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DAILYCITIZEN Informing Champaign County Since 1838


68 Bypass subject of hearing
jects to be funded, citing “traffic
Local officials studies.”
Since then, county officials have “This is ... one of the few remaining
want it back on met with Ohio Rep. Derrick Seaver
chances to tell ODOT why this project
and Ohio Sen. Jim Jordan in an
ODOT’s project list effort to try to reinstate the project. is important.”
The meeting will be held at the
By ANNA JONES county Community Center auditori-
um, 1512 S. U.S. Route 68, at 7 p.m. – County Economic Development Agent
Staff Writer Corbett said that letters have Dave Faulkner
public hearing will be been sent to Champaign County ser-

A held March 17 to inform vice organizations such as the Cedar

Wisconsin the public “where we are Bog Association, the Retired
“I hope the people ... realize how
and what’s going on” with Teachers Association and the
downs OSU the 68 bypass project, YMCA to encourage their atten- important it is to the community and the
County Commissioner dance and participation in the hear-
Wisconsin knocked Ohio Bob Corbett said. ing. surrounding communities.”
State out of the Big Ten Along with the Champaign ODOT officials have also been
Tournament Friday night County commissioners, Economic invited, as well as Seaver and
– County Commissioner Bob Corbett
Development Agent Dave Faulkner Jordan.
... See Page B-1 and County Engineer Fereidoun Corbett said, “I hope the people
Shokouhi will attend. in charge of helping this to happen
In early Januar y, the Ohio will realize how important it is to the Faulkner added, “This is the remaining chances to tell ODOT
NEWS Department of Transportation
dropped the estimated $54 million
community and surrounding com-
munities. It will help Clark and
opportunity for citizens
Champaign County to tell us how
of why this project is important.”
The public comment period ends
project from the list of highway pro- Logan counties immensely, too.” they feel and it’s one of the few April 12.

Local reaction to MRDD proposal mixed

By ANNA JONES homes to obtain the same level of services.”
Staff Writer Wellington Administrator Diana Caldwell, said, “I don’t think there’s “We have 19 of our 20 beds filled. If cuts go
On the The recent unveiling of Gov. Bob Taft’s budget
proposals for MRDD (mentally retarded/devel- any stopping the move
through, the county board (of MRDD) would
have to place them somewhere else. Social
Social opmentally disabled) funding has touched off rip-
ples of protest by MRDD service providers
to the waiver system. I Security wouldn’t be enough. I don’t know how
they could manage to make up the difference in
Security throughout the state. think it’s good for the cost of care. These people have more needs
The 2005 budget proposes a shift in funding than someone in a group home.”
trail for ICF-MR services, or intermediate care facili-
ties, to a waiver system that is already in place, to
Dee Dee Kabbes, superintendent of the
Champaign County Board of MRDD, said,
Find out how much a limited degree, for other services. – County MRDD Superintendent “Detrimental things will happen to people if pri-
progress President Bush Intermediate care facilities house between Dee Dee Kabbes vate providers are not able to meet the cost of ser-
is making in his effort to four and 100 individuals with special needs and vices. People wouldn’t necessarily get funding.”
currently receive state and federal funds to pay
overhaul the system ... for services. Under Taft’s budget proposal, ICFs- Waiver troubles
See Page B-3 MR would no longer receive those funds directly MRDD population by eliminating ICFs-MR. The waiver system Taft proposes isn’t without
from the state. The funds instead would go Joe Mancuso, superintendent of the Logan problems.
directly to MRDD individuals, who could then County Board of MRDD, calls the closure of “The waiver system as it is isn’t worked out
choose service providers. ICFs-MR an “unintended consequence.” He said, yet; it’s still in negotiations with the federal gov-
Urbana boy Loss of federal funding
“If you take an ICF-MR group home where peo-
ple are living and half the people leave and the
ernment,” Kabbes said.
According to Johnson, the current waiver sys-
dies while This would mean, however, the loss of federal
funding, according to Than Johnson, chief finan-
provider can’t refill the vacant beds, it puts people
in the street.”
tem in Ohio “has been threatened with a loss of
funding if it’s not fixed. The ICF-MR program has
cial officer of Champaign Residential Services Mancuso added, “ Logan County has gone 13 never come under that type of concern by the fed-
playing Inc. “When you move from an ICF-MR program
to a waiver program, dollars for room and board
years without a levy increase. I attribute this to
our ability to bring in federal dollars. If that starts
eral government.”
“I don’t think there’s any stopping the move to
can no longer be used to match and bring down shrinking, that will hurt us.” the waiver system,” Kabbes said. “I think it’s
basketball federal dollars,” he said. “In Champaign County we have four homes good for consumers. It gives them more choices
Currently, the ICF-MR program is funded with and the Wellington (Nursing and Rehabilitation for how their dollars are spent, but, they need to
By ANNA JONES 40 percent state money and a 60 percent federal Center) where people live,” Johnson said, “but make sure everyone’s protected.”
Staff Writer match. The 60 percent federal match is worth they can’t pay for room and board or receive ther- “I’m in favor of people having choices,” $110 million a year to Ohio and $321,200 to apies, with the waiver program, that were funded Mancuso said, “but not necessarily closing the
A 13-year-old Urbana boy Champaign County, according to Johnson. by the federal government. They’d have to move ICF-MR program. The greatest benefit to the peo-
died Thursday night after col- Johnson adds that this loss of federal money somewhere else that wouldn’t be comparatively ple in Logan County would be for ICFs-MR to
lapsing while playing “one- “would have to be made up by local taxpayers” equipped and would put them in jeopardy with remain an option for people who need that ser-
on-one” basket- and would result in fewer viable options for the health and safety. Many would end up in nursing vice.”
ball at the •See full
C h a m p a i g n obituary
Family YMCA, on Page
according to A-2
Kathy Finney,
the executive
Rape defendant allegedly Daily Citizen
director of the YMCA.
staffers honored
Christopher Miller, son of
Charles and Joy Ware Miller,
of 921 S. Walnut St., was
kills judge, 2 others in Ga. by company
taken by emergency medical
services to Mercy Memorial By HARRY R. WEBER
Hospital, where he was pro- Associated Press Writer WILMINGTON – Two current and two
TLANTA (AP) — A man being escort-

nounced dead at 10 p.m., former Urbana Daily Citizen editorial staffers
according to Josh Richards, ed into court for his rape trial Friday were honored here Thursday night during
Champaign County coroner. stole a deputy’s gun, killed the judge the annual Brown Publishing Company
The cause of death, accord- and two other people and carjacked a Editorial Excellence
ing to Richards, was sudden reporter’s vehicle to escape, setting Banquet.
cardiac failure. off a massive manhunt and creating The Daily Citizen won
Finney said that when widespread chaos across Atlanta, police said. six awards in all for news
Miller first collapsed, a Hundreds of officers in cruisers and heli- and sports coverage pro-
YMCA member who is a copters swarmed the area in the vided during the 2004 cal-
paramedic worked on Miller search of the suspect, identified
endar year.
“within 30 seconds.” as 33-year-old Brian Nichols.
The Daily Citizen won
The squad was called at The suspect, a former computer
technician, had raised alarm a first place in Enterprise
8:41 p.m., Richards said. He Reporting for its coverage
added paramedics worked on day earlier when he was found
in court with two sharp objects of the Champaign County
Miller for 20 minutes before Sheriff’s Office staff cuts Burns
taking him to the emergency hidden in his shoes, prosecu-
tors said. last year. Contributing
room. writers were Managing
Finney said the squad had The rampage led to chaos
Nichols around the city, with schools, Editor Brenda Burns and
arrived at the Y within three former staffer Jennifer
minutes of being called. restaurants and office buildings
locking down amid fears that Krebs. Burns also won
Richards said the results
the suspect might strike again. Nichols’ mug shot third place in Editorial
of a preliminary autopsy are
was plastered all over TV screens, and highway Writing for coverage of the
expected within a week.
Complete autopsy results message boards issued descriptions of the stolen county’s money woes.
should be available within a vehicle. Sports Editor Steve
few weeks, he said. He said ‘‘Mr. Nichols is considered armed and Stout won third place in
the death appears to have extremely dangerous and should not be General Sports Reporting
been natural and that foul approached,’’ Fulton County Sheriff Myron AP photo for his story on Johnny Stout
play is not suspected. Freeman said. ‘‘We are not going to rest until we Majors’ visit to Urbana
Mrs. Miller said she was- find him.’’ University’s football prac-
Nichols got the semiautomatic pistol by over- Law enforcement personnel gather outside the tices last August.
n’t aware of a heart problem. Fulton County Courthouse in Atlanta on Friday. At
She said her son played bas- powering the female deputy while he was being Former Daily Citizen staffer James E.
led down a corridor in the Fulton County least three people, including Fulton County Mahan won three photography awards.
ketball for Springfield
Christian School, which was Courthouse, Assistant Police Chief Alan Dreher Superior Judge Rowland Barnes were shot and Mahan is now a photographer at the Piqua
See ‘Miller’ on Page A-3 See ‘Shooting’ on Page A-4 killed in the courthouse earlier. Daily Call, another BPC newspaper.