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Black History Month February 2011, Vol.

2, Issue 2
Random Acts of Kindness
A month dedicated to remember
Kindness really does Upcoming March Events
the important people and events
in history related to the African inspire kindness! Incredible Kid Day (TBA)
American diaspora. Since 1976,
Please submit “random acts of kindness” SODAT Workshop (TBA)
it has been celebrated annually
you have experienced or happened to see Diabetes Workshop (TBA)
in the United States of America
around Holly City Family Success Center Every Monday - Father Time, 5 - 7 pm
and Canada in February and the
and in your Community. Not only will it
United Kingdom in the month of Every Wednesday. - Parent’s
lift our spirits and provide much needed
September. In the U.S., Black Anonymous, 5 - 6:30 pm
recognition, it may start positive thinking
History Month is also referred to and a “can-do” attitude for our
as African-American History Community Center. You may submit your
Month. entry no later than February 28, at 3:00 Look Who’s Having A Birthday!
pm, in the box located by the bulletin
board, to be considered. Nominees will be Kaylin Fox

submitted in March’s newsletter and Mark Green

receive a certificate Award. For more
information, please call (856) 765-0205. Antoinette Tice

Rhasnad Johnson

Daiv’Vreon Smith

Black Inventors Nydurrah Richardson

Shyquill Ammes
George Washington Carver - Discovered three hundred uses for peanuts and hundreds
more uses for soybeans, pecans and sweet potatoes! Christorpher Harris

Jack Johnson – Was the first African American heavyweight champion & patented a
Shanika Lee
wrench on April the 18th, 1922.

Jerry Shelby – A NASA Engineer who invented an engine protection system for
recoverable rocket booster and received U.S. patent on July 12, 1994.

Alice Parker - Invented a new and improved gas heating furnace that provided central

On behalf of Holly City Family Success Center, a Special “Thank You”

goes out to all who donate time and services to HCFSC. Your time and
dedication were truly appreciated!!!

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