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(18:34:36) Willie: Eileen enters the channel.

(18:50:40) Willie: Kinkyclawz enters the channel.

(18:50:57) Eileen: Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
(18:51:00) Kinkyclawz: Evening all! *hugz* How is everyone tonight?
(18:51:11) Eileen: *sneaks out from behind the door*
(18:51:49) Kinkyclawz: AARGH! Oh you scared me Eileen.
Hee, we three who missed last weeks's chat are reunited!
(18:51:59) bigbadwolf: HI everyone!
(18:52:27) Kinkyclawz: Did I miss anything or have you just arrived, m'dears?
(18:52:54) bigbadwolf: uhm i think i was the first one
(18:52:58) bigbadwolf: nothing happened
(18:52:58) Eileen: lol
(18:52:59) Eileen: nope
(18:53:03) Eileen: missed nothing
(18:53:09) Eileen: didnt want to disturb BBW
(18:53:15) Eileen: so i waited behind the door
(18:53:26) bigbadwolf: haha thanks Eileen
(18:53:50) Kinkyclawz: Aww, so considerate!
(18:54:14) Eileen: You were admiring the christmas tree so I didnt dare
(18:54:46) Eileen: but we will have to take down all the glitter plotties today
dont we?
(18:54:56) Eileen: *checks if ChiChi is okay
(18:55:04) Kinkyclawz: Oh, forgot to take that down. Hmm. Shall we keep it up a
s a friend for our Insanity Tree?
(18:55:13) bigbadwolf: who's chichi? missed so much in the lastm onth that i hav
ent been here
(18:55:22) Kinkyclawz: Aww, Chichi... I wasn't in last week. I hope the boys fed
(18:55:56) Kinkyclawz: Aww, Chichi is our little bootleg chihuahua - we put her
basket on top of the tree and Eileen taught her to sing Oh Tannnbaum/Oh Christma
s Tree.
(18:56:18) Eileen: Yay ChiChi is okay
(18:56:24) Kinkyclawz: YAY!
(18:56:28) Kinkyclawz: Shall we get her down?
(18:56:30) Eileen: Will you go home with me today, ChiChi?
(18:56:33) bigbadwolf: ih god XD chihuahua are the worst dogs ever for me lol
(18:56:41) Eileen: *ChiChi doesnt answer*
(18:56:44) Kinkyclawz: Aww, but not Chichi, she's cute.
(18:56:55) Eileen: i hope she is not mad at me for not being here last weel
(18:57:00) Eileen: week also
(18:57:12) Kinkyclawz: Hmm, Chichi's not talking to you? Maybe that or maybe her
talking was a Christmas Miracle?
(18:57:14) Eileen: ChiChi is well behaved
(18:57:25) Kinkyclawz: lmao Last weel eh?
(18:57:27) Eileen: noooooooooooooooo
(18:57:34) Eileen: ChiChi!!! Talk!!!
(18:58:14) Kinkyclawz: *gets the Prodding Stick carefully away from Vampy, just
in case it might help make Chichi talk*
(18:58:21) Kinkyclawz: Hm..
(18:58:26) Kinkyclawz: Has everyone seen the news?
(18:58:32) Kinkyclawz: Being Human news that is.
(18:58:35) Eileen: What news?
(18:58:41) Eileen: nope sorry! *blushes*
(18:59:11) bigbadwolf: ah the date!
(18:59:16) bigbadwolf: finally we have a date
(18:59:25) Eileen: yes????
(18:59:35) Kinkyclawz: Airdate, its meant to be out sometime during the week 20-
28th January
(18:59:36) Eileen: When when wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeen? *jumps up and down*
(18:59:50) Eileen: oh!
(18:59:57) Kinkyclawz: and if that means BH is in its customary Sunday timeslot,
that should be 23rd.
(18:59:58) bigbadwolf: sunday 23rd
(19:00:03) Eileen: so will it be on on Sunday?
(19:00:03) bigbadwolf: yep
(19:00:06) Eileen: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(19:00:17) Eileen: spn will restart on jan 28
(19:00:23) Eileen: i love the end of january!
(19:00:27) Kinkyclawz: Aye, only if they keep it to its Sunday slot. I wonder if
they're being sho shy about telling us the actual date bacue they intend to cha
nge the day
(19:00:41) Kinkyclawz: Hehe, I bet you do Eileen!
(19:00:43) Eileen: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
(19:00:51) Eileen: don't be shy!
(19:00:57) Eileen: we want to knoooooooooooooooow!
(19:01:08) Kinkyclawz: Exactly! But they won;t tell ussss! WAH!
(19:01:18) Kinkyclawz: Maybe we should go and wial at them.
(19:01:24) Kinkyclawz: or WAIL at them LOL
(19:01:33) bigbadwolf: well hopefully on a friday or sat night would be better
(19:02:04) Eileen: oops kicked myself out
(19:02:05) Eileen: lol
(19:02:09) Kinkyclawz: Hmm, possibly. Tho Sunday's now traditionally BH day but
yeah, Friday or Saturday may be better.
(19:02:13) Eileen: yes! Lets Wial at them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(19:02:13) Kinkyclawz: Oh!
(19:02:26) Kinkyclawz: Hadn't seen a message at my end saying you had suesse.
(19:02:27) Eileen: absolutely
(19:02:36) Kinkyclawz: Oh and how did the relocation do BBW?
(19:02:41) Eileen: we could talk about what we saw then the following Sunday
(19:02:48) Kinkyclawz: go not do. Tsk
(19:03:03) Kinkyclawz: Yeah, instead of trying to watch and ending up cutting th
e chat short to go and see.
(19:03:13) Eileen: yeah
(19:03:28) Kinkyclawz: I did consider, last year, suggesting changing the chat d
(19:03:32) bigbadwolf: we could chat and watch it at the same time lol
(19:03:37) Eileen: but i guess they would lose viewers that way
(19:03:44) Eileen: lol
(19:03:51) bigbadwolf: holiday in austria was amazing
(19:03:54) Kinkyclawz: but it was one heck of a struggle to find a day to suit m
ost people in the first place.
(19:04:06) bigbadwolf: had lots of fun with some husky dogs too
(19:04:14) Kinkyclawz: Aww, wonderful BBW! Sorry, thought you were moving. I'm t
hinking of somwone else methinks.
(19:04:18) Kinkyclawz: AWWW!! huskies!
(19:04:44) Kinkyclawz: BBW, gotta say thats easier said than done (we tried) LOL
(19:05:00) bigbadwolf: nope just went back fora couple of weeks
(19:05:01) Eileen: yay
(19:05:04) Kinkyclawz: You can't concentrate on the show AND chater i here. LOL
(19:05:08) Eileen: and did you have alot of snow?
(19:05:15) Eileen: if not you should have come to us
(19:05:15) Eileen: lol
(19:05:21) Kinkyclawz: Aww yeah, did that cold front hit Austria?
(19:05:23) Eileen: we were suffocating in it
(19:05:33) Kinkyclawz: Ooh you got lots of show in Berlin Eileen
(19:05:34) Kinkyclawz: ?
(19:05:57) bigbadwolf: yeo I have never shoveled so much snow in my whole life l
(19:06:07) Kinkyclawz: Erm snow not show. ><
(19:06:27) Eileen: lol my father either
(19:06:32) Kinkyclawz: LOL ope it din;t spoil your enjoyment... tho I suspect th
ey're better prepared for snow than we are here.
(19:07:01) Kinkyclawz: @ Eileen. I'm going for gold with these typos tonight.
(19:07:20) bigbadwolf:
(19:07:21) Kinkyclawz: BRB gang, pitstop required.
(19:07:26) Eileen: rofl
(19:07:31) bigbadwolf: id like to show you a beautiful pic
(19:07:31) Eileen: hb
(19:07:34) bigbadwolf: but it never works lol
(19:07:40) Eileen: will get the gold medal ready in
(19:07:46) Eileen: now
(19:07:55) Eileen: yes please show us
(19:08:07) bigbadwolf: [URL= /i/shadowuz.png/][IMG]http
://img7 owuz.png[/IMG][/URL]
Uploaded with [URL=]ImageS[/URL]
(19:08:17) bigbadwolf: argh i cannot make it work lol
(19:08:41) Eileen: try to use the "image" button down here
(19:08:55) bigbadwolf:
(19:08:55) Eileen: and post the url in between the IMG tags
(19:09:04) Eileen: yes!
(19:09:09) Eileen: awwwwwwwwwwwwwww
(19:09:12) bigbadwolf: yep worked lol dunno why it didnt before
(19:09:27) bigbadwolf: I have a bigger one but make it's too big for the chat XD
(19:09:30) Eileen: because you used the URL tags too
(19:09:46) Eileen: we had some huskies in our area
(19:09:49) bigbadwolf: that's shadow, he's been "my" dog for the holiday, too ba
d I had to give him back
(19:09:52) Eileen: they were doing a race
(19:09:59) Eileen: aww
(19:10:01) bigbadwolf: ah!
(19:10:02) Eileen: thats sad
(19:10:13) Eileen: do you know the Vogtland?
(19:10:18) bigbadwolf: yep :/ he's amazing
(19:10:23) bigbadwolf: nope, what is it?
(19:10:24) Kinkyclawz: BAck! AWWW so beautiful!
(19:10:27) Eileen: its an area in western Saxony of germany
(19:10:30) Eileen: wb!!!!!!!!!!!
(19:10:41) Kinkyclawz: Thankyou Eileen.
(19:10:42) Eileen: thats where my home town is
(19:10:49) Eileen: beautiful area
(19:10:54) Eileen: i can only recommend
(19:10:55) Eileen: lol
(19:11:01) Kinkyclawz: Oh, bet you ahve some lovely pictures!
(19:11:01) Eileen: ok enough ads
(19:11:06) Eileen: i have
(19:11:08) Eileen:
(19:11:31) Eileen: i bet where you live is beautiful, too KC
(19:11:38) Kinkyclawz: *nudges Eileen and offers big puppy dog yes* Can we see,
(19:11:40) Eileen: and of course London is great
(19:11:42) bigbadwolf: eheh I already love those places in austria, should check
out Germany better indeed, I've only been to Bavaria so far
(19:11:57) Kinkyclawz: *nudges BBW* Can we see pics of your lovely holiday too?
(19:11:59) Eileen: yeah bavaria is beautiful
(19:12:27) Kinkyclawz: Hehe, I love Rochdale, most folks don't but I do. And yea
h, we're in a pretty area despite being... urban.
(19:12:27) bigbadwolf: ahah well it'd take a while to load them, let me choose a
couple XD
(19:12:40) bigbadwolf: where is rochdale?
(19:12:44) Kinkyclawz: Oh, its okay, we can sahre by message perhaps.
(19:12:56) Eileen: i'm working onit
(19:13:09) Kinkyclawz: BBW, its not far form Manchester, at the foot of the Penn
(19:13:10) Eileen: yeah i love my home town too
(19:13:11) Willie: AnniesBFF enters the channel.
(19:13:18) Eileen: would return there if i would get a job
(19:13:21) Kinkyclawz: TIFF! Hello there stranger! How are you?
(19:13:36) AnniesBFF: I'm good...How are you, KC?
(19:13:47) bigbadwolf: I prefer Austria and UK to Italy tbh
(19:13:54) bigbadwolf: HI AnniesBFF
(19:14:07) AnniesBFF: Hey
(19:14:12) Kinkyclawz: Aww, so sweet Eileen. Its nice when folks love their home
town too.
(19:14:41) Kinkyclawz: I'm getting better now thanks Tiff. What've you been up t
o?! Its been ages!
(19:15:17) Eileen: in White collar land
(19:15:18) Eileen: lol
(19:15:30) Kinkyclawz: BBW: Really? I was always under the impression Italy was
a beautiful part of the world too... but I love that you love England and Austri
a (and Germany when you get a chance?)
(19:15:56) AnniesBFF: lol, Eileen...I know, right, KC? I've been spending the ni
ght at a friend's house and haven't been able to get to the library
(19:17:07) Kinkyclawz: Oh oh introductions! BigBadWolf (BBW) please meet Tiff (A
nniesBFF), one of our one-time regular ChatPackers. She's in the US and Tiff, BB
W is in London, he came here from Italy.
(19:17:43) Kinkyclawz: Aww, so thats why you've not been able to find us.. are y
ou at the library now m'dear?
(19:18:14) Kinkyclawz: I think we're up to date on intros now, right?
(19:18:22) AnniesBFF: Yep...Nice to meet you, BBW...I like meeting new ppl
(19:18:31) AnniesBFF: Mhm
(19:18:41) Eileen: working!
(19:18:43) Eileen: lol
(19:18:46) bigbadwolf: nice to meet you AnniesBFF
(19:18:54) AnniesBFF:
(19:19:05) bigbadwolf: KC I like Italy but only to go on holiday lol, I prefer c
older places
(19:19:22) bigbadwolf:
(19:19:30) Kinkyclawz: ooh, an Ice King?
(19:19:50) Kinkyclawz: More huskies!! Aww, is this the same fella? Shadow?
(19:19:54) Eileen: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
(19:19:54) bigbadwolf: that's one of the dogs that was with us
(19:20:17) bigbadwolf: nope it's Elkuth if I remember the her name correctly
(19:20:34) AnniesBFF: Awww
(19:20:40) Kinkyclawz: Something caught her attention in that pic. LOL
(19:20:47) AnniesBFF: I like huskies..They'r pretty dogs
(19:21:02) bigbadwolf: yep and very intelligent too
(19:21:07) Eileen: with blue eyes
(19:21:09) Eileen: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
(19:21:13) Kinkyclawz: They are, and their fur is so thick and warm.
(19:21:14) Eileen: no awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
(19:21:35) AnniesBFF: Some huskies have one blue eye and one that's a different
(19:21:53) Eileen:
(19:21:54) Kinkyclawz: Hehe, we females appear to be shallow in admiring the hus
kies' looks, leaving BBW praising their intelligence.
(19:22:06) Kinkyclawz: Oh wow, BEAUTIFUL!
(19:22:10) Eileen: lol
(19:22:14) bigbadwolf: yep, huskies are the only dogs that can have blue eyes
(19:22:19) Eileen: i love the light in the middle
(19:22:27) bigbadwolf: thats amazing Eileen!
(19:22:31) Eileen: i loove blue eyes
(19:22:33) Kinkyclawz: I cam imagine George and Nina transforming in a wooded ar
ea like that, leaving snowy FootPaw prints behind.
(19:22:41) bigbadwolf: lol
(19:22:54) AnniesBFF: lol
(19:22:55) Kinkyclawz: *****
(19:22:56) bigbadwolf: I'd imagine sth else, not the footpaws XD
(19:23:03) bigbadwolf:
(19:23:04) Eileen: looooooooooooool
(19:23:14) Eileen:
(19:23:16) AnniesBFF: That's beautiful
(19:23:22) Eileen: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(19:23:26) Eileen: so much snow!!!
(19:23:28) bigbadwolf: that's where I live when I'm in austria,a small town call
ed mondsee
(19:23:38) Kinkyclawz: Guys can you stop chatting just for a second please? I'm
struggling to save the log and refresh the page.
(19:23:40) Eileen: cool
(19:23:47) Eileen: ok!
(19:23:47) Kinkyclawz: *****
(19:23:51) bigbadwolf: told you I have never had to shovel so much snow XD
(19:24:57) Kinkyclawz: Thankyou!
(19:25:01) Eileen: mondsee=moon lake
(19:25:02) Eileen: yay
(19:25:07) Kinkyclawz: Need to refresh now, won't be a sec.
(19:25:10) bigbadwolf: yep
(19:25:38) bigbadwolf: never met any werewolf though XD
(19:25:49) AnniesBFF: I'll admit, I'm a wuss when it comes to snow...I like it w
(19:26:23) bigbadwolf: naah snow is amazing, theres nothing better than a long r
elaxing walk in some snowy woods
(19:26:59) Eileen: oh yes!
(19:27:07) Eileen: ok one more then im done
(19:27:25) Kinkyclawz: BAck!
(19:27:29) AnniesBFF: wb\
(19:27:35) Kinkyclawz: Thankies!
(19:27:40) Eileen: wb!!!!
(19:27:48) Eileen:
(19:27:50) bigbadwolf: annisBBF where in the US do you live?
(19:28:03) AnniesBFF: Missouri
(19:28:08) Eileen: and do you have snow?
(19:28:10) Eileen: i bet
(19:28:16) bigbadwolf: god that's an amazing place Eileen! Is it close to where
you live now?
(19:28:27) Eileen: not so much
(19:28:34) AnniesBFF: We're supposed to get snow tonight
(19:28:37) Eileen: i live in berlin thats about 300 km away
(19:29:44) bigbadwolf: I'd love to lvie in berlin for a while but it's going to
be very hard to convince my gf to move there
(19:29:47) Kinkyclawz: Such beautiful pictures!
(19:29:55) bigbadwolf: I agree!
(19:30:30) Kinkyclawz: BBW: Such a shame. Maybe take her for a holiday to the pr
ettiest places (like near Eileen), it might change her mind.
(19:30:38) Eileen: one arguement would be that its cheaper
(19:30:39) Eileen: lol
19:31:10) AnniesBFF: Sorry if I get sidetracked...A friend of mine, his dad put
all the core books for a D&D fourth edition game on a cd for me and I'm looking
at them ^_^
(19:31:22) Eileen: lol oh yes
(19:31:34) Eileen: when i lived there i lost like 8 kg in 5 months
(19:31:38) bigbadwolf: She's already been to Berlin and she didn't like it much,
she'd didn't like the people there
(19:31:41) Kinkyclawz: Ah, so you're a gamer. I almost forgot
(19:31:42) Eileen: np Tiff
(19:31:48) Kinkyclawz: Oh hey, did you have a good Christmas Tiff?
(19:31:52) bigbadwolf: D&D dungeons and dragons?
(19:31:56) Eileen: lol yeah they can be hard
(19:32:05) Eileen: but also very caring
(19:32:34) AnniesBFF: Yep, KC...I did have a good Christmas...Thanks, Eileen ..
.BBW: yes
(19:32:45) Eileen: tbh
(19:32:56) Eileen: when i was younger i never wanted to live in berlin
(19:33:03) bigbadwolf: i've never played it, never understood how these rpg game
s work
(19:33:03) Eileen: but i fell in love with the city
(19:33:11) Kinkyclawz: But you changed your mind once you had to go there?
(19:33:14) Kinkyclawz: Aww, lovely!
(19:33:33) bigbadwolf: and how do you get on with the people there?
(19:33:34) Eileen: no i didnt have to but i thought id give it a chance
(19:33:45) Eileen: pretty well
(19:33:58) Kinkyclawz: BBW: I'm not a huge fan of RPG's myself but I think its c
ause I'm selfish... being a writer I want to control every aspect and thats not
possible in RPG usually.
(19:34:08) Kinkyclawz: lol
(19:34:10) Eileen: they are more tolerant than in other german cities i have to
(19:34:13) Eileen: sadly
(19:34:20) Eileen: i love rpg
(19:34:26) Eileen: but mostly only play ff
(19:34:37) Kinkyclawz: Perhaps because Berlin is such a well known place, it pro
bably gets its share of tourists.
(19:34:47) Kinkyclawz: FF? Oh, Final Fantasy.
(19:34:51) Eileen: yeah and more and more of them
(19:34:55) Eileen: yes Final Fantasy
(19:35:06) Eileen: and i think because of Berlin's history
(19:35:18) AnniesBFF: I've never played any of the FF games...
(19:35:27) bigbadwolf: it must be like london but in german lol here it's pretty
hard to find a Englishman XD, yesterday I went to play on the coast and it look
ed completely different
(19:35:28) Kinkyclawz: Wow, yeah, Berlin has a chequered past to say the least a
nd wonderful, beautiful architecture.
(19:36:11) Kinkyclawz: Hehe, you mean in London or just in England in general?
(19:36:18) bigbadwolf: Anniesbff have you ever played that rpg about werewolves?
(19:36:42) bigbadwolf: KC in London, the only English people I met are a couple
of teammates
(19:36:43) Kinkyclawz: White Wolf?
(19:36:59) Kinkyclawz: ^^ Sounds about right for London, its very multicultural.
(19:37:00) bigbadwolf: can't remember how it's called, maybe werewolf apocalypse
(19:37:09) Kinkyclawz: Saying that, Manchester's getting that way too.
(19:37:27) Kinkyclawz: *thinks* My mate in California plays it, can;t remember i
ts name...
(19:37:44) Eileen: is there a rpg about vampires?
(19:37:53) bigbadwolf: well it's is considered the best alternative to London in
Englad for a big city
(19:38:00) Kinkyclawz: Yeah, Vampire: The Masquerade is one I know of.
(19:38:05) bigbadwolf: uhm there should be but I dont really like vamps as you k
now :p
(19:38:10) Eileen: Manchester or Berlin?
(19:38:11) Eileen: lol
(19:38:12) Kinkyclawz: *is proud of Manchester*
(19:38:18) bigbadwolf: uhm wasn't that a videogame KC?
(19:38:26) Eileen: oh have to check that out
(19:38:28) AnniesBFF: If you like playing orpgs, check out
ou can be a vampire or werewolf
(19:38:37) bigbadwolf: Manchester Eileen
(19:38:55) Kinkyclawz: Videogame based on the RPG... also a TV series based on t
he RPG too.
(19:39:26) Eileen: i see
(19:39:27) Kinkyclawz: Yeah, I've seen adverts for that Tiff, and was tempted th
en thought of the long list of other things I should be doing and how deep I'd p
robably get into it. LOL
(19:39:29) Eileen: lol
(19:39:33) Eileen: to be honest
(19:39:43) Eileen: i chose to live in Berlin as an alternative to London
(19:39:47) bigbadwolf: I registered to that some months ago but never played it
(19:39:51) Kinkyclawz: I've never been to Berlin but if you could be my guide Ei
leen, I'm sure I'd be fine.
(19:39:53) Eileen: because i wanted to move to London before
(19:40:06) Kinkyclawz: Ah, so London was an option at one point? Wunderbar!
(19:40:10) bigbadwolf: I love both cities
(19:40:12) Eileen: yes
(19:40:27) Kinkyclawz: What swayed you to stay in Germany? Was it the distance f
orm your family perhaps?
(19:40:38) Eileen: exactly
(19:40:49) Eileen: i wanted to stay closer to my family
(19:40:53) Kinkyclawz: BBW: At least you registered.
(19:41:01) Kinkyclawz: I can;t fault you for that, suesse.
(19:41:36) Kinkyclawz: Tiff, have you played Immortal Night?
(19:41:47) Eileen: to think i wanted to move to Tokyo once
(19:41:48) Eileen: lol
(19:41:53) Kinkyclawz: REally?!
(19:41:58) Eileen: now i dont even want to leave my country
(19:42:00) Eileen: yes
(19:42:05) Kinkyclawz: Wow, now THAT would have been a long way from home. *hugz
(19:42:12) Kinkyclawz: Aww, bless ya.
(19:42:20) Kinkyclawz: Nothign wrong with enjoying your homeland.
(19:42:23) bigbadwolf: btw my mate told meto check out a series called vampire d
iaries, coz there's a ww in there, is it any good? I saw a couple of vids on YT
and I'm not fully convinced...
(19:42:34) Kinkyclawz: I have to be honest, I've never left the UK
(19:42:35) AnniesBFF: Vampire Diaries is good
(19:42:42) AnniesBFF: I like it, anyway
(19:42:55) bigbadwolf: Japan will be one of the places I'll visit in the near fu
ture, I need to improve on my Japanese first though lol
(19:43:05) Kinkyclawz: Not seens any of Vampire Diaries. I suppose I should try
to watch it as its one of the other shows at the Being HumanConvention I'm going
to in March.
(19:43:08) bigbadwolf: how much "ww story" is there in VD?
(19:43:25) bigbadwolf: there is a being human conv?
(19:43:31) Kinkyclawz: Eileen: Oh yeah, how is your tandem learning going?
(19:43:39) Kinkyclawz: There is!
(19:43:54) Eileen: well its not about learning that much anymore
(19:43:55) Eileen: lol
(19:44:00) Eileen: Vampire Diaries is okay
(19:44:07) Eileen: but its too boring for me
(19:44:07) Kinkyclawz: no? More practicing now?
(19:44:21) Eileen: maybe i should catch up a bit
(19:44:29) Eileen: no just relaxing and entertainment
(19:44:29) Eileen: lol
(19:44:44) Kinkyclawz: LOL @ Eileen
(19:44:58) bigbadwolf: but what's the part of the ww in there? I was already dis
appointed by the ww in true blood
(19:44:59) Eileen: but you have to finally watch SPN, KC!!!
(19:45:06) Eileen: Please before you watch TVD
(19:45:21) Kinkyclawz: Tiff, what is the plot like? Not for details but as a bra
od outline what is it about?
(19:45:46) Kinkyclawz: LOL @ Eileen. SPN is the third show at the convention...i
f they ever decide ot announce any guests.
(19:46:13) Kinkyclawz: oadhouse2/
(19:46:19) Eileen: i watches season 1 and half of season 2 of tvd
(19:46:24) Eileen: but stopped in between
(19:46:31) Eileen: lol
(19:46:33) Kinkyclawz: Lost interest, Eileen?
(19:46:45) Eileen: a bit
(19:46:57) Eileen: but i was never an avid fan
(19:47:01) Eileen: but its good to watch
(19:47:03) Eileen: lol
(19:47:03) Kinkyclawz: I've not really had time to watch other stuff. Especially
since my beloved Primeval is back.
(19:47:05) AnniesBFF: Hold on...I'll look it up on imdb and post the link to the
summary, that is if it's not any trouble for you to record, KC b/c I'm not real
ly good at explaining things
(19:47:22) Kinkyclawz: no no links are perfect... its images that are a pain. lo
(19:47:26) Eileen: me neither
(19:47:28) Kinkyclawz: ;P
(19:47:33) Eileen: SPN keeps me busy and BH
(19:47:53) Eileen: i wanted to rewatch series 2 but i only got to watch epi 1 an
d 2
(19:47:54) Eileen: lol
(19:48:29) AnniesBFF: brb
(19:48:34) Eileen: btw are there any new videos of bh?
(19:48:35) Eileen: hb
(19:48:47) Eileen: i didnt read last week's chatlog
(19:49:18) bigbadwolf: the trailer, no?
(19:49:33) Kinkyclawz: Erm... Oh HB Tiff! ... erm, no new videos unless you coun
t the trailer?
(19:50:29) Eileen: trailer?
(19:50:44) Eileen: i found out when the us bh starts
(19:50:54) Kinkyclawz: 17th Jan, right?
(19:50:54) Eileen: but didnt see a trailer for the uk bh
(19:51:13) Kinkyclawz: I thought you saw it when we were discussing it the other
week.. tho that might ahve been on Twitter now I come t thonk of it.
(19:51:21) Kinkyclawz: or some to think of it rather. lol
(19:51:44) Eileen: lol
(19:52:02) Eileen: brb checking youtube
(19:52:09) Kinkyclawz: Just lookong fo hte lin to the trailer for you, Eileen ad
Tiff. Same here.
(19:52:49) Kinkyclawz: cXsL8wVp-4
(19:52:54) Kinkyclawz: There you go eileen!
(19:53:13) Eileen: ah found it
(19:53:14) Eileen: lol
(19:53:17) Eileen: too late
(19:53:25) Kinkyclawz: heehee, me too late or you.
(19:53:28) AnniesBFF: (Summary from ethebox/2009/
09/vampire-diaries-r eview-teen-drama-has-a-bit-of-a-b ite.html) "The Vampire Diarie
s" centers on Elena (Nina Dobrev), a 17-year-old high school student who was rec
ently orphaned. Returning to school and trying to get back to having a life, she
meets new boy in town Stefan (Paul Wesley) and flirting ensues. Of course, matt
ers are complicated since a) he's a vampire, b) she looks just like his old love
from 1864, Katherine, and c) his bad-boy, also-a-vampire brother Damon (Ian Som
erhalder) has decided to make an appearance after a 15-year absence and it's har
dly what one would call a joyous family reunion.
(19:53:32) Eileen: you
(19:53:33) Eileen: lol
(19:53:41) Eileen: KC, i dont understand oyu
(19:53:45) Eileen: lol
(19:54:11) Eileen: -MtyaatSTU
(19:54:17) Eileen: i found this one
(19:54:20) Eileen: its the same
(19:54:35) Kinkyclawz: Aww, thankyou for finding and sharing that Tiff.
(19:54:48) Eileen: but please also watch Supernatural!!!
(19:54:50) Eileen: I beg you!!!!!!!!!!!
(19:54:51) Kinkyclawz: I have to say, it doesn't sound terrible
(19:55:14) Kinkyclawz: I have to find time, Eileen. :/ Now more than ever I have
to get my business up and running.
(19:55:21) bigbadwolf: uhm this wesley plaed the wolf in wolf lake lol
(19:55:24) AnniesBFF: It's wayyyyyyyyyyyyy better than Twilight!!!
(19:55:29) Kinkyclawz: And no need to beg, I should get around to it sometime.
(19:55:43) Eileen: business?
(19:55:52) Kinkyclawz: Not seens Wolf Lake either, though I did try to tape it t
he first time it was on.
(19:55:57) AnniesBFF: [color=lime][quote]uhm this wesley plaed the wolf in wolf
lake lol
[/quote]Yeah...I wanna see that[/color]
(19:56:06) Eileen: lol Tiff
(19:56:13) Eileen: everything is better than twilight
(19:56:15) AnniesBFF: I Paul Wesley
(19:56:17) Eileen: but i have to agree
(19:56:18) Kinkyclawz: Yeah, I need to get out of my job before it cripples me s
o I need ot get a viable business up and running.
(19:56:19) AnniesBFF: lmao, Eileen
(19:56:48) Kinkyclawz: LMAO Eileen, how can you say such a thing?! *giggles unco
ntrollably* I eman, what's more brilliant than sparkly vampires?! *collapses lau
(19:57:16) Eileen: lol i plan to start a business in the future too
(19:57:18) Kinkyclawz: No idea who Paul Wesley is, I have to say, though I might
know the face, just not the name
(19:57:22) AnniesBFF gives KC a look that says "WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU, WOMAN????
(19:57:23) Kinkyclawz: ooh what doing?
(19:57:38) Kinkyclawz: *grinz @ Tiff then giggles some more* Sorry.
(19:57:39) Eileen: what do you want to do, KC?
(19:58:05) Eileen: we're thinking about importing and exporting stuff and giving
chinese lessons or doing translations
(19:58:18) Eileen: we dont know exactely
(19:58:23) Kinkyclawz: Well, my original plan was web design, but its looking li
ke there's LOADS of folks at that, I'd struggle to find my niche. So back ot the
drawing board and think up a new business plan.
(19:58:33) AnniesBFF: *smiles at KC* That's okay...we're all entitled to go craz
y once in a while ^_^
(19:58:36) Kinkyclawz: Wow! That would be a lucrative business!
(19:58:39) AnniesBFF: g2g...brb
(19:58:49) Kinkyclawz: Once in a while, tiff? Its my normal state of being. lmao
(19:58:54) Kinkyclawz: Aww, hb Tiff!
(19:58:55) Eileen: import/export from all over asia
(19:59:01) Eileen: lol KC and Tiff
(19:59:03) Kinkyclawz: Buying more online time in the lubrary methinks
(19:59:05) Eileen: hb Tiff
(19:59:06) Kinkyclawz: or library
(19:59:19) Kinkyclawz: what is a lubrary?
(19:59:28) Kinkyclawz: or should my filthy mind now ask? lmao
(19:59:30) Kinkyclawz: Oh dear
(19:59:40) Kinkyclawz: *drops ehrself in the gutter to save any problems.
(19:59:42) Kinkyclawz: *
(20:00:06) bigbadwolf: guieF4Nsok someone has upl
oaded all the 9 peisodes of wolf lake
(20:00:08) Kinkyclawz: BRB again my dears, pitstop and brew time this time.
(20:00:16) Kinkyclawz: Oh wonderful!!!
(20:00:17) bigbadwolf: series was cancelled i warn you, so the story doesnt make
much sense
(20:00:19) Kinkyclawz: Thanks BBW
(20:00:40) Kinkyclawz: It probably would have had they let the story run its cou
rse, eh? Still fuel for fanfics?
(20:00:44) Kinkyclawz: BRB gang, honest.
(20:01:04) Eileen: but i want to start the business with a friend of mine
(20:01:05) Eileen: not alone
(20:01:09) Eileen: hb
(20:01:38) Eileen: KC has been talking about lube too often obviously
(20:01:50) Eileen: *coughs and also flees to the gutter*
(20:01:52) bigbadwolf:
(20:02:35) Willie: Degnne logs into the Chat.
(20:03:41) Degnne: Hello!
(20:03:46) bigbadwolf: if eth goes according to the plan in a few years I'll be
a consultant and I'll be able to finally afford a house on my own lol
(20:03:50) Willie: AnniesBFF has been logged out (Timeout).
(20:03:53) bigbadwolf: hey there deg!
(20:04:43) Eileen: Hello Deg!!!
(20:04:52) Eileen: I wish i could afford a car lol
(20:05:57) bigbadwolf: I had a car, I sold it coz I never used it, I was always
abroad. Now I have a driving license but I'm not used to driving anymore
(20:06:11) Eileen: me neither
(20:06:24) Eileen: i did my license in 2004 and never drove since then
(20:06:41) Eileen: the mental break down just before the test was enough for me
(20:06:45) bigbadwolf: a couple of years later for me
(20:07:21) bigbadwolf: ah the real breakdown for me was to drive on the Italian
roads lol
(20:07:33) Eileen: lol oh i bet
(20:07:33) Kinkyclawz: Back! Ooh hello Deg! How are you m'dear?
(20:07:43) Willie: AnniesBFF enters the channel.
(20:07:53) Kinkyclawz: wb tiff!
(20:07:53) AnniesBFF: DEG!!!!
(20:08:01) AnniesBFF: Ty, KC
(20:08:02) Eileen: *is glad KC didnt read her comment about lube before* *coughs
(20:08:05) Eileen: WB Tiff!
(20:08:14) Kinkyclawz: Ooh, *scrolls back up*
(20:08:31) Eileen: damnit!!!
(20:08:36) AnniesBFF: *shakes her head at Eileen
(20:08:41) Willie: Fang enters the channel.
(20:08:44) AnniesBFF: Thanks, Eileen
(20:08:50) Kinkyclawz: Ohh, you joined me in the gutter?! Hello Eileen! *hugz*
(20:08:54) AnniesBFF: *Tackle hugs Fang* HEY!!!
(20:08:55) Fang: Hello everybody!
(20:08:58) Degnne: Hi KC and Tiff and Fang.
(20:08:58) Kinkyclawz: Hee, hiya Fang! How goes it?!
(20:09:04) AnniesBFF: How are you?
(20:09:08) bigbadwolf: hey there Fang!
(20:09:14) Fang: *is tackle hugged into gutter*
(20:09:16) Eileen: Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
ang !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(20:09:56) Kinkyclawz: lmao
(20:09:58) Eileen: *tackles Tiff and Fang*
(20:10:15) Fang: *just starts to get up and is tackled again*
(20:10:30) AnniesBFF: *Laughs* Eileen tackled you that time
(20:10:31) Kinkyclawz: *stands back to save being caught up in multi-player tack
(20:10:33) Eileen: How are you, Fang?
(20:10:56) bigbadwolf: be glad I don't tackle you lads :p
(20:11:01) Eileen: besides squashed between the floor and us
(20:11:07) Kinkyclawz: LOL
(20:11:23) Fang: sore, I seem to have been repeatable tackled, oh besides, not t
oo bad thanks, how is everyone else?
(20:11:29) Kinkyclawz: *wonders if she should tackle-hug the Doctor too*
(20:11:35) Eileen: oh!!! a docu about vampire on national geogrphic!
(20:11:44) Kinkyclawz: Fine thanks m'dear.
(20:11:54) Fang: don't do it KC!
(20:11:58) Eileen: I'm great ty
(20:12:04) AnniesBFF: DO IT DO IT DO IT
(20:12:05) AnniesBFF: lol
(20:12:08) Kinkyclawz: Ooh, is that "The Real Dracula" one?
(20:12:11) Eileen: Dont!!!
(20:12:15) Kinkyclawz: Hehe, Tiff! you rebel!!
(20:12:19) Eileen: Please let me up first, please!!!!!!!!!
(20:12:23) Fang: will the real dracula please stand up, please stand up
(20:12:27) Kinkyclawz: *takes a run up* Oh okay, I won't
(20:12:31) Eileen: *scrambles up* Now you can!!!
(20:12:37) AnniesBFF: Yes, KC...Yes, I am XD
(20:12:43) Kinkyclawz: *resumes tackle hug at Fang*
(20:12:56) Fang: *oof*
(20:13:04) Kinkyclawz: Oops, sorry.
(20:13:14) Eileen: Phew! That was close
(20:13:15) Kinkyclawz: *grinz and pats Fang's cheek*
(20:13:17) Fang: my spleen!
(20:13:21) bigbadwolf: vamps are ooold!
(20:13:23) Fang: which cheek?
(20:13:24) Eileen: *goes over to feed Vampy
(20:13:32) AnniesBFF: *gets up, stands back and laughs at all the mayhem, flying
back down as I get tackled by an unidentified tackling objeck
(20:13:37) Kinkyclawz: *picks up something off the floor* Erm, Fang, is this you
r spleen?
(20:13:47) AnniesBFF: XD
(20:13:55) Fang: ah yes it is, cheers
(20:13:56) Kinkyclawz: Who's tackling now?!
(20:13:58) Kinkyclawz: lol
(20:14:06) Eileen: wow!!! They found a vampire in Venice!
(20:14:06) Kinkyclawz: *hands over the spleen* There you go.
(20:14:15) Kinkyclawz: Toby Whithouse was right!
(20:14:20) Fang: yeah I found vampires in Venice once
(20:14:22) Kinkyclawz: Sorry LORD Toby was right
(20:14:25) Fang: damn beaten to it!
(20:14:33) Kinkyclawz: Sorry Doctor
(20:14:35) Kinkyclawz: Do continue
(20:14:36) Eileen: VAmpy!!! They found your great great uncle
(20:14:47) Kinkyclawz: There's something "fishy" about this tale
(20:14:53) Kinkyclawz:
(20:15:07) Eileen: befor your mother got pregnant from Mr. Bush
(20:15:13) Eileen: uh not that mr. Bush!
(20:15:15) Kinkyclawz: LOL @ Eileen and Vampy. Is Vampy smiling there, eileen?
(20:15:19) Fang: Eileen - if you hadn't guessed the episode of Dr Who that Toby
Whitehouse wrote was called "vampires of Venice"
(20:15:22) Eileen: he is!
(20:15:23) Kinkyclawz: *blinks* George of the Bush?
(20:15:29) Eileen: lol
(20:15:29) Kinkyclawz: that was a bad full moon night.
(20:15:30) Eileen: aha
(20:15:35) Eileen: and im talking about the docu
(20:15:36) Eileen: lol
(20:15:44) Eileen: no
(20:15:46) Kinkyclawz: We played on words.
(20:15:49) bigbadwolf: guys you lost me there
(20:15:57) Eileen: just a random Mr. Bush
(20:15:59) Fang: uh I hope nobody saw the thread I made in the Dr Who forum...
(20:16:00) Eileen: with leaves and such
(20:16:08) Kinkyclawz: BBW, Vampires In Venice was an ep of doctor Who that Toby
whithouse wrote.
(20:16:09) AnniesBFF: That's okay, BBW...I'm lost too
(20:16:21) Kinkyclawz: *goes to lok for the Doctor Who forum...*
(20:16:21) Eileen: did oyu read about the lube?
(20:16:28) Eileen: *coughs* why did i just say that
(20:16:30) Fang: lube?
(20:16:39) Eileen: is it a full moon?
(20:16:41) Kinkyclawz: *grinz @ Eileen@ Lubrary.
(20:16:55) Kinkyclawz: Not yet, thats when the Lubrary comes into tis own.
(20:16:58) AnniesBFF: LMAO...So that's what I missed
(20:17:01) Fang: is a lubary like a sexy libary?
(20:17:12) Eileen: lol
(20:17:22) Eileen: im not in the lubrary guys
(20:17:28) Eileen: no matter what KC says
(20:17:29) Kinkyclawz: lmao @ Eileen. You're in the gutte, it seeps into your th
oughts and makes them naughty, filthy and terrible
(20:17:33) Kinkyclawz: lmao
(20:17:49) Fang: gutters are quite dirty places
(20:17:53) Kinkyclawz: *whispers to Deg, Fang, BBW and tiff* she is in the Lubra
ry, she's just in denial too.
(20:18:02) AnniesBFF: lol
(20:18:06) Kinkyclawz: I know, Fang.
(20:18:08) Eileen: noooooooooooo
(20:18:09) Fang: *checks out Eileen*
(20:18:10) Kinkyclawz: And yes, it is!
(20:18:20) Kinkyclawz: Does Annie's librry get classes as sexy?
(20:18:23) AnniesBFF: You brought this on yourself, Eileen XD
(20:18:24) Eileen: but but but
(20:18:30) Kinkyclawz: or library rather
(20:18:45) Kinkyclawz: *giggles* Eileen, you're obsessed with butts now? Juuuus
t kidding!
(20:18:50) Kinkyclawz: Thats me.
(20:18:57) Eileen: nooooooooooooooooo
(20:18:59) Fang: oh yeah! look at that we're stumbled towards a trailer based to
(20:19:05) Eileen: but not butt
(20:19:08) AnniesBFF: lol...Don't deny it, Eileen
(20:19:28) Eileen: butter butter butter
(20:19:31) Kinkyclawz: stumbled... shall we discuss the trailer as I refuse to l
ook at that press release untila fter the series has finished.
(20:19:35) AnniesBFF: Anyone know where I can find any good pics of Ian Somerhal
(20:19:44) Fang: butter in the lubary? I suppose that could work
(20:19:48) Kinkyclawz: Erm.. not sure Tiff. Google?
(20:19:54) Eileen: press release?
(20:19:57) Kinkyclawz: *snortlaughs@ Fang*
(20:20:16) Eileen: FANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(20:20:25) Kinkyclawz: Yeah, there's a press release out for series 3 nd apparen
tly its got HUGE spoilers for plotlines so I'm not going to look.
(20:20:53) Kinkyclawz: Tiff: Or maybe search for an Ian Somerhalder fansite?
(20:21:04) Eileen: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh
(20:21:08) Kinkyclawz: Does anyone want a link?
(20:21:10) Fang: I love the synchronised look Geroge and Nina have when the slab
of meat is put down
(20:21:14) Eileen: i want this press release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(20:21:17) Kinkyclawz: Hehe,
(20:21:19) Eileen: im a spoiler whore!!!!!!!!!!!
(20:21:25) AnniesBFF: KC: I thought of that right before you said it
(20:21:41) Kinkyclawz: I'll send you the link eileen but from the other mitchell
fans' reactions, I don't think you'll like it.
(20:22:15) Eileen: ohoho
(20:22:19) Fang: *resists commenting on whore bit as that would be unfair, untru
e and un... I can't think of a third thing, un... Eileenish?*
(20:22:23) Eileen: no dont send it then
(20:22:37) Kinkyclawz: Are you sure?
(20:22:39) Eileen: haha Fang
(20:22:41) Eileen: yes
(20:22:45) Fang: did you at least see the trailer everyone?
(20:22:50) Eileen: if Mitchell leaves the show i will too
(20:22:53) Eileen: *sniffles*
(20:22:56) Kinkyclawz: Does anyone else want the link to the spoilers?
(20:23:12) Eileen: ok send it to me
(20:23:13) Kinkyclawz: I don;t know what it says, eileen, but the reaction was a
(20:23:18) Eileen: i'll decide if i watch it
(20:23:22) Kinkyclawz: topic.php?f=439&t=11892
(20:23:28) Kinkyclawz: Thats our thread
(20:23:35) Kinkyclawz: No the press release is in text form, eileen.
(20:23:35) Eileen: ok then he'll probably leave or only be bad
(20:23:38) Kinkyclawz:
(20:23:39) Eileen: not good
(20:23:40) bigbadwolf: where di you read he's leaving?
(20:23:41) Fang: yeeah but keep the discussion to the thread not here
(20:23:51) Kinkyclawz: I was reading the Tweets of my friends on Twitter.
(20:23:54) Eileen: nowhere
(20:23:57) Kinkyclawz: yep, exactly
(20:24:00) Eileen: but i could imagine
(20:24:03) Fang: he's in the damn hobbit movie too
(20:24:20) Kinkyclawz: Heehee, the girlies will be on AT overload!
(20:24:29) Eileen: i knowits text kc
(20:24:31) Eileen: lol
(20:24:35) Kinkyclawz: The Hobbit will be a couple of years before its out thoug
h, I expect, huh?
(20:24:52) Kinkyclawz: Ah, sorry, with you mentioning a video, I thought you tho
ught it was one of the itnerview type ones
(20:25:10) Eileen: no
(20:25:14) Eileen: thanks kc
(20:25:22) Eileen: but i dont want to open thelink
(20:25:24) Eileen: lol
(20:25:25) Kinkyclawz: BBW: Its not guaranteed he\s levaing but the reaction had
the AT fans upset so can;t see it being spectacularly good. lol
(20:25:26) Eileen: too afraid
(20:25:35) Kinkyclawz: I want to be surprised.
(20:25:50) Kinkyclawz: Oh pshaw, a brave fraulein like yourself?! You watch Supe
(20:26:09) Fang: Eileen the brave
(20:26:18) Kinkyclawz: Eileen the Fearless!
(20:26:43) Fang: human/bh3_publicity_supermarket_
l andscape.jpg
(20:26:51) Kinkyclawz: Of course the linm is there for anyone else who might wa
nt to read.
(20:26:53) Fang: that's the artwork/publicity shot
(20:27:02) Kinkyclawz: Thats COOL!
(20:27:09) Eileen: ohoh
(20:27:20) Eileen: doesnt sound good what i read from the reaction
(20:27:25) Eileen: *sits in corner and sobs*
(20:27:26) Kinkyclawz: human/bh3_publicity_super
market_l andscape.jpg
(20:27:31) bigbadwolf: uhm ok for those who read the press release how much is g
iven away?
(20:27:54) Kinkyclawz: Apparently, if you look at the second comment on the foru
m, lots
(20:27:59) Fang: I like they have the chickens in the basket, Tully lives on!
(20:28:08) Kinkyclawz: Another reason I don;t want to read it until after the se
(20:28:15) Degnne: Sweet. New desktop.
(20:28:17) Kinkyclawz: He does! Hooray for my Tully!
(20:28:29) Kinkyclawz: Hehe, I had the same thoughts and lo, it came to be!
(20:28:33) Eileen: ok I wont read anymore
(20:28:34) Fang: I read the start and stopped as it gave a bit away about Herric
k's role in the series
(20:28:44) Kinkyclawz: Hey, Deg, has there been a New Years WAM m'dear?
(20:28:47) Eileen: *does meditation to calm down*
(20:28:54) Fang: chicken, steak and tea is a good sign too
(20:29:03) Kinkyclawz: *pats Eileens head* There there, its ok?
(20:29:05) Fang: WAM?
(20:29:10) Eileen: WAM?
(20:29:12) Kinkyclawz: Indeed, one foodstuff for each species
(20:29:13) Degnne: KC, no I planned one, but I just couldn't get it to work out
(20:29:24) Kinkyclawz: We Are monsters, Deg's fantabulous comic
(20:29:26) Fang: oh we are monsters
(20:29:33) Fang: ah 2 seconds out again
(20:29:37) Kinkyclawz: Aww, no rush then sweetie. I just wondered if I'd maybe m
issed one. *hugz DEg*
(20:29:42) Eileen: ah yes
(20:29:49) Kinkyclawz: I'm on a roll tonight
(20:30:02) Kinkyclawz: *rolls over for a belly rub, just to prove it*
(20:30:03) Eileen: lol tonight, KC?
(20:30:03) Fang: no there's no rolls in that photo
(20:30:19) Kinkyclawz: There aren't? Damn
(20:30:40) Kinkyclawz: Why no bread in that supermarket?
(20:30:42) Kinkyclawz: lol
(20:30:49) Fang: nope, neither bread, loo (not Loo_C) or kitchen
(20:31:00) Kinkyclawz: Or Cinnamon Stars? *winks @ eileen*
(20:31:03) Kinkyclawz: LOL
(20:31:09) Kinkyclawz: No loo?
(20:31:24) Kinkyclawz: Kitchens? Are the common on supermarkets you'e been to Do
(20:31:41) Fang: loo roll, toilet role, bog roll, kitchen roll/towels etc
(20:31:52) Eileen: no cinnamon stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
(20:31:58) Kinkyclawz: Ohhhhhhh. *feels dense*
(20:31:59) Fang: do you not have them oop north
(20:32:01) Kinkyclawz: ^^
(20:32:06) Fang: just use Newspapers?
(20:32:14) Fang:
(20:32:24) Kinkyclawz: Was not thinking those kinds of rolls... was thinking cho
colate mini rolls. Yum!
(20:32:32) Fang: how could they forget the Cinnamon Stars
(20:32:49) Kinkyclawz: *frowns at Fang* Now now... easy on the Northern stereoty
pes, petal.
(20:32:49) Fang: another roll! there's loads of them, we're on a roll tonight
(20:33:32) Eileen: what has the world come to?
(20:33:53) Eileen: as Kc said, Fang
(20:33:54) Eileen: lol
(20:34:10) Eileen: i want to be on the blue role though!!!
(20:34:36) Kinkyclawz: Blue Role? LOL 'cause ou type in blue?
(20:34:44) Fang: I know, birds falling from the sky, no Cinnamon Stars, no JD, n
ot allowed nothern stereotypes, it's a very very made world
(20:34:58) Fang: or a mad world, whatever you think really
(20:35:02) Kinkyclawz: Ah, but is it the real world?
(20:35:02) Fang: damn typos
(20:35:09) Kinkyclawz: ooh mad world is better, yeah!
(20:35:24) Kinkyclawz: Typos! YAY! You really are Fang and not an imposter!
(20:35:25) Eileen: no because i love blue
(20:35:35) Eileen: but then i type in blue becasue i love blue
(20:35:35) Kinkyclawz: *hugz eileen* AWWWWWWW±
(20:35:36) Eileen: lol
(20:36:01) Fang: was I acting like an imposter? how can you tell it's me apart f
rom typos?
(20:36:23) Eileen: because of your northern stereotypes?
(20:36:40) Kinkyclawz: Its the Northeren Stereotypes that made me think twas you
(20:36:43) Fang: I like blue, mostly because of it's one of the coulours of my f
ootball team
(20:36:43) Kinkyclawz: yeah!
(20:36:47) Eileen: and what do you have against ice bears and swedes?
(20:36:49) Kinkyclawz: Ooh whats your team?
(20:37:05) Fang: so it must be just because I'm taking the piss
(20:37:16) Fang: Reading KC
(20:37:20) Eileen: your piss is blue?
(20:37:22) Kinkyclawz: indeed, its a dead giveaway that you're yu and not an imp
(20:37:26) Kinkyclawz: it is?
(20:37:34) Fang: do you know many northern streotypes Eileen?
(20:37:37) Eileen: poor ice bears and swedes
(20:37:41) Kinkyclawz: Reading. Awesome.
(20:37:44) Fang: not usually Eileen
(20:37:44) Eileen: no i dont
(20:37:46) Eileen: lol
(20:37:47) Kinkyclawz: Ice Bears and Swedes?
(20:37:51) Fang: Ice bears?
(20:37:58) Eileen: you're reading?
(20:38:00) Eileen: yay
(20:38:11) Kinkyclawz: lmao
(20:38:15) Fang: and I just want to make it clear it's the vegtable swedes not t
he fine people of Sweeden
(20:38:15) Eileen: northern stereotypes
(20:38:18) Eileen: *winks*
(20:38:29) Eileen: i couldnt write norwegian
(20:38:29) Kinkyclawz: Tsk, I know eileen. *winks*
(20:38:33) Eileen: ah there we go
(20:38:34) Eileen: lol
(20:38:41) Eileen: so it had to be the swedes
(20:38:46) Kinkyclawz: *hands out the eye ointment for our eye infections*
(20:38:54) Willie: keepmakingtea logs into the Chat.
(20:39:01) Kinkyclawz: I like swedes. And carrots, and parsnips
(20:39:01) AnniesBFF: Hey, JD
(20:39:04) Eileen: *takes ointment* ty KC
(20:39:11) keepmakingtea: Looks like I just missed it, then...
(20:39:21) Fang: we're Reading, we're Reading, we're kick your fucking head in (
that's a facutually incacurat song)
(20:39:24) Fang: JD!
(20:39:25) Kinkyclawz: JD!! *tackle-hugz* Hiya!1
(20:39:28) Kinkyclawz: Are you well?
(20:39:33) keepmakingtea: Yeah.
(20:39:38) Kinkyclawz: LOL Complete with typos?! Awesome!
(20:39:42) Fang: the world is right again
(20:39:43) Eileen: incacurat?
(20:39:51) Kinkyclawz: Fang, do yo sing that of a Saturday afternoon?
(20:39:55) Fang: you have to tpye innacutre, innacuratly
(20:39:55) Eileen: you didnt read enough, KC!!!
(20:40:05) Eileen: no Fang, you didnt read enough
(20:40:09) Kinkyclawz: indeed you do Fnag
(20:40:12) Fang: no it's hardly sung these days
(20:40:26) bigbadwolf: guys you scared me off XD
(20:40:26) Eileen: Fnag!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(20:40:29) Kinkyclawz: so Reading football fans are more calm these days?
(20:40:38) keepmakingtea: Fnag is one letter shy of Fnarg. Tell me if you get th
at reference.
(20:40:43) Fang: yeah, nearly all clubs are
(20:40:45) Eileen: *hgus BBW adn Fnag*
(20:40:53) Kinkyclawz: Aww, sorry BBW! *hugz* Its ok to come back now, we're per
fectly insane again
(20:41:08) Kinkyclawz: JD: Uhhh, nope, not sure on that one Fnarg?
(20:41:08) Eileen: damn it, it's catching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(20:41:12) Eileen: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide!!!!!!!!
(20:41:18) Fang: nope, new year, same trouble with random references
(20:41:21) Kinkyclawz: LOL @ Eileen! YAY!
(20:41:31) Kinkyclawz: Nothing changes in the ChatRoom! YAY!
(20:41:39) Eileen: Never!
(20:41:52) bigbadwolf: reading this all makes me feel more like a pup than a BBW
(20:41:57) Kinkyclawz: And how are you JD, md'ear?
(20:42:07) Kinkyclawz: ^^
(20:42:16) Kinkyclawz: We protect pups.
(20:42:26) Kinkyclawz: And bootleg chihuahua's. So you're in good ahnds
(20:42:31) Kinkyclawz: or handa
(20:42:34) Kinkyclawz: erm hands
(20:42:42) Eileen: a pup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(20:43:00) Eileen: panda?
(20:43:12) Fang: JD has pups right?
(20:43:14) keepmakingtea: I'm okay. WOuld've been here sooner, but I had a nap a
(20:43:15) Kinkyclawz: lmao a handy panda, I thnk eileen!
(20:43:18) keepmakingtea: Nope.
(20:43:29) Kinkyclawz: aww, are you ok now though? Better rested my Twusband?
(20:43:40) keepmakingtea: We gave away the last puppy yesterday.
(20:43:56) Eileen: a nap attack? is that contageous?
(20:44:03) Kinkyclawz: Aww, so you're pup free now?
(20:44:05) Fang: I do often sing "you dirty Northern bastards" though, of course
with KC couldn't complain about the dirty part with her mind
(20:44:12) Kinkyclawz: I dunno.... *drops and snores*
(20:44:40) Kinkyclawz: LOL @ Fang. No, no complaints there. Not sure about the b
astards part, I know who my parents are.
(20:44:43) Kinkyclawz: lmao
(20:44:54) Fang: your "A" key keeps getting stuck Eileen
(20:45:20) keepmakingtea: I did have an interesting morning.
(20:45:24) Kinkyclawz: Don't follow that train of thought Fang, it might be safe
r and less embrarassing for aaaaaaall. LOL
(20:45:27) Eileen: I noticed
(20:45:31) Eileen: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaah
(20:45:33) Kinkyclawz: oooh, do tell!
(20:45:40) keepmakingtea: I interviewed a half of Dorothy from 1964.
(20:45:41) Eileen: and again
(20:45:43) Kinkyclawz: what happened JD?
(20:45:49) bigbadwolf: guys emergency here XD i forgot my last beers in the free
zer, i need a quick way to "defrost" 'em!
(20:45:49) Kinkyclawz: Pardon?
(20:46:12) Fang: half a Dorthothy?
(20:46:13) Kinkyclawz: Hurry back BBW! Can I have a soft drink while you're ther
(20:46:23) Fang: ah 1964, good year that
(20:46:25) Kinkyclawz: Half a Dorothy? howso?
(20:46:35) Kinkyclawz: You remember it well, Doctor?
(20:46:55) Eileen: brb pit stop
(20:47:02) Fang: *hands BBW a deodarant can and a lighter to make a flamethrower
(20:47:03) Kinkyclawz: okies! HB eileen!
(20:47:08) bigbadwolf: I can't even have my beers lol, but you can have all the
coke my flatmates keep on buying, just in case any "visitor" shall refuse a beer
one day XD
(20:47:17) Fang: yeah I went there last week
(20:47:20) Kinkyclawz: Now that would be QUICK defrosting, Fang! lol
(20:47:27) keepmakingtea: Yeah, there was an animated cartoon called "Return to
Oz" in 1964. It turns out that Susan Conway, who recorded Dorothy's dialogue, di
dn't sing. Instead, Susan Morse did. Morse is who I interviewed.
(20:47:39) Kinkyclawz: lol Do visitors ever refuse beer BBW?
(20:47:42) bigbadwolf: ahah fang that's a clever solution but I'm afraid i canno
t light a fire on my sofa yet
(20:47:49) keepmakingtea: Up until now, she's just been credited as a Munchkin.
(20:47:53) Fang: oh cool, well not as cool as BBW's beer
(20:48:10) bigbadwolf: no never KC, that's why we still have so many bottles of
coke here, we keep on buying them but no one ever drinks any
(20:48:16) Kinkyclawz: Ohhhh, so thats how come you interviewed half of Dorothy!
Thats awesome! What was she like?
(20:48:30) keepmakingtea: She was very enthusiastic.
(20:48:37) Kinkyclawz: Send some my way, I'll add a spoonful of sugar to de-fizz
the botte then drink like crazy! lol
(20:48:40) Kinkyclawz: Aww, bless her!
(20:48:41) Fang: well that's a step up on the credits
(20:48:48) keepmakingtea: She was also in Broadway shows, like Rocky Horror, Hai
r, and the Sound of Music.
(20:48:51) Fang: and I'll burn the sugar?
(20:48:55) Kinkyclawz: bottle not botte... *heads for the gutter again*
(20:49:09) AnniesBFF: *pulls KC back from the gutter*
(20:49:11) Kinkyclawz: Wow so an accomplished performer
(20:49:23) Kinkyclawz: *accepts Tiff's help* Cheers Tiff!
(20:49:26) Fang: I haven't burned brown sugar to make caramel in years
(20:49:34) AnniesBFF:
(20:49:42) Eileen: back!
(20:49:47) Fang: front!
(20:49:56) Kinkyclawz: Ooh, something to do in your spare time then Doctor?
WB Eileen!!!
(20:49:58) bigbadwolf: *is shipping a box full of coke to KC, added a few mentos
in there just for the fun of it
(20:50:08) Kinkyclawz: Aww, cheers BBW! *hugz*
(20:50:25) Eileen: ty KC!
(20:50:50) Kinkyclawz: *winks @ Eileen"
(20:51:02) Fang: you know many people by tinned sardines/ham and never eat them
but people usually drink coke
(20:51:24) Fang: oh blimey don't start with the winking again
(20:51:36) bigbadwolf: winking?
(20:51:37) Kinkyclawz: *giggles @ Fang*
(20:51:42) Eileen: what? It's natural
(20:51:51) Kinkyclawz: Winking is natural, exactly Eileen.
(20:52:02) Eileen: of course!
(20:52:19) Fang: so is getting eaten by an ice bear but it's still not something
I want to happen
(20:52:22) Kinkyclawz: BBW, its an in-joke. Eileen and I tend to be in tune with
eachother and wink when we're in eachother's heads... but we pretend its an eye
(20:52:23) Fang: it would be well annoying
(20:52:27) Kinkyclawz: Ulp, did I say pretend?
(20:52:39) Kinkyclawz: I hope you don;t get eaten by an Ice Bear
(20:52:53) Eileen: pssssssssssssssst dont tell, KC!!!!!!!!!!!
(20:52:56) Kinkyclawz: it might upset the bears stomach, you mean? That kind of
(20:53:11) Kinkyclawz: *puts hands over her mouth and mumbles* Sorry Eileen
(20:53:15) bigbadwolf: thanx KC
(20:53:34) Kinkyclawz: *passes Eileen the eye ointment*
(20:53:42) bigbadwolf: the ice bear might enjoy my deepfrozen beer
(20:54:04) Kinkyclawz: *grinz* Aww, could be sute, a drunken Ice Bear
(20:54:10) Kinkyclawz: cute also
(20:54:19) Eileen: ty KC!
(20:54:32) Kinkyclawz: *winks @ eileen*
(20:54:33) Fang: *sulks that he's not allowed to play with fire*
(20:55:05) Kinkyclawz: *rolls eyes* Oh alright. *hands Fang a lighter with minim
al fuel in it*
(20:55:15) Fang: yay!
(20:55:40) Fang: aghhhhh!
(20:55:52) Eileen: *hides in corner*
(20:56:35) Fang: *tries to pour beer on the minor fire but it's frozen so stamps
it out instead*
(20:56:46) Kinkyclawz: Oh dear.
(20:56:50) AnniesBFF: I'm so happy...I finished making a slideshow for a friend
of mine on facebook!!!
(20:56:55) Kinkyclawz: Eileen, we have to let them learn from tehir mistakes, yo
u see.
(20:57:07) Eileen: yes
(20:57:15) Eileen: but Fang is exceptional
(20:57:19) Kinkyclawz: Aww whats the slideshow made of pictures of Tiff?
(20:57:23) Eileen: not sure if this will be enough
(20:57:26) Kinkyclawz: Aww, he is isn;t he?
(20:57:31) Eileen: yay Tiff!
(20:57:37) Eileen: yes he is
(20:57:46) Fang: I'm exceptional? aw thanks Eileen
(20:57:49) keepmakingtea: Whew!
(20:57:53) Kinkyclawz: *pours defizzed coke over the fire, Fang and the frozen b
(20:58:01) Kinkyclawz: JD! There tou are!
(20:58:03) Kinkyclawz: you are also
(20:58:19) AnniesBFF: KC: Ian Somerhalder....That's why I asked if anyone knew w
here to find any good pics of him...My friend is crazy about him and I don't bla
me her!!!
(20:58:51) AnniesBFF: g2g...ttyl
(20:58:57) Kinkyclawz: Aha!! Fans fuelling fellow fans, thats lovely Tiff!
(20:59:11) Kinkyclawz: Aww, seeya later Tiff! *hugz* Take care and seeya soon hu
(20:59:21) keepmakingtea: So, did you see we now have an airdate?
(20:59:43) bigbadwolf: bye anniesbbf
(20:59:48) Eileen: awwww bye tiff!
(20:59:56) Kinkyclawz: I did JD! WEll, is it conrete yet?
(21:00:12) Eileen: btw tiff
(21:00:15) Eileen: try fanpop
(21:00:15) Kinkyclawz: I thought we were just guessing at it being shown on the
(21:00:20) Eileen: but i was too late
(21:00:22) Eileen: oops
(21:00:44) Kinkyclawz: aww, she'll see it in the chatlog later, Eileen. no worri
(21:01:01) Fang: by Tiff
(21:01:37) Eileen: bye Tiffy!!!!!!
(21:01:49) keepmakingtea: DANG. Everyone loves the original Being Human!
(21:01:51) Kinkyclawz: ^^
(21:01:57) Kinkyclawz: We do!!!
(21:02:05) Eileen: yup!
(21:02:07) Kinkyclawz: JD, ahve you read that press release?
(21:02:12) keepmakingtea: YES.
(21:02:18) Kinkyclawz: Have you seen it Fang? DEg?
(21:02:28) Kinkyclawz: Is it full of spoilers like it sounds?
(21:02:31) keepmakingtea: SPOILER TERRITORY.
(21:02:37) bigbadwolf: did you read it all kmt?
(21:02:38) Kinkyclawz: we're a bit shy of reading it.
(21:02:48) Kinkyclawz: Not going to read any of it until after the series is fin
(21:02:53) keepmakingtea: A BIG one on Mitchell.
(21:02:56) Kinkyclawz: don't want spoilers
(21:03:01) bigbadwolf: are there good news for george?
(21:03:07) Kinkyclawz: Its upset a lot of fans
(21:03:12) Kinkyclawz: *covers eys and ears*
(21:03:15) bigbadwolf: read some crazy stuff on the internet
(21:03:17) Kinkyclawz: eyes even*
(21:03:23) keepmakingtea: Okay.
(21:03:45) Eileen: yes and it upsets me without having read it
(21:04:01) keepmakingtea: , no one thought Mitchell and Herrick would become dom
estic partners.
(21:04:13) bigbadwolf: ??
(21:04:23) Willie: AnniesBFF has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:04:23) keepmakingtea: Just kidding.
(21:04:24) Kinkyclawz: *keps eys covered. Tell me when the spilers go off the to
p of the screen ok folks?
(21:04:28) Kinkyclawz: lmao
(21:04:30) Eileen: JD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(21:04:39) Eileen: lol
(21:04:47) Eileen: but i was thinking about it
(21:04:57) Eileen: after reading something somewhere else
(21:04:59) keepmakingtea: Well, if no one wants the horrible, horrible, spoilers
, I won't repeat them.
(21:05:04) bigbadwolf: guys now you're making me curious!
(21:05:31) Kinkyclawz: tell you what, I'm going to go and make a drink so I'll c
ome back in about 5 minutes, ok? So you can discuss if you like.
(21:05:52) keepmakingtea: It's not if I like. It's if others will like.
(21:05:56) Kinkyclawz: 5/10minutes even? not wanting to rush you of
(21:06:00) Fang:
(21:06:02) Kinkyclawz: of course
(21:06:08) Eileen: me tooooooooooooooooooooooo
(21:06:11) bigbadwolf: just tell me one thing plese, is it true that george an n
ina are going to have a baby?
(21:06:11) Kinkyclawz: Ohh love your badge!
(21:06:13) Eileen: lol
(21:06:19) bigbadwolf: lol
(21:06:20) Kinkyclawz: *covers eyes and ears*
(21:06:27) keepmakingtea: Let me guess, Windows Paint?
(21:06:28) Eileen: He loves the exceptional, KC!!!
(21:06:31) Eileen: yay
(21:06:38) keepmakingtea: BBW, that was not confirmed in the press pack.
(21:07:17) Eileen: ok making coffee too
(21:07:20) Eileen: brb
(21:07:44) bigbadwolf: ok, any chance of seeing george as he was in the pilot
(21:07:47) Fang tries not to let being exceptional go to his head
(21:08:17) Fang: right I'm off for the evening, goodnight all
(21:08:27) Fang: say goodnight to the others when they get back please
(21:08:31) bigbadwolf: gnight fang!
(21:08:59) bigbadwolf: ok
(21:09:47) keepmakingtea: Good ning, fnag!
(21:10:00) Fang: I'll leave you with a cat related video
(21:10:02) Fang: 3iFhLdWjqc
(21:10:06) Fang: goodnight again
(21:10:21) Fang: *vworp, vworp*
(21:12:39) Kinkyclawz: BAck!
(21:12:54) Kinkyclawz: Aww, goodnight Doctor!! *throws a virtual hug after the d
eparting Tardis*
(21:12:55) keepmakingtea: I will say one thing.
(21:13:12) Kinkyclawz: yeah?
(21:13:17) bigbadwolf: wb kC!
(21:13:23) bigbadwolf: !wb KC
(21:13:28) keepmakingtea: Something that happened last series will come back to
haunt our "Awesome Foursome."
(21:13:35) Kinkyclawz: Thanks BBW!
(21:13:42) keepmakingtea: And Annie will be back by the end of episode 1.
(21:13:42) Eileen: Good night Fang
(21:13:46) Eileen: Bacj!
(21:13:52) Kinkyclawz: Fair enoufh... yeah someone mentioned that a few weks bac
(21:13:55) Eileen: back also
(21:13:57) Kinkyclawz: WB Eileen!
(21:14:04) Eileen: ty
(21:14:11) bigbadwolf: uhm somethig that happened? Uhm NIna finally finds out bo
ut george and daisy and beats the crap out of him?XD
(21:14:26) Eileen: i can imagine what the haunting thing will be
(21:14:28) Kinkyclawz: *disappears while the spoilers are being discussed*
(21:14:55) Eileen: *thinks if she should vanish too*
(21:14:58) bigbadwolf: what are you thinking of eileen?
(21:15:00) Willie: Fang has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:15:14) keepmakingtea: A bit later than that, BBW.
(21:15:45) keepmakingtea: Anyways, even if Nina knows, and I think she did, she'
s forgiven George and they're back together.
(21:16:38) Eileen: i can only say Mitchell
(21:17:07) bigbadwolf: uhm ok, does the train carnage have ath to do with it?
(21:17:14) keepmakingtea: BBW, YES!
(21:17:17) keepmakingtea: NOW ENOUGH>
(21:17:27) Eileen: yes
(21:17:38) Eileen: lol
(21:17:48) Eileen: Chill!
(21:18:01) Kinkyclawz: Yes,please
(21:18:02) Eileen: *sits back and chill*
(21:18:39) bigbadwolf: sorry sorry XD
(21:18:41) Kinkyclawz: Ohh, its warm in here.
(21:19:05) keepmakingtea: No more spoilers, okay.
(21:19:10) bigbadwolf: Im trying to resist the urge to keep on reading that rele
ase pack
(21:19:18) Eileen: lol i meant JD
(21:19:24) Eileen: nevermind
(21:19:28) Kinkyclawz: hehe
(21:19:50) Kinkyclawz: perhap discuss it in the thread on the forum.
(21:20:04) Eileen: you know what! i feel brave tonight
(21:20:16) Eileen: i will read it later after i took a valium
(21:20:19) Kinkyclawz: oooh!!! You're sneaking a peek?
(21:20:29) keepmakingtea: And now to distract you all with a polar bear! http://
icanhascheezburger.fil ctures-gifs-polar-bear.gif?
w=300& h=227
(21:20:29) Kinkyclawz: lol *applauds* You're all braver than I am.
(21:20:32) Eileen: yes!!!
(21:20:39) Kinkyclawz: AWW!!! I love him!!
(21:20:42) Eileen: *tries to calm her racing heart*
(21:20:46) Eileen: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
(21:22:15) Eileen: *tries to not have a heart attack and clicks the link*
(21:22:44) Kinkyclawz: You can do it, Eileen! *gives a strengthening hug*
(21:23:06) Eileen: *extending a trembling hand to the mouse*
(21:23:13) Eileen: Click!
(21:23:20) Kinkyclawz: yay! good on ya!
(21:24:17) Kinkyclawz: *wants to leave before the spoilers flow again but stays
to support Eileen, JD, BBW & DEg*
(21:24:22) keepmakingtea: Suddenly, Eileen's computer sets loose a black hole!
(21:24:31) Eileen: 2nd paragraph
(21:24:32) Kinkyclawz: Oh nooooo!
(21:24:34) Eileen: not yet!
(21:24:43) keepmakingtea: But I stop it with my awesomeness...
(21:24:47) bigbadwolf: i swear no more spoilers fromme, at least until the first
ep of the new series has been aired
(21:24:51) Eileen: ROFL
(21:24:54) keepmakingtea: Because black holes suck.
(21:25:12) Eileen: yeah they most def do
(21:25:21) Eileen: but mine is kind and sleeps
(21:25:37) Kinkyclawz: LOL Thankyou BBW. Its only me who hates and despise spoil
ers so don't hold back because of me.
Black Holes... stoped by awesomeness... yayness!
(21:25:38) Eileen: *puts away the black hole and reads on*
(21:26:00) Eileen: i only want you to know if i will survive this read
(21:26:11) Eileen: in case my testament is found
(21:26:22) bigbadwolf: fact is, I dont want to know spoilers coz then i wont enj
oy the show but i'd like to know them to make sure there are no bad surprises fo
r my fav character
(21:26:57) Eileen: aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh just read a reference to spn
(21:27:01) Eileen: lool
(21:27:06) Eileen: nevermind *reads on*
(21:27:33) Kinkyclawz: lmao That settled you down.
(21:28:48) Eileen: *lets her jaw drop*
(21:29:08) Kinkyclawz: Uh oh.. *prepares to leave the chat*
(21:29:34) bigbadwolf: leaving too, my laptop's battery is dying
(21:29:57) Kinkyclawz: Aww, okay. Goodnight BBW. *hugz* Sleep tight and seeya ne
xt week, I hope// yes?
(21:30:32) keepmakingtea: So, Degnne, wassup?
(21:30:50) bigbadwolf: see you all next week
(21:30:52) Kinkyclawz: Hiya DEg!
(21:30:57) bigbadwolf: thanks lads
(21:31:13) keepmakingtea: Peace, BBW!
(21:31:14) Eileen: oh nooooooooooooooo
(21:31:18) Kinkyclawz: And lasses? *hints that KC and Eileen are of the female
persuasion* lmao
(21:31:18) Eileen: you cannot go!!!!!
(21:31:32) Eileen: Hello Deg!
(21:31:40) Eileen: bye BBW
(21:32:16) Kinkyclawz: night night BBW.
(21:33:24) Eileen: ok done
(21:33:30) Eileen: I'm still alive
(21:33:42) Kinkyclawz: Phew!
(21:33:45) Kinkyclawz: Fast reader!
(21:33:52) Kinkyclawz: And not dead so yayness!!
(21:34:56) keepmakingtea: Eileen, you just read the first page, not the intervie
ws, right?
(21:35:10) Eileen: ok not done
(21:35:14) Kinkyclawz: Do... do I need to leave?
(21:35:16) Eileen: lol
(21:35:21) Kinkyclawz: lol Bless ya!
(21:35:30) Eileen: i wont spoil anything for you kc
(21:35:33) Eileen: lol
(21:35:42) Kinkyclawz: Cheers sweetie. *hugz*
(21:35:59) Eileen: yes JD
(21:36:04) Eileen: so the shock my still come
(21:36:10) Eileen: lol
(21:36:21) Willie: bigbadwolf has been logged out (Timeout).
(21:36:43) Kinkyclawz: oh dear.
(21:36:49) Eileen: 10.36
(21:36:52) Eileen: gaahhhhh
(21:37:03) Eileen: why does time have to go by so fast?
(21:37:14) Kinkyclawz: Oh dear again... are you staying until 11pm your time?
(21:38:42) Eileen: yes
(21:39:00) Kinkyclawz: Good, good
(21:40:52) Kinkyclawz: Oh dear, we've all gone quiet. Is everyone but me reading
the press release?
(21:41:48) keepmakingtea: Nope.
(21:42:08) keepmakingtea: Eileen is, and Deg is being extreeemely quiet, for all
we know.
(21:42:20) keepmakingtea pokes Degnne with a stick.
(21:42:37) Kinkyclawz: *gets the prodding stick* ooh, Great minds! *crawls insid
e JD's head*
(21:43:42) Eileen: i hope the new series wont get boring for me
(21:43:46) Eileen: lol
(21:43:49) Eileen: a hidden spoiler there
(21:43:53) Kinkyclawz: You think it might, then?
(21:44:03) Eileen: maybe
(21:44:14) keepmakingtea: The biggies come with Sinead and Lacie Turner's interv
(21:45:04) Kinkyclawz: Eek.
(21:45:40) Eileen: how much pages are there?
(21:45:46) Eileen: my time is running out
(21:45:48) Eileen: lol
(21:46:08) Kinkyclawz: save the link and have a read later?
(21:46:30) keepmakingtea: There are a lot of long interviews.
(21:47:08) keepmakingtea: Russell, Aidan, Lenora, Sinead, Lacey Turner, Robson G
reen, other new people, and Toby.
(21:48:15) Eileen: I'll prob do that
(21:48:18) Kinkyclawz: yikes, so maybe not enough with 15 mins left?
(21:48:34) Eileen: so i have something to read at work tomorrow
(21:48:40) Kinkyclawz: uh oh.... chatroom is going weird on me, running slow
(21:48:43) Kinkyclawz: April, almost... hmm, I suppose I'll ahve to read them be
fore the con thoug
(21:48:56) Kinkyclawz: sending my replies in the wrong order! AARGH!
(21:49:39) Kinkyclawz: Cool! Can't wait to read them... in March, lmao
(21:50:36) Eileen: lol
(21:50:48) Eileen: i dont undertand you again, KC!
(21:52:06) Kinkyclawz: Gang?
(21:52:13) Kinkyclawz: ....
(21:52:15) Kinkyclawz: My replies are coming through in the wrong oder
(21:52:17) Kinkyclawz: order
(21:52:22) Eileen: yes?
(21:52:43) keepmakingtea: Seem to read okay to me.
(21:52:48) Kinkyclawz: I was getting no replies... one of my messages hasn't com
e through yet
(21:53:19) Kinkyclawz: has my "are you having any problems with the chatroom" qu
estion come though?
(21:53:42) Eileen: nope
(21:53:59) Willie: ApolloCandy enters the channel.
(21:54:00) Eileen: btw
(21:54:04) ApolloCandy: Hello Hello
(21:54:07) Degnne: Oops. Forgot about this.
(21:54:13) Kinkyclawz: Hiya hun! How are you!
(21:54:14) Kinkyclawz: ?
(21:54:22) Eileen: how many episodes will there be?
(21:54:25) ApolloCandy: Super, how are you all?
(21:54:26) Eileen: Hello!!!
(21:54:27) Degnne: Gotta go. Later.
(21:54:30) Kinkyclawz: Ohh, hiya Deg! You forgot us?! *ob*
(21:54:37) Kinkyclawz: Aww, seeya later Deg, hunny.
(21:54:40) Eileen: Bye Deg!!!
(21:54:54) Eileen: damn chat is all slow now
(21:54:55) Kinkyclawz: Take cre and seya next week m'dear. *hugz*
(21:55:01) Kinkyclawz: care, not cre
(21:55:08) Willie: Degnne logs out of the Chat.
(21:55:09) Eileen: byebye
(21:55:14) Kinkyclawz: Same here eileen
(21:55:23) Eileen: how may episodes will S3 have?
(21:55:33) Kinkyclawz: Not bad thanks m'dear.... oh dear, you and I are both in
(21:55:40) Kinkyclawz: lol
(21:55:53) ApolloCandy: Are we all excited now theres a set release date?
(21:55:53) keepmakingtea: 8
(21:55:58) Kinkyclawz: Eileen: I think its 8 episodes, then Becoming Human adds
to that/spins off from that.
(21:56:02) Eileen: thanks JD
(21:56:30) Eileen: ok I'll call it a night
(21:56:36) Eileen: chat is acting weird
(21:56:56) Kinkyclawz: Is it set in concrete now Apollo? Thought the press relea
se said 20-28th Jan and we assumed Sunday.
(21:57:16) Kinkyclawz: Thank goodness its not just me but awww! Gute nacht suess
e, schlaf gut liebe! *hugz*
(21:57:17) ApolloCandy: Logic suggests its pretty much certain
(21:57:34) Eileen: Gute Nacht!
(21:57:40) Eileen: Good night!
(21:57:46) ApolloCandy: byee
(21:57:53) Kinkyclawz: Unless for some strange reason they change the day. It se
ems likely though, that it'll stay in its sunday slot.
(21:58:13) ApolloCandy: Theres usually some info beforehand if a show changed ni
(21:58:27) ApolloCandy: Well fungers crossed anyway
(21:58:35) Eileen: byebye
(21:58:36) Kinkyclawz: True, but they were reluctant to even tell us when, it se
ems. not quite sure why.
(21:58:43) Kinkyclawz: lmao fungers crossed indeed! lmao
(21:58:56) keepmakingtea: Oh, if it gets changed, there'll be a worse meltdown t
han if it was the Real Hustle.
(21:58:59) Eileen: lol fungers crossed!!!
(21:59:13) Kinkyclawz: lmao Sobbing into pillows and random wearing of Marigolds
(21:59:41) Kinkyclawz: we'll see.. should be in the TV guide before long. *waits
(22:00:34) ApolloCandy: And fungers crossed for less Mitchel themed episodes!
(22:00:39) Kinkyclawz: Erm... is the chat frozen gang or are you just ebing a bi
t quiet?
(22:00:53) Kinkyclawz: Well, an even spread seems more likely
(22:00:56) keepmakingtea: WE are frozen!
(22:01:28) Kinkyclawz: BBW's beer was for sure!
(22:01:50) ApolloCandy: Can't believe Lacey Turner is in an episode
(22:01:55) ApolloCandy: Or is it a few?
(22:02:04) keepmakingtea: It is 2.
(22:02:11) ApolloCandy: Oh my
(22:02:11) keepmakingtea: 1 & 8.
(22:02:19) ApolloCandy: What about Robson?
(22:02:20) Kinkyclawz: hehe, you're a happy chappie eh?
(22:02:32) Kinkyclawz: Are these spoilers?
(22:03:40) Willie: Eileen has been logged out (Timeout).
(22:03:43) ApolloCandy: I see
(22:04:00) ApolloCandy: Theres a few guest stars im looking forward too, some Im
(22:05:04) Kinkyclawz: I've no idea on most and this year I'm happy to be surpri
sed. And there's alays the thing that even if you don;t like a particular actor
, you don't know how they might turn out as a different type of charatcer and un
der different direction, I guess.
(22:05:54) ApolloCandy: Hmmmm
(22:05:58) Kinkyclawz: Doesn't always work that way of course but sometimes they
can surprise you.
(22:06:33) Kinkyclawz: making my posts bold so they stand out from yours Apollo,
its a bit confusing to read otehrwise
(22:06:54) Kinkyclawz: I skip the green posts when skim reading cause they're us
ually mine. LOL
(22:08:08) keepmakingtea: You're so bold, KC.
(22:08:33) Kinkyclawz: LOL Thankyou my Twusband. Aaaaaand in any case its looki
ng like I'm going to have to bail out m'dears. time for bed, work tomorn. S'gonn
a be a long, long day.
(22:09:46) Kinkyclawz: Sorry I can't stay longer but you know how it goes, right
? *hugz JD and Apollo* Night night gents. I'll stay logged in so I can save the
chatlog... unless you are going too of course?
(22:09:59) keepmakingtea: Do we wanna go, Apollo?
(22:10:13) keepmakingtea: Appollo says "But I just got here!"
(22:10:27) Kinkyclawz: Or are you gentlemen going to say so you can freely dsicu
ss the press release and other exciting information?
(22:10:51) Kinkyclawz: Aww yeah, I know. I hope it doesn;t seem like we're baili
ng out on you but we've been here for several hours.
(22:10:59) keepmakingtea: I'm thinking I'll go. Need to pry myself away from the
(22:11:27) ApolloCandy: Sorry, was watching the TV screeeen
(22:11:33) Kinkyclawz: Ooh, BH trailer?
(22:11:42) Kinkyclawz: *is not obsesssed really, honestly*
(22:11:43) ApolloCandy: No, just crappy TV
(22:11:59) Kinkyclawz: Not good TV
(22:12:19) ApolloCandy: Primeval
(22:12:22) ApolloCandy: Pretty bad
(22:12:43) Kinkyclawz: Don't diss the Primeval. I love it.
(22:13:08) Kinkyclawz: New ep?
(22:13:19) Kinkyclawz: or one of the old ones?
(22:13:38) ApolloCandy: First of series 4, thought id give it a go
(22:13:47) Kinkyclawz: Sorry, everyone's entitled to an opinion. have you seen t
he otehrs?
(22:13:57) ApolloCandy: Not many
(22:14:23) keepmakingtea: I watched the first two episodes of Series 4.
(22:14:35) keepmakingtea: Maybe I should've started with an earlier one.
(22:15:03) Kinkyclawz: And you've not seen the others either, have you JD? Its o
ne of those its better when you've seen from the beginning and seen how the char
acters ahve grown to their roles... or not as the case may be.
(22:16:42) ApolloCandy: Im much prefer Merlin haha
(22:17:47) Kinkyclawz: I think I'm more gung ho because of how it ended then cam
e back from the dead as it were. The writers are lovely to speak to, too.
I like Merlin too, not seen all the episodes yet. Got to save up to buy the box
sets. Merlin is... more fantasy based too. Primeval has its feet firmly ini sci
(22:18:56) Kinkyclawz: Aargh, sorry gents but I really have to go! lol Need to w
ash, brush teeth and sleep. Hopefully to dream of George or Connor, or both...
(22:19:01) keepmakingtea: I liked Merlin, but I've only seen Series 1 and a few
other episodes.
(22:19:11) keepmakingtea: Well, I better walk ya home, then!
(22:19:30) keepmakingtea: You might be a little tipsy from chat night cheer.
(22:19:50) ApolloCandy: cacth you latersss
(22:19:56) Kinkyclawz: Aww, thankies! Topsy? Me? *hic*
(22:20:03) keepmakingtea: Peace. KC, get your coat.
(22:20:07) Willie: keepmakingtea logs out of the Chat.
(22:20:39) Kinkyclawz: Catch ya later, Apollo! Hope we get more of a chat next w
eek/another night m'dear. Night night! *grabs her coat and follows JD*

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