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Behaviour - Framed - Teacher Notes

Behaviour - Framed - Teacher Notes

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Published by Alan Forster
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Published by: Alan Forster on Aug 10, 2008
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It’s not comfortable being framed. But sometimes you just have to face up to what you have, or haven’t, done. Still, you can always behave better next time.

Ask students to use this simple table to record their observations of the group’s behaviour. This might be the result of feedback from Observer Servers, or might be based on a video or audio recording of the group at work, or just from memory. The rule is: record specific behaviours, don’t name names.

What I see myself doing that helps the group

What I see myself doing that hinders the group

What I see other people doing that helps

What I see other people doing that hinders

Following some discussion, it should be possible to recognise the behavioural changes needed for the group to operate more effectively. The aim of the second stage is or everyone to agree on a few general changes, for example: everyone will speak one at a time. Individuals can then be encouraged to make personal changes, for example: I will ask people what they think more often. Both the corporate and the personal agreements can be recorded on the Team Action Plan and, after a couple more sessions, an assessment of progress can be marked with a cross on the right hand side of the sheet.

As a whole group we agree to … Progress
No different than before Kept the agreement


____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________

Personally I agree to …

____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________

Name: Signed:

___________________________ ___________________________ Date: ______________

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