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TKAM Movie Questions

1. Did the movie measure up to

your expectations as a viewer? What
scenes engaged you most or least?
2. Find three major contrasting
elements in the movie and the novel.
3. Considering the idea that movies are
based more on sight and sound
imagery and less on the other
senses, for each contrasting element
infer why the director and/or
screenwriter chose to make those
changes in the movie.
4. Which actor do you believe fits the
character you imagined in the novel?
Explain your answer using examples
from the text AND movie.
5. Which actor was far-removed
from your thought of the character in
the novel? Why? What was different
about the actor and the character?
6. If you were casting the movie today,
who would you cast as Scout, Jem,
TKAM Movie Questions
Atticus, Mr. Ewell, Tom Robinson,
and Boo Radley? Give a short
explanation of your choice for each
character. (If you do not know the
actor’s name, you may write
something similar to, “The main
actor in _______ film.”)