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miometrics can be sorted into two classes:




masic characteristics of m   echnologies:
 ery person should hae the characteristic. People who
are mute or without a fingerprint will need to be accommodated in some

!   Generally, no two people hae identical characteristics.
Howeer, identical twins are hard to distinguish.

‡    : he characteristics should not ary with time. A person's

face, for example, may change with age.


: he characteristics must be easily collectible and

‡    : he method must delier accurate results under aried

enironmental circumstances.


: he general public must accept the sample collection
routines. Nonintrusie methods are more acceptable.



miometric deices consist of a reader or scanning deice

software that conerts the gathered information into digital
form, and a database that stores the biometric data with
comparison with existing records.

‡     #



A sample of the biometric trait is captured, processed by a

computer, and stored for later comparison.



n this mode biometric system authenticates a person¶s

claimed identity from their preiously enrolled pattern.