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Main Problem: Infant Health

Title: Ina Ko Gatas Mo, Kailangan Ko

General Objectives: To provide adequate knowledge and motivate mothers to


Specific Objectives:
1. To enhance mother’s knowledge on breastfeeding by enumerating the
benefits to infants, mother and community.
2. To motivate working mothers to continue breastfeeding even with their
busy schedule.
3. To protect infants from disease and malnutrition.

Time Frame: 8:00-11:30 am January 21-22, 2010

• Health Teaching
- Discuss what is breastfeeding
- Discuss what are the benefits of breastfeeding
- Discuss the importance
- Discuss what are the nutrients that infants can gat from
breast milk
- Proper way of breastfeeding
- Proper collection and storage of breast milk for working

• Monitoring
- The change agent will go to each family every week to check
if they understood breastfeeding and its benefits
- And to check if the working mothers collects and stores the
breast milk properly.

• Action
- Conducting a seminar about breastfeeding
- Distribute pamphlets to the mothers and women who are
planning to bear a child.


- Change agent
- Barangay Captain
- Barangay Officials
- Health Center Staff

- Pamphlets
- Visual aids
- Cartolina
- Pentel pens
- Doll
- Breast pump
- Cottton balls
- Water