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2. Fill in the gaps using the personal pronouns. (You can’t repeat
the words).
a) My name is John. ______ am a boy.
b) Her name is Mary. _______ is a student.
c) _______ is a boy. I, you, he, she, we, they
d) How old are _______?
e) _______ are my friends. Their names are Tom and Jack.
f) _______ are students.

3. Complete the sentences using the possessive adjectives.

(You can’t repeat the words).
a) This is _____ book.
b) Can you borrow _____ pencil?
c) This is Joanna’s coat. It’s _____ coat.My, your, his, her, our, their
d) _____ name is Peter. I’m from America.
e) This is _____ house. They live near me.
f)______ dog is yellow. We like it very much.

4. Please fill in the blanks with the “verb to be”

a) My name _____ João.
b) How old _____ you? is, are, am
c) They _____ students.
e) I ______ twelve years old.
f) He ______ a boy.
g) She ______ my friend.

5. Write the following cardinal numbers.

a) seven __7__ f) eleven
b) twenty-five _____ g) six
c) one hundred _____ h) twenty
d) thirteen _____ i) forty-four
e) sixty _____ j) fifteen

6. Write the following ordinal numbers.

a) 1º ____first___________ f) 3º
b) 37º __________________ g) 21º
c) 50º __________________ h) 60º