.himalayanacademy. deep. splendor.How to Become a Hindu. beauty. the sun Divali (F): row of lights Divapati (M): day lord. Siva Dirgharoman (M): long-haired. enlightening Dirgha (M): lofty. directed. happiness. celestial. illuminating. hot. a meteor Divya (F): divine. brilliant Dipti. the sun Divija (M-F): born of the sky. heaven born. fixed Disti (F): direction. blazing. Deepti (F): brightness. Divyastri (F): celestial maiden. an attendant of Siva Disa (F): region. charming. beautiful Divyanari. heavenly. bright. long. the point of the compass Dishta (M): settled. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 21 of 82 Dipta (M): illuminated. splendid. brilliant Divakara (M): day maker. a daughter of Daksha Ditikara (M): bringing glow. an apsara Divyadeha (M): with a divine body Divyadevi (F): divine Goddess Divyajyoti (F): divine light Divyakrititi (F): of divine form.html 5/6/2010 .

the sacred grass.himalayanacademy. Ganesha Durasan (M): one who opens or unlocks doors. Eashan. Eashvan (M): the Supreme Ruler Edha (F): prosperity. granter Durgadas. India Eka (F): singular.How to Become a giver. Durgesh (M): lord of durva.html 5/6/2010 . inaccessible Durantadeva (M): the God who removes difficulties. Eesan. Durgadasa (M): devotee of Durga Durgesha. happiness Egattala (F): the Goddess of Chennai. a lunar dynasty emperor Duskala (M): destroyer of time. Siva Dustara (M): invincible Duvas (M): worship E Easan. peerless. unique. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 22 of 82 Doma (F): a singer Dora (F): string of an instrument Duhsadhin (M): door keeper Dulal (M): dear one Duradhara (M): invincible. Siva Durvara (M): irresistable Durvasas (M): a sage Dushyantan (M): destroyer of evil. Siva Durjaya (M): invincible Durodhara (M): door opener Durvadeva (M): lord of durva. the sacred grass. Easvan. Durga http://www.

Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 23 of 82 Ekabhakti (F): the worship of one Deity Ekachandra (F): the only moon. Ganesha Ekadeva (M): the one great God Ekaja (F): born alone. devoted to one Ekantika (F): devoted to one aim Ekaparna (F): single-leafed. chaste woman Ekadanta (M): having one tusk. auspicious.How to Become a Hindu. alone Ekala (M): solitary. the daughter of Himavana and Mena. the best one. with one mouth.html 5/6/2010 . the daughter of Yashoda and foster sister of Krishna Ekanayana (M): the planet Venus Ekangika (F): made of sandalwood. a tantric Goddess Ekakini (F): lonely. living on a single leaf. a mother of Skanda Ekavali (F): string of pearls Ekavira (F): outstandingly brave. a daughter of Siva Ekikarana (M): singularizing http://www. the only child Ekajata (F): with a single twisted lock of hair. dear to the Gods Ekanta (F): a lovely woman. extremely auspicious Ekananga (F): lover. frequent. solo singer Ekamati (F): concentrated Ekamukha (F): single-faced (rudraksha bead). obedient. Aparna and Ekapatala and the wife of sage Devala Ekarishi (M): chief rishi Ekastaka (F): a collection of unison Ekavaktra (F): single-faced. a mother in the retinue of Skanda Ekacharini (F): a woman devoted to a single man. fair. a loyal. the sister of Durga. the time for consecration. the eighth day after the full moon in the month of Magha Ekatala (M): harmony.himalayanacademy.

a friend Eksika (F): eye Ela (F): born of Ila. the primal Goddess Ekiya (M): a part of one whole. flowing Etaka (M): a kind antelope or deer Etasa (M): many-hued. a goldsmith's balance scale Esha (F): wish. a flowing stream Enipada (F): with deer-like feet. aim Eshana (M): wishing. colorful Ethari (M): now. cardamom Elana (M-F): orange Elavali (M-F): small delicate plant Elika (M-F): small cardamom seed Eloksi (F): with hair as thick as the cardamom creeper Enajina (M): deer skin (sacred to lord Siva) Enaksi (F): doe-eyed Eni (F): a deer. this moment Eti (F): arrival G Gagan (M): sky Gajanan (M): Lord Ganesha http://www. the Earth.How to Become a Hindu.himalayanacademy. spotted. fleet-footed Esanika (F): fulfilling desire. seeking Eta.html 5/6/2010 . Etaha (F): Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 24 of 82 Ekisa (F): one Goddess. desire.

beautiful. (M): lord of Parvati. Siva. Siva Giridhanvana (M): the rainbow of mountains. Ganesha. Parvati Gauriputra (M): the son of Gauri. Ganesa.html 5/6/2010 . Karttikeya http://www. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 25 of 82 Gajapati. Siva Girijavara (M): consort of Parvati. a sacred Vedic mantra. Siva Giriksita (M): mountain dweller. brilliant. Ganapati (M): lord of celestial attendants. Indra's thunderbolt Girijanatha. Siva Giridhvaja (M): with the mountain as its banner. ball Giribandhava (M): friend of mountains. Girinandana (M): son of the mountain lord. Sarasvati as consort of Brahma and mother of the Vedas Girapati (M): lord of speech. Brahma Giratha (M): learned. Siva Girilala. Ganesha Gayatri (F): phrased verse. Ganesha Ganga (F): Goddess of River Ganga Gangala (M): precious stone Gangesh (M): lord of the Ganesvara. voyage Ganadhara (M): chief of a group Gananatha. Ganesha. number eight. a hymn to the sun. cloud. Murugan Gauri (F): fair. Siva Gangeya (M): Son of Mother Ganga. Gajendra or Gajaraja (M): lord or king of elephants Gaman (M): speed.How to Become a Hindu. Ganesha Gandhika (M): fragrant Ganesh. honorific title given to rishis. Ganesha Ganeshvara. Girijapati. Ganesan (M): lord of the ganas or categories.himalayanacademy. Brihaspati Giri (M): mountain. Ganesvaran (M): lord of categories.

com/resources/books/hbh/hbh_ch-8-names. a gandharva who was a great musician Godavari (F): granting water. dweller in the heart's cave. bestowing prosperity. an attendant of Skanda. secured Gopta (M): guardian Gora (M-F): fair skinned. Siva Gitavidyadhara (M): scholar of music. Murugan Guhapriya (F): liking secret places. Himavana Girisa (M): lord of speech. Gorakhdeva (M): self-disciplined Goral (F): beautiful. Guhan (M): secret one. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 26 of 82 Girimana (M): mountain-like.How to Become a Hindu. Siva Giripriya (M-F): lover of mountains. Ganesha Gudapushpa (F): sweet flower Gudiya (F): doll Guha.himalayanacademy. a river Godhika (F): Sita's lizard. Girindra. a powerful elephant Girinatha. handsome Gorakh. Giripati. Brihaspati Gita. Murugan Guhanatha (M): lord of the spiritual heart. a cave. Geeta (F): song Gitapriya (M): lover of music. Girish (M): lord of the mountains. Parvati Grahapati (M): lord of celestial bodies. emblem of Goddess Gauri Gomati (F): a famous river Gopana (M-F): protected. Siva Giriraj (M): king of mountains. pleasing http://www.html 5/6/2010 . rosy. Indra's daughter Gulab (M): rose Gulabee (F): pink. fair skinned Gori (F): beautiful.

a river of ancient India Gunavina (F): virtuous Guncha (F): blossom.html 5/6/2010 . colorful powder used in the Holi festival Gulika (F): ball. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 27 of 82 Gulal (F): auspicious. the Priyangu creeper Gunakali (F): possessing virtues. meritorious. anything round. flower bud Gunchaka (F): boquet of flowers Guniyala (F): a virtuous woman Gunja (F): a small red berry plant Gunjana (F): buzzing of a bee Gunratna (M): a jewel of virtue Gunvan. servant of the teacher http://www. pearl Gulmini (F): clustering. Gunavati (F): virtuous. a raga Gunakara (M): endowed with all virtues Gunal. creeper Gulshan (M): garden Gunadhaya (M): rich in virtues Gunaja (F): daughter of virtue. Ganesha. Siva Gunavara (F): best in Gunala (M-F): virtuous Gunalakshmi (F): Lakshmi the virtuous Gunamaya (F): endowed with virtues Gunanidhi (M): a treasure house of virtues Gunasundari (F): made beautiful with virtues Gunatita (M): transcending all qualities.How to Become a Hindu.himalayanacademy. virtuous. Gunvanta (M): virtuous Gurudasa (M): devotee.

Haran (M): He who takes away. divisor. Murugan Guruprita (M): love of the teacher H Haima (M): snow.html 5/6/2010 . dew. a warrior in Skanda's band Hansanada (M): the cry of the swan Hanugiri (M): the mountain of Hanuman Hara. frost. absorber.How to Become a Hindu. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 28 of 82 Guruparan (M): He who initiated His Father.himalayanacademy. golden. Karttikeya Harasvarupa (M): in Siva's image Haratejas (M): Siva's fiery energy http://www. Siva and Agni Harachudamani (M): the crest gem of Siva Haradeva (M): lord of Siva Harahara (M): Siva's necklace Haramanas (M): the mind of Siva. the Himalayas. Siva Hakesa (M): lord of sound Hamsa. Hansa (M): swan. consumer. the soul of God Haranetra (M): the eye of Siva Hararupa (M): with the form of Siva Harasekhara (M): the crest of Siva Harasiddha (M): eternal of Siva Harasunu (M): son of Siva. goose Hamsika (F): beautiful swan Hansaja (M): son of a swan.

How to Become a Hindu. Harshila.html 5/6/2010 . Siva Hema (M-F): gold. Siva Havana (M): fire sacrifice. Surya Hari-Hara Harinakshi (F): eyes as beautiful as a doe Harita (F): green Harnita (F): deer-like Harsha (F): joy. Hemali (F): golden Hemamalin (M): garlanded with gold. Harshina (F): joyful Haryasva (M): with bay horses. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 29 of 82 Harena (F): devotee of lord Siva Haresvara (M): Siva and Vishnu conjoined. the pearl Hemachandra (M): golden moon Hemadri (M): golden mountain Hemaguha (M): golden cave Hemakanta (M): bright as gold Hemakeli (M): golden sport. Ganesha Hatakesha (M): lord of gold.himalayanacademy. Siva Hemakshi (F): with golden eyes Hemal (M-F). Indra and Siva Hasanti (F): smiling Hasini (F): laughter Hastimukha (M): elephant-faced. Agni Havisha (M-F): worthy of oblation. Agni Hemakesha (M): with golden hair. delight Harshika. a dark horse Hemabala (M): power of gold.

Durga Hindika (F): astrologer Hindikanta.html 5/6/2010 . Ganesha Hetal (F): full of love Himachala (M): abode of snow. causing cold. Hemanya (M): golden-bodied. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 30 of 82 Heman (M): golden. the Himalayas Himatanaya (M-F): son of the moon Himayati (M): one who favors. a lion Hemapushpam (M): golden-flowered Hemavati (F): golden. Indra Hemina (F): golden Hemlata (M-F): golden creeper Henal (F): made from the henna powder Heramba (M): son of wealth. champion Himmat (M): courage Hinadosa (M): without fault Hindi (F): wanderer. the Himalaya mountain Himadri (F): peak of snow. Chandra Himakara (M): snow-handed. Hinguli (F): vermillion Siva Hemanga. Parvati Himajyoti (M-F): with snow-like light. Hindipriya (M): beloved by Durga. the Jasmine blossom Hemanatha (M): lord of gold. the moon Himasaila (M): snow mountain. the Himalaya mountain. Siva Hingula.How to Become a Hindu.himalayanacademy. white. Parvati Hemendra (M): lord of gold. a brahmin. yellow. Siva Hinduka (M): wanderer.

How to Become a Hindu. Hundani (M-F): attendent of Siva Hundanesa (M): a ram. Hiroki (F): poet Hitasha (M): He who consumes oblations. Hutasi (M-F): subsisting by fire. tiger.himalayanacademy. delight Hira (F): diamond. Indra's thunderbolt Hiranya (M): gold.html 5/6/2010 . Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 31 of 82 Hinkara (M): chanting of hymns. Siva Hushka (M): a king Huta. having the nature of fire http://www. Siva. Huti (M): one to whom an oblution into fire is offered. Agni Hitesin (M): benevolent Hitesvara (M): God of welfare. Siva Hutapriya (F): beloved of fire Hutasa. the invocation of a Deity Hinvati (F): to gladden. Lakshmi Hiradevi (F): queen Hiranga (M): diamond-bodied. the river Sona Hiresa (M): king of gems Hiroka. caring for others Homa (M): oblation Honna (M): to possess Hosang (M): to be one's own self Hotravahana (M): with the chariot of invocation Hullura. most precious Hiranyavaha (M): bearing gold. fire consumer Hutasana (F): a Hulluri (M-F): king of the Nagas Humbadevi (F): Goddess of jubilation Hundana.

Isani. Isha. lightning as the daughter of http://www. a weapon Indivar (M-F): blue lotus Indra (M): king of the devas Irajan (M): born of the wind Irilan (M): He who has no end Isan. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 32 of 82 Huvishka (M): a king I Iditri (F): one who praises Ijana (M): one who has sacrificed Ikshanika (M): a fortune teller Ilina (M): from Ili. Parvati Jai. Eashvaran (M): lord of the Universe. Eesan.html 5/6/2010 . Parvati Isvaran. Parvati Jagadamba. Ishan. daughter of the waters. Jaya (M): victory Jalabalika (F): maiden of water. Eesani (F): ruler. a millionaire J Jagadagauri (F): fairest of the universe. Ishvan. Jay. Siva Ishva (M): a spiritual teacher Isi. Durga.How to Become a Hindu. Durga Jagadhatri (F): sustainer of the universe. Jaganmata (F): mother of the world. Lakshmi Jagadambika (F): little mother of the universe. Eesha (M): Supreme Eesi.

wind Jalakusuma (F): water flower. Japesa.html 5/6/2010 . ocean. Japesha (M): lord of chanting. the ocean.How to Become a a crocodile Jaladhipa (M): lord of the waters Jalaj. Jnatanandana (M): bliss of knowing Japa (M-F): repetition of mantras. a wave. Jeyendra (M): lord of victory http://www. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 33 of 82 the clouds Jalada (M): giving water. lightning Janak. the lotus Jalal (M): glory Jalalata (F): creeper of water. Siva Jasarani (F): queen of fame Jatarupa (F): beautiful.himalayanacademy. Lakshmi Jalakanta (F): beloved of water. brilliant. incantation Japendra. Janaka (M): progenitor. chanting. name of a river Janabalika (F): daughter of the people. golden Jatin (M): pertaining to a mendicant Jayapal (M): fruit of victory. very bright. a king Jayendra. the lotus. Jalaja (F): born of water. name of a famous king Janaki (F): daughter of Janaka Janamitra (M): people's friend Janava (M): protector of men Janesha (M): king of people Jantananda. a father. raincloud Jaladhi (F): living in water. a watervine Jalapushpa (F): water lily Jambalini (F): maiden of water.

daughter of rishi Jahinu Jharna (F): a small brook Jiva. true Jetasri (F): Goddess of gains. a brahmin. the sun. life. praise Jnanada (M): giver of knowledge Jnanadarpana (M): mirror of knowledge Jnanadatta (M): given by knowledge Jnanadeva (M): being of knowledge Jnanadipa (M): lamp of knowledge Jnanadirgha (M): Siva Jivanatha (M): lord of life Jivantha. Janvika (F): Ganga. Jeeva (M-F): soul Jivan. virtuous. peacock Jivini (M): the sun.html 5/6/2010 .himalayanacademy. Jivana (M): source of life. far-seeing Jnanagarbha (M): source of knowledge Jnanakara (M): maker of knowledge Jnanaketu (M): light of wisdom Jnanakirti (M): having marks of intelligence Jnanameru (M): mountain of knowledge Jnanamurti (M): knowledge personified http://www.How to Become a Hindu. breath. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 34 of 82 Jayin (M): victorious Jeman (M): possessing victory Jenya (M): of noble origin. a raga Jetva (M): to be gained Jhankar (F): a sweet sound Jhanvi. Jivatha (M): long-lived.

Jushti (F): love. service Jutika (F): a kind of camphor Juvasdeva (M): divine quickness in thought. Jnanaprakasha (M): brilliant with knowledge Jnanaraja (M): king of knowledge Jnanasiddhi (M): master of knowledge Jnanavajra (M): knowledge-thunderbolt Jnanavapi (M): pool of knowledge Jnani (M): enlightened one Jnata (F): intelligent Jnatri (M): knower Jogendra. force. Jogesh (F): king of yoga Jogini (F): yogini Jogisha (F): lord of yoga Josha (F): pleased. worshiper. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 35 of 82 Jnanapati (M): lord of knowledge Jogindra (F): lord of yoga. power Josika (F): cluster of buds.html 5/6/2010 . ornament Juhi (F): jasmine flower Juhu (M): tongue.How to Become a Hindu. Siva Jogesha. word and deed http://www. flame. meritorious Jushta (M). maiden Josita (F): pleased Jovaki (F): firefly Jugnu (M): firefly. Brahma and Surya Jurni (F): fire-brand Jushka (M): lover.

excellent. princess Kalyani (F): beneficial. well versed in the arts. wreath of Champaka flowers Kala (F): a small part of anything. a sacred cow Kamakanta (F): beloved of Kama. desirous. the white lotus plant Kaivalya (M): established in liberation. Durga Kairavini (F): water-born. Kaladharan (M): wearer of the crescent. splendid. the Goddess Kalikantha (F): with a pleasing voice. spring. beautiful. ingenuity Kaladhara. kalas Kali (F): blackness.How to Become a Hindu. the family Goddess. Murugan Kakalika (F): with a low and sweet voice Kakubha (F): peak. ever-friendly Kailash.html 5/6/2010 . sparkling Kalandika (F): bestower of art and skills. Kailas (M): Siva's sacred mountain abode Kaileshvari (F): Goddess of water. lucky. http://www. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 36 of 82 Jyoti. a skill. Kamla (F): born of a lotus. the dove Kallolini (F): always happy. intelligence Kalapini (F): as blue as the peacock's tail Kalavati (F): moonlight. propitious. a surging stream or river Kalyanavati (F): full of virtue. Kamal. jasmine Kamakshi (F): lovely-eyed Kamala (M-F). splendour. Siva Kalamali (F): dispelling darkness.himalayanacademy. beauty. wisdom. Jothi (M-F): light K Kadhapriya (F): ever-loved. summit.

a flower Kanakasundari (F): as beautiful as gold Kanda. collection of lotuses. splendrous. Sita Kanti (F): glory. a great rishi Karishma (F): miracle Karpani (F): gladness Karttikeya (M): giver of courage. Katir (M): formless light. wealth. Kasi (M): shining. decoration Kanya (F): maiden Kapil (M). Kapila (F): reddish. Siva's holy city Kashvi (F): shining. Ganesha Kamini. beautiful Kathir. fragrant. loving Kanak. Kandan. Murugan Kandanatha (M): quick lord.html 5/6/2010 . pale red. pious. dear to the Gods Kamini (F): embodiment of Kamra (F): desirable.himalayanacademy. praiseworthy Kashi. Murugan Kaumari (F): virginal http://www. beautiful. holy Karunya (F): merciful. auspicious. golden.How to Become a Hindu. beauty. rose colored. Varanasi. Murugan Kathiresan (M): lord of light. compassionate. Kanchan (F): gold Kanakambara (F): clad in gold. beautiful. BrahmA Kamaladevi (F): lady of the lotus Kamalini (F): lotus plant. Murugan Kannaki (F): chaste and devoted wife. Kandiah (M): of integrated form. wish. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 37 of 82 excellent. Murugan Karttiki (F): full moon in the month of Karttika.

Ketayitri (M): one who summons. Siva Kedaranatha (M): lord of fields and meadows. eminent chief. banner Ketayan. full of water Kelaka (M): dancer. tumbler Kelasa (M): crystal Kenati (F): wife of Kama Kenava (M): of a teacher Kenipa (M): sage Kerkhi (M): gold necklace Kesara (M). flag. flag. gold ornament Ketali (F): one with shelter Ketana (M-F): house. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 38 of 82 Kavita (F): poem. Kedaradeva (M): field. Siva Kekavala (M): peacock Kekaya (M): chief of a warrior tribe. advises Ketu (M): a bright appearance. prince Kesayanti (M): attendant of Skanda Kesin (M): long-haired. lion.How to Become a Hindu. Kesari (F): mane. saffron Kesarin (M): having a mane. statue of Siva in Kashi Kedarin (M): region of the Himalayas. counsels. mother of a brilliant one Kedara. poet Kavyamata (F): mother of poetry. the moon's south node Ketubha (M): cloud Ketubhuta (M): having a symbol http://www. shelter. Siva as worshiped in Himalayas Kedaresa (M): lord of fields and meadows. a lion. meadow.html 5/6/2010 . peak of Himalayan mountain. leader.himalayanacademy. Rudra Ketaka (M): banner.

com/resources/books/hbh/hbh_ch-8-names.himalayanacademy. a king of ancient Bharat Ketutara (M): a comet Ketuvarman (M): flag shooter. lotus Kinjalk (F): essence of a lotus Kinnari (F): female singer. poet. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 39 of 82 Ketumala (M): garland of light Keturatna (M): a bright jewel Ketusringa (M): with shining horns.html 5/6/2010 . Surya Kiranapati (M): lord of rays. stringed musical instrument. a singer in Indra's court Kiranamalin (M): garlanded with rays. Surya Kiranamayi (F): full of rays Kiranapani (M): ray-handed. Surya Kirata (M): Siva in his form as a warrior of the Kirata tribe Kirati (F): one who dwells in the mountains. whole. Kirina (M-F): one who praises. writer.How to Become a Hindu. perfect Kevalin (M): seeker of the Absolute Keya (M-F): monsoon flower. absolute. exclusive. Durga and Ganga Kirin. one whose flag flies everywhere Keva (F): lotus Kevala (M): alone. speaker Kirmi (F): an image of gold Kirnali (F): beam of light Kirtana (M): praise. repeating http://www. pure. speed Keyura (M): armlet Keyuraka (M): one who wears an armlet Kimaya (F): divine Kinjala (F): brook.

Kalidasa Kotikasya (M): abode of millions Kotira (M): horned.How to Become a Hindu. glory. an attendant of Skanda Kirtiman. blossom Kishori (F): small girl Kodandin (M): armed with a bow. Indra Kotishvara (M): lord of millions Kovida (M): lord of fame Kirtidhara (M): bearer of fame Kirtimalini (F): garlanded with fame.himalayanacademy. Murugan Kritini (F): the skillful one. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 40 of 82 Kirtenya (M): worthy of praise Kirti (F): fame. a gana born from the hair of Siva Kirtisena (M): with a glorious army Kishala (F): bud. blessing Kripalavi (M-F): the compassionate one. the Goddess of fame and reputation Kirtida (F): giver of fame Kirtideva (M): lord of light.html 5/6/2010 . soft. Kirtimanta (M): famous Kirtimukha (M): famous face. grace. temple worship Kuhupala (M): lord of the moon. wise Kripa (F): compassion. Ganesha Kriya (M): action. delicate. Siva Komala (M-F): tender. beautiful Kotijit (M): conquering millions. handsome. Siva Kuja (M): the gana who wears the rudraksha mala Kuladeva (M): Deity of the family http://www. sweet.

Kumara. pure. sparkling. gold. lord of lilies Kuvalya (M): the blue lotus L Lakshmi (F): wealth. Siva Kundan (M): glittering. Murugan Kuleshvari (F): family Goddess Kulishvara (M): family God. prince. water Kuvalayesha (M): lord of the Kumaran (M): youth. prosperity. virgin girl Kumudanatha (M): the moon Kundalin (M): wearing large earings.How to Become a Hindu. Siva Kusha (F): a kind of sacred grass Kusumita (F): flower in full bloom Kuvala (M): enricher of knowledge.himalayanacademy. Siva Kumar. Murugan Kumaradevi (F): Goddess of children.html 5/6/2010 . Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 41 of 82 Kuladevi (F): family Goddess Kuladipa (M): light of the family Kulagan (M): beautiful one. of a muni. a princess who was the wife of Chandragupta Kumari (F): maiden. water lily. pearl. Goddess of wealth http://www. ruler of waters. refined Kunjeshvara (M): lord of the forest Kuntanatha (M): lord of vegetation Kusavarta (M): of a passage of the Ganga. Murugan Kulamani (F): jewel of the family Kulandai (M): beautiful one.

com/resources/books/hbh/hbh_ch-8-names. Siva Mahadevi (F): great Goddess Mahakala (M): great time. Siva Mahan (M): great one. Ganesha Lekha (M): document. dedicated Lochan.How to Become a Hindu. shining Lekharaja (M): lord of the Gods. Mahadeva. Leela (F): the divine play Linika (F): absorbed. Madhur. a short song Lila. the Supreme Being Lelihana (M): darting out the tongue. Murugan http://www. Lochana (M): eyes Lokesh (M): lord of regions Lokpriya (M): popular among all Lomesh (M): a sage Lubdhaka (M): hunter. Siva Mahati (M-F): the consummation of glory. God Lekhabhra (M): bright as light. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 42 of 82 Lambodara (M): of large belly. serpent. the star Sirius Lunadosha (M): sinless. Siva Lesha (M): small portion. Deity. an attendant of Siva Lunakarna (M): with pierced ears Lusha (M): saffron. name of a rishi M Madhu.himalayanacademy. Mahadevan (M): Great God. Madhuri (F): honey Mahadev.html 5/6/2010 .

lord Mallika (F): jasmine Manasa (F): mental power. prayer beads Mallik (M): king. Murugan http://www. letting go of ego Markendeya (M): winning over death. Siva Mahesvari. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 43 of 82 Mahendra (M): supreme ruler Mahesh. devotee of Siva Maruti (M): son of the wind. Hanuman Matta (M-F): the embodiment of happiness. Manik. Maheshvari (F): great Goddess Mala (F): rosary. Manickam (M): ruby-like Manil (M): a beautiful bird Manin (M): mind Manish (M): intellect Manjari (F): a bouquet Manjeet (M): conqueror of mind Manju (F): pollen Parvati Manesh (M): king of mind Mangala (F): auspicious one Mani (M-F): jewel Manick. Maheshvara (M): great lord. Murugan Mayil (F): peacock Mayilvaganam (M): peacock mount. Manickan.html 5/6/2010 . attractive Manoj (M): born of the mind Manu (M): intelligent. the first man Mardav (M): softness.himalayanacademy. Mahesa.How to Become a Hindu. Mahesan.

air. tried and tested. goblet of wine Minaketana (M): fish-bannered. Milan (M): union. bountiful. the moon Mihira (M): causing snow Mihikansu (M): mist-rayed. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 44 of 82 Mayini (F): source of illusory power Midhusha (M): bountiful. gem.html 5/6/2010 . meeting. as in a flower blossom Mina. established Mitadhvaja (M): with a strong flag http://www. contract Milap (M): embrace Milita (F): partly opened. a sage Mihirakula (M): born in the solar dynasty. fog. Mirata (M): mirror Misraka (M): mixed. a king Mihirana (M): born of the sun. Parvati Minalaya (M): the ocean Minanatha (M): master of fish Minaraja (M): king of fish Minesh. gauged. sweet Mita (F): measured. sun.How to Become a Hindu. son of Indra Midhushi (F): liberal. light and rain. Surya Mihika (F): mist. a friend.himalayanacademy. manifold Misri (M): mixed. Siva Milana. Meena (F): fish. a species of Durva grass. clouds. Kama Minakshi. Meenakshi (F): fish-eyed. wind. Mineshvara (M): lord of fish. Shakti Midhushtama (M): most liberal. Siva Mira (F): ocean.

com/resources/books/hbh/hbh_ch-8-names. a sweet goodie http://www. prudent Mitrodaya (M): sunrise Mitula (M): measured. truthful Mithilesa (M): lord of Mithila Mithuna (M): forming a pair.himalayanacademy. fragrance Modaka (M). companion Mitrabahu (M): helped by friends Mitradeva (M): lord of friends Mitradharman (M): with faith in friends Mitragupta (M): protected by friends Mitrajit (M): winning friends Mitrajna (M): knower of friends.html 5/6/2010 . delighting. Modaki (F): pleasing. Mitravan. the zodiac sign of Gemini. knower of the sun Mitrakrit (M): friend maker Mitrasaha (M): indulgent towards friends Mitrasena (M): with an army of friends Mitravaha. honey and clarified butter Miti (F): friend Mitra (M): friend.How to Become a Hindu. enjoyment. attractive. moderate Mitushi (F): with limited desires Mivara (M): leader of an army Moda (M): pleasure. limited. Mitravinda (M): having friends Mitravardhana (M): cherished by friends Mitravarman (M): warrior among friends Mitrayu (M): friendly. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 45 of 82 Mitali (F): friendship Mithi (M): knowledged. joy.

emancipated. Surya Mokshin. liberation. Mohi. beautiful. a rishi Mohana. the wind. to delight Mudgala (M): ever happy Muhurta (M): moment. Morara (M): peacock Moti (M): pearl Motia (M): jasmine Muchira (M): generous. filled with joy Mudavarta (M): surrounded by happiness Muddaya (M): to be happy. instant liberal. the Deity Mudabhaja (M): desirer of happiness Mudanvita (M): pleased. bewildering. a pearl Muktaguna (M): qualities of a pearl http://www. virtuous. Mokshita (M): free. Mohin.himalayanacademy. Siva or Krishna Mohantara (M): very infatuating Mohona (F): endearing Moksha (M): emancipation. Mohini (F): infatuating. delighted. liberated Mora. one of the five arrows of Kama.How to Become a Hindu. Mohita (M). Siva Mukhachandra (M): moon face. delivered. full of joy. Mount Meru Mokshadvara (M): gate of liberation. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 46 of 82 Modakara (M): one who accomplishes joy. delighted.html 5/6/2010 . Mukesa (M): lord of liberation. opened. with a face like the moon Mukhaja (M): born of the mouth Mukhakamala (M): with a face as lovely as a lotus Mukhendu (M): with a face as lovely as the moon Mukta (M): freed.

the God of spiritual striving.html 5/6/2010 .com/resources/books/hbh/hbh_ch-8-names. temple image Muruga. Ganesha Murajaka (M): a drum. Murdhanya (M): the top or summit. sage. one who liberates Mukutesvara (M): lord of the crown Mula (M): root or core Mulaka (M): prince Mulapurusha (M): male representative of a family Mularaja (M): lord of creation. Muktesa (M): lord of emancipation Mukunda (M): precious stone.How to Become a Hindu. Murti (M): form. the original root Mulashanti (M): a Vedic treatise Mulika (M): principal. Murthy. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 47 of 82 Muktananda (M): the joy of liberation Muktapida (M): crowned with pearls Muktapushpa (M): pearly flower Muktaratna (M): pearl gem Muktasena (M): with a free army Muktesh. lord of http://www. beginning or first Murthi. tender youth. primary Muni (M): silent one.himalayanacademy. ascetic Munichandra (M): moon among ascetics Munikumara (M): young ascetic Munindra (M): chief of munis. Murugan (M): beautiful. Siva Muniratna (M): jewel among sages Munisa (M): chief of munis Munistuta (M): praised by sages. one of Siva's attendants Murdhan.

heavenly Nabhasa (M). Nabhanya (F): springing forth from the heavens. Siva who wears serpents as a mark of immortality and control of the instinctive mind http://www. the Akashaganga or celestial Ganga. ethereal. the mouse Muthu (M): nice. Siva residing in the lotus of the heart Nabhanyu (M). Aum Nadinatha. the ocean Naga (M): mountain. Murugan Mushika (M): Ganesha's vahana. Nachiketan (M): not conscious. Parvati Nagapushpika (F): flower of the mountains. the primal sound.How to Become a Hindu. Himavan Nagadhiraja (M): The paramount king of the mountains. Nadisha (M): lord of rivers. Himavan Nagamma (F): poetess Naganandini (F): mountain-born. lightning. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 48 of 82 ascetics.himalayanacademy. Nabhasi (F): misty. of the sky. fire Nada (M): sound Nadabindu (M): seed sound. gentle N Nabhan (M): heart center. celestial Nabhashvati (F): born of the sky. thunder Nabhasindhu (F): river of the sky. the Milky Way Karttikeya Murugesa (M): lord of the detached. celestial. Nadipati. serpent. yellow Jasmine Nagaraja (M): king of serpents.html 5/6/2010 . elephant Nagapati (M): overlord of the mountains.

the Milky Way Nakanari (F): heavenly woman Nakanatha. Nakeshvara (M): lord of the sacred http://www.html 5/6/2010 . Himavan. beautiful. also called Lunar Mansions) in the Hindu system of astrology. Nakapati. Nakesh. lotus lake Nalami (F): fragrant nectar. Manasa Nagija (F): blossom of the flower Mesua Roxburghii Naka (M-F): vault of heaven. Himavan Nagesh. lotus. Chief of mountains. Nakesa. lord of mountains. lute of Siva Nalika (F): spear. arrow.himalayanacademy. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 49 of 82 Nagarini (F): urban. Nagesa. Nageshvara (M): lord of serpents. Maharishi PataNjali Nageshvari (F): Goddess of serpents. is immune to the venom of serpents Nala (F): made of reeds. the Akashaganga or celestial Ganga. usually referring to one's birthstar Nakula (M): mongoose. sophisticated Nagasri (F): princess Nagendra (M): chief of serpents. lotus flower Nalini (F): lotus-like. Indra Nakanayaka (M): God of Jupiter Nakapala (M): sky guardian Nakavanita (F): dwelling in the sky Nakin (M): having heaven.How to Become a Hindu. Nageshvar. Siva. fragrant. a God Nakshatra (M-F): one of 27 principle asterisms (star clusters. Nakadhipa. a lotus flower Nalada (F): nectar of a flower Nalakini (F): multitude of flowers. Surya Nakaloka (M): the heavenly worlds Nakanadi (F): river of the sky. gentle. sky. lord Siva who. like the mongoose.

Durga and GaMga Nandirudra (M): joyful Rudra. Nandini. worthy of salutation Namdeesh (M): the ocean Namita (F): one who worships. Naresh. Siva Nandita (F): one who pleases Nanthakumar (M): eternal youth Naradhara (M): supporter of mankind. delightful. Nandanti (F): gladdening. mother. Nareshvara (M): chief of mankind Nari (F): feminine.How to Become a Hindu. blissful. a holy river Narmadeshvara (M): lord of the river daughter of Mount Meru Narika (F): spiritual. Siva Narapriya (M): beloved of mankind. wife. devotee Namya (F): venerable Nanda (F): delight. gladdening Nandi. prosperity Nandadevi (F): Goddess of happiness. watery Narishta (M): dear to women. Naresa. joyful. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 50 of 82 Nalita (F): Arum Colocassia Namasya (M-F): worshipful.himalayanacademy. Nandikesh (M): happy. lofty Himalayan peak Nandana (M): rejoicing. Siva http://www. a daughter. Siva's bull. favorable to mankind Naravira (M): heroic man Narendra. Siva expressing his blissful nature Nandika. Arabian jasmine Naritirtha (F): five sacred bathing places for women Narmada (F): giver of pleasure.html 5/6/2010 . Siva Nandishvara (M): lord of Nandi.

html 5/6/2010 . manly. very dear Nayavati (F): bearer of prudence Nayika (F): noble lady Nehal. Naviya. Natakiya (F): dancer Narvakya (F): words of the wife Narya (M): heroic. Natesh. Nehanshu (M-F): affectionate. beautiful Navika (M): captain. Nataraja. chief of a vessel Navina. fresh body. merry Nartaki. Navya (F): new.himalayanacademy. jasmine Navangi (F): new. beloved. blessing Nathoka (M): a poet Nati (F): bowing. Nayanatara (F): star of one's eye. Siva Nava (M): shout of joy Navamallika (F): the new Parvati Nath. chief. Natha. loving Neman (M): of excellent conduct Neminathan (M): lord of the thunderbolt http://www. lovely. Nadesan. Siva Natesa. sailor. guide Nayanapriti. fresh. Nataki. Nadeshvar (M): lord of dancers. Natya (M): dancing Nataraj. happy. master. lord. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 51 of 82 Narmadyuti (F): bright with joy. humble Natyapriya (M): fond of dance. leader. young Nayaja (F): daughter of wisdom Nayaka (M-F): chief. Nathan (M): protector. human Natana. Siva Nateshvari (F): Goddess of dance. Nateshvar.How to Become a Hindu. Natarajan (M): king of dancers.

himalayanacademy. Nilan (M). beautiful. moon Nilachandra (F): blue moon Nilagala (F): leader. guide Netrakosha (M): treasure of the eye. bud of a flower Netramusha (M): capturing the eye. indigo Nilapadma (F): blue lotus Nilapushpa (F): blue-flowered. irrigation channel Nikhil (M): the Sun God. unusual Nichita (F): full. blue variety of flower Clitoria Nilaja (F): blue steel Nilakamala (F): blue lotus or water lily Nilakantala (F): blue earings Nilakantha. circumference of a wheel. Siva Nilalohita (M-F): red and blue. Siva Nilagiri Ternatea: mountain. flowing down. Nilani (F): dark blue. Ganga Nidhra (M): moon. Indian fig tree Nilabha (F): of bluish hue. Neela (M-F). indigo. a species of Eclipta http://www. sapphire.How to Become a Hindu. friend Nesarajan (M): king of affection Neta (M): lord. Nilakanthi (F): blue-throated.html 5/6/2010 . Nilakanta (M). leader. Siva and Murugan Nilama (M): dark blue. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 52 of 82 Nesan (M): devotee. sapphire. Surya Nila. the lunar mansion Revati Niharika (F): Milky Way Nika (M-F): tree. ruler Netanatha (M): lord of leaders Netra (M): eye.

Nirmalan (M): without impurity Nirmalanatha (M): lord without bonds. illuminating Niranjana (M): without blemish. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 53 of 82 Nilasi (F): Vitex Negundo flower Nilata (F): blueness Nili (F): indigo.himalayanacademy. Neesha: night. Ganesha Nirmala (M-F). a king of the Vrishni dynasty Nitya (M-F): eternal. Neelima (F): blueness Nilini (F): the indigo plant Nilmani. owl Nishtha (F): faith. dream Nishasari (F): night bird. Siva Nirupa (M-F): formless. a river Nina (F): ornamented. Niti: guided. without end Nivan (F): one of the ten horses of the moon air. ether. fidelity Nita (F). Neeta. modest Nitha (M): leader. Niraja (M-F): illuminating Nirajakshi (F): lotus-eyed.How to Become a Hindu. Neelmani (F): blue diamond.html 5/6/2010 . slender Nira (F). Neera: consisting of water Niraj. conviction. sapphire Niloda (F): with blue water. a God Nirvikar (M): flawless Nisha (F). a Goddess Nilima. beautiful Nirajayati (F): shining upon. correct.

com/resources/books/hbh/hbh_ch-8-names. Vishnu. one who plucks the lotus. Surya. Aum P Pachata (M): cooked. Agni and Indra Padma (F): lotus. life and death Omkar. Lakshmi Padmakara (M): holding a lotus. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 54 of 82 O Odati (F): dawn. Omkara (M): the root mantra. bright Omala (F): bestower of the root mantra. Lakshmi Padmanjali (F): offering of lotuses Padmaraga (M): lotus-hued. boiled. refreshing Oghavati (F): a swift stream Ojasvini (F): brave. Brahma. Padmagarbha (M): born of a lotus. Lakshmi Padmabandhu (M): friend of the lotus. one who likes the http://www. Lakshmi Padmalochana (F): lotus-eyed Padmamalini (F): lotus-garlanded.html 5/6/2010 . as beautiful as a lotus Padmin (M-F).How to Become a Hindu. lotus-hued one.himalayanacademy. Surya. Siva and Surya Padmaja (F): born of a lotus. ruby Padmashri (F): divine lotus. Aum Omisa (F): Goddess of birth. Padmini (F): lotus-like. Surya Padmala (F): lotus-seated. Aum Omvati (F): possessing the power of the root mantra.

Siva Pandura (M): pale. brilliant Panchamukha (M): five-faced. liberal. surrounded by five rivers. guarding. bud. prince. a raga. an attendant of Skanda Panchaksha (M): five-eyed. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 55 of 82 lotus. beautiful. an attendant of Skanda Panika (M): hand. best http://www. praised Pannagesha (M): lord of the creeping ones. Siva and Ganesha Panchasya (M): five-faced. Siva Panchama (M): dextrous. blossom Panava (M): small drum. cymbal. an attendant of Skanda Panikarna (M): hands and ears conjoined. fame. Murugan Palin (M): protecting. attentive. Siva Panita (M): admired. lion. keeping Pallava (M). Siva Paramaka (M): highest. prince Panavin (M): possessing a small drum. fragrant. lord of serpents. Siva covered with sandalwood powder Papuri (M): bountiful. sovereign Palaksha (M): white Palani (M): renunciate. yellow-white. Siva Panshula (M): Siva's staff.html 5/6/2010 . elephant Palaka (M): protector. clever.himalayanacademy. pro-active. Pallavi (F): sprout. Siva Panchaka (M): consisting of five elements. an attendant of Siva Panchala (M): consisting of five. celebrity Paraj (M): gold Param (M): supreme. a shoot. abundant Paraga (M): pollen of a flower. spray.How to Become a Hindu.

lord of souls. Peshaladevi (F): delicate Piki (F): Indian cuckoo Pillaiyar (M): Ganesha. Pasupati (M): lord of cattle. one who fulfills desires Parimala (F): fragrance. Siva Parameshvari (F): supreme Goddess Paramika (F): highest. Siva Parisatya (M): pure truth Parishruta (M): famous. Siva Patanjali (M): worshipful. perfume Parinaha (M): circumference. greatest. Parameshvara (M): supreme lord. Peshanidevi (F): well-formed. name of a rishi Paturupa (M): very clever Pavana. protecting Peruman (M): the great one.himalayanacademy. Peshani. pure. the noble child Pinaki (F): Siva's box Pinga. Pasunatha. incense. Ganesha Parvataja (M): born of mountains Parvati (F): of all mountains. fiery. saffron. Pingala (F): of yellow hue. mountain stream Pashunatha. an attendant of Skanda Parshupani (M): axe holder. best. celebrated. Pavanta (M): pious. beautiful Peshal.How to Become a Hindu. width. sacred. golden. Peshala. Aum Paramani (M): excellent jewel Paramesha. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 56 of 82 Paramakshara (M): the supreme syllable. Lakshmi Pingakshi (F): tawny-eyed. fire.html 5/6/2010 . Siva Pesani. a Deity presiding over the family Piroja (F): turquoise http://www. turmeric.

himalayanacademy. cherishes or rears Poshita (F): cherished Poshya (F): thriving. prosperity. distinguished. Murugan Prasad.html 5/6/2010 . voluptuous Piyushadyuti (F): nectar-rayed. Siva and Murugan Prakash. abundant. Parvati Prabhava (M-F). cosmos Prana (M-F): the life of life. powerful lord Pradip. Prashad (M): blessed offerings http://www. energy. increasing Poshaniya (F): to be protected Poshayitri (F): one who nourishes. robust.How to Become a Hindu. yellow jasmine Pitika (F): saffron. honey Pivanari (F): strong. yellow jasmine. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 57 of 82 Pitayuthi (F): an array of yellow. copious Potriya (M-F). Potriyan (M): purifying Poya (M-F): a kind of wind instrument Prabha (F): lustre. Prabhavan (M): lord Supreme. Murugan Prabhavanatha (M): prominent. Prakasha (M): light Prakriti (F): nature. Pradeep (M): source of light Prajapati (M): father of creation. the moon Piyushakanika (F): nectar drop Polami (F): consort of Indra Pollavi (F): mango leaf Ponnambalam (M): golden hall Ponnamma (F): golden mother Posha (M-F): thriving.

full moon Purnamrita (F): full of nectar. Prasannatman (M): effulgent. beautiful. fragrant R Raga (F): act of coloring. pious. Purnima (F): full. happy. passion. a digit of the moon Pushan (M): nourisher. holy basil Punyavati (F): full of virtues. merit. blossom Pushpamanjari (F): flower boquet Pushpendu (F): moon of flowers. beloved Puja (F): worship. a Vedic God Pushpa (F): flower. tender. dear full of color. flower-like. kindly-souled. Prema (M-F): love Priya (F): darling. Purnama. beloved.How to Become a Hindu. Pundarika (F): lotus-like. Praveena (F): sagacious. full of love. complete. satisfying Puranjani (F): understanding. Poorna. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 58 of 82 Prasannatma. competent Prem. intellegence Purna. a mark on the forehead. white lotus Pushpi (F): blossom.html 5/6/2010 . purity. harmony. tiger Pundarisraja (F): garland of lotuses Punita (F): sacred.himalayanacademy. holy Punya (F): virtue. honor. beautiful Purani (F): fulfilling. feeling. good work. Ganesha Pratap (M): glory Pravina. Ragavati (F): full of passion. soft. adoration. righteous. white umbrella. melody Ragamaya. protector. red http://www. fortunate.

night. a holy river in ancient India Rajanvati (F): abode of kings. Raja. queen. Rajan (M): king. full moon in Shravana http://www. queen. princess Rajakesari (F): shining gold. Parvati Rajita (F): illuminated. a daughter of Surya Rajakala (F): a royal piece.himalayanacademy. Rajeshvara (M): lord of kings. queen Rajyalakshmi (F): wealth of a state. royal Lakshmi Rakanisha (F): full-moon night Rakesh (F): lord of the full moon Rakhi (F): symbol of protection. resplendent. attachment. Rajni (F): dark one. royal gem Rajamukhi (F): royal countenance Rajani. love Rahuratna (F): jewel of Rahu. lion among kings Rajal (F): queenly Rajamani (F): crown jewel. Siva Rajeshvari (F): Goddess of a state. grandeur. brilliant Rajivini (F): a collection of blue lotuses Rajvi (F): ruling Rajyadevi (F): Goddess of a state. Rajakumari (F): daughter of a king. Siva Rajadeva (M): kind of devas. a digit of the moon Rajakanya.html 5/6/2010 . bright. Rajasi (F): royalty. Murugan Rajadhidevi (F): Goddess of the kings. a gandharva Rajesh.How to Become a Hindu. Earth Rajapushpa (F): royal flower Rajasri. royal woman. the hyacinth flower Raj. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 59 of 82 Ragini (F): melody.

pleasing. pleasant Raktahansa (F): red swan. red sandalwood Ranna (M): delight.How to Become a Hindu. pleasing. beautiful. Siva Ramita (F): pleasing. tasteful. omnipresent Ramya (F): enchanting. passionate. joy. jewel Ratnamalavati (F): with a necklace of jewels Ratnavara (F): best among precious things. quill or bow of a lute Rashmi (F): a ray of light Rasi (F): wealth. true speech. aesthetic. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 60 of 82 Rakini (F): night. contented soul Raktapadma (F): red lotus Rakti (F): redness. full-moonnight in the month of Ashvini Rangaja (F): vermilion. red. exciting love. a great king Rambha (F): lovable. the celestial Ganga Ravi (M): the Sun God affection. number. beloved. devotion Rama (M): enchanting. Ratnam (F): wealth. a tantric Goddess Rakta (F): painted. agreeable. pleasing.html 5/6/2010 . born of love Rani (F): queen Ranjana (F): pleasing. charming. gold Ratridevi (F): Goddess of night Ratu (F): truthful. pleasing. to worship Ranjika (F): one who pleases. sound. elegant Ratna. a star constellation Rasika (F): with discrimination. loveliness. staff Rameshvara (M): lord of Rama. dear. enjoyable Rangabhuti (F): born of love.himalayanacademy. quantity. sentimental.

Parvati. moonlight. Reshma (F): storm.html 5/6/2010 .com/resources/books/hbh/hbh_ch-8-names. Lakshmi Riddhika (F): giver of wealth. pleased Rijhayal (M-F): winsome. Ribuksha. released Rishav (F): pertaining to a sage http://www. 27th constellation Ribhu. quick Revati (F): prosperity. cultured Rijhwar (M): lover. Lakshmi Ridhkaran (F): prosperity. skillful Riddhi (F): wealth or good fortune personified. wealth. sincerity Riksh (M): fixed star. Rijumati (M): performing right sacrifices or works. adorer Riju (M): straight forward Rijukratu. constellation Rikshpati (M): lord of the stars. whirlwind Reva (F): agile. a raga Ravichandra. sincere. the moon Rikshvan (M): forest of bears. swift. a mountain in India Rima (F): emancipated. Ravichandran (M): the sun and moon conjoined Rebha (F): singer of praise Reem (F): seed Goddess Rejakshi (F): with eyes of fire Rekha (F): line. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 61 of 82 Ravichandrika (F): glory of the sun. Lakshmi Rijhav (M): happy.How to Become a Hindu. Ribhwan (M): clever.himalayanacademy. streak Renuka (F): born of dust Resaman. Indra Rijuta (F): honesty.

Rochan. agreeable. sage Rishit (M-F): happy. a nakshatra or star Rohinibhava (M): a son of Rohini. Rochita. brave. Roshini (F): shining. stout Rishyamuk (M): beautiful mountain Rit (F): season Rita (F): flow. giving pleasure. Rohini (M): ascending. planet Mercury Rohinikanta. ornament made of precious stones. righteous. mountain. glorious. Rohita. Agni http://www. the moon Rohit.How to Become a Hindu. possessor of red horses. blossom. Rochaka. correct. Rochisa. Ritayus (M): follower of the sacred law Riti (M-F): stream Ritika (M-F): brass. Surya Rohitaksha (M): red-eyed. Surya Rohitasva (M): red horse. charming Rochismat (M): possessing light Rodas (M): heaven and earth Rohaka.html 5/6/2010 . saffron. cosmic order. the moon Rohinisa (M): lord of Rohini. pleased. honest Ritangoli (F): a strengthening medicine Ritaparna (M): truth-winged Ritayin (M): truthful Ritayu. Rohanta.himalayanacademy. Rohil. bell metal Ritunatha (M): lord of the seasons. blood. spring personified Rocha. Rochmana (M). Rohitaka (M): red. Rohin. Rochana. tree. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 62 of 82 Rishi (M): seer. rainbow. Rohana. truth. Rohiniramana (M): beloved of Rohini. climbing.

Sadasivam (M): eternally auspicious. companion Sakti. Roshan (M): passionate. causing the hair to stand erect Romali (F): line of hair Romani (F): romantic Romika (M): salt. Siva Sachi. Shakti (F): power. Siva Sabaratnam (M-F): jewel of dancers. Sadasiva. friendly. Siva energy http://www. Rupali (F): beautiful S Sabanatha.html 5/6/2010 . touchstone. Sakhila (F): sympathizer.How to Become a Hindu. magnet Rosana. king of solar dynasty Sahaja (M): natural Sahil (M): guide Sajan (M): beloved Sakhi. Sabanathan. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 63 of 82 Rola (M): painting Roladeva (M): lord of painting Roma (M): hair Romaharsha (M): goose bumps Romaharshana. Sabapati (M): lord of dance.himalayanacademy. Romir (M): causing goose bumps. quicksilver Rosavaroha (M): diminisher of anger Rudra (M): awesome. Sachideva (M): a friend Sadashiva. Siva Sagar (M): ocean.

html 5/6/2010 . Siva Samudra (M): ocean. full of essences.himalayanacademy.How to Become a Hindu. Saravanabhava (M): a reed-filled pond. Sankar. bamboo Satvan. Sharda (F): vina or lute quietude of mind. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 64 of 82 Samapriya (M-F): lover of Sama Veda. Saroja (F): found in lakes. stream. Shankara (M): causing prosperity. peace. blue Sanatan. peace Sarada. purity. Sanjiva (M): possessed with life. Santosh (M). Siva Sambasiva. Siva Satya (M-F): truth http://www. Sambasivam (M): Siva the benevolent Sambhava (M): born. Shambu. Durga Saroj. Satvi (F): strong. living Satvika (M-F): perfect goodness. Goddess of learning Saravan. Sangeeta. Shambo (M): causing happiness. Ganesha Satika (F): water Satina (F): real. essential. Sarasvati Sarasvati (F): a region abounding in pools. lotus flower Sarvatanaya (M): son of Siva Sarvatmaka (M): the soul of all. water. Saravana. powerful. vital Sankara. manifested Sambu. Sanatana (M): eternal Sangita. Siva Sanmitra (M): a close friend Santosha. Saravanan. Murugan Sarita (F): river. Sharada. Santoshi (F): contentment. Sangeet (F): music Sanjay (M): completely victorious Sanjiv.

Siva Seduka (M): existent. leader. chief Selva. a battalion Sendan (M): red-hued. chief. body Senabindu (M): pivot of the army Senachitta (M): war-minded Senahan (M): destroying armies Senajit (M): vanquishing armies Senaka (M): soldier Senani (M): leader. wealth. delightful Sevadhi (M): treasure receptacle.How to Become a Hindu. peak.himalayanacademy. a king of ancient India Sekhara (M): crown of the head. crest. general. Selvi (F): prosperous one Selvamani (M): beautiful jewel Selvaraj (M): handsome king Sena (M): army. jewel Seval (M): rooster. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 65 of 82 Saumya (M-F): pleasant. emblem of Lord Murugan Sevara (M): treasury http://www. Murugan Senika (M): soldier Sentilnatha (M): red lord Sephalendu (M): moon among the brave Sephara (M): charming. best. Ganesha Savar (M): water.html 5/6/2010 . leader of an army Senaskandha (M): army of Skanda. Murugan Senapala (M): protector of the army Senapati (M): commander of generals. Selvan (M).com/resources/books/hbh/hbh_ch-8-names.

Siva Shanmukha.himalayanacademy. Saktidhara (M-F). Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 66 of 82 Seya. achieving Seyon. Murugan Shanta. Subram (F): brilliance Shuddha (M-F): the pure one. Siva Shrida. Shreeda (M-F): the bestower of wealth. Shanmugan. Murugan Shanmukhanatha. Ganesha Shulapani (M): holder of a spear.html 5/6/2010 . Ganesha Shubha (F): auspicious Shubra. Siva Shashvata (M): eternal. Ganesha Shripati (M): lord of wealth.How to Become a Hindu. Shanmuga. Siva Siddhama (F): blesssed mother. Durga http://www. Samugam (M): the six-faced one. Seyana (M): obtaining. Saktidharan (M): wielder of power. unchanging. Santa (F): peaceful Shanti (F): peace Sharva (M-F): the Ceyon (M): youthful. Shashishekharan (M): wearer of the moon in His hair. Murugan Shabnam (F): dewdrop Shaila (F): small mountain Shaktidhara. Sivapriya (M-F): the gracious beloved. Siva Shashishekhara. Siva and Ganesha Shinjini (F): an anklet Shirali (F): peacock's crown Shirina (F): sweet Sivapriya. Murugan Shama (F): tranquility Shambhava (M): the benevolent one. Shanmuganatha (M): lord of six faces.

Sivaji (M): auspicious one. Sivan. Shilpi (M). well crafted and proportioned Sindura (F): a kind of tree Sita.How to Become a Hindu. luck. pinnacle.html 5/6/2010 . Sivakumaran. tranquil. Sivakanta: beloved of Siva Sivakumara. moral Silpi. with a long a it becomes feminine. Silpika. Shilpika (F): craftsman. Siva Siddheshvara (M): lord of blessed or accomplished ones. topknot Sikhandi (F): crested. Murugan Silavati (F): virtuous. good-natured Silamban (M): mountain king. Murugan Siddhartha (M): one who has accomplished his aim Siddhasena (M): with a divine army. scultor Silpita. Siva Siddheshvari (F): Goddess of the blessed Siddhi (F): magical power. Siva Siddhima (F): one of achievement Sikha (F): peak.himalayanacademy. crest. Sivajnanam: Siva's wisdom Sivakanta (F). meaning the energy of Siva Sivaji. Shilpita (F): accomplishment Siddhida (F): conferring felicity or powers. yellow jasmine Sila (F): calm. Sivakumara (M): son of Siva http://www. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 67 of 82 Siddhan (M): perfected one. Siva (M-F): auspicious. Siva Sivajnana (M). plume. Seeta (F): white Sitara (F): star Siva. Karttikeya Siddhayogin (M): perfected or accomplished yogi.

Sivaprakasha (M): light of Siva. beautiful Sobhana. king. Indian white rose. Parvati Sivasvamin. Karttikeya Sobhaka. Shobhaka (M): brilliant.himalayanacademy. Siva Sohan (M): good-looking. quicksilver. Parvati Skanda (M): hopper.html 5/6/2010 . Sivananda (M): bliss of Siva Sivanatha. Sivatmika (F): soul of Siva. Sobhan (M): handsome. charming Sohil (M): beautiful Sokkan (M): beautiful one. Sivalingam (M): Siva's holy mark Sivananda. Soman: the moon http://www. Sivanathan. Sivashankara (M): Siva the prosperous Sivasri. light of prosperity Sivasri (M): glory of Siva Sivasundari. Sivarajan. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 68 of 82 Sivalinga. Sivasvamin (M): Siva as master. Sivani (F): beloved of Siva Sivapadam (M): Siva's sacred feet Sivaprakasha. Sivasundari (F): Siva's beauty. Sivaraja (M): Siva the king Sivarman. clever. Sivavallabha (F): loved by Siva.How to Become a Hindu. benign lord Sivatmika. Sivanatha (M): Siva lord Sivanesan (M): Siva's friend Sivani. Karttikeya. Siva Soma (M-F). Siva Skandanatha (M): quick lord. Sivarman (M): protected by Siva Sivasambu (M): Siva the benevolent Sivasankara. excellent. Sivaprasada (M): given by Siva Sivaraja. consisting of the essence of Siva Sivavallabha.

Somasundaram (M): beautiful moon. beloved of the moon. heaven Somaja (M): son of the moon. Siva Subala (M): good boy Subali (F): very strong. Sonala. Sonali (F): redness. beautiful. Siva Somendra (M): moon Somesa. Siva Subas (M): smile http://www. gold Sonam (M): gold-like.How to Become a Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 69 of 82 Somachandra (M). fire. the moon Sona. Somachandran: tranquil moon Somadeva (M): God of the moon Somadhara (M).himalayanacademy. powerful Subandhava (F): good friend. Siva Sthanavi (M-F): pillar of the universe. Siva Somaskanda (M): warrior of the moon Somasundara (M-F). an attendant of Siva Somanatha (M): lord of the moon Somashekhara. lucky Sopan (M): way to moksha Sovala (M): powerful Soven (M): beautiful Srikantha (M-F): beautiful-throated one. Somasegaram (M): moon-crested. the red lotus Somamshu (M): moonbeam Somanandin (M): delighted by the moon. the planet Mercury Somakanta (M): as lovely as the moon. moonstone Somakhya (M): as virtuous as the moon.html 5/6/2010 . Somadharan: moon-bearing. sky. Someshvara (M): lord of Soma.

Murugan Subuddhi (F): of good intellect. sacred basil.himalayanacademy. sacred basil. graceful Subhash. ornament. virtuous. the moon Sudhi (F): good sense. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 70 of 82 Subbalakshmi (F): divine fortune Subha (F): splendor. understanding. beautiful Sudhakara (M): receptacle of nectar. easily seen. Sugandhi (F): sweet smelling fragrance. Subhasha. clever Suchara (F): very skillful. light. Sudarshan (M). auspicious. Subramaniam (M): effulgent radiance. wise. wise Subrahmanya. Subodha (F): knowledgeable.html 5/6/2010 . lion. lustre. honored mother. beloved by husband Subharya (F): prosperous. desire Subhadra (F): glorious. Sudarshini (F): lovely in appearance. Subramanian. pious. intelligence Suditi (F): bright flame Sugandha (M-F). wild jasmine. Subhashana (F): eloquent Subodh. beauty. splendid Sudama (F): bountiful Sudaralakshmi (F): Goddess of beauty Sudarsha. good performer. Durga Subhaga (F): good fortune.How to Become a Hindu. a rishi Sukanta (M): very handsome Sukantha (M). Supreme Being Suguna (M): with good qualities Suhasini (F): smiling beautifully Sukaksha (M): abode of good. decoration. with a beautiful gait Suchaya (F): casting a beautiful shadow. Sukanthi (F): sweet-voiced http://www. splendid.

noble. a river Surapriya (F): dear to the Gods Suravani (F): Earth as the mother of the Gods Surendra (M): king of the Gods Suresh. Suniti: well conducted. with Siva Sukumara (M). learned one http://www. auspicious. virtuous. Sundaran. beloved. Ganga Suramohini (F): attracting the Gods Surananda (F): joy of the Gods. handsome. Suresha. agreeable. Champaka tree. nutmeg Suragana (M): with servants of God. Siva. very delicate. Siva Surala (F): one who brings the Gods. wise Suprasada (M): best offerings.html 5/6/2010 . shining. good. Siva Surabhi (F): sweet-smelling. gracious. Sureshvara (M): king of the Gods. Sundari (F): beautiful. handsome Sumeru (M): vexalted. Siva. civil. beautiful. Siva Sunita (F). charming. polite. Sulan.How to Become a Hindu. Sundaram (M). Indra and Murugan Suri. well behaved. Brahma. comfort. Sundara. Siva Sukratu (M): one who does virtuous deeds. virtue. Shula. charming. pleasing. pleasure Sukhajata (M): happy. a Saivite saint Sundareshvara (M): lord of beauty. great-hearted. Suresan. Sukumari (F): very tender. delicate skin Sula. benevolent. ease. excellent. Shulan (M): Siva's trident Suman (M-F): flower Sumana (M): of good disposition. Siva Sunartaka (M): good dancer. Surina (F): wise. wise. famous.himalayanacademy. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 71 of 82 Sukha (F): piety.

Siva Surya (M): the Sun God Susaha (M): bearing well. Siva Sushubha (F): very beautiful. Siva Suvasa (M): well clad. a raft. handsome. Siva Tarala (F): splendid. learned. Agni Tejapala (M): controller of power http://www. destiny Taraka (M-F): the great protector. Murugan T Tanuja (F): daughter Tanuka (F): slender Tanvi (F): young woman Tara (F): star. Siva Svaha (F): Goddess of fire Swaminathan (M): lord of honeybee Tarani (F): ray of light. Goddess Tara Taruna (M): young boy Taruni (F): young girl.html 5/6/2010 . very auspicious Susmita (M): with a pleasant smile Suvarna (M). of noble birth. famous. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 72 of 82 Surupa (M): well formed.himalayanacademy. wise.How to Become a Hindu. woman Tejadeva (M): God of power. Svarna: of beautiful color. boat Tarika (F): belonging to the stars Tarini (F): one who saves others. gold.

sharp and powerful Tejasinha (M): lion of power. place of pilgrimage. Siva Tirthaka (M): sanctified Tiru. famous Tejeyu (M): possessed with splendor Tejindra (M): glorious chief Tejistha (M): very sharp. ornament Tirtha (F): passage. God. splendid." Todara (M): removing fear Todika (F): splitting. energetic. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 73 of 82 Tejaschanda (M): very a ragini Tokavati (F): woman with children Tokaya (F): to present a new-born child Tokini (F): having offspring http://www. whetted Tejomurti (M): consisting totally of light Tejonidhi (M): abounding in glory Tejorasi (M): array of splendor. way. dignified. hot. bright Tejita (M): sharpened. strong. ford. beautiful. a son of Ranadara Tejasvat. breaking. bright.himalayanacademy. lord Thamby (M): little brother Tilabhavani (F): beautiful dot. powerful. spirited. sacred object Tirthadeva (M): lord of the pilgrimage.How to Become a Hindu. Tejasvin (M): sharp edged. heroic. often used as a prefix meaning "Mister. Mount Meru Tejorupa (M): consisting of splendor. jasmine Tilaka (M-F): mark on the forehead.html 5/6/2010 . Thiru (M-F): holy. Brahma Thakur (M): leader.

with a deer skin belt Tolana (M-F): lifting up Tomadhara (F): a water cloud Tomara (M-F): lance.How to Become a Hindu.html 5/6/2010 . joy Toshadeva (M): pleasant. Varuna Toyika (F): a place that was made famous by a festival Tudi (F): satisfying Tuhara (M): remover of darkness. pleasure. Toshan (M): satisfaction. contentment. young shoot. Durga and Gauri Toyadhi (M): containing water. javelin Tomaradhara (M-F): javelin thrower. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 74 of 82 Tokma (F): fresh. Toyesha (M): lord of water. Siva Tosha (M-F). a soldier of Skanda Tuhi (F): a cuckoo's cry Tuja (F): thunderbolt Tuka (M): young. pleased Totala (F): repeating. Toshita (M): satisfied. water receptacle. vel. astronomer http://www. boy. ocean the ocean Toyalaya (F): a constellation Toyanjali (F): cupped hands holding water Toyaraj (M): king of waters. green Tola (M-F): being very poised. a triangle supporting a large balance. fire Torana (M): arch.himalayanacademy. contented God Toshak (M): one who pleases Toshashana (M-F): pleasing or gratifying others Toshashaniya (F): pleasing Toshin.

zealous. clever. Siva Tungabala (M): very strong Tungabhadra (F): very noble. the zodiac sign of Libra Tuladhara (M): bearer of balance. poised. cold Tusharakanti (M): beloved of the snow mountains. superconscious. Tyagaraja (M): king of renunciates. hero king extolled in the Rig Veda Turya (F): the fourth state. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 75 of 82 Tula (M): balance. sacred basil Tulini (F): cotton Tumbavina (M): having the gourd for a lute. Siva Turni (M): quick.html 5/6/2010 . Siva http://www. just Tulakuchi (M): balanced. Siva Tushta.How to Become a Hindu. superior powers Tushara (F): frost. Tushya.himalayanacademy. contented Tushti (F): satisfaction Tuvijata (M): of powerful nature. scale. Tusita (M): satisfied. the mind Turvasha (M): overpowering. sacred Tungavena (F): loving heights Tungeshvara (M): lord of mountains. victorious. a temple of Siva Tungishvara (M): lord of the night. Indra Tuvimanyu (M): zealous Tyagaraj. Indra and Varuna Tuvikshatra (F): ruling powerfully Tuvikurmi (M): powerful in working. expeditious. snow. with a good heart Tulasi (F): matchless.

superior. uppermost Uttarkumar (M): excellent son http://www. risen Udyana (F): garden. park Ujala (F): bright Ujasa (M): light Uma (F): mother. sunrise Udayana (M-F): rising. birth Uddalaka (M): burnt open.How to Become a Hindu. best Uttara (F): highest. a kind of honey Uddara (M-F): liberation Udita (F): grown. Parvati Umadevi (F): divine mother Umapati (M): Siva. religious meditation Usha (F): dawn Utpala (F): lotus. worship. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 76 of 82 U Udara (M-F): generous Udaya (M-F): to rise.html 5/6/2010 . prosperity. water lily Utsava (M-F): festival Uttama (F): good. lord of Uma Umeda (F): king of Avanti Udbhava (M-F): source. awakened. shining.himalayanacademy. origin. wish Upala (F): a jewel Upamanyu (M): a devoted pupil Upasana (M): adoration.

Siva Vaniprada (M): grantor of the power of speech. Earth Valmiki (M): name of a rishi Vamadeva (M): noble lord. Ganesha and Murugan http://www.html 5/6/2010 . Brahma. music. Ganesha Vaidyanatha (M): lord of liberal Vadishvara (M): God of disputants. Ganesha Varada. Sarasvati Vanija (M): merchant. master of language. Siva Vanadeva (M): forest God Vananatha (M): controller of the forest. Vagishvara: lord of speech. the zodiac sign of Libra. Ganesha Vakratunda (M): with a curved trunk. lovely lord.himalayanacademy. Indra Vakrabhuja (M): crooked-armed. trader. God among the beloved Valli (M): creeper. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 77 of 82 V Vadanya (M): bountiful. bestower of boons. lion Vandan (M): salutation Vani (F): speech. praise.How to Become a Hindu. peace maker Vagindra (M): lord of speech Vagisha (M). Murugan Vajrendra (M): lord of the thunderbolt. vine. Ganesha Vallabhananda (M): rejoicing in being loved Vallabhendra (M): Indra among the beloved. Ganesha Vakrapada (M): crooked-legged. lightening. best beloved Vallabheshvara (M): most beloved. Varadan (M): benevolent.

Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 78 of 82 Varanatha. enveloping sky.How to Become a Hindu. gold. rishi Vedagupta (M): one who preserved the Vedas Vedesa (M): lord of Vedas http://www. wife of Tiruvalluvar Vasunanda (M): delighting the Gods Vasurupa (M): of divine form. cupid Vasanta (F): bestower of desires. gem. wealthy. Varuna Varathanatha (M): most excellent lord Varavriddha (M): eldest among the best. Siva Varen (M): best Varendra (M): lord of the nobles. guarding of the West. Siva Vasvananta (M): infinite wealth Vayu (M): air. Siva Varin. Vararaja (M): lord of the waters. Siva Varuna (M): lord of the sea. precious. God of boons. beneficient Vasuki (F): one who resides under earth. good. river. excellent. water. Variyas (M): water. sovereign Varesh.himalayanacademy. a rishi Vasu (M): dwelling in all beings. vernal Vasishta (M): most excellent. God. a seer Vedagarbha (M): the quintessence of the Vedas. ray of light.html 5/6/2010 . Murugan Vedagatha (M): singer of the texts. God of wind Vedadarshin (M): perceiver of knowledge. divine. companion of Kama Vasanti (F): of the spring season. a Vedic God Varuni (F): lord Varuna's consort Vasant (M): spring. Vareshvara (M): best God.

modesty. falcon Vel (M): lance Velan. Murugan Vettri (M): one who knows the nature of soul and God. Vinaya (F): guiding. braid of hair Vetaka (M): of a man Vetrin (M): staff-bearer. brave.How to Become a Hindu. Ganesha Vijaya. braid of hair Venika (M): of a people. control. taking away Vinayaka. Ganesha Vidya (F): knowledge Vighnaraja. Sarasvati Vinadhara (M): carrier of the vina. pure. Veylan (M): lance-bearer. triumphant Vimala.html 5/6/2010 .com/resources/books/hbh/hbh_ch-8-names. lyre Vinadevi (F): Goddess of the vina. modest Vira (M-F): hero. Vimali (F): stainless. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 79 of 82 Vedisa (M): lord of the wise Vegin (M): hawk. Murugan Velmurugan (M): Murugan with lance Venidasa (M): of a man.himalayanacademy. Vighnarajan (M): the ruler of obstacles. Siva Virupaksha (M-F): the all-seeing one. Ganesha Vinita (F): trained. Siva Vinapani (F): vina bearer. sage Vibudheshvara. Vijay (M-F): victorious. Vibudheshvaran (M): lord of the wise. Sarasvati Vina (F): an indian lute. Vinayaga (M): remover [of obstacles]. Siva http://www. powerful Virabhadra (M): foremost of heroes. Sarasvati Vinay.

com/resources/books/hbh/hbh_ch-8-names. worthy of worship. Vishakan (M). patron of priests Yajata (M-F): holy. charioteer Vola (M-F): myrrh Vollaha (M): chestnut-colored horse Vopula (M): a man Voraka. divided. Yagnya (F): sacred fire ritual http://www. Vishvan (M): pervasive. Yagna. Murugan. Yajnya. liberal Yajamana (M): sacrificing.himalayanacademy.How to Become a Hindu. Siva Yajisnu (M): worshiping the Gods Yajna. Volaka (M): writer Vorata (M-F): jasmine Vovam (F): white lotus Vovi (F): deer Vrishanka (M): whose emblem is a bull. dignified. sacrificer. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 80 of 82 Visakan. divine. Siva Vyaghrapada (M): tiger-foot Y Yaganiya (M): to be worshiped Yaja (F): worshiper. worshiping. guide. world. universe Vishveshvara (M): all-pervading ruler of the cosmos. adorable. a constellation. the moon.html 5/6/2010 . brahmin Yajaka (M): worshiping. officiating priest of a sacrifice. Vishakha (M-F): branched. Vishva. Siva Vodhavya (F): to be led home or married Vodhri (M-F): one who bears or carries.

ascetic.How to Become a Hindu. traveller. Siva Yami. Yashil (F): glory. Siva Yamal (F): brace. wind. pair. an attendant of Skanda Yajnavahana (M): having sacrifice or worship as a vehicle. Yatish (M): restraint.html 5/6/2010 . control. yoga Yogendra (M): Siva. twin Yamantaka (M): destroyer of Yama. guidance. Yamin (F): night. fame Yashila (F): successful Yashna (F): prayer Yashomati (F): having fame Yasksini (F): a celestial being Yasodeva (M): lord of fame and time Yogadanda (M): staff of yogic striving Yoganatha. Yatishvara (M-F): lord of ascetics. Yoganathan (M): Siva. a son of Ramachandra Yati (F). Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 81 of 82 Yajnavaha (M): conducting the sacrifice to the gods. lord of union. the moon Yamuna (F): a sacred river in India Yamunajanaka (M): father of Yamuna. Siva and Vishnu Yajnikadeva (M): lord of sacrifices Yajnodaya (M): risen from the sacred fire Yamajit (M): conqueror of Yama. Siva Yatinatha. one who has curbed his passions Yamika (F): moonlit night Yamininatha (M): lord of the night. Siva as a forest sage Yatu (M): going. lord of yoga http://www. Yatin. the sun Yasachandra (M): as famous as the moon Yash.himalayanacademy.

Durga Yogin (M): ascetic.How to Become a Hindu. Yogeshvari (F): master of yoga.html 5/6/2010 . Yogeshvara (M). Siva.himalayanacademy. Siva Yugandhara (F): the earth Yuthika (F): white jasmine Yuti (F): one who units Yuvati (F): young girl http://www. Chapter 8: A Collection of Hindu Names Page 82 of 82

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