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2, Establish an Educational Opportunity Zone to bring more learning downtown: Consolidate real estate holdings to the northeast of Main Street into an educational campus ‘There are significant real estate holdings along the Church, Bast Main, and Union Streets in North Adams that are currently underutilized. This block includes the former St. Francis and ‘Notre Dame Catholic churches, a former Methodist church, the Conte middle school, and several private businesses (see figure below). Note that the Notre Dame rectory currently serves as the MCLA Office of Institutional Investment, while the church and former school building are available for redevelopment. ‘The Partnership for North Adams will make investments to secure these properties and convene a working group to assess the potential to redevelop these properties while retaining the essential character of the architecture, inchuding the church steeples, which are part of the visual identity of the city, ‘The vision for this area of the city is to develop the various properties as an educational enclave in the heart of downtown. MCLA is the key partner in identifying educational partners for such a venture. The College has been in conversation with other educational partners; however to advance these partnerships additional resources must be identified, Possible uses include ‘educational programs with strong creative/vocational orientation in fields such as graphic design or architectural design. This downtown “campus” would also serve to strengthen the presence of MCLA in the downtown business district. This vision has a chance to be realized with greater support and investment from the community. In addition to creating a new educational center in the community, the location of the property will bring additional people and activity downtown as a way to spark increased business development.