BINGO Purpose

To help pupils to become secure in their understanding and use of key words from a topic or series of lessons.

■ ■ ■ ■ Pupils draw a blank grid (can be 3 x 3 squares or 4 x 4 squares). Teacher prepares a list of key words from the current topic (12 or 25 depending on the size of the grid) and places these on the board or wall. Pupils fill each square with a word from the list (they should not have room for all of the words). The teacher reads out a definition and pupils cross off the answer if they have it. When a pupil gets a line, they must read back the key words and their meaning. The game can be continued to a full house.

Bingo organised in different ways
Instead of reading out definitions, more demanding questions can be used, matched to the needs and ability of the group. Prepared blank grids and a list of key words could be provided for pupils.

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