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and reputation as the Commonwealth's public liberal arts college, and an active partner in the creative economy and overall economic development in North Adams. The College maintains an active presence downtown, through MCLA Gallery 51 and the MCLA Office of Institutional Advancement. In the summer, 201, the College will break ground on its new Center for Science and Innovation, which will further enhance MCLA’s educational and economic impact in the city and throughout the region. Current Status ‘Through their presence in North Adams, and their commitment to the community, MCLA and MASS MoCA have helped to stabilize the North Adams economy. There remains however the opportunity ~ and need ~ to expand and enhance this impact through new partnerships, bold ideas, and visionary investment. Particular needs include: «Reclaiming and redeveloping deteriorating housing stock; ‘* Creating the conditions for new expanded business development and increased destination visitation, particularly in the downtown business district; * Capitalizing on new business and employment that may complement the Center for Science and Innovation at MCLA; and © Preparing the workforce for new employment opportunities centered on culture, innovation, and tourism. Prowucrs 1, Redevelop neighborhoods: Cluster housing development around art and education, grow creative industries in the city In the River Street neighborhood adjacent to MASS MoCA there are currently over two-dozen ‘vacant lots amid the developed properties as the result of recent demolitions of deteriorated housing. There are similar areas of opportunity in the Ashland Street neighborhood near MCLA. ‘The Partnership for North Adams will identify state and federal housing programs and targeted for-profit private investment to develop and build market rate and moderate-income housing in these neighborhoods. In the River Street neighborhood, the focus will be on artist and museum intern housing, as an art cluster, Around MCLA, the focus will be on student and faculty housing, and the development of housing for College retirees, as part of an integrated living and learning community. Between these projects, the target will be the creation of 100 new market rate-housing units,