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Graduate Assistant –Event Planning

DePaul University
For Immediate Hire

Position: IARSLCE Conference Graduate Assistant

Supervisor: Executive Director, Steans Center

Summary of Position: The student will work with Steans Center

staff, Illinois Campus Compact staff and IARSLCE conference co-
host institutions to assist in the planning of the IARSLCE
conference in Chicago (11/2/11 -11/4/11). The IARSLCE
conference is the largest research conference on service
learning. Position is for immediate hire and will continue until
December 2011.

IARSLCE = International Association for Research on Service Learning

and Community Engagement.

Essential Job Duties:

 Communicate regularly with multiple institutions and the

conference venue (Palmer House Hilton)
 Assist in creating PR and publicity materials
 Provide essential content for marketing and program
 Compile, edit and assist with distribution of conference
 Assist with distribution and electronic posting to web
 Assist in the planning and marketing of the IARSLCE conference
• Serve on the planning subcommittee
• Aid in the development and distribution of PR
 Assist with equipment needs before and during the conference
 Conduct research as needed (e.g., sources for marketing)
 Assist in maintaining website content and databases
 Various other logistical tasks as needed.

Required Qualifications: 1) Event planning experience; 2) Exhibits

leadership skills, organizational and task management skills, and
creativity, 3) Knowledgeable in the areas of communication, service-
learning, student leadership and civic engagement helpful, 4) Skill in
current technology including database and website management, 5)
Strong communication skills, 6) reliable and a self-starter with
initiative. 7) Must be a DePaul graduate student t through December
The Student Assistant will work 10-15 hours per week on average with
increased hours as the event date approaches.

Please send your resume to Howard Rosing, Executive Director, Steans