■ A way of helping pupils to arrive at, and record, their own understanding of what they have learnt (previously or during a topic) and the way in which they have learnt it. Making their own personal map helps them to learn the material.

■ At the start of a new topic ask the pupils what they want to know about it. This will hopefully reveal some of the key words for the topic. These can be written out on the cards and stuck onto the piece of material (this will be mounted on a board in the classroom). During the topic the board will be added to in terms of more key words and also the links between the key words. The links can be added using string as the connections.

Growing a Concept Map organised in different ways
■ ■ ■ Make pupils responsible for certain key words and their links to other key words so that during class discussions they can be called upon to explain their personal key word. Get pupils to stand as the map linked with pieces of string e.g. like a food web and explain who they are (key word) and their links to other parts of the map. As a plenary activity at the end of the topic, pupils can make their own individual map which they keep to help them remember the words and links in ‘that topic’.

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